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Double Whammy


It started off as a dull dreary day; I was unenthusiastically restocking shelves when Aeryn and Jack walked in. That's to say Aeryn AND Jack together, as a pair. I shook my head smiling to myself; Aeryn was famed for her speedy changeover rate when it came to boyfriends. She'd try one for a while, get bored, and without a thought or worry, dismiss him and find another. And it wasn't hard for her to find a replacement either; Aeryn was beautiful, stunning, wealthy, smart, sexy, tall, glamorous, etc. and onwards. Not to mention she was pretty kinky as well and her sexual tastes changed as frequently as her lovers. Last I heard was that she was dating two guys simultaneously, both wealthy, well-off, and (from what I heard), well-endowed as well. Trading the pair of them for Jack was like swapping a Corvette and a Ferrari for a Pinto.

In my mind, Jack was a few shorts steps from being considered a loser; frequently, but not perpetually unemployed, he shaved when he felt like it, and (again, from what I'd heard) not packing too much in the trouser department. The store was pretty quiet and I could afford a few minutes of downtime. I smiled as I walked over, "Hey guys, what's up? Trying for something new?" This last comment was directed at Aeryn.

Jack looked confused but Aeryn treated me to an award-winning smile, "Sort of yes actually. Jack here has attested that he could trump any guy I could find in a cockfight," getting straight to the chase Aeryn smiled at me. Jack's eyes widened at the mention of the word 'cock-fight' and looked around worriedly in case of eavesdroppers, but Aeryn carried on regardless, "And I immediately thought of you since you certainly count as 'any guy'. So what do you say?" Well that was an unexpected twist to my day. Still somewhat in shock, I pretended to mull the idea to buy for time and noticed that Jack was now frowning at me, looking less than pleased with the turn of events but still he kept quiet. Alongside him, Aeryn continued smiling amusedly, like someone hiding a fifth ace. I had to admit that I was intrigued (cockfighting had been an interesting, but elusive topic of interest) and there wasn't anything to lose (not against someone like Jack anyway) though... was there anything to gain?

"Hold on a sec," I put on my best poker face, "Am I to understand that to the victor, the spoils, i.e. you?"

She looked taken back, "Oh no, not like that," Ha! I knew it. "Both of you get to fuck me. The winner just gets first go," Ha! I... wait, what? "The loser has to settle for 'sloppy seconds' if he can still get it up." She flicked her hair and looked at me with a triumphant look as she laid down an ace of spades.

I felt like I'd found out I was playing Old Maid at the International Poker Championship. I rallied poorly, "Oh, well, sure thing then. Count me in."

She'd knocked me off balance and she knew it. I thought the ace was enough, but she gave me another smile that hinted at an entire deck at her disposal. "Great, then I'll see you Saturday, my place, two pm; I look forward to seeing you," and giving me a final smirk while Jack scowled, they left as quickly as they came, leaving me standing their bewildered. It was strange how he never said anything, he was always known for being loud and a little on the obnoxious side but he hadn't said a single word all throughout. It was quite a change from his normal demeanor and I figured that she'd trained him well.

I smiled, "Saturday at two eh? I'll see you there."

With the event on the weekend's horizon, Saturday arrived in record time, and as did I, showing up at 1:30. I wasn't going to let BPT become my excuse. I hung around outside admiring the house for a few minutes before going up to the front door and knocking tentatively. I waited for a few minutes more before realizing that this was no way to make an entrance. Squaring my shoulders I was about to give a louder confident knock before noticing the little sign pinned to the door handle, 'A.C's on, please use doorbell.' Deflated, I rang the doorbell and a voice yelled, 'Coming!' from upstairs. Moments later Aeryn answered the door, smiling and looking stunning.

She'd pulled her long wavy brown hair back into a ponytail and was holding a drink in one hand. It was only after distracting itself with the inconsequential that my mind felt confident to notice what she was wearing. It wasn't that bad; just a red and black smoking hot two piece bikini that framed her sweet and shapely C-Cup tits in a way that would easily steal the spotlight from another pair twice her size. And then there were the bottoms which might have been called a thong or just as easily, could have been called floss with a bit of color to it. The front strip of fabric barely covered her snatch, and what it did cover, it clung to tightly leaving next to nothing for the imagination to do. As she turned to begin leading me into the house the view only improved. Rather than clothing covering skin, skin covered clothing and the minuscule, almost microscopic monofilament material was all but absorbed between her toned ass cheeks, shaping it much in the same way that her top did wonders for her tits. The overall effect of her two-piece hot-wired my libido and had my erection revved and ready for anything in ten seconds flat... So yeah; not that bad looking.

Aeryn happily soaked in the attention as I got an eyeful and so much more as the image was etched into my mind in red hot ink. I could have trailed after her all day, ravishing her body with my eyes, but some surviving section of sense reminded me that there was a greater prize to be gained. I followed her though the house, then upstairs, then down a hallway, and finally into her room where Jack was waiting on the couch. We all seemed to have had the same idea and stick to swimwear, but whereas I wore trunk and a T-Shirt, he was topless. I was somewhat surprised; I'd expected fat or flab, but he had neither, just an all-around thick build. There was little to no definition though, barely a hint of any biceps and no sign of any abs to speak of, and though paler than Aeryn, there was just enough of a tan to prevent the bleached 24/7 indoor whitewash.

As Aeryn shooed him off the couch to get ready, I pulled off my T-shirt showing off my caramel-colored washboard abs. There was a scowl from Jack, but I ignored him, rather picking up on the approving glances Aeryn was giving me. I wasn't one for big biceps and a broad chest, but my abs and altogether different matter. I'm not one to brag about much, but my abs were a definite winner with her. I smiled smugly; this contest was a good as done.

With a space cleared, Aeryn bounced down onto the couch happily as she directed me and Jack to stand in front of her, "Now, as for the rules." I blinked, mentally cursing myself for agreeing to this competition before finding out exactly what I was agreeing too. I had my own idea of how a cockfight would go, but I knew there were plenty of other options out there that came under the same heading... I could only hope that Aeryn's idea was pretty similar to mine and not like the more extreme types I'd seen.

Aeryn smiled as she looked us over, "You've got half an hour to either beat your opponent's dick into submission, or beat yourself to a climax twice. If time runs out or I just think one of you've had enough," she made a point of looking at Jack when she said this, "I'll stop the match and announce my choice of victor, alright?" We nodded our agreement and she continued, "You can grab your opponent, but no punching, choking, kissing, etc. etc. This is a cockfight and I want to see your cocks fight! Now what are you waiting for? Whip 'em out already!"

Heart pounding at the prospect of showcasing my goods before a superior specimen like Aeryn, I dropped my pants, whipping out my already aroused dick which was already well on its way to full strength. I stood up straight trying to will my dick even harder as I tried to get it rigidly at attention for Aeryn's inspection. Her gaze fell on my member and I watched as she gave a card-shark smile while two small rises appeared through the fabric of her top. I shot a quick glance over to Jack and had to do my utmost to keep my poker face. His dick hung limply, barely more than half of mine in size. Noticing this... lack of development, Aeryn gave a knowing smile, "Looks like some of you need a little extra incentive to get up to steam." And at that she reached behind her back, gave a gentle tug, and let her bikini top fall off.

That did it for me. My cock muscled its way to full strength at 7 and ½ inches long and 5 inches wide, springing to attention with a jerk. Jack on the other hand, was still having teething troubles in getting it up and seeing his plight, Aeryn gave the indication that it was fine for us to jerk off as she began to grope and tease her tits for more incentive. Although I was already at full steam and then some, I saw this as no reason to forego this golden opportunity of quality female appreciation and promptly began jerking myself off as well.

As I watched Aeryn play with her tits, I absentmindedly began to wonder exactly what the repercussions would be for giving her a pregame facial. It most likely wouldn't count toward the two count climax tally and admittedly it would also make it harder to cum after we started, but seeing as my aim was to bludgeon Jack's pitiful phallus back into dormancy (and hopefully securing first AND second place for myself in the process), it didn't seem too bad of an idea.

Just as I was about to put the finishing touches of my plan into motion, Aeryn called for us to stop. "Well as much as I enjoy watching the pair of you beat off in front of me, what I REALLY want to see is you beat one another," she gave me a coy smile. "So now turn and face your opponent..."Cock jutting upward proudly, possibly even a little larger than normal with the incentive ahead, I turned to face Jack... and gritted my teeth as I gave my poker face a run for its money...

Somewhere between Aeryn's flashing and his jerking, Jack had pumped his dick up into a long, heavy, ivory lance. Even with my extra effort he was still a good inch longer, but when it came to girth he outsized me by a wide mark. Veins protruded all along the side of his shaft and his swollen head looked absolutely gigantic when drawn level with mine. My own cock had a fairly meaty bulge after getting past my head before tapering smoothly down to a regular sized base. Jack's dick was ALL bulge.

He grinned at me triumphantly, "Heh-heh-heh... looks like you weren't expecting the Mighty Jackhammer. Man, my white tool is gonna take your little black boy to pieces." I avoided looking at Aeryn, who knew how many ace's she had hid up her sleeve or wherever else. But I rallied; Jack had had a pretty hard time getting it up. Climax or Clubbed, if he went down, it would probably be for the count. All I had to do was get him once. With my nearly non-existent refraction time, he'd have to be lucky continuously.

Aeryn brought me out of my inner monologue by setting down a stop clock, "Alright then boys; ready..." Jack gave a smug smile. "Steady..." I tensed trying to think fast. "Cockfight!" And the match began.

Jack lunged forward with surprising speed, grabbed me in a bear-hug, and drove his waist forward. His cock-head rammed into the underside of my cock before sliding upward with us ending up shaft to shaft. He thrust his hips forward with a grunt, but I furrowed my brows as my erection remained firm, repelling his assault with ease. Seeing as his opening gambit hadn't had the desired effect, he eased back some to recoup. At first I thought he was retreating completely but, he quickly pressed in again, pulling his hips flush with mine. He then began to thrust and grind against me violently, rocking and rubbing his cock against mine. The sensation was... odd, arousing but also aggravating, made uncomfortable for all the friction his larger member was causing. He was pushing me closer to climax (which was fine) but at the same time wearing out my erection (which was not).

For a few moments I stayed there giving a few half-hearted thrusts, feigning my exhaustion as I tried to figure out what Jack was doing. It didn't really look like it was doing himself much good and cumming would put me halfway to winning. I figured that if he was premature, two rounds were out of the question. On the other hand if he was a draft horse, I'd have plenty of time to build back up while he got his second wind. That's when it hit me; if I came now I'd lose all erectile strength, and if he kept up his relentless pounding into my cock, there'd be no chance of me getting it back up before Aeryn called it.

Bucking forward, I began to return fire, thrusting back into Jack's phallic attack. Momentarily taken back at this, he grunted and shoved back, upping his efforts as well as our members jostled for dominance. Aeryn watched our struggled of supremacy with mounting awe... and arousal. She had stopped groping herself once the match started but now, as if unable to restrain herself, she'd cupped her left breast in her hand and begun to massage it gently. She looked on with a rapt expression of delight, like a kid at Christmas time presented with an avalanche of boxes under the tree.

It seemed as though we were at an impasse. Both of us were rock hard and neither of us was conceding an inch. Occasionally, Jack made an attempt to press his member into mine, bearing down on me full force. However, my rigid cock held strong, repelling his endeavor. Likewise, when I tried to return the favor, his heavy erection held up to my assault with ease. This game of push-of-war continued for a few fruitless minutes, neither of us making any recordable headway against the other. Even Aeryn was looking less than amused with us both.

But just when I thought that this battle was about to go nowhere and fast, Jack changed tactics and began to thrust into me full force. I wondered if this was the legendary 'Jackhammer' he'd alluded to before. If so, it was doing a pretty good job. As the head of his dick butted into the underside of mine, I winced, not out of pain, but out of an odd discomforting feeling. To mask my distress I followed suit, and began to valiantly thrust my member back into his as I tried to recover lost ground.

The worst part was that he was still winning; my erection was still slowly fading, barely strong enough to still be called an erection. In desperation I leaned, forward putting all I could into my thrusts. Surprisingly Jack paused and groaned. Encouraged, I up my efforts, leaning into him more, and pressed my chest against his as I furiously worked his cock with mine. In response he gave another groan, leaning back some. He didn't look to be weakening much of the erection forefront but his movements were sure slowing down. On the other hand, the brutal cock to cock battle was doing a number on my own schlong. I wasn't softened any more, but neither was I hardening; my dick literally ached. Still I kept up the thrusts. He leaned back some more and I leaned into him, ending up forcing him to lean all the way back, propped up on his elbows. Gritting his teeth as I took up the dominant position, I continued my spirited thrusts before finally my orgasm caught up with me.

Keeping up my impulsions, I came, shooting a sizeable load over Jack's stomach. Grabbing my dick quickly, I began to stroke it to keep from softening teasing out a smaller second load onto his cock. To cover my ruse I began to beat my semi-soft member into his, "What did you say earlier?" I smiled as I started to trash-talk in a bid for time, "That your tool was gonna take mine apart?" My dick was slow to get the message but was steadily strengthening as I made my way from David to Goliath, "Looks like that's not in the cards Jackie-boy. Looks like you're gonna get beaten by a big black cock after all."

Pulling himself together, Jack looked down at my triumphant member then up at me, "Get off me man!" He gave me a shove, pushing me back some, but I kept my balance, "Jeez, man, get off I said, I'm not into this gay shit." I was ready for the second shove and held my ground better this time, but the gay part threw me off. Wasn't I to supposed to cum on him? If not then where to? I looked towards Aeryn for guidance, but she just continued to watch, making no motion for us to stop. As my head was turned, Jack gave me another, sterner shove that caught me off guard completely, and I fell backwards. My mind snapped back to the task at hand a split second too late.

Jolting forward and grabbing my hands, Jack toppled me over onto my back, pinning me against the floor. I tried to lift myself up but he was a heavy guy, not to mention the fact that he had me pinned in more ways than one. Not only had he trapped my hands with his, but his semi-erect shaft was aimed right into mine. He beamed at me triumphantly, "Hah-ha black boy, you thought you'd escaped. Thought I'd be a pushover eh? Not in this lifetime my friend. Now it's time for you to face... the Jackhammer!" And with that he began to press his member down into mine.

Neither of us were fully hard yet but Jack still had a double advantage over me; first he had a larger, heavier dick, and second gravity was working with him and against me. He shifted his hips unhurriedly making long slow passes against my cock with his. As his erection slowly strengthened it began to press more and more into mine, bringing the unsettling mix of agony and arousal with it. Climax and confusion aside, my guy wasn't doing so well; it was fighting an uphill battle against both Jack's strengthening rod and the persistent pull of gravity.

I flexed my erection upward, straining some as I lifted Jack's heavier member for a few brief bursts before falling back to recuperate. I was holding my own but barely, I needed to get from beneath him to try and turn this back around. Ignoring the plight of my penis, I gritted my teeth and tried to push myself forward. Jack was a fairly heavy guy and all his weight was bearing down on me, but crunching my abs, I was able to pull myself up enough to prop myself up and rest on my elbows.

Unable to keep me pinned, Jack shifted his grip from off of my shoulders onto my wrists. It was still keeping me trapped but without the same level of security as before. I grinned to myself; with just another couple of bursts I'd soon be able to break free and repay him for that little 'gay' mind trick he pulled on me earlier (I was astounded that Aeryn hadn't called him on that.)

As Jack struggled to try pin me back down I cast a sidelong glance over to Aeryn who was watching us both with interest. I'd spotted her earlier watching me intently while I powered out of Jack's shoulder pin and now her hand had wandered away from her breast and had now slipped between her legs. Between that, her longing/demanding eyes, and her erect nipples, it looked like me show of strength had gotten her engine hot and ready (I didn't think that it might have been because of me and Jack locked in a cock to cock wrestling match.) All I had to do was turn the tables on Jack, beat his dick to a pulp, and claim my ripe reward. The mere thought of Aeryn's long legs wrapped around my waist and her head thrown back as I pounded her into ecstasy was wonderfully invigorating and I could feel my member strengthening.

I wasn't the only one turned on by Aeryn's display; Jack's dick was strengthening as well, bulging and protruding into mine. This was turning out to be a true battle of erectile strength, rigidity, and stamina. And Aeryn had a front row seat. That didn't matter much to me though; I had a choice view of her tantalizing sexual exhibition. It might have been my imagination but I could almost see a growing patch of wetness deep between her legs. Just a little more along that particular train of thought and I'd soon be back to being invincible.

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