tagGroup SexDoug and Diane Ch. 02

Doug and Diane Ch. 02


(Initially let me begin by apologizing for the long delay between chapters).

I was massaging what had become, by now, one of my favorite couples. They had been clients for quite a long time, completely professionally, for all these years. Now it was their anniversary fantasy that I was here to help fulfill.

Doug was laying on his stomach on my massage table, beautifully nude, totally uncovered. He had a really nice body, fit and tan, strong sinewy muscles and a cute roundness to his butt. His thighs weren't bulky, but were tones and fit. His body was covered with downy soft, light blond hair. He had moved his legs open bit to allow room for his penis to grow. It looked really nice when I caught a glimpse as he got onto the table.

Diane and I were standing on either side of him stroking his body. I was still using a fair amount of pressure to massage him, and was coupling that with soft strokes, which made him hum. Diane was simply stroking his skin and watching me touching him. In all the years that I had massaged them both, I could count on one hand the number of times either had interrupted a massage of the other. Now she was here watching my every move.

She was also looking at my nude body as well. I was doing the same, without trying to be obvious. I had of course seen virtually every inch of her for years; I was her massage therapist. But the view of her bare breasts and shaved pussy was completely new. I was nearly panting for the stimulating view. I think it was the same for her.

Every now and then our hands would collide and they would work over and around each other for a bit, intertwining fingers and caressing each other. Doug would moan whenever he felt this interaction. I kept watching Diane's breasts moving gently. They were perhaps a C cup, completely real, with that gentle sway that comes with reality.

They swelled beautifully from her lean chest, mounted slightly to each side, with nipples high and outside as well. Her nipples were a picture of erection! Both her nipples and areolas were a lovely dark pink color, but her nipples, owing to their incredible hardness, were almost colorless, the blood was being forced out by the erectile tissue; they were so hard!! I watched them gently sway as she moved, which made me hyper aware of my own and they moved around under the force of my working pectoral muscles. Diane watched them as well. I could feel the ache in my own nipples.

I moved to his feet as she moved to his head. As we repositioned ourselves, Doug made himself more comfortable by spreading his legs a bit more. His penis was pointing straight at me, looking thick and full. His balls were tightly packed and sitting atop his thick shaft, wedged as they were between his legs. I noted that he was shaved as well. I began to massage his feet, ankles and calves as Diane began to do his shoulders and arms.

Doug reached around to find his wife's sexy round bottom and began to gently caress her as well. She leaned over him and kissed his back, her breasts pressing into his skin. Her hands slid down to his butt and she caressed both tight globes firmly. I was now doing the backs of his thighs, stroking from his feet to where his wife was squeezing and releasing his tight cheeks. We continued this motion for a while, as Doug quietly moaned.

I was now stroking my hands up the outside of his legs, across his butt where our hands would meet and play a bit, and then down the inside of his thighs. Diane was watching intently, Doug's hips began to roll a bit. Very slowly I worked my hands up both sides, traced lightly over hers on his bottom and then dipped slowly between his legs and tickled over his balls.

"Ohhhhh yeah!" he moaned loudly. My fingertips met at his thick shaft and gently stroked him there to. "Ohhhhh yeah!" he moaned again. I looked up to Diane, who was watching and grinning, her tongue stuck out the corner of her mouth. I repeated the motion again slowly, and then again, even more slowly. When I reached his balls I took a long time caressing them.

Diane left his hands, which had been stroking her hips and bottom and moved around the table towards me to watch. I was leaning on the table on my elbows, between his thighs, as I ran a feather touch over his full tight balls. Diane placed one hand on his butt and the pother on my back as I continued to tease him.

"Oh, Jennifer." She whispered huskily. "That is so beautiful!"

"Yeah?" I asked quietly, not looking up. Doug's cock was pointing straight down rigidly. "It is beautiful." Doug moaned. "Oh yeah, Doug," I whispered, "Your cock is so beautiful." His hips pushed up a bit, almost involuntarily, allowed me to work my hand underneath and take his thick hard shaft in my oily hand. Diane reached over and grabbed the oil, pouring a bit into my hand as it stroked and squeezed him.

"Oh my!" I said surprised. "I never realized how big you are." He felt huge in my hand. Both he and Diane moaned loudly. "Your cock is so huge! My goodness!" I stroked him in a tight, firm grip. "And you're so hard!!!" I whispered in exclamation.

"Oh my god, yes!" Doug whispered in answer. "You girls are making me so excited!" His hips continued to roll. I whispered that I could tell.

Diane leaned in and whispered in my ear. "Oh my god, Jennifer. I am so wet right now." I nodded that I was too. "Watching you touching Doug's penis is so erotic." She whispered quietly again. "Doesn't he feel so good?" I nodded that he did. "I love his cock." She continued. I nodded agreement again. "I hope that you will love it too."

I looked her in the eye and spoke to Doug. "Oh my goodness Doug. I think I am going to enjoy your cock." He moaned loudly and visibly trembled. "Mmm hmmm! I think I am going to loooovvvvve your huge cock." Diane approached very slowly, wanting to kiss me but unsure if that was alright. I smiled and closed the gap and kissed her mouth. It was a lovely soft kiss, gentle touch of our lips, slight increasing pressure, testing. This was new for us both. Her tongue sneaked out and gently touched my lips and then she pulled away, shyly.

My right hand continued its firm stroking of Doug's thick penis, as my left hand began to tickle his balls. "Oh Jennifer!" he said, sounding strained. "Oh! That feels so, ..." he was straining to hold back. "...So good! So, so good." His voice had raised a few octaves with the strain. I released his mammoth shaft for a moment; let him relax for a second. I continued to tickle his balls though, They felt so full and round.

Diane moved slowly around behind me. I felt her thighs on my butt as she is a bit taller than me. Her hands took gentle hold of my hips and she began to stroke me. I felt her lean over me, her hard nipples landing on my shoulders, then her soft breasts pressed against me, spreading out gently. She kissed my shoulder. Her hands slipped gently up my body, from my hips around to my tummy, my ribs, then up over my breasts. My nipples felt like they sizzled in the palms of her soft hands. Her hands were so soft and luxurious!! She gently cradled my breasts in her hands, feeling the size and weight. Gently, she squeezed, released, squeezed, released. I felt like I might cum in a second.

"Oh Jennifer, let me watch you stroke my husband's big hard cock again." I did. Her ear was touching mine as she leaned over me watching me play with her husband's penis. It took it lovingly into my hand again.

"Oh my goodness!" I repeated softly. "It IS big! It is so HARD!"

"You hear that sweetheart? Jennifer likes you big hard cock." I moaned that I did. I was gazing at it, amazed at its girth; its meaty fatness. Gorgeous big velvet head, with a shaft every bit as thick. It looked painful, the skin was stretched so tightly over the length of it. It was shiny in the dim light, all wet with oil, as I stroked it up and back, up and back, slowly, firmly. Doug continued to shake.

"You have to stop." His voice sounded strained. I released him.

"Maybe you should roll over." I suggested and stood up. As I did I found myself in Diane's arms. We stood together watching him turn, his massive penis waving around dangerously. He looked at us and froze. We stood at the foot of the table, both nude, Diane a head taller than me, her hands still cupping and squeezing my breasts. My right hand moved around behind her to take firm hold of her buttocks. My left hand reached up to find her face. As Doug watched us, mouth gaping open. This was the first time he had seen me nude. I turned and we kissed again, sweetly, softly.

"Ho...ho...holy shit." Doug hissed, quietly, watching. We both turned to him. I asked if he was okay. The wide smile that blossomed on his face told us to proceed. I grinned at him and turned to kiss his wife's mouth again, this time with a bit of tongue. Her hand dropped slowly from my breast to my tummy, caressing soft slow circles there, dipping a bit lower each turn. Finally she slipped in into the small patch of hair that I keep right above my pussy. Her fingers found my aching clitoris and I moaned deeply into her mouth. "Oh Jennifer," Doug said quietly, "You are so beautiful." We both turned to face him, smiling. "I admit that I have wondered about what your body looked like, especially in the last week, ..." He feel quiet for a moment. "But, I never dreamed, ...". I felt Diane's chin rest on my shoulder as we looked at him. "I never dreamed it would be so perfect! You are exquisite!"

I thanked him as Diane turned me to face her. We kissed a while longer, her fingers dipping lower and spreading my wetness around my labia. I had her bottom in a death grip, it was soft and yielding, but was very muscular I knew, from years of massaging her. I was touching her in a way that I had never even thought of before. But now, I loved this new sensation. I wondered briefly if we could ever go back to the businesslike manner of our previous relationship; did I really want to?

We finally broke our kiss, both noting the strand of saliva that still connected us as we parted our lips. We both smiled. I slowly wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

She moved left and I went right as we moved back around the table, returning our attention to Doug. The look on his face was priceless. If the evening ended right here, it would have been a success beyond their wildest imaginings. I wasn't about to end it here. My attention was riveted to his impressive penis, still thick and hard beyond belief. I was now standing on his left side, my left trailing languidly up his leg to his thigh and came to rest a half an inch from his big round balls.

I could see his heart beat pulsing in the hardness of his big penis. "Wow." I blurted. "Having fun?" A brief pause then we all cracked up, breaking the tension slightly. The air felt like it sizzled. Doug's hands came up behind us both and he touched me for the first time. His hand rested on my hip right above my butt.

"Is it okay to touch you?" he asked quietly, earnestly. I was touched by his not wanting to take anything for granted tonight.

"Yes." I answered simply, smiling at him.

"I feel embarrassed for not even asking." Diane added. My smile turned to her as well.

"You both may touch me anywhere, any way you like." I told them both. My hand gently moved up and closed around his thick cock. "I am completely yours tonight." I told them both looking from one to the other. "My body is completely yours tonight. Use me anyway you want." I surprised even myself with this admission, though it was utterly true. Doug's penis lurched in my hand, excitedly.

"Oh my!" Diane breathed, excitedly.

"Oh Jennifer." Doug added. "You are so lovely. Your body is so, ... incredibly, ..." he seemed to search for the word, as his eyes roamed over me.

"Perfect." Diane added. He smiled and nodded. "Jennifer, your body is perfect!" I blushed, embarrassed. She was giving me the once over again, examining every part of my naked flesh.

"Well, I don't know. Compared to you two, ..." I started. Doug hand slowly swept down over my bottom and gently squeezed my flesh. Diane chimed in that I didn't know what I was saying.

Doug finally ended it by saying, "You are both exquisite, gorgeous women, and I can't believe that I'm here with you both. Touching you both. Going to, ...."

"Make love to us both." I completed for him. He and Diane shared a quick look and then looked at me, a bit taken aback. It had been loosely implied that that might happen, that it was their desire, that they wished it, but weren't yet sure if I would do it. I had now confirmed that, at some point soon, they would both make complete love to me, that I had given myself sexually to them without reservation. The tension ratcheted up a couple of notches. Doug's cock felt even harder in my hand if that was possible.

Doug's eyes rolled closed, his head fell back, the smile on his face growing wider. Diane gave me the most adorable look, biting her thumb shyly, and crossing her legs and twirling a bit. I never been in the presence of a woman so aroused before. Hell, I was almost out of my mind I was so turned on! I looked down at the huge hard penis in my hand, the penis that I wanted, but was not my husbands.

"I need to go to the bathroom for a quick sec." I said, thinking up an excuse to go and call Todd. They both made courtesies that I knew where it was. Just before I moved to go, I leaned in slowly and kissed the tip of Doug's erection. It felt hot against my lips. He smelled of a man's natural musk, underneath the gentle scent of soap and cologne. I snuck a quick lick and tasted the saltiness of his semen that leaked slightly. A wave of incredible sexiness washed over me. Doug moaned loudly. Diane just watched smiling sweetly. I turned and padded completely naked to the bathroom, grabbing my bag on the way. I knew they were both watching. I was hyper aware of my body, under their scrutiny; my bottom gently bouncing with each step, the gentle sway of my bare breasts.

I fished my phone out of my bag and called Todd. It rang and rang and rang. 'Damn it!' I thought, 'Pick it up! I need you'. Just as I was about to hang up it clicked.

"Hey babe." Todd said, questioningly. "How are things going? Everything okay?" I told him everything was fine. "Aren't you in the middle of the massage?" he sounded more curious than he wanted to sound, I'm sure.

"Todd,..." I started, now a bit unsure. "I just wanted, ... well, ... to check in with you about, ..." he waited silently. "Is it really okay with you, ... if, ..." There was a long silence.

"They want to make love with you?" he asked quietly, as if he had his hand over the mouthpiece. He was somewhere he didn't want others to hear. Another pause.

"I want to make love with them." I said plainly.

"Wow!" he whispered. "That it so fucking sexy, to hear you say that." I waited, not knowing what to add. "So, ... are you going to?" he added.

"Is it alright with you? That's what I want to know. Is it really alright with you?"

"Sweetheart," he began, "Jennifer, ... I adore you. I want this for you. I am fine with it, truly. If you want to, please do with all my blessings." I began to giggle at that news. He asked how things were going, obviously dying to hear. I told him that I would tell him every tiny detail when I saw him but had to go. I told him that I loved him, that I adored him, that I thanked him, and would see him soon.

When I reentered the room Diane was leaning over and kissing him from above. They were both playing with each other's nipples. I padded quietly up behind her and repeated the motion she did to me, laying over her back and kissing her shoulder. My hands swept up her hips, tummy and cupped her full breasts. I felt Doug's fingers playing with her nipples. They both moaned at my return.

We all continued like that for a bit, they were kissing and moaning, and I was playing with her sexy, soft breasts. I felt one of her hands and one of his come around to pull me tighter to her, to them. Doug's hands covered mine and he guided me in squeezing and releasing her breasts. Her nipples were very erect still. Hard little points in my hands.

Finally we both stood and went around to our previous positions on either side of Doug. His penis had relaxed a bit but was laying on his stomach nice and thick still. His hand came up to my hip again and I looked down into his smiling face. His hand slipped lower until it gently cupped one cheek of my bottom. He gave me a questioning look, as if to confirm permission. I just smiled at him and slightly nodded. He gave it a nice squeeze. I could see that he was doing it to Diane as well.

She and I both began toying with his nipples, and stroking his thighs. He laid there happily feeling us up. As we gently, slowly stroked him I watched as his amazing cock began to harden again. We took turns stroking up and over his balls, which elicited nice low moans. He reached up to cup one of Diane's beautiful breasts. I watched the beauty of its pliability as he kneaded the soft flesh.

His other hand came up and almost tentatively cupped my right breast. I shifted a bit to give easier access. "God! You both have such beautiful tits." He said quietly.

"Well, Jennifer sure does." Diane countered.

"I don't know about that, but yours are sure perfect." I told her. They both told me that they thought mine were the perfect pair and we stayed like that for awhile. She and I were now trading nice slow strokes over his big penis. As I was holding it straight up, Diane leaned over and took it in her mouth. Doug moaned that it felt wonderful. I watched the back of her head as she bobbed up and down. When she stood up again it was slick and shiny with saliva. I stroked the full length.

We all continued what we were doing and I got the sense that they were waiting for me to copy what she had done. This was it, it thought. I'm about to take Doug's thick hard huge cock in my mouth and suck it, which would open the door to our full lovemaking. I gazed at its beauty as Diane stroked it, holding it vertical, posing it just so for me.

Slowly I leaned over and kissed the tip. I kissed it again and licked it slightly. It tasted nice and salty from his leaking pre-cum. Diane's hand stopped and held it at the base, holding it up for me. I opened wide and took in about half, amazed at the thickness. Doug moaned. Diane's hand came up and caressed my cheek and I sucked her husband's cock.

"Oh god, Jennifer! Your mouth is heaven!" I moaned aloud, beginning to move my lips gently up and down. My tongue was caressing it slowly, firmly. "I really can't believe this is happening."

"Now you get a real feel for how big his cock is, don't you?" Diane asked. I moaned my agreement. Doug's hand was now caressing my bottom, both cheeks and between. I felt his fingers glide over my swollen, moist labia. He was delicate with my clit, which was an incredible tease, but felt wonderful!

"Oh wow!" I said wetly, releasing his cock for a second. "You're huge and hard!" I moaned, taking it back in deeply. I felt it touch the back of my mouth, at the opening to my throat and gagged a bit. My mouth was completely filled with gorgeous hard cock. Diane told me how excited she was, how turned on she was to watch me sucking her man. She leaned a bit to get a better view of him slipping in and out of my mouth.

"That is so exciting to watch." She told me. "Jen, you look so beautiful, so sexy, sucking on Doug's big cock." I moaned that I loved it. "Oh yeah? How does that feel baby?" she asked Doug. He told us that he was close to cumming, it was so good. I gently released him.

"I'm not really fond of the taste of cum, sorry." I told them, honestly. They both made it perfectly clear that that was totally okay. They would never dream of making me do something I didn't want. I did enjoy the taste of his pre-cum though. I wondered briefly how different it would taste from my husband's.

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