tagErotic CouplingsDoug's Fantasy Ch. 02

Doug's Fantasy Ch. 02


Author's Note: This story is not meant to be realistic, it is completely fictional. This story involves MF sex and oral sex. Enjoy the fantasy!


Doug awoke with the morning sun, feeling the strange sensation of a smooth, feminine body in his arms... and the pleasant sensation of his dick nudging against her. Mary was lying with her back to him, still asleep. He pulled her tightly against him, his hard dick finding the entrance to her pussy, which he had just deflowered the night before.

Running his hands up and down her body, he felt her stirring a little as his dick pressed against her undoubtedly sore hole. Gripping her breasts with his hands, he squeezed and massaged them, feeling her pussy start to wetten in her sleep as he rubbed her nipples. Mary undulated against him, and he moaned, thrusting his hips a little so that the head of his dick wedged into her pussy.

She woke with a short cry of surprise and discomfort, finding her sore pussy already being opened up yet again by Doug's insistent morning wood. However, she didn't protest as he began to rock back and forth, working his hard-on into her tight pussy from behind, spooning her as befit an early morning occasion.

Playing with her breasts, Doug slid one hand down her body to being toying with her clit, feeling her pussy react as his fingers rubbed the top of her pussy. She pressed back against him, almost enjoying the way his wide shaft was stretching her sore channel, definitely enjoying his hands on her breasts and clit. Lifting one leg slightly, she moved it back and over his, giving him more access to her body.

Doug began kissing the back of her shoulders, biting gently as he rocked back and forth... he was so excited to finally have his morning wood put to good use. His fingers sped up their tattoo on her clit, he knew that he wasn't going to have the kind of control that he wanted this early in the morning.

Fortunately he found her very responsive... Mary started moaning and pushing back against him in excitement, shuddering as he pinched and twisted her nipple. Rocking back and forth harder, the positioning of their bodies meant that the head of his dick was constantly pressing against her g-spot...

He started cumming before her, but only just... his fingers closed around her tender swollen clit as he swelled up inside her, and as the first spurt of cum sprayed the insides of her pussy it began to flex around his pulsing member. Mary's leg tightened around his as she came, keeping him deep inside her, her pussy milking him even after he was starting to shrink...

The face and demeanor of an innocent, childish angel, and yet the body and responses of a whore. It was enough to make any man want to fall to his knees.

They lay there for a bit, until Doug had completely shrunk inside of her... then he got them up and they went into the shower.

Seeing her all slick and wet started to get him aroused again... although he let her wash her own hair, he insisted on being allowed to wash her body... looking up at the detachable showerhead he also got a few ideas. But those would keep for later. Right now he wanted to be a bit more hands on.

Rubbing the soap between his hands, he used his hands to wash her, running his hands all over... to his surprise he found no stubble between her legs.

"Do you shave or wax?" he asked, looking up at her as his fingers played with her sore - but wet - pussy.

"Neither," Mary answered, "They used something else... but they said it wouldn't ever grow back."

Doug's cock swelled a little... she'd had laser-hair removal done on her pussy... she'd be bare and smooth forever. He was definitely getting more turned on, although he still wasn't quite ready for another go around. Instead he pushed his fingers inside of her, and Mary gasped, leaning back against the shower wall for support as he began fucking her with two fingers, mimicking what he wanted to do with his dick.

"Oh god... it's so sore..." she moaned, her face screwed up in a mixture of discomfort and pleasure.

Although Doug had never considered himself a cruel person, he did have to admit it turned him on that it was hurting her a little - but only because she was getting pleasure from it as well. Leaning forward, he let the water sluice over both of them as he began to lick her. Mary moaned, putting her hands on his head to support herself... her knees felt weak.

He could feel the inside of her pussy getting slicker and wetter with excitement, and he wiggled his fingers inside of her. Using his free hand, he turned off the shower so that he could open his eyes without the spray of water blasting him... looking up he watched her toss her head with rapture as he ate her out...

Reaching up he began to pinch her nipples with his other hand, his teeth biting down on her pussy lips and sucking them into his mouth. Mary's hands on his head tightened on his head as she began to shake above him, her breathing getting quicker and louder until she finally began to gasp with ecstacy, all her weight resting on him, his hand on her breast and the fingers in her pussy the only things holding her up as she came.

He kept rolling her clit between his lips, thrusting his fingers into her... and she kept cumming. Tears of exquisite pleasure leaking from her eyes as she screamed her passion, unable to stop the waves of orgasm that kept rocking her being. The pleasure built up until it felt almost painful, tingling electricity that wracked her body and mind.

Finally, Doug stopped, allowing her to slide down the wall and into his arms. His dick was hard against her stomach, but he doubted that she was going to be ready for sex again...

He'd just take the opportunity to teach her how to give head.


Doug spent the entire afternoon in Mary's mouth... even when he wasn't hard, he enjoyed the feeling of her lips wrapped around his cock. They watched TV together, and a movie, all with her eagerly rolling his dick around her mouth... she'd gotten much better at giving head after having the opportunity to go at it four separate times that day.

Next time he got hard he was definitely going to fuck her again though... it was getting later in the evening anyway. And by now, her pussy should have recovered enough.

"Come on," he said, getting up and leading her up the stairs. His dick was only half hard, but he wanted to get her into the bed and play with her anyway. He'd found that getting Mary heated up was quite possibly the fastest way to getting him going as well. She was just so responsive and innocently sexy...

Laying Mary down on the bed, Doug climbed on top of her and kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue into her mouth as he ground his hips against hers. Mary moaned, with both excitement and dread, realizing that he was going to fuck her pussy again... it wasn't nearly as sore as it had been that morning, but she realized that it wasn't completely recovered either.

His hand covered her breast, squeezing the aching mound as she moaned into his mouth... Mary's breasts were very sore from Doug playing with them so much. He seemed to really like alternating between crushing the tender mounds in his hands and gently caressing them. Pinching and twisting her nipple, Doug groaned happily as Mary writhed beneath him, his dick swelling larger as he played with her.

Moving down her body he began to kiss and suck on her breasts, leaving hickeys comparable to the ones on her neck all over the tender mounds. By now Mary was soaking wet, almost eager to feel the sore, uncomfortable stretching of her pussy, wanting to feel him inside of her again... it just felt so good, so complete to be filled up. She didn't care if it hurt a little.

To her surprise, Doug lifted her up and turned her over so that she was on all fours... and then she felt him pressing into her from behind. This new position wasn't quite the same as the morning's spooning... his dick felt like it was bumping even deeper inside of her as he slid all the way in... stretching her open. She arched her back, whimpering a little as he chafed against her sore insides.

Doug groaned, she felt him pressing against her buttocks as he hunched over her, his hands finding her sore swinging breasts and fingers closing around her nipples. She moaned, liking the way it felt to have him behind her, controlling her body by her nipples... as he began to thrust in and out of her from behind she realized that it was hard to hold herself in place. So Mary dropped down a little, putting her forearms on the bed and bracing herself that way. It left her ass high in the air for Doug to plunder her pussy, and still allowed him complete access to the front of her body.

He grunted as he began rutting into her from behind, feeling her small whimpers as he ravaged her sore pussy, her ass pressing into him with every thrust. Everything about her body was soft and supple, so incredibly yielding to his lusts... his hands closed tightly over her breasts and Mary groaned as she pushed back against him, her pussy spasming over his cock. Doug's breath came quicker and faster as he fucked her from behind, his hands gripping her front tightly...

Mary rested her head on her forearms, closing her eyes as she sank into the feeling of his cock plunging in and out of her, taking over her very being. Her pussy didn't feel nearly as sore now that it was soaking wet, and the fire burning inside her was making her very eager indeed. She threw her head back, and one of Doug's hands left her breast and gripped the length of her hair in his hand, using it like reins to ride her...

The fire flared up as his hard hand on her hair registered in her body, it didn't really hurt except in the best way possible, and she shook and screamed as she began to cum... Doug let go of her hair, letting her fall forward. Now her entire upper body was on the bed as she writhed in orgasm, her ass held up by his hands under her hips as he fucked her, his balls slapping against her swollen clit while she thrashed before him.

Doug yelled and thrust forward, driving her into the bed and he collapsed on top of her, his dick lodged deep in her pussy as it pulsed inside of her. Mary moaned at his weight on her, the girth of his swollen cock as it filled her with his cum and she shuddered around him...

They kissed and cuddled before falling asleep... Mary felt very proud of herself. She thought she was doing wonderfully at learning everything that Doug wanted to teach her... and it was only her second day! Smugly, she thought that after the third day she'd probably know it all...

Of course, if she'd voiced her thoughts to Doug he would have laughed at how very wrong she was.

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