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Down Low Brothers


My name is Michael Charleston. I am a young black man living in New York City. I attend the state university and currently, I am taking up business administration. It's alright, I guess. The story that I'm about to tell you takes place during Spring Break of 2006. I had decided to hang out with my friends whom I hadn't seen in a long time.

I'm referring of course to my best buddy James Moreau and his girlfriend Jennifer Brown. James's a tall, caramel-skinned young Haitian brother from Philadelphia. He plays basketball for Elmira College. We've known each other for a long time. I've also known his girlfriend Jennifer for a long time. Jennifer's a thick, jet-black Jamaican with a pretty face, a voluptuous body and a big booty. She and James had been together forever. They have an on-again, off-again type of relationship. These days, they were together.

Man, those two couldn't be more different. James is an overachiever. Back when we went to high school in Brooklyn, he played both basketball and hockey. Yeah, I know. He must have been the first black kid from New York to play hockey. Hockey is usually a sport for white kids but lately, some black kids have started playing. Jennifer went to the same high school we did and that's where they met. Back then, Jennifer was a member of the school's Minorities In Technology club. She was the vice president. James ran for president of the club after being part of it only for three weeks. He was a very popular kid and won by a landslide. Jennifer became his rival. They hated each other at first. Somehow, they ended up falling in love. Don't ask. I don't understand it either.

Back in high school, I wasn't a very popular guy. I'm a six-foot-two, 245-pound black guy who didn't play any sport. I was a very good student, though. I always made honor roll. In fact, I was the first black male student to be valedictorian in my school's history. I won myself a full academic scholarship to New York University. I could have gone to Harvard but Boston didn't appeal to me. It's way too cold down there. I liked New York. It's home for me. So, James and I met with Jennifer and we decided to stay in Long Island for spring break. James's aunt Nicole Moreau had a house there. A nice, beachfront property. Not bad, huh? She was kind enough to let us have it over Spring Break since she was down in Florida with her husband and three kids.

I wasn't too keen on the idea of spending a whole week with James and Jennifer. They were both my friends and I liked them but they were way too d dramatic for me. Besides, I sometimes felt weird around them. James and Jennifer are deeply in love. Oh, they've had some trouble in the past. James once had a thing for this Hispanic chick named Lucinda or something. I remembered her. A tall, curvy girl with long black hair, golden skin and dark green eyes. She was a beautiful gal. James and her had a thing going on while he and Jennifer were briefly separated. From what James told me, Lucinda was terrific in bed. When James got back together with Jennifer, he decided to end it with Lucinda. Lucinda didn't like that very much. She began stalking James. At first, James didn't take it too seriously.

James has a nasty habit that might get him killed someday. He thinks he's invincible and that he can get away with almost anything. If you ask me, no man should ever underestimate a woman. Any woman. Women are a lot more dangerous than men. Trust me, I know. Lucinda stalked James. She showed up at Blockbuster video where he worked. She left threatening letters in his mail box. She was one scary chick. James didn't know what to do. He went to the cops but you know cops don't like helping black males, especially when it's a black man dealing with a psycho woman who's out to get him.

Jennifer is the one who got Lucinda to back off. Jennifer marched to the psycho chick's house and told her to leave her man alone. I don't know the details, except that Lucinda was seen sporting a black eye the next day and she never bothered James again. Jennifer can be a scary woman sometimes. Like all the black females I knew. Still, she loved her man very much and James loved her too, in spite of his player ways. I envy those two sometimes. Okay, more than just sometimes. I started thinking that maybe staying with them for a few days would be a good thing. Of course, I've been wrong before.

When we picked up Jennifer, I noticed that there was someone else with her. Jennifer introduced us to her friend Nadine. I looked at Nadine. She was a tall, good-looking girl with long blond hair and pale blue eyes. I was surprised. I didn't know that Jennifer had white friends. I didn't mind, though. I'm an open-minded and flexible guy, and Nadine was definitely easy on the eyes. I learned a few things about her as the car got moving. James was driving. He's got a macho thing where he insists on driving. Jennifer stopped giving him any lip over it a long time ago. James always has to be the boss. That's just how he is. Yeah, back to Nadine. She was the captain of the women's Lacrosse team at Elmira college and she was studying Criminal Justice. I checked her out through the rearview mirror. Definitely beautiful, that girl.

Now, I haven't said much about myself in the way of romance. Oh, well. I'm going to be honest with you. You might want to sit down for this. In case you're already sitting down, brace yourself anyway. I am bisexual. It's not something I go around telling people. If you lived in homophobic Brooklyn, you'd know what I mean by that. I've seen the way queer kids get treated in high school. I didn't need any of that drama. You might think that just because I am a bisexual black man, then I am the kind of guy who goes around sleeping with a lot of people. I'm not. I am celibate. I have been for a long time. Ever since I became aware of my sexual orientation, I decided to fly solo. It was lonely but I was afraid of complications. I didn't want people to find out about me. Also, I didn't want to live a lie. So I focused on school, got good grades and lead a very lonely life. Now you know why I envied my pals.

James drove through the highway. I stuck my head outside and looked. I loved the cool wind on my face. It was getting warmer these days and I loved it. James was shaking his head from side to side as he listened to Hip Hop music blasting on the radio. Jennifer was dozing in the back. I watched Nadine. She was just sitting there, reading a book. I turned around and asked her what book it was. She looked at me, smiled and simply showed me. I blinked. Nadine was reading Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez. I've read it before. It's a good fiction book about gay and bisexual teenagers. I smiled at her, and nodded. Nadine returned my smile, and something passed between us. I asked her what it was about. She told me. I told her that her book sounded nice, and fixed my eyes back on the road.

I was somewhat surprised to find a straight-looking white female reading gay literature. Surprised, but not really shocked. Back in the day, I had a black female friend named Tracy who knew that I was bisexual. Tracy was cool with it. It didn't bother her one bit. We were pretty good friends. Tracy admitted to me that she liked watching gay porn, and was somewhat fascinated by sex acts between homosexual and bisexual males. Naturally, I was fascinated by such things too. Guy on guy action, that is. I found women attractive, don't get me wrong. I liked pretty black girls with cute faces, nice bodies and sexy butts. I also liked Tracy. Sometimes, I wondered what it would be like to date her. It's too bad that she had a boyfriend, some guy named Tyrone. Oh, well.

I hadn't thought about Tracy in a long time. She was at Boston College these days, studying business management while playing on the women's basketball team. I remembered the good times we used to have. I told her about a crush I had on Kyle Mendoza, the star of the football team at my old high school. He was a sexy Latin stud. Unfortunately, he was straight and had a very straight-laced girlfriend, Kimberly. I've had so many crushes in high school. I once had a crush on Nikki Trevor, a beautiful redhead who was also the star of our women's hockey team. Yeah, I like jocks. I befriended Nikki. We became pals. Unfortunately, when I confessed my feelings to her, she told me that she didn't see as anything more than a friend. That hurt me, but not as badly as I had been hurt by Mendoza's teammate Josh Hawk when he found out that I had a crush on him. Hawk and his homophobic buddies did quite a number on me that time.

As you can see, I didn't have much luck in the romance department. Both girls and boys had shattered my heart. I was twenty years old and so far, I've never done anything more than kissing with members of both sexes. I've kissed a guy named Martin, once. He was an older gay man I had a crush on it. He liked me but didn't see me as boyfriend material, unfortunately. I've also kissed Wanda, a pretty black girl I once liked. We've kissed a couple of times, though she had a boyfriend named Steven at the time. Yeah, that's my life story. I never got the girl...or the boy, for that matter.

After driving around for an hour, we finally arrived at the place. James's aunt had a nice place. We parked the car and went inside. I took a look around the place. Everything looked nice from the outside. We checked inside. A well-furnished house, two stories, with a basement. Three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and two bathrooms. Not bad. Not bad at all. In Long Island, a place like this must have cost a fortune. We picked our rooms. Jennifer and James would stay together in the bedroom upstairs. Nadine would stay in the room right next to them and I would stay downstairs. The arrangement worked well for me. I was closer to the bathrooms and I had my privacy.

As soon as I got settled in, I headed outside. I was anxious to check out Long Island. It's where all the rich white people lived. I walked through the street and it was so different from Brooklyn. For starters, there was less noise. Also, the street was cleaner. These were the suburbs, not the big city. They're like two completely different worlds. Well, I liked it. The air seemed cleaner in the suburbs, too. Or maybe it's because I've been stuck in the big city all my life, huh? While walking around town, I noticed a lot of interesting sights. There were some fine-looking females around, of course, and there were some good-looking guys too. I decided to check out the local bar scene.

I went inside this bar called George's Tavern and the first thing I noticed was that almost all the patrons seemed to be middle-aged white men. There were two Hispanic guys at the corner and only one woman, a skinny blonde. This didn't deter me from going in and I sat down and asked the bartender for a drink. The bartender gave me my Pepsi and I sat down, sipping and looking at the TV set. There was a movie on, Star Wars : Attack of the Clones. I paid attention since I absolutely loved science fiction. I hadn't seen that movie in a while.

While I was watching, someone came in and sat next to me. A tall, slender guy with black hair and bronze skin. He looked Latin, and absolutely sexy. He smiled at me and extended his hand. I shook it. The Latin stud's name was Tim and he was a truck driver. We started talking. Tim was taking classes at city college. He wanted to become a police officer someday, like his daddy. I smiled at that. My father was a cop, once. He's retired now. I never knew my mother. She died giving birth to me. I was an only child. For some reason, I felt comfortable talking to Tim. He was good-looking, so that helped. Later, he asked if he could show me around town. I readily agreed.

We walked around Brentwood, Long Island. The place was nice. Tim was very knowledgeable about the place, after all, he grew up here. He was only nineteen, too. He was a member of the Army National Guard and told me that he was worried being summoned to Iraq one of these days. We walked around together for some time, and went into this lounge that he knew. We went inside and got something to eat. We split the bill. I liked that. It's simpler, you know, when it's just two men. No mind games. No power games. Just open and relaxed communication. I was definitely feeling this guy. I was getting a vibe from him. Maybe he was gay. As if reading my mind, he told me that he was bisexual. He even showed me pictures of Anne Marie, his girlfriend, a blonde bombshell. I was surprised but tried not to let it bother me. I liked this guy.

I told him that I was bisexual as well and he laughed at that, saying how great it was to finally run into someone like himself. He asked me if I had any money on me. I nodded. I had five hundred dollars on me. Spending money for Spring Break. Tim said he was going to take me to a "fun" house. I wasn't too sure about this. Still, I was a very horny guy and I needed to get laid. Why not? I asked him to show me the way.

We walked for some time, then arrived in front of an apartment building. I wasn't too sure about this. All kinds of unpleasant scenarios popped through my head. What if Tim was a hustler out to mess with me? What if he wanted to rob me and those prostitutes were in on it? A lot of these questions ran through my head. What if he was a cop trying to catch an unsuspecting John? Still, I went through with it. We went inside. As soon as I walked in, I discovered that this wasn't the kind of house I had imagined. For starters, it was all-male!

I stepped inside and saw all of them. Young men were moving about, just doing their thing. Some were watching television, others were playing video games. Man, this was an all-male haven! I liked it instantly. Tim introduced me to some of them. I met a tall, good-looking black guy who introduced himself as Marcel. There was also a slim Latin guy named Paolo and a dark-skinned, sexy guy named Jerry. I met a beefy-looking red-haired guy named Sean and a slim, clean-shaven dude named George. All of these guys were in their early twenties, good-looking and very sexy. I looked at Tim, and smiled.

After we got introductions out of the way, we sat down and watched a movie. It was a gay porn video. In the scene on the screen, there were three people. A tall and muscular black guy, a slim white dude and a big-body, thick Latin guy. All three of them were naked on the bed. I watched as they went at it. The black guy lay on the bed and the Latin dude knelt before him. He was sucking on his cock and licking his balls. The brother looked like he was enjoying himself. I felt myself grow hard, both from watching the dude's big black dick thrusting into the Latin boy's mouth and from watching the sexy Latin guy shaking his bubble butt from side to side. Yeah, I was getting hard. On the screen, the white dude was jerking himself off as they went at it.

I noticed that the other guys in the house were excited by the movie. I saw Paolo, the sexy Latin stud on the couch. The dude had taken his clothes off and was jerking himself off openly. Sean, the beefy stud seemed perfectly willing to help Paolo out. He took Paolo's cock in his mouth and began sucking it. I watched, growing more and more excited. I glanced at the screen and saw that the black stud had the Latin male on all fours. He spread his big ass cheeks wide open and he slid his cock into his asshole. He grabbed him by the hips and slammed his cock into his ass. The other guys shouted, hollering. I couldn't tell what excited them more, the scene on the TV or Paolo and Sean going at it. I didn't care, either.

Sean looked like he could suck a mean dick and Paolo looked like he was having the time of his life. I did something uncharacteristically bold in that moment. I unzipped my pants and took my pants off. I then removed my shirt. Naked, I stood before these young men. I had only met them recently but sex was different for us. No emotional bullshit. It's a want. It's a need. I need to satisfy it. I think I've waited long enough. This was the chance I'd been waiting for.

Marcel, the tall black dude looked at me as I undressed. He did the same. I took a long good look at this sexy brother's body. He was one fine brother. Tall and muscular, strong-looking, with a nice ass and a big dick swinging between his legs. I wanted him. I read the desire in his eyes. He wanted me too. We didn't kiss. We didn't hug. He wanted to fuck me and I wanted to get fucked. Leave the bullshit for the females. Marcel put on a condom and told me to assume the position. Without hesitation, I got down on all fours and spread my ass for him. I wanted to feel this brother's big dick inside me.

Marcel applied some lube between my ass cheeks and spread them with his meaty hands. He rubbed his cock against my back door. I held my own cock in my hand. I couldn't believe it. Finally, it was going to happen. I was going to get fucked by a brother with a big stick. Marcel thrust into me, plunging his thick cock deep into my asshole. I gritted my teeth. Marcel grabbed me by the hips and thrust deeper into me. I felt his thick black cock sliding into my asshole, going deep. I felt my tender anal flesh stretch to accommodate the bulk of his cock. It hurt like hell but it began to feel oddly good. It felt so damn good. I loved it. It was like nothing I've ever experienced before. I loved every minute of it.

Around the room, the other guys were going at it too. Sean lay on his back and Paolo came up between his legs, raising them in the air and rubbing his cock against Sean's asshole. Sean stroked his own cock as Paolo got ready to enter him. Paolo spat and rubbed it on Sean's ass, then he put on a condom and grabbed some lube. He entered Sean's ass in one swift thrust. He began fucking Sean, hard and fast. Sean seemed to be no strangers to ass fucking. Paolo obviously loved giving it to him. This was hot. I noticed that Tim wasn't around. Oh, wait. There he was. The dude was watching and obviously enjoying himself. He waved at me. I grimaced. My ass hurt. But I loved it.

The nonstop fucking went on for a long time. After Marcel got done fucking me, he pulled out of me, took off the condom and came all over my ass. I got up, trying to walk. I was unsteady for a second. Marcel laughed. His dick was still hard, the bastard. Jerry, the sexy dark-skinned dude waved at me. I locked eyes with him. Oh, yeah. He wanted me, big-time. He got naked real quick and came to me. He wanted some of my dick and I was more than willing to give it to him. I entered him with one firm thrust. Jerry bucked wildly and urged me to fuck him harder. I did. I slammed it into him, giving him all the cock I had, which was plenty. When I finally came, he did as well. I pulled out of him and we sucked each other off. It was over.

Later, I showered with all the guys and then went back to the house. I took their email addresses. I definitely wanted to keep in touch with these guys. That night, Tim introduced me to a world I didn't know existed. The world of straight-acting men who were gay or bisexual and had secret, all-male parties to satisfy the desires that society forced gay and bisexual males to repress. I was introduced to a new world and I loved it. I can't believe I wasted my time chasing females back in high school. Having sex with guys was fun and they didn't give me any drama. I was going to have myself a lot of fun when I went back to New York. Hooking up with brothers left and right. That's what's up. Holler!

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