tagGroup SexDown on the Ranch

Down on the Ranch


It would have not taken too long for her to drive the miles to see him yet driving was enjoyable to her. As the road swept by her thoughts would be on him. Lynn's last trip proved that driving had its advantages over flying. This time however speed was needed he had told her of a surprise that he had for her. Since this was not the first time she had done this she let her mind drift as she closed her eyes. Hey, she was not driving. As she eases back in the lounge chair her thoughts were of him. He had hired a private jet to take her to him so she didn't have to worry about other passages. She let the hum of the jet lull her to sleep.

She dreamed of the last outing they had in a cabin that he had built high in the Colorado mountains. It was quiet with the nearest neighbor was two miles away and where if she wanted to she could stand nude on the front porch without fear of anyone seeing her. There were horses cattle and other animals so it could be called a ranch and of course with a ranch you needed ranch hands to help with the upkeep. On this trip she met the ranch hands. On a late night as they were recovering from a passion filled late night delight Ross appeared at the end of the porch. He cleared his throat We didn't know how long he had been standing there but at lease he had enough class to wait until we were finished before he spoke. Lee listened and told Ross what to do he apologized for the interruption.

Then we were alone again. Lee told me later that Ross had been there quiet a while before he spoke up. Lee said that what I like about that man he waited until we could be disturbed before he said anything. The thought of someone watching us must have had some effect on Lee I felt his cock rising against my thigh I stroked it some until I had to have it in my mouth. Then the thought hit me I wonder if Ross is getting all of this. That thought made me moan around Lee's cock and draw all of it into my hungry mouth. My hand found it's way to my already soaking cunt. Two three swipes and I came again just as Lee grabbed my head attempting to glue it to his humping hips. With his cock buried in my throat he let go. His sperm coated my throat and then spilled down between my breast. As we caught out breaths Lee licked up the wayward come from my breast but not without making me come again in his arms. We struggled to our feet to a bed with clean sheets and sleep.

I awoke to the smell of coffee brewing and I knew that Lee was already up and having coffee. I put on a robe that covered all the high spots and low spots but because of my dark skin it was almost see through. I walked to the front porch to join Lee. Our conversation glanced over what happened last night, just as I thought we would have a repeat performance, Ross walked up there was someone with him a man I had not met before. Ross introduced him as Steve, he would help Ross keep the place up while we were there and then when we left for the winter.

Both men looked as if they could pass for brothers little did I know that under it all they were more alike than I thought. I had started to leave when Ross came up but Lee held me tighter, whispering after last night you have more clothes on now that you did then. Of course he was right so I sat there with my coffee trying to act as nothing was unusual. As the men talked about the farm I noticed that Ross's jeans had sprouted a small tent Steven too had the beginning of a tent in the front of his pants. I could not understand why then I noticed that Lee had put his hand inside my robe. His fingers found my nipple, he twisted it to make it stand out and it did. I never realized how difficult it was to hold a hot cup of coffee and come at the same time. It seemed that no matter how many times I came one more time would still be nice. So on the porch with two others watching I shook to another climax. That's when I noticed that all talking had stopped and three pairs of eyes were on me and yes I did blush some. I have always liked to watch others now I found out that I also liked being watched.

Ross and Steve soon left the porch to tend to chores on the farm and Lee soon let his fingers do the walking again. This time he had me sit on his lap while he played with my tits, he took each tit into his mouth and his teeth brushed across each nipple until it stood erect. While doing this I was busy with my tongue in his ear and taking nibbles from his ear. Lee's breathing became ragged and he moaned that he was so hot for her. He set her on the bench and opened her robe. He kissed her again and lingered on each breast and then his lips traveled down to her patch of dark hair he kissed her curls and continued his downward journey. His tongue snaked out and toughed the bud of her clit.

She jumped, that was the reaction he had wanted her to be surprised at what he was doing. He opened her legs and draped them over his shoulders she was opened to him totally. He used his tongue to lick her clit and then darted his tongue into her gently and as his paced quicken he added a finger, then two she was opened just for him. He stood up and loosed his belt and unzipped his jeans as he pulled them to his knees he cock sprang out to meet her hand. She wanted that hot dick in her, in her mouth, her pussy and if possible her ass. She had the cock of her choice just for her right where she wanted it. He bent his knees so that she could get all of him in her mouth.

Then he turned her over so that she was on her knees, he pressed his cock into her she sighed with contentment. He starting stroking his cock inside of her, he held on to her by cupping her tits in his hands. His fingertips stroked he nipples keeping them hard in his hands. He movements became quicker until his hips were a blur moving in and out of her she arched her back and moved with him when he withdrew his dick. She could hold back any more she started shaking as her climax overcame her and a small cry left her lips. He was not far behind her he came and pulled he body closer to him.

The rest of the day they spent naked resting and enjoying each other any way they could. After lunch Lee had some questions for Lynn like that fantasy that she had shared with him. Lynn got wet just thinking about it one encounter being airtight a cock in her mouth, one in her cunt, and one in her ass. This had been a fantasy of her's for years but until two months ago no one else had ever known. One night in bed she finally broke down and told him the fantasy that had plagued her over the years. She told him about the one fantasy that she could never have because she would never be able to find men to agree to this fantasy. Lee smiled as he asked he about her fantasy again. Lynn told Lee that yes it was the fantasy that she used when she was alone to get herself off. She also told him that afterward she really feels so alone. Later that night after dinner Lee made sure that soft music was playing and that the house was lit with candles. Lynn danced with Lee holding her so close there was nothing more perfect than being in his arms. Lee pushed her away from him for only a moment and smiled at her. I have a surprise for you tonight your fantasy will come true, and I hope that this will make you feel as special as you truly are.

Lynn held on to Lee tightly her eyes questioning how this could happen, Darling I have been planning on how to do this since you told me about the fantasy. It was hard for me to understand this need. Then I realized just how much this fantasy meant to you and I felt that I had to find a way to make it true for you. So tonight love you will have it all. I kissed Lee hard showing him my hunger and need he held me tightly, so tightly that I could hardly breathe. Then there was a knock at the door and Steve and Ross entered the room. They were dressed as usual jeans, western shirts and boots. Lee waved them on. Come on guys, you know what's happening here tonight. I want to make sure that Lynn is satisfied to her fullest, I want her happiness more than anything we will not leave until she is completely satisfied. So if there are no questions let Lynn's happiness begin.

The music was turned up and soon Lynn was dancing with three men and soon the sheer blouse she was wearing feel to the floor, soon followed by the shorts that she was wearing. She stood in the middle of the room naked as she waited as the three men removed their clothes. There were clothes along the floor but out of the way of the dancers. Lee had Lynn in his arms while his hands caressed her ass. Steve was behind her rubbing his hands on her tits. His ruff hands pulled her nipples between his strong fingers making them stand up. This was what she wanted as she kissed Lee she felt a hand on her cunt, a rough finger parted her lips and rubbed her clit.

Lee suggested that they all move to the bedroom. There Lee had the candles lit and champagne and cheese for refreshments. The bedroom was soft and appealing for her the men all knew that tonight was her night and their pleasure was not important just hers. Lynn sat on the bed with three cocks sticking out to face her. Her hands quickly reached out to two cocks staring at her and the third when quickly into her mouth. Finally her dream was coming true. Lynn moaned with heated passion as she sucked one then the other, she wet one then the other. With eyes closed she was in heaven with the three cocks that were hers to have as long as she wanted. Hands gently massaged her breast with her eyes closed she didn't know who's hands just that they were rough but gentle.

Hands pushed her back on the bed and begun to explore her body. Lips kissed her lips and neck, slowing nibbling her ear lobes and neck. A touch at her lips caused her to open her mouth wide as a cock worked its way in here wet mouth. Above her someone moaned and Lynn's mouth was filled with come. Mean while Lynn filled someone mouth with her come. A cock gushed on her tits. She opened her eyes and through the mist saw what man had been where. Two set of arms held her and one set of hands cradled her legs the other her head. She felt like a queen in the arms of her adoring subjects. Then one hand found her clit, the fingers rolled across the surface and then entered her only to start again, soon the fingers were replaced with a smooth warm surface and a cock entered her.

It was a hot to the touch but it smoothly entered her. First just the head as it brushed against her clit, she shivered, then it began the journey into her. It stretched her it filled her. When he was in her as far as he could, his balls rested on her ass. He began to move slowly to let her a just to his bigness. Lynn sighed she was completely full. She had never felt this full in her life but a slow smile crossed her face. This was just the beginning the others took positions around her. She opened her eyes to see another cock facing her. Lee moved his cock to her lips. A dot of pre-cum was there with her tongue she licked it savory the taste of it. She opened her mouth wide to take him in. Her hand soon found a cock in her right hand and her left hand pulled on the ball sac at her chin.

Moans where heard in the room. Lynn opened her eyes to see Ross above her his cock stretching pussy to it's fullest, Steve was in her hand stroking himself between her hand and Lee was between her lips. Ross moved so that Lynn was straddling on top of it magnificent cock, Lee moved around not letting Lynn's lips move from his cock. Steve moved behind her she felt his wet tongue licking her cunt to her anus, his tongue was also licking Ross's cock as well knowing this made Lynn even hotter. His tongue played with her anus causing her muscles to relax each time his tongue entered more into he dark hole. She felt his finger, first one then two until three fingers were firmly inside her ass.

Lynn sighed she knew what was coming next she had dreamed of this day for so long and her lover, friend and husband had made it possible. Lee stopped and held her ass opened for Steve slowly he guided his cock into her. With just the head in he stopped he sighed over her back, only to start pushing forward again. Finally he was it, his cock throbbed inside her. Then it started first one moved then the other until the three men moved in sink with each other. Steve and Ross had their rhythm down with Lee moving so that all could come together. Ross gasped it will not belong now, Lynn didn't hold back she came with a scream and sank down on Ross's chest. Lee groaned as he let lose his cum in her mouth as she tried to swallow it all. Ross growled I'm coming Steve moaned out his climax and suddenly stopped. Then Lynn again sighed as she came again. All stayed entwined with each other. Ross and Lee kissed her come stained face as Steve kissed and licked her back.

They all laid there sighs and moans. Lynn spoke first thank you all that was my fantasy come true. She kissed Lee, Ross, then Steve. Each man knew that Lynn had enjoyed herself and her happiness was what was important to them tonight. Over wine and cheese, they talked and Lynn shared what it felt like to be totally "air tight". In the back of Lynn's mind was a vision she had about Lee something she had not even told him. Steve looked at Ross and as if they had this planned they both got up together. Steve said Lynn and Lee we have something special just for you two.

Sit back and enjoy. Steve took Ross hand and took his hand and laid it on his swollen cock he moaned on Ross neck Ross kissed Steve full on the lips with his tongue snaking in between his lips. Both men acted as if there was no one else in the room. Steve tweaked Ross nipples between his fingers and then with his lips he sucked them until they pointed straight out. With his eyes closed Ross moaned out loud, his cock growing in Steve's hands. It appeared that they knew each other's body very well they had done this before and the heat of the night they were letting Lee and Lynn experiences a private moment with them. Steve kneeled in front of Ross taking his cock deep in his throat, Lynn was impressed Ross had a huge cock and Steve acted as that was no big deal. Steve made love to Ross cock stroking and sucking his cock. As Steve and Ross were enjoying themselves Lynn and Lee had not be idle either.

Lynn was stroking Lee cock he moaned along with Steve and Ross, hearing this Ross turned to Lynn first his tongue licking Lynn then Lee both moaning with pleasure. Soon the four of them were in grossed with sexual need. Lynn noticed that soon they were in a circle. Lynn was sucking Steve's cock while Steve sucked Lee and Lee was sucking Ross massive cock and Ross was licking Lynn's cunt with all he was worth. This was not enough for them they needed something more, Steve soon had his cock in Ross ass and Ross then entered Lynn while he sucked Lee's cock. It a short time they decided that they could not hold out any longer. Moaning and some sighing they all came within a few seconds of each other. They again laid back to rest in the peace and passion of each other. Again Lynn had had her fantasy fulfilled this time without anyone knowing. She slept with a secret smile on her face.

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