tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDown the Stairs

Down the Stairs


James lived on the fifth floor of his apartment building, and he liked taking the stairs up and down. He liked the idea of getting the exercise, something he knew he probably needed more of, and liked the idea of not being in the elevator with Mrs. Hertzog, who always wore too much perfume. He met a few other people in the stairwell at times, especially Anita, the cute blonde woman that lived one floor below him. He'd talked to her a few times, and she seemed friendly, but he couldn't get up the nerve to try and go any further, and at times she seemed like she couldn't be bothered with him. He wished he were a bit more like Darren, the guy that lived down the hall from him.

Darren seemed to always have a new girlfriend. For some reason that James couldn't figure out, Darren switched girlfriends every few months, or even more often. Darren was about the same height and build as James, and James supposed that Darren was probably handsome. James supposed he himself was handsome, he was just a bit shy, which made it hard to meet and talk with women.

James liked to go out walking on Saturday mornings, so he was headed down the stairs to the parking garage, then outside. Darren came bounding down the stairs, two at a time past him.

"Hey, out of the way, old man!" Darren exclaimed. James thought Darren was a bit of a jerk, and could never understand what women saw in him. Maybe that was why they didn't stay longer than a month or so. He hoped that it didn't take being a jerk to attract women.

As Darren passed James he suddenly stopped.

"Shit, forgot my coat!" Everything was a big deal to Darren. James liked to take things a little more easily. Darren turned around and ran back up the stairs. James shook his head and continued on down, and out into the parking garage. He didn't have a car, but the garage exit was the easiest way to get outside of the building

James thought he saw someone behind him, just outside of the door. Without warning, something was pulled over his head. Some kind of thick hood that covered his head completely. He was grabbed by several pairs of hands, and his legs were kicked in the back, making him drop to his knees. He was astonished and afraid. What the hell was going on? His arms were wrestled behind him and a pair of handcuffs were put on his wrists, fastened behind his back. The hood was tightened, and a zipper at the mouth opened. He tried to speak, but a round rubber object was shoved in his mouth and fastened in place, gagging him.

He was picked up by at least four people, and he felt himself dumped in the back of a vehicle, a van he supposed. It was hard to hear what was going on. He thought, from the feel of the hands that at least a few of his captors were women. He was held down on the floor of the van and his legs were tied together, then pulled up and tied to his handcuffs, hog-tying him. The van started moving.

His captors were talking but James couldn't make out anything through the hood. He was poked and prodded every once in a while, but generally left alone during the trip. He was very scared, and almost started crying a few times. What did they want with me? I don't have any money, my parents aren't rich. The whole thing was so bizarre. Why kidnap me?

It seemed to take them half an hour or more to get to where they were going. The van stopped and his legs were untied. They pulled him out of the van and stood him up. He was walked several yards before they stopped him. Then they removed his shoes, socks, jeans and underwear, leaving him half-naked. He was too scared to try and kick or anything, he knew there were at least four of them, and he was afraid they might shoot him or something. He felt a thin metal object at his arm. He realized it was a pair of scissors, and they used them to cut his shirt off. Soon, he stood there completely naked.

He was pulled along and slapped a few times on the rear and legs. Then one of them grabbed his penis and pointed it down.

"PEE!" he heard a female shout at his ear. It was muffled but he made it out. Scared as he was, he managed to pee, apparently into a toilet.

After he finished, they bent him over and spread his legs. Something cool and slippery was spread over his anus, then a long thin nozzle was unceremoniously pushed in. They were giving him an enema! He wanted to struggle, but every time he moved too much, he was slapped or hit. He let them continue with the enema.

The water was hot, almost too hot, and filled him up quickly. He felt a cramping pain in his bowels as the water rushed in. They forced him to stand there bent over, with the enema filling him, for about five minutes. Then they sat him down on the toilet. He voided immediately. It was very embarrassing, first to have to pee in front of them, then to have his ass washed out. They let him sit a few minutes, then stood him up and repeated the process again. The second one didn't seem to hurt quite as much as the first. After he was done emptying his bowels, they stood him up and wiped him off.

His despair was great. Why were they doing this? Who were they? Was it random, or did they want him for some reason? He couldn't think of anyone he had made mad enough to want to treat him like this. What else were they going to do? That thought scared him the most.

He soon found out. One of them attached a stiff leather collar around his neck, and he was tugged along. They stopped him, and he felt leather cuffs attached to his wrists and ankles. His feet were spread wide apart, and a bar attached to the ankle cuffs to keep them that way. The handcuffs were removed, but his hands were hooked together in front of him and raised quickly over his head.

The portion of the hood covering his eyes was removed, but he couldn't see anything because a bright light blinded him. A strange pair of goggles replaced the blindfold. The lenses were orange, and thick, and everything he saw through them was distorted. He could make out several people, but it was hard to tell their sex or even height. One of the blob-like people reached up to the hood and pulled down a zipper on the side, over his right ear.

"Listen up. There are a few rules before we begin. You are a slave for the rest of the day, and will be referred to as such. You will do as you are told. You are not to come. If you come, you'll be punished severely. We are going to use you in whatever way we want, your job is simply to get used. We're going to start out by whipping your slave ass. Hope you enjoy it."

He could hear the words, but didn't understand them. Why? Why him? What had he done? Did he know them? The voice was still muffled, he wasn't sure he'd recognize the woman it belonged to even if he knew her.

The women (he was sure they were probably all women) moved out of his view. Then one came back. She held something shiny up to his goggled eyes, a chain maybe? She attached it to his nipples. Small clamps bit into his skin, causing him to wince in pain. The gag blocked almost all sound he made. She tugged on the chain, pulling him forward a little, causing more pain. Tears welled up in his eyes

"Hey, look at this," the one in front of him said. She reached down and grabbed his penis. It was rock hard. He hadn't even realized it himself. "Guess he likes it rough," she added, sarcastically. She began to stroke his hard-on. It felt like she was wearing rubber gloves.

Behind him, someone had started to spank his ass with a paddle. She wasn't hitting very hard, and was making more sound than causing pain. The one in front continued to stroke him, just fast enough to make him want to thrust towards her. How could he be reacting like this? He was tied up, being spanked, and he wanted the woman in front of him to jack him off. A muffled moan escaped from his gag.

The woman behind him stopped, but another one started, using a small whip with many strands on it. She hit here and there on his back and ass, but generally not very hard. He was almost relieved at how incompetent their whippings were. God, how he wanted to come. What had they said, that he'd be punished if he came? If this were the worse they could do, he'd almost just as soon get off.

The next woman started on him, with a riding crop. She was different than the first two. Every blow hurt. Every blow hit somewhere new, and caused new pain. He started crying, tears splashing inside the odd goggles. His occasional moans became a constant keening. His penis jerked, then sprayed the woman in front of him with warm, sticky, white fluid.

"Christ, you made the mother fucker come." she said.

He had been standing, but now he hung from the cuffs around his wrists. He had never known such feelings, such pain. The last one, she had known how to wield a whip very well. He wanted to beg her, please, no more, no more. It was a minute before he realized she had already stopped.

They took him down and laid him on the floor, momentarily leaving him alone. It was a hard concrete floor, and it hurt where he lay, but he was afraid to move. In a few minutes they had regrouped and began tying him in a new position.

They left him on his back on the floor, hands stretched out behind him, tied to something. His legs were also tied to the same place his hands were, bending him in two and spreading him open. His ass was pulled up from the floor, and he was afraid of what they could do in this position. He felt a few pillows stuffed under his lower back, relieving some of the strain on it. One of the women came up and dabbed a cool lubricant on his anus, and pushed a finger inside. Someone else loosened his gag.

"No talking from you at all, understand?" she said, angrily. To make her point she reached down and grabbed his balls, squeezing lightly. He nodded his head, hoping it would show his agreement. The last thing he wanted was to make them any angrier than they already were. The gag was completely removed.

One of them kneeled over his head and lowered her self down on his mouth, offering him her pussy.

"Eat," she demanded simply.

He stuck his tongue through the zipper opening of the hood and tried to lick her. It wasn't easy, and the zipper scratched his tongue. She reached down and tugged at the hood a bit, opening the mouth some more. It made it easier for him, and he began to lick her pussy as well as he could.

At the same time, another woman had stripped, put on a strap-on dildo, and approached his ass. While he ate her partner, she slowly pushed the fake cock into his ass. He stopped licking when this happened. The woman on his face grabbed his balls behind her and squeezed them.

"Eat me, fucker!" she yelled.

He yelped in pain. He tried his best to ignore being fucked in the ass, and started to lick and suck on her pussy again. The woman at his ass at least moved slowly. He had the impression she was being coached on what to do, from the way she moved and the sounds around him. The woman he was eating had not let go of his balls, and applied pressure every once in a while to urge him on. It seemed like she was actually going to come soon, so he rapidly tongued her clitoris. She let go of his balls and leaned forward, allowing him easier access to her hardened nub.

"Yes, yes, mother . . . fu- aaughh!" she exclaimed. She rubbed up and down on his tongue and chin. Her juices coated his mouth and the hood. She tasted good, and he thought he would have liked to have done this under friendlier circumstances. She slapped the side of his head to get him to stop licking. Then she got up and stumbled away from his line of view.

He looked down and saw a blob-shaped woman kneeling in front of him, slowly pushing in and out of his ass with a thin fake cock. Another blob shape stood next to her, guiding her efforts. Two others watched from behind them. The ass-fuck wasn't as bad as he might have thought. At least, his penis was hard again, if that was any indication. The one fucking him seemed unsure of herself, and was taking it very easy.

Through the pain and humiliation, he was still amazed that he could be turned on, from being fucked in the ass no less, and so soon after already coming once. Nothing that had happened so far today had made any sense at all. He was suddenly scared again. Please, don't let them kill me, he thought.

The fake cock was taken out of his ass, but the respite was only temporary. As well as he could make out, the strap-on dildo was taken off of one woman and given to the woman that had been guiding her. She proceeded to remove her clothing and put the dildo on herself. She added some more lubricant to it, then knelt in front of him and placed it at his anus.

He tensed up, but then realized that since he couldn't do anything about this intrusion that he should try and relax, as much as possible. Slowly the head of the fake cock pushed into his ass. She pushed until it was over halfway in. Then another women knelt over his head and offered him her cunt.

He stuck out his tongue tried to lick her, although she held herself just a little out of reach. He could hear fragments of conversation around him.

"...wants it. Not so high and... now." "Maybe this.. .teach.." "...folded easy..."

He wanted to cry, to cry out, to ask them what he had done. But if he spoke, they had threatened him with more beatings. So he tried instead to please them as best he could. The woman over his face settled down, and he began licking her in earnest.

"Good cunt-licker, wonder why..."

The woman fucking his ass kept up her slow pace for a while, then she began to speed up. She was pushing a little deeper each time.

"No, please, no!" he screamed into the vagina above his head. Only muffled noises came out. Even though he was no longer eating her, the woman ground her pussy into his mouth, almost smothering him. The dildo plunged deep into his ass a final time, and his penis spasmed, squirting his come all over the back of the woman on his face.

"Better eat me now, bastard, or she'll fuck you again," she said. He heard laughter around him. He quickly began eating her pussy. Her taste was different than the other one he'd had. It was pungent and strong but he licked and sucked her for all he was worth. He was freely crying inside the goggles. Her juices flowed freely also, and she was soon coming, fucking his tongue and mouth.

As she got up, someone else quickly pushed the gag back in his mouth and fastened it around his head. He arms and legs were untied and he was pulled/helped up and led over to what he could make out as a thick table. They removed the nipple clamps, which he'd almost forgotten about. New pain flared back into his chest as blood rushed into his abused nipples. He moaned again into the gag.

They laid him on the table so his arms almost reached one side, and has hips rested on the edge. Ropes were tied to the wrist cuffs, then pulled under the table to attach to the ankle cuffs, binding him to the table and opening his legs wide. Then, strangely enough, they left him alone for a while.

He heard arguing, he thought. He really couldn't make out much of anything, just that it was a disagreement. Something was finally decided, but it was a minute or two before they got back to him.

The first blow was a surprise, a paddle hitting his ass. It didn't hurt much at all, except occasionally when it hit a welt left by the riding crop. He suddenly realized that they wanted him to suffer, and if he acted like it hurt, maybe they would be satisfied. After a few more swats, he began to pull at his bonds, acting like the spanking hurt worse than it did. He made as much noise as he could through the gag. After ten blows, someone else started in on him with a belt. It stung, but most of the blows didn't really hurt, either. He kept up his struggles.

The women were urging each other on, seemingly happy that they were causing him pain. The belt gave way to a whip with several strands. The woman wielding it didn't know how to use it at all, and it only made noise. She hit his legs and back, but only one impact had actually hurt. The next woman used the paddle again, and she could hit a little harder, but still not enough to really hurt. Then there was a pause.

Suddenly, he struggled in his ropes, not to act hurt, but out of fear. Only one woman left, and this one knew what she was doing. It was going to hurt, a lot. He almost started crying at the thought of it.

When the first blow of the crop hit, he jumped, more out of surprise than pain. It had hurt, but no where near what he had been expecting. Maybe it wasn't the same woman? He continued to jump and pull at the ropes, but after a few more blows, it still didn't hurt as much. He was pretty sure it was the same woman, the way she hit him felt the same. Her strikes just didn't have the same force. After the sixth or seventh blow, he started to moan into the gag, just for show, and he didn't stop until well after the last blow from the crop.

He was left alone again after his whipping. He heard some discussion, then he was released from the table. His hands were handcuffed in front of him and the other cuffs removed. They sat him on the floor, legs stretched out in front of him. His ankle cuffs were removed, and his feet, knees and thighs were tied together with rope. The rope was pulled up to his neck and tied to the collar. This bent him forward. A short rope tied his handcuffs to the collar, limiting the movement of his hands.

One of them leaned close to his ear. "We've put the key to the handcuffs on a chain around your neck. You should be able to get it and open the cuffs in a while. Remember what we did, asshole. You fuck anyone else like you did us, we'll be back." She got so close she was almost kissing the leather hood near his ear. "Next time, Darren, I get to fuck your ass. You remember."

God, that was it! They thought I was Darren, he thought. He began to moan, to move around as much as his bonds allowed. "I'm not Darren," he tried to say. It was no use. The gag stopped any recognizable sounds. His movement caused him to tip over on his side, and he almost banged his head on the floor. He heard them laugh, then heard them walking away. He heard a door close, then silence. Even though it was useless, he tried to yell through the gag. Nothing. They were gone.

He reached up to his neck to get the key.

He struggled to get to the key around his neck. It wasn't easy. Finally, he grabbed it, but even then, it was hard to put it in the lock on the cuffs. He managed to undo one cuff. He was hurt and tired from the effort, so he rested a while before attempting to loosen anything else. Then he heard a sound.

It was a door opening. Someone was coming. Who? They had said they were done. He started to panic, and struggled to get out of his remaining bonds. The person walked up to him.

"Here," she said calmly, "let me help you."

She took the key and unlocked the other cuff. He let her, having no real options. If she was going to hurt him again, she could have easily taken advantage of the situation. Maybe she was having second thoughts and felt bad about what she'd done.

After the cuffs were off, she pulled off the goggles. He blinked a few times to adjust to the light. She was Anita, the woman that lived below him. He didn't understand it. She been one of them? Why had she come back? She removed his gag.

"I, I'm not Darren," he gasped out.

"I know," she answered. She continued to loosen and undo his bonds. The leather hood came off, then she untied the rope at his neck and around his legs. He let her work. He was too tired and sore to be of much help, anyway.

He just sat there, nude except for the collar around his neck. He hurt all over, and he felt a little dizzy. He looked around. He was in an empty warehouse. There were a few boxes scattered here and there, and the table, and not much else. He looked up at her.

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