tagErotic HorrorDownfall of Heroines Ch. 01

Downfall of Heroines Ch. 01


Shereena wasn't sure if she had made the wisest decision, but Vivian seemed harmless enough. Like her, Vivian was a priestess, but similarities ended there. Shereena was a young initiate to the goddess of life, and had yet earned the right to take her vows and enter the order as a full fledged priestess. Vivian was a secretive and seductive priestess to the death goddess, living on the fringes of the town to avoid upsetting the populace.

Vivian crossed paths with Shereena while travelling back to the capital from outlying areas. They travelled together for most of the day, and while Shereena was initially very suspect, Vivian found her easy enough to whittle away at and got her to open up and chat during the travel. Vivian playfully bantered with the suspicious Shereena for several hours, informing the sheltered young woman that her Death god was misunderstood, and while a bit grim, he was not evil and part of the natural cycle. She grinned widely upon finally getting Shereena to agree to come to her modest home and discuss their beliefs.

That evening Shereena found herself outside Vivian's home, a small stone structure that more resembled a crypt than a home. Shereena was quite out of place in the old overgrown graveyard in which Vivian's home sat. Shereena was a tiny woman, barely standing over five feet in height. Her wavy blond hair hung down just past her shoulders and framed her innocent face, giving her a cute, soft look that matched her gentle demeanor. Though she would never flaunt it, her body was beautiful to behold, soft curves and a full, ample chest were hidden beneath her soft pink and yellow initiate robes.

"Shereena." I am so glad you could make it." Vivian said, opening the door before Shereena could even knock, startling the young woman.

Vivian was quite the sexual creature. She was tall and lithe, her curves sharp and defined, giving her a sensual, confident look. Her curly, jet black hair hung down to the small of her back. Her black robes were quite skimpy, baring her thighs while the strips of cloth covering her upper body hugged her form tightly, baring much flesh and accentuating her toned form and pert breasts. White still quite young herself, she was still older than Shereena and was much more experienced in the ways of the world.

"No need to stand out in the cold." Vivian said with a grin, suggestively leaning against the door frame. "Come on in, I have prepared a lovely evening for us both tonight."

"OK." Shereena replied softly as Vivian took her by the hands and slowly pulled her into the building, closing the doors behind her.

The first thing Shereena noticed was a pleasant incense Vivian had begun to burn. Shereena let out a soft sigh as she inhaled the spell laced scent, a strange sense of relaxation and satisfaction coming over her.

This helped take the edge off of Vivian's unusual décor. The furniture was all black satin. Bizarre ritual symbols could be seen on several tapestries and a few skulls, human and bestial alike, could be seen as if they were set up as a curio or decoration. The closest thing to a table in the living area was a stone slab that reminded Shereena more of an altar than a table. The 'table' was adorned in several runes and a few carving depicting dead (or maybe undead?) figures.

"Oh." She stammered, bringing a hand to her chest.

Vivian chuckled.

"Not quite what you are used to I suppose." Vivian observed playfully. "Why don't you sit down and relax."

Shereena felt one of Vivian's hands slip around her waist, guiding her to the couch, Vivian smiling warmly the whole time. She placed a hand on Shereena's right knee and gripped firmly to reassure her.

"Before dinner, let's have a toast to our new friendship." Vivian said to a slightly stunned Shereena.

"Hmm...sure." Shereena replied, Vivian noticing she was taking to the incense quite well.

Vivian nodded in agreement with Shereena and leaned forward from her seat on the couch and poured two glasses of a dark red wine she had resting on her table, along with a large dusty tome. Leaning back to relax on the couch she crossed her lovely long legs and handed Shereena one of the goblets, a silver glass molded into the shape of a skull.

"You really like this death thing don't you." Shereena said with a slight smile.

"Hmm...more than you know Shereena." Vivian replied with a knowing smile. "To us."

Vivian raised her glass and Shereena followed suit. Vivian moaned in satisfaction as she drank the wine, the death priestess retaining her composure, having grown quite used to the potency of the magical drugs she was using on Shereena.

Shereena however found the wine to be quite strong. As she lowered the glass from her lips after her first drink her doe like eyes had already began to gloss over. Her lips parted and she sighed, her plump breasts pushing deliciously against her robes as she inhaled deeply.

Vivian reached forward and gently pulled the goblet from Shereena's gasp and set it aside on the table. She scooted towards Shereena and began to playfully rub one of her calves against Shereena.

"How was the wine Shereena? I hope you liked it." Vivian whispered into Shereena's ear.

"Yes...it was delicious." Shereena eventually replied, her voice soft and lacking conviction, her mind obviously swimming in a daze.

"Hmm...so are you." Vivian smirked, looking down and Shereena's delicious cleavage.

Vivian brought a hand to Shereena's neck and began to gently caress the younger woman. Vivian panted slowly, staring at her new prize, looking forward to a long night of carnal pleasure. Vivian allowed her fingers to slide around Shereena's thin neck and gripped gently, guiding the lovely blonde back until she lay out on the couch.

"Oops." Vivian said before tipping her goblet and slowly pouring the wine onto Shereena, allowing it to splash on her neck, then slowly moving it down, coating Shereena's cleavage and her soft robes.

Shereena gasped as she felt the cool liquid against her flesh. Then, turned the gasp into a long moan, her lips upturned in a slight smile as she looked up at Vivian, watching as the woman's eyes gazed down at her. Vivian set the goblet aside and readied herself to enjoy Shereena. She adjusted herself and slowly lowered herself to Shereena, allowing her body to rest against Shereena's, feeling the innocent woman's warmth through her gown.

Vivian gently placed her lips against Shereena's neck, kissing her. Her tongue slipped past her lips and began to lap up the wine upon Shereena's flesh, feeling Shereena pant deeply beneath her as she did so. Vivian groaned lustfully, her kisses growing eager, then into hungry sucking upon Shereena's slim neck.

"Let's get these wet clothes off you." Vivian said with a chuckle between her hungry kisses and sucking.

She finally leaned back and brushed her hair behind her shoulders before smiling down at Shereena. She toyed with Shereena, running a hand along her upper chest, watching Shereena pant softly as her mind could not help but enjoy Vivian's touch. Vivian licked her lips as she grinned, sitting atop Shereena's belly while both her hands caressed Shereena. Her fingers dipped beneath the neckline of Shereena's gown, exploring the swell of her firm breasts while slowly peeling her gown away. Moving up she brushed the gown from Shereena's shoulders, then casually parted her gown, revealing Shereena's plump, young, firm mounds.

"Hmm, so beautiful." Vivian said, licking her lips. "I can't wait to taste you Shereena."

Shereena's face blushed. Under the influence of the wine and the incense Shereena could not help herself. Despite feeling guilty, she found herself excited by Vivian and enjoyed what the woman was doing to her. She never had feeling like this for women before, had she been trying to suppress her natural feelings while in the church of life?

"Shereena...watch." Vivian commanded.

The death priestess brought her hands to her own body, slowly rubbing them along her belly, gliding up to the swell of her pert breasts while she moaned lustfully, squirming sensually as Shereena looked on. Vivian watched Shereena as she looked on, the young woman's face now showing an expression of lust and yearning. Vivian grinned widely and slid her hands beneath the fabric of her black gown. Arching her back, she sighed while peeling the gown away, revealing her smooth, tanned flesh and lovely breasts to Shereena.

Vivian took Shereena's hands in her own and squeezed. She gyrated her hips, rubbing herself against Shereena's belly.

"Come, feel me." Vivian said as she guided Shereena's delicate hands to her own breasts.

"You feel...nice.' Shereena said as Vivian placed her hands atop her breasts.

Vivian leaned her head back and groaned deeply as she felt Shereena's fingers squeeze, her fingers sinking into her firm mounds. Shereena licked her own lips, staring up at Vivian, fascinated by her beauty while she allowed her hands to enjoy Vivian's lovely body. Vivian gently bit on one of her own fingers while turning her head to watch as Shereena began to participate in what would be a horrific violation.

Vivian placed her hands atop Shereena's, moving with the young woman as her hands explored. Both women smiled, Vivian mischievously, Shereena warmly. Vivian began to run her hands along Shereena's arms while enjoying the gentle caress of Shereena's delicate hands on her perfect breasts.

"Shereena, come." Vivian said, taking Shereena's hands and helping to guide her up. "The couch is so cramped. Let's move to the altar, there will be much more room for the three of us."

"Three?" Shereena asked, the confused look on her face only serving to make her all the more innocent and desirable.

"Yes, three." Vivian chuckled while taking a seat on the edge of the altar and grinning widely. "Or would you prefer four?"

Vivian pulled Shereena to her, wrapping her long legs around the innocent woman, Vivian sitting on the altar as Shereena stood facing her. Vivian smiled as she gazed into Shereena's lovely blue eyes. Wrapping her arms around Shereena, Vivian pulled her close, their naked upper bodies pressing against each other, both women gasping in pleasure. Vivian then planted a gentle kiss on Shereena's mouth. Again, she gently touched her lips to Shereena, then allowed her tongue to stealthfully slip past Shereena's soft lips.

"Hmm..." Vivian groaned as her and Shereena kissed. "He should be enough to break you in."

Holding the back of Shereena's head, Vivian held their faces together. Shereena felt the pleasurable sensations of Vivian's expert kisses melt away any doubts she had. Their tongues slipped freely into the mouth of the other, their lovely lips wrestling against each other while they panted deeply in lust.

The two continued to passionately kiss, their mouths sensually exploring each other. Vivian moaned and unlocked her legs from around Shereena's hourglass waist. Moments later Shereena felt another pair of hands on her, slipping around her slim waist and caressing her belly. Though, the touch was unlike the sensation of Vivian's hands against her. The hands felt boney, and wet, perhaps slimy or oozing. Shereena gasped sharply, her belly tensing up in reaction to the touch.

"Relax Shereena." Vivian said, breaking the kiss and staring into Shereena's soft eyes. "You will feel nothing but pleasure, trust me, I know all too well. Now, look down, watch."

Shereena obeyed Vivian and slowly lowered her head, gazing down to her belly. Slowly roaming across the flesh of her flat tummy were a pair of rotted, boney hands. The undead limbs sensually glided along her supple flesh, gently pressing against her, leaving behind a thin coating of rancid ooze. Shereena gasped sharply, her eyes widening at the unbelievable sight. One of the hands slipped down beneath the gown that rested around her waist, gliding along her lower belly and dipping down to caress against the flesh of her upper thighs and along her soft blonde bush.

"Vivian?" Shereena said, her voice stammering as the creature's touch sparked pleasure within her. "What is this?"

"Does it not feel good Shereena?" Vivian said with a mock pout on her lips.

She raised her hands to Shereena's large breasts. Cupping Shereena's mounds she gently squeezing, feeling Shereena tremble.

"I will be here with you Shereena." Vivian said, reassuring her. "They will have us both, together."

Leaning forward she lewdly ran her tongue along Shereena's neck, licking her up to her chin.

Shereena found herself relaxing again, Vivian's affection growing on her. The undead hands upon her moved to the sash around her waist that held up the rest of her gown. With a quick tug the sash was undone and she felt her gown fall to the floor, leaving her clad only in her laced, heeled sandals. A deep growl sounded from behind her, signaling the satisfaction the creature had with Shereena. The thing's hands returned, sliding behind her and cupping her firm tush, squeezing, fondling.

From behind Vivian Shereena caught their reflection in a mirror. Standing behind her was a hideous creature, its flesh severely rotted with gaping holes revealing muscle, guts, and maggots beneath. Its face was nearly skull like with a long blackened tongue hanging from between its teeth. Its eyes were rotted out and glowed with a hypnotizing purple light. His gaze pierced her, dominated her.

"Hmmm....." Shereena moaned, her doubts fading, replaced with an unnatural lust for the creature.

"Yes, that's it Shereena." Vivian cooed breathlessly as she licked Shereena's cheeks and neck. "Let him control you..."

Vivian's voice trailed off as well. Pulling back from Shereena, Vivian's expression appeared to mimic the younger priestesses serene look. Vivian panted softly and leaned forward, pressing her naked body against Shereena's, both women groaning pleasurably as their warm bodies touched, their breasts molding to one another. Shereena felt the creature behind her lean forward, pressing its boney ribcage against her back, pinning her between it and Vivian. It groaned as Vivian moved her head forward, out of Shereena's sight. Watching in the mirror, Shereena witnessed Vivian allow the thing to kiss her, planting its lipless mouth against hers, its writhing tongue slithering past Vivian's inviting lips and into her mouth. Her lips pressed against his slimy teeth and she groaned hungrily while his tongue slithered within her mouth, finding her own tongue and forcing her to taste his own rotting tongue, all while Shereena watched through the mirror and listened to the lewd sounds of their passionate kiss. The dead creature moved one hand to the back of Vivian's head, holding her in place while he kissed her, his other hand slipping up to Shereena's neck and gently wrapping around her. Shereena gasped and moaned pleasurably as Vivian and the mysterious undead beast writhed against her bare flesh.

Vivian gasped sharply as the creature finally broke the kiss with her, leaving her to catch her breath. Looking back into Shereena's eyes she smiled, licking her lips as several maggots squirmed freely inside her lovely mouth.

"Come Shereena." Vivian urged playfully, scooting her firm butt firmly onto the altar and reaching out to slip her hands around Shereena's waist.

The naked Shereena responded to Vivian's guidance and slowly climbed atop the altar, kneeling over the lovely Vivian, staring down at the exotic beauty. She watched as the creature tugged on Vivian's already undone gown, pulling the fabric down her long legs and casually discarding it on the floor nearby. The thing's hands then moved to both women, Shereena feeling his boney grip as he glided along her thighs and butt, allowing himself to slip under and caress her belly as she moaned mindlessly in pleasure. Vivian smiled as she watched Shereena react to the creature's lewd touch, she was eager to see the young priestess of life lose her maidenhood to this rancid undead thing.

The creature looked down into Vivian's eyes, telling her what to do with nothing more than a stare. Vivian turned her attention to Shereena once more. Smiling, she rolled over, placing Shereena on her back with her calves dangling off the edge of the altar while Vivian lay atop her. Vivian slid off to the side and propped herself up on an elbow so she could look down into the innocent woman's eyes, smiling warmly as she brushed Shereena's hair to the side.

Shereena gazed up at the creature, her eyes truly treated to his vileness for the first time. The creature chuckled menacingly as its gaze roamed Shereena's delicious body. His flesh oozed as his ribcage moved with his mock breaths, his gut was torn open and the organs within squirmed disgustingly, oozing down onto the floor. His cock was immense, nearly a full foot in length. The flesh of the thing writhed as untold number of maggots and worms crawled underneath, all to be put inside Shereena! And to make the sight truly horrific, his member ended in a blackened skull, within the fanged mouth of the thing could be seen dozens of squirming maggots, writhing wildly about.

"Vivian...he is so hideous." Shereena managed to whisper, that was all the protest she could manage to bring.

"But so amazing." Vivian said with a knowing smile. "Shall we watch together as he takes you?"

Vivian leaned down and lewdly ran her tongue along Shereena's right breast, licking from beneath up to her nipple.

"I promise to be here with you the whole time." Vivian cooed.

"OK." Shereena finally replied, her voice soft and meek.

"That's the spirit." Vivian said joyfully. She closed her lips around Shereena's nipple and groaned while sucking for a moment.

Vivian lifted her head from Shereena and smiled up at the dead creature. Reaching down she wrapped her hands around his stiff cock and gently caressed him, cooing playfully. The creature growled in approval. Its boney hands found Shereena's thighs. Slowly he moved along her flesh, squeezing, listening to the young maiden moan in response to his lewd touch. Slipping his hand beneath her knees, he parted her thighs, baring Shereena's virgin womanhood, her soft hair moist with arousal.

Shereena watched as her mind swam in a mixture of fear, revulsion, curiosity, fascination and lust. Her mouth hung open and she moaned softly. Vivian guided the creature to her as it stepped between her open thighs, the skull like visage of his cock pushing gently against her warm folds.

"Oh my!" Shereena gasped, her breathing becoming deep pants as she watched and felt the rotting organ against her.

"Oh yes Shereena." Vivian cooed, looking into the young woman's eyes for a moment before returning her attention to the creature's thick cock.

"Watch as he takes you...I know I am." Vivian gasped breathlessly, panting deeply in excitement herself.

Shereena felt so weak. Unable to lift her head, she just gazed up into the face of the undead creature, the putrid purple light from his eyes piercing her, commanding her.

Shereena's breathing slowed and she began to relax as she was caught in his gaze.

"Please...take me..." She said softly.

The creature rest her legs on either side of him and moved his rotted hands to her hips, molding his fingers to the shape of her body and gripping her firmly, pinning her in place. Vivian's mischievous grin widened as she watched. Shereena's lovely mouth released a weak gasp as she felt the creature began to push into her, her luscious folds wrapping around the skull headed cock as it slowly sank into her. Shereena's hips trembled visibly as her body swallowed the undead tip of the thing's cock. The dead creature growled in pleasure, enjoying the sensation of Shereena's tightness around him. His fingers tightened around her hips. Shereena's gasped sharply, then squealed as his cock eased forward, stretching the young maiden and finally claiming her. The deflowered Shereena sighed softly, still staring up into the eyes of her lover as she felt his cock sink deep into her belly. Vivian sighed in satisfaction as she watched the rotted, maggot infested cock of the undead creature disappear inside Shereena, taking her virginity.

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