tagMind ControlDownfall of King Wilfred the Chaste

Downfall of King Wilfred the Chaste



Thursday June 4th 6423

King Wilfred awoke to a sensation he had never felt before. Ruler of the Chaste Kingdom of Prudonia, this was a sensation he had certainly never felt before: the sensation of lips sliding on cock. And not just sliding, but also sucking and licking. Somebody was committing one of the most forbidden crimes in the land and on none other than the High King himself!

King Wilfred was a confused blend of groggy and outraged. An ultimate act of evil was occurring yet he could not rouse himself into action. To add to his dilemma, the only part of him that was roused, was the previously 'purest penis in Prudonia' a fine and trustworthy penis which thanks to a lifetime of meditation and flagellation had never once been erect until this moment.

The King tried to look upon the foul wench who dared to bring a whole kingdom into disrepute but unable to move his neck, all he could see was the top of a platinum blonde head of hair -- a colour that thanks to advances in genetic modification had been outlawed in Prudonia for three millennia. The King felt a gurgle in his throat; he could feel his voice coming back to him. Finally he would be able to bring his wrath down upon this evil harlot of doom.

But the King was not prepared for what happened next. The gurgle in his throat had elicited a giggle from his sullier, a giggle that ring in both his ears like some infectious pop song from the days of yore before all non-choral music was eradicated. A giggle that reverberated down his spine causing his body to spasm and shake before exploding in an eruption of cum right down the waiting throat of his defiler. In a cacophony of both ecstasy and horror, the King let out one long piercing scream before passing out on the bed and falling back into slumber.



Monday June 1st 6423

After centuries of warfare and decades of failed negotiations, Princess Fifi of Lustinia and King Wilfred of Prudonia were still a long way off any sort of peace treaty:

"I'm sorry King Wilfred but those are our final terms." Said the Queen, Accept them or the bloodshed between our two nations will sadly continue."

"Never! The Chaste Kingdom of Prudonia could never allow for one of its holiest temples to fall into the hands of Lustinia. With two months' notice to relocate the current population, we are willing to succeed the towns of Puriton and Nossex and even the city of Virginia, but the Holy village of Virtua cannot change hands. We cannot agree to it.

"If you don't agree to the terms, more people will die Wilfred."

"If that's what it takes to keep the holy temple pure."

"And it won't just be death your highness," Continued Fifi, a smile beginning to cross her face, "people will also be seduced and fucked, and turned into all manner of sexy little playthings. Our mages are working on new spells every day to help turn more and more of your asexual race into happy little slutty fuck-toys or Neanderthalic pussy-addicts. More and more of your precious followers abandoning your archaic, fundamentalist hell of virginity and boredom and embracing the utopia that Lustanian life provides."

"Your way of life is an abomination that will have every last one of you burning in hell for a thousand eternities. The Holy Temple will not bear witness to such practices."

"Well then, if that is the case I have one final suggestion before we resume hostilities."

"And what, pray tell, would that be?"

"A battle of Champions: We each elect one man or woman to represent our nations. Should your champion win, I pledge to remove all our armies from every acre of Prudonian land. We will surrender unconditionally and retreat back to Lustinia. However, if my champion wins, the village of Virtua is ours."

"How do I know you will not go back on your word?"

"We will draw up a holy contract, signed in the names of both our gods. You may doubt my sincerity to you, but you know that I would never lie in the name of the Goddess Sluticia, as I know you could not lie in the name of yours."

"I will need to consult my advisors. This is a big decision to make."

"I will give you five days to decide. All Lustinian forces will hold a ceasefire until either we hear you reply, or the sun sets five days from now. I hope you will make the right decision for both our Kingdoms and move to end this bloodshed one way or another forever."

"I will send message once a decision has been made."



Friday June 5th 6423

Twenty-four hours passed before King Wilfred began to come to following the first orgasm of his life. In fact it was the first orgasm of any member of the Royal family for over two thousand years when Prince Ralph the Liar was kidnapped by the prostitutes of a travelling sex circus.

Unlike the day before, Wilfred was finding that himself able to think much clearer. He was aware of where he was, he was also aware that there was an important decision he needed to make very soon but he couldn't quite remember what it was. As another layer of cloudy uncertainty evaporated, the King once again realized he was not alone and that once again the royal penis was being encouraged to betray him.

Glancing down he could see that this time there was not one blond head of hair bobbing up and down on the holy sceptre but two. They were taking turns at licking the regal cock all the way from base to tip. The King watched on in both horror and intrigue as he witnessed the royal shaft vanish between two plump blood red lips. He saw a flash of green as the eyes of his non-sucking companion glanced up at him.

The green-eyed girl smiled a wicked smile. Her taboo blond curls framing a picture-perfect image of lust. Wearing nothing but the smile on her lips, she began to slide up Wilfred's body towards his head whilst her equally naked companion continued to work on the other 'head'. Before Wilfred knew what was happening, the green-eyed girl was perched on his chest, looking him square in the eye and smiling.

The King wanted to throw her off, to call his guards or at the very least command her to cease, but he was paralyzed. The green-eyed girl was the cat and he was the unwitting prey that she had chosen to play with. King Wilfred knew he had to act he needed to fight. He was beginning to feel the same confusing sensations from the night before come over him.

The King knew he couldn't pass out for another night and so with all of his strength; he tried to force his mouth into making a sound. He could feel his lips widening and optimism briefly prevailed right up until the point that he realized he was now lightly sucking on a breast.

Nothing but food or water had passed through the King's lips in all his forty-seven years. He had not even had a pacifier as a child, yet now he was being pacified by what must surely have been the most glorious bosoms in Prudonia. Against his mind's will, his body happily gave to order to suckle softly upon the green-eyed girl's teat as she whispered indecipherable nothings into his ear. King Wilfred tried to focus on the girl's words but the moment he felt he was beginning to understand, he heard the sound of another giggle come from his crotch and just like the previous night his body spasmed and came before sprawling out in a state of catatonia.



Wednesday June 3rd 6423

"Lord Roger" commanded the princess, "When will we know if the plan was successful?"

"It is hard to say your majesty" replied Roger, looking up at Fifi from his position between the Royal Thighs. "If the virus works as expected then the King should become contagious after 48 hours which would be any minute now. But since the only previous testing had been carried out on mice it's difficult to tmff mmmpph phnmmph."

"I wanted an answer not an essay." Snapped Fifi as she sent Lord Roger back to work on her pussy and broke into monologue.

"Once the King is contagious any female he comes into contact with will be genetically programmable from right here in the heart of Lustinia. We can create an army of spies and covert operatives without a single Lustinian needing to set foot within a hundred miles of Prudonia. Then once our Prudonian spy-girl is activated, we can set about destroying that Puritanical hell completely, starting at the top and his Royal Shyness: The King."



Wednesday June 3rd 6423

Is the Holy ritual ready?" asked King Wilfred to the Grand High Virgin of Virtua Temple.

"Yes Your Highness, it's ready. May I take your robe?"

The King handed the Grand High Virgin his robe and proceeded naked into the Holy Virgin's Chamber. Inside there were twenty Sacred Virgins of the Temple standing naked before him in a line leading to the Holy Bathtub of Truth. The Grand High Virgin followed into the chamber behind the King and once his places were placed upon the first sacred virgin's breasts, she began the ritual.

"Your Highness, please repeat after me: I, King Wilfred, your humble servant on Earth..."

"I, King Wilfred, your humble servant on Earth..."

"Renounce both the bosom and the vagina in the name of the one true Goddess: Chastity..."

"Renounce both the bosom and the vagina in the name of the one true Goddess: Chastity..."

"I covet no female form, be it luscious, curvaceous or cute as a button..."

"I covet no female form, be it luscious, curvaceous or cute as a button..."

"I renounce sluttiness, seductiveness and sultriness in the name of what is true..."

"I renounce sluttiness, seductiveness and sultriness in the name of what is true..."

"And seek to please only my goddess in a way that is honest, chaste and wholesome."

"And seek to please only my goddess in a way that is honest, chaste and wholesome."

"Now your majesty I ask you to move your hands and finish the ritual."

"Upon instruction, King Wilfred, his penis as flaccid as a bowl of cold noodles released his grasp of the virgin's breasts and moved his hands down to her parts most unholy and damned. With one had resting over her vagina and a finger resting on the clitoris he recited the final holy incantation:

"Goddess Chastity, I beseech thee. Grant me the wisdom to do right by my kingdom. I hold in my hands the very symbol of all that is sexual and perverse and it repulses me. I wish to caste out the sexual and embrace the spiritual. In the name of the Chaste Kingdom of Prudonia, my goddess, I implore you to help us."

With the ritual complete, King Wilfred moved onto the next naked virgin and then the next and the next until the ritual had been repeated twenty times and his purity confirmed beyond question. After the final incantation he approached the Holy Bathtub of Truth and lowered himself into the icy water it contained. Once submerged, he would meditate until his prayers were answered.



Wednesday June 3rd 6423

"You have results Lord Spankington?" asked Princess Fifi, entering the lab.

"Results beyond our wildest dreams, Your Majesty. As you predicted, the king did seek guidance from the temple on the third day. The virus activated in time and we now have twenty-one infected temple virgins to choose from including the Grand High Virgin herself!"

"That's music to the ears of the great Goddess Sluticia herself. I'm so proud I could spank your arse with the Divine Paddle of Dominance."

"Why thank you, Your Majesty. Such words are the highest praise a loyal servant such as I could receive."

"So when can we activate our would-be spy team?"

"Whenever you wish, Your Majesty. Using my patented Slutitron 5000 here, any or all of the infectees can be modified in less than a minute. Without leaving this room, I can change appearance, personality and ability. I can even install the ability to cast Lustinian majiks."

"Well we only need three for the mission I have in mind. So provided it is a success my good Lord Spankington, you may keep the remaining 18 virgins to reprogram as you so desire once Prudonia is ours."

"Thank you your Majesty and I assure you, the Slutitron never fails, this is no Slutitron 4000 we are dealing with here."

"Never mentioned that infernal machine's name in my presence again! My poor kitty Fluffy has never been the same since."

"Yes Your Majesty, I'm sorry Your Majesty." Lord Spankington cowered in fear and was desperate to change the topic back to his recent success, "So... what is your plan?"

"It's simple, the Grand High Virgin and two of her most amply bosomed inferiors will..."

"Umm they need not be amply bosomed Your Majesty, the Slutitron 5000 can..."

"Do not interrupt me Spankington!"

"Yes, sorry Your Majesty."

"Anyway, the three virgins will journey to the King's Palace. If questioned they will speak of an urgent spiritual matter that the King must be informed of. The Grand High Virgin will acquire the devious power of 'Attorney' so that all whom she speaks to believe her. This will allow her to keep watch outside the King's chambers and turn away anyone who tries to enter."

"Brilliant Your Majesty, and the other two?"

"They will enter the King's Chamber. Once inside they will subdue the king."


"You're the head scientist! Don't you know a spell capable of subduing a King for 24 hours?"

"There's the 'Giggle of Nirvana', but that will cause one to orgasm before passing out."

"Even better." Replied Fifi, "So once inside the chambers, the two virgins will immediately alter in appearance. Their hair will turn a beautiful Lustinian blonde; their breasts will grow to at least the minimum required by law for Sluts of the Realm and their going to need some darn good cock-sucking lips too.

"So in their new form and with the King momentarily confused the two girls will attempt to seduce him, but when, as I assume, the seduction fails they can resort to the 'Giggle of Nirvana' to finish the job."

"And then with the King passed out they kill him and the Kingdom is ours! Huzzah!"

"Silence!" shouted the princess, "It would be too easy to merely kill the king. Oh no, I want him to become a dutiful servant of the new Lustinia. Once passed out, I expect the girls to do whatever is necessary to turn good King Wilfred the Chaste into their own private toy and worshipper of the sexual female form."

"I think I know just the techniques and majiks required." Smiled Lord Spankington."

"Well then get to work. We need the King under our spell by Saturday."



Wednesday June 3rd 6423

"So why are we going to see the King?" asked Virgin Lucy,

"For an urgent spiritual matter." Replied the Grand High Virgin.

"Oh I see," said Virgin Lucy, happy with the reply.

"So what is the spiritual matter?" asked Virgin Bella.

"A spiritual one." Replied the Grand High Virgin once again.

"Okay I understand now. Oh we've arrived at the palace gates."

The Grand High Virgin walked up to the guards at the gates and upon informing them that they were to visit the King's Chambers on an urgent spiritual matter were escorted directly to his door, no questions asked. Once the party had arrived at the King's door, Both the Palace Gate guards and the King's Private guards left the virgin's be due to the urgency of the spiritual matter involved. At this point, the Grand High Virgin waited outside whilst Virgins Lucy and Bella entered the Kings Chamber.


Wednesday June 3rd 6423

To say the King was a little surprised to see two of Temple Virtua's Sacred Virgin in his quarters was a bit of an understatement. When they began to morph before his eyes into the very epitome of Lustinian deviancy his surprise turned to aghast and horror.

"Wh... What is the meaning of this. Virgins explain yourself!"

Lucy and Bella said nothing. They merely walked slowly towards their king, shedding garments with every step until the King found himself cornered by the two naked girls.

"Do not make me have to restrain you." Warned the King with a stutter. "I do not wish to lay a hand on a sacred virgin."

"Oh come, cum cum now." Replied Lucy; her voice becoming a crescendo of orgasmic tones. "You laid your hands on us just this afternoon."

"That was a sacred ritual!"

"Do you expect us to believe that?" said Bella, "You weren't tempted to give a breast or two just a little squeeze? You are tempted to do so now?" Bella cupped her new and improved tits and held them up to give her King a better view.

Wilfred grabbed for a sword on his nightstand and held it up at the two women. "Please do not make me use this."

"Ah, very well." replied Lucy. She then let out a giggle that caused Wilfred's eyes to briefly pop out of their sockets and his hands to grab for his cock. He came just in time before he keeled over onto the bed in a mixture of orgasm, confusion and betrayal."

"So what's next?" asked Lucy.

"Take off his clothes and keep sucking on his cock. Even in a coma we can make him cum over and over again, he won't even know it happened." Said Bella, her eyes flashing a beautiful shade of green, "As for me, I'm going to make him fall in love."



Saturday June 6th 6423

For the third and final time since the two virgins had accosted him, King Wilfred woke up in his chambers. He still couldn't move but at least his mind was now clear. He remembered the meeting with Fifi, that he was required to answer her challenge by nightfall. He remembered the two sacred virgins entering his room changing into those things which had held him captive for three days and sullied the royal penis over and over again.

He knew Princess Fifi was at the bottom of this, he knew she had somehow tricked him at the negotiation table and he knew he needed to make a plan fast before...

"Oh look, His Majesty is awake." Said Bella and Lucy entering his chambers. They were wearing their now somewhat ironic Virginal Robes. "How are you this evening?"

"Oh that's right," continued Bella, "You cannot speak unless I allow it, considering I control your every action and thought."

"You do no such thi..."

"See". Replied Bella, "I let you start talking for a second just then and then I stopped you again."

"I want to see boobies!" Screamed the King before his eye widened in shock at what he'd just said.

"See, I can make you say anything I want you to say." Bella smiled and then added "But if you really want to boobies I would never disobey my King."

At once both Bella and Lucy let their robes fall to the ground. On Bella's orders Lucy returned to her regular position at the base of Wilfred's penis while Bella straddled the King's chest and lowered a cursory nipple towards his mouth.

"Now open wide and stand to attention Your Highness." Ordered Bella.

Wilfred wanted to fight back but he was helpless as his lips parted to allowed entry of Bella's nipple while the once magnificent Royal penis yet again hardened for Lucy's waiting lips. In tandem, both Lucy and the King began to softly suck on their respective mouthfuls while Bella gave instructions.

"I expect my now you thing you know what happens next don't you Your Highness. In a few minutes time Lucy giggles the Giggle of Nirvana and you ejaculate into catatonia. Not this time though Wilfy. This time it is my turn to giggle, and when I do, all your own thoughts and dreams will just wash away in a sea of ecstasy.

"What makes things even better that you won't pass out. No, I can just keep giggling again and again and again and each time you will just desire to serve me even more. Well me and anybody else I tell you to, like Princess Fifi for example."

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