tagIncest/TabooDPing My Sister

DPing My Sister


Just a few weeks into my first year in college, I had already established a routine. During the day I would go to my classes, hang out with a few new friends I had made, or phone my friends and family back home to see how they were doing. I had all but forsaken going to parties or trying to find a girlfriend, instead choosing to stay in my apartment to engage in passionate sex with my beautiful sister, Kayli.

She has an absolutely stunning figure, quite tall for a woman with long, slender legs, beautiful hands and feet, perfectly shaped and firm breasts, an incredible ass and shoulder length, rich brown hair. Every night we would thrust ourselves into each other's arms, disregarding what society thinks of as wrong, making sweet love to one another as any normal couple would. But tonight was different.

It was 7 o'clock, over an hour earlier than I usually got home on a Tuesday night due to my class being dismissed early. As I turned the handle of our apartment door and stepped in, I saw my gorgeous sister, naked and on her knees, her precious hands on another man's hips, his hard cock in her lovely mouth.

She pulled her head from his penis and looked into my eyes, clearly surprised. The man, slightly taller than me with a fit frame and a penis that looked about two inches smaller than my own, tried to cover his package with his hands.

"What the fuck Kayli?!" I yelled at her, throwing down my bag and storming into my room. Kayli came running behind me, closing the door behind her.

"What's wrong? I mean come on, we're brother and sister! It's not like we can be together forever," she says in her soothing, soft voice, placing a hand on my chest.

"Well, you could've at least told me first!"

"Okay, I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?" she purrs, looking up at me with her warm brown eyes. I let out a sigh.

"Yeah. Sorry I got mad."

"How about you come join us? You can both fuck me. I'll make it worth your while after."

"Uhm, I dunno," I mutter, imagining the thought as she forces her hand down my pants, playing with my soft penis. "Well, since you put it that way..."

She quickly unzips and yanks my pants down, passionately kissing me before she throws off my shirt. She takes my hand and leads me back into the living room, the blood rushing into my penis.

"What're you getting dressed for?" Kayli shouts at the man. "You're both going to fuck me. Now take your pants off Mark."

Mark drops his pants and stands to the left of Kayli, across from me as she gets onto her knees. She wraps a hand on both of our raging hard ons, just inches away from each other, and starts by wrapping her moist lips behind the corona of my engorged member, flicking and rolling her tongue over the head of my dick. I stroke the hair out of her face as she does the same to his cock, brushing the lush brown strands behind her petite, sexy ear, revealing a small silver earring, the diamond shining in the light while her soft hand goes back and forth along my shaft.

Her mouth returns to my hard love maker, this time her head moving back and forth, her lips going just past halfway down my cock before hitting my corona, back and forth, her saliva shimmering on my boner, then on his.

A few rounds later she inches my cock all the way down her throat, nuzzling my trimmed pubes with her nose before gagging and returning, spit running down my scrotum while she moves her head back and forth. She switches back to him, his hand on the back of her head, pulling her down his cock, now completely swallowed by her mouth, her nose pressed against his clean-shaven crotch, rearing her head back and forth without choking once.

She releases our wet dicks and sits on the tan, leather couch, sitting back with her head on the seat like a pillow, her legs spread wide. Mark grabs her thighs, quickly inserting himself into Kayli's unbelievable pussy with the help of her hand, thrusting his hips eagerly while I kneel on the couch beside Kayli, her head turned toward me as she vigorously sucks my cock. She puts her right arm through my legs and holds my thigh, purring on my dick with her other hand on Mark's stomach, her legs swaying to the rhythm of his balls slapping against her butt, her feet parallel with her body. I squeeze her right breast in my hand, watching her left tit jiggle, holding her head as she continues to pleasure my staff.

Mark sits down beside Kayli, his red shaft standing to attention. I turn Kayli onto her side, her head resting on Mark's stomach with his dick in her mouth, her right hand holding his balls with her left holding her own breast. I put one foot on the ground and rest my left knee on the couch, her left thigh between my legs as I enter her warm gates of happiness. I hold her right ankle, hungrily thrusting my cock into her wet vagina, her foot pointed toward the ceiling, my hand resting on her toned stomach while she moans with her mouth full.

Kayli takes Mark's cock out of her mouth and presses her hand against my stomach, telling me to stop.

"I think it's time for you guys to dee pee me," she says, her voice low and sexy. She gets up and slowly lowers her tight anus onto Mark's wet cock, planting her feet on the edge of the cushion, leaning back and placing her hands on the couch.

"Put it in me honey," she says warmly. I put my sword inside her up to the hilt and grab her calves, spreading her legs so her feet are level with my head. "Ohh fuck," she moans, her face twisted in pain. I start thrusting my hips, faster and faster, her moaning quickly turning to screaming, drowning out the sound of my crotch pounding hers.

"Ohhh fuck, holy shit, oh shit, I'm gonna cum already, ohhhh fuckkkk!" she screams, her pelvis trembling on our dicks in fierce orgasm, her juices starting to seep from her vag.

I let go of her calves and she plants her feet back on the edge of the couch, her legs trembling as Mark lifts her up several inches by her hips. I hold her thighs steady as Mark thrusts his hips upward, ramming his cock up her ass, then I join in, pounding her pussy as fast as I can. Her screaming pierces my ears, her whole body trembling as she takes two hungry cocks.

Her pussy shakes violently, clear fluid squirting out of her vagina and onto our thrusting shafts as she enjoys the pleasure of multiple orgasms.

Mark grunts and keeps his hips elevated, his cock spasming and shooting his semen inside her asshole before he slumps back down, lowering Kayli onto his crotch as I continue to slam her vagina, orgasm imminent.

"Cum for me, cum inside my pussy, that's it, fill both of my holes!" she screams in delight as I ejaculate deep inside her still quaking vagina, clenching her knees in my hands as warm cum shoots into her.

I let my happy penis grow limp in her cunt, watching her heaving stomach recover from orgasm. I pull my shaft from her wet pussy and help her up and onto her knees, Mark following close behind and standing to her side. She closes her eyes and lets us slap her cheeks with our flaccid penises, gently moaning in a seductive manner, her hands resting on her thighs.

She wraps a hand around each of our shafts, slowly stroking them to life while she licks and sucks on Mark's balls, then mine until we're both stiff and ready to go. I sit down on the couch and Kayli straddles me, quickly shoving my red stick in her pink pussy with her knees on the outside of my thighs. She holds the back of the couch and slowly rides my cock, arching her back so that her chest is in my face. I squeeze and play with her unbelievable ass cheeks, licking and sucking her hard nipples while Mark stands on the couch to my right, holding the back of Kayli's head as she sucks his engorged member.

Mark steps down off the couch and stands behind Kayli, cock in hand. I slump down in the couch, using the back of the seat as a pillow, giving Mark an easier target. Mark enters her tight anus, slowly picking up speed as he squeezes her ass cheeks. I squeeze and play with Kayli's perfect breasts, her hands by my head with her back arched, moaning as Mark starts pounding her ass, her body slowly rocking on my dick every time his pubic bone slams against her ass.

Her moans grow louder, her body stiffens, intense orgasm looming. I put my hands under her thighs and lift her up, positioning her hips well above mine so that my eager stick was only halfway in her hole. I wrap my arms around her, linking my hands together on the middle of her back, pulling her down on top of me, her stiff nipples pressed against my chest. She turns her head away from me, resting her cheek on my shoulder as she starts to scream, her arms tucked against mine as she clutches my triceps in pain, two cocks thrusting happily in her tight holes.

I feel her pussy tremble violently on my rod, her nails sinking into the backs of my arms, her stomach heaving, struggling to breathe. Her pleasure fuels me to go harder, her cries egging me on, my swollen shaft drilling her quaking vag, Mark doing the same to her lovely asshole. I feel another orgasm wash over her not a minute later, her vagina still recovering from the last and already shaking, now violently and painfully.

Her screams grow consistent, her pussy pulsing steadily in a state of constant orgasm. Mark slows down considerably, grunting in sexual pleasure as I too slow down to a stop, letting Kayli's quivering gates start to recover. I rub my hands from the small of her back to her shoulder blades, breathing on the hair on the back of her neck as she finds her breath, her trembling body beginning to steady.

"Let's cum on her face," Mark said, pulling his dick from Kayli's ass.

Kayli quickly removes herself from my engorged member, kneeling down beside the couch as I stand before her, Mark to her right. She starts with me, wrapping her moist red lips around my shaft, rapidly throwing her head back and forth, steadying my cock at the base with her fingers, stroking Mark's penis with her other hand. She does the same with his, then removes her hands and instead puts a hand on our thighs, watching us jerk off with the lubrication she provided. She starts to lick Mark's ball sack, sensing he was close to orgasm by his low grunts. She leans back and lets go of his thigh, closing her eyes as he puts his beet-red shaft in her face, stroking like a mad man.

He puts a hand on the top of her head, his tip nearly touching her nose as he spews warm semen onto her beautiful face, sending streams onto her nose, forehead, and left eyelid. He smacks his satisfied penis on her forehead before she sucks his head clean, then turns to me, still beating myself off.

She sensually rubs my thighs with her hands, lightly licking and nibbling my scrotum as I place my left hand behind her ear. She sucks on my balls, putting one in her mouth at a time, the tingling sensation of orgasm washing over my body.

I pull slightly away from her, placing the head of my cock to her lips as I slowly stroke the base of my erupting penis. I hold my shaft steady as I unload hot cum on her upper lip, the tip of her nose, and across both cheeks, painting her pretty face white. I rub my jizz around her mouth with the tip of my deflating dick before sticking it in her mouth for her to clean.

I stand back and marvel at her beloved face, smiling and covered in cum, her tongue flicking across her lips to taste it.

"Can someone grab me a towel?" she asks, laughing. Mark quickly grabs one from the bathroom and hands it to her. She wipes off her eye first, then her cheeks, mouth, and forehead, making sure to get it all.

"That was fun! Thank you guys!" she says joyfully, giving us each a kiss on the pecker. "You should probably get going Mark. You've got an early class tomorrow." She gives him a kiss on the cheek and hands him his pants.

"Okay. Thanks Kayli. That was definitely better than sitting at home and jerking myself off like every other Tuesday night," Mark says and giggles to himself, although Kayli doesn't return his laughter.

She stands in front of me, holding my hands at her side and watching Mark quickly get dressed and walk out the door.

"Now for your payment," she says to me in a low, seducing voice. "I know how much you like my feet, so now I'm gonna pleasure you with them."

She leads me to her room and lays me down on the bed, sitting in front of me with her legs stretched out over my thighs. She rests her thighs on mine and extends her legs out, putting her feet in front of my face. I hold the tops of her feet in my hands, licking her smooth skin from heel to toe while she gently plays with my flaccid penis, rubbing it with her fingers and juggling my balls in her hand.

I pull her feet down against my chest and suck on her gorgeous toes, painted dark red, the blood flowing into my growing penis. She rubs my shaft between her thumb and fingertips until I'm fully erect, then backs up and bends her legs, her knees spread apart, placing her feet on either side of my swollen friend. She leans back with her hands behind her, resting her heavenly heels on my scrotum as she slowly swivels her feet, rubbing my shaft with her angelic arches, her toes pressing together.

"Is that hot baby brother?" she purrs. "Do you want me to stroke your big cock with my sexy feet?"

"Mmm hmm," I moan in pleasure.

She puts her knees together toward the ceiling, placing her feet flat on my crotch to the sides of my red boner. She lifts her feet up to the corona and back, picking up speed until her feet slap against my crotch. I watch her feet fuck my cock, reminding me of my beautiful ex-girlfriend, the only other woman that's fulfilled my fetish. I wonder who's feet are sexier, but can't focus hard enough to decide.

She clutches her thighs with her hands, biting her lip as her legs start to ache, but keeps going as long as she can. I feel the clutches of orgasm returning for the third time tonight, the tingling coursing through me...

"Ah!" Kayli grunts in between breaths. "Wow that hurts your legs. I'll pace myself next time hon."

She turns her left knee outward and puts her foot behind my penis, the top of her foot toward my head. She tucks her right knee towards herself, pressing my throbbing stick onto her left foot with her big and pointer toes. She strokes the underbelly of my cock with her toes, quickly returning me to the eve of orgasm.

She extends her left leg, her foot resting on my stomach as she pushes my cock towards me with her toes, pressing my tip into the middle of her arch as I begin to erupt. I clench the blankets as my cock spasms, struggling not to close my eyes and miss the finale. Cum squirts out of my engorged member and onto the sole of her foot, as well as my stomach, her toes still stroking my shaking cock.

She places all five toes on my shaft, watching my swelling subside between her feet. She pushes my limp dick to the side, rubbing my semen on her foot and around my stomach with her toes.

"Mmm, you made a mess of my feet honey," she purrs. "Would you like me to clean it up for you lil' bro?"

"Mmm hmm," I answer, still entranced by her unbelievable feet. She bends over flexibly, moving her right leg to the side as she licks my cum from her foot, then off my stomach.

"Thank you sis," I whisper in her ear as she lays down by my side.

"No, thank you," she replies, placing her head on my shoulder and wrapping her right leg around mine, her foot flat against the side of my calf. I put my arm around her and hold her hand on my stomach. We both fade to sleep, sexually fulfilled and tired.

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