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Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi


It started out as a mundane, quiet Thursday afternoon in the Woodroffe neighborhood of western Ottawa, Ontario. Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi's office, located not far from the local pharmacy, and within walking distance of the famed Nepean Sports Plex, had certainly seen its share of oddballs. None of them were odder than Hakim Jama, the very first black Muslim man that the good doctor treated for neurotic sexual disorders and delusions. Hakim was proving to be a very interesting patient...

Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi was born in the City of Al-Rayyan, Qatar, and raised in the environs of Toronto, Ontario. She studied psychology at York University, eventually becoming a trained and licenced psychiatrist. She began her psychiatric practice in 2007 at the age of thirty two. Eleven years later, the good doctor was seriously rethinking her choice of profession, thanks to a certain Somali dude...

"I am ashamed to say that I am a voyeur," Hakim Jama said, and the big and tall young Somali Muslim man sighed deeply, having unburdened himself at last. Nodding, Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi nodded, looking thoughtfully at the brother who sat about five meters from her, a strained look on his dark, handsome face. The things I hear patients say every day, Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi thought.

"How does that make you feel?" Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi asked, leaning back in her chair, a faint smile on her lovely face. Five-foot-nine and curvy, clad in a dark gray pantsuit, her long dark hair tucked under a modest gray Hijab, the good doctor managed to look at once professional, pious and sexy, which was definitely something of an accomplishment. Carefully observing her patient, she scribbled notes on a notepad.

"A lot of brothers out there like to make fun of me for my sexual proclivities, but you know what, Doc? I don't hurt nobody so really, there's no shame in my game," Hakim said, and he exhaled sharply, a sly grin creeping on his handsome face. Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi watched with renewed interest as Hakim got up and began to pace back and forth in her office, seeming quite agitated.

"Hakim, do you think it's fair to the women you play the voyeur with? After all, it got you in trouble with the law, you're lucky you were spared jail time," Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi remarked Hakim, who grinned and shrugged. She could tell that he had something really pressing in his mind, and it was her duty to get out of him. Out of due diligence, and professional curiosity, or something...

"Doc, I'm a grown man with binoculars who watched his adult female neighbors sunbathe on their frigging rooftop, I honestly don't know what the fuss was all about, I didn't hurt nobody," Hakim said, somewhat defensively. Another massive rationalization, Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi scribbled down on her notepad. Like a lot of wrongdoers, Hakim liked to minimize the impact of his misdeeds on his victims. This made him seem a whole lot less original...

"Men and their rationalizations," Dr. Fatima El-Esawi whispered to herself as she continued to scribble on the notepad. In her practice, she'd treated everyone from powerful businessmen with mommy issues to married women with lesbian tendencies, soldiers with weird phobias, professional athletes with strange superstitions, and the like. Hakim Jama, though, he definitely took the cake when it came to weirdness...

"Alright, Hakim, what else has been troubling you?" Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi asked, and Hakim paused in mid-step, looking at her awkwardly. He licked his lips, then sat back down, and he seemed hesitant to speak. Hakim looked at the good doctor, and wondered if he should tell her. Certain things a man ought to keep to himself, but what's the use of being in court-mandated psychiatry if you were going to lie to your doctor?

"I've been thinking about my mother again," Hakim said flatly, and now it was Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi's turn to sigh. Hakim hadn't mentioned his mother, Salwa Jama, in quite some time. From what she remembered, Miss Jama ran out on her family ages ago, leaving Hakim and his brother Bilal with her older brother, Uncle Ali. This proved to be a disastrous decision, as Uncle Ali routinely beat the brothers, and hated being burdened with extra mouths to feed...

"Go on, please," Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi said softly, and Hakim hesitated, then his shoulders sagged. Hakim's shoulders sagged, and he told her about how he'd gone to visit his Uncle Ali at the nursing home, and the old man cussed him out. There was a haunted look on Hakim's dark, handsome face. Hakim seemed shell-shocked, and it took Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi every ounce of professional detachment and restraint to stop herself from going to him.

"Uncle Ali doesn't have long left, and I've been trying to get hold of my mother, repeatedly, but she doesn't have LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, and I don't know where she lives," Hakim said, shrugging angrily. Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi nodded quite sympathetically, and Hakim frowned. From the faraway look on his face, she could tell that he was thinking of the old days, back when his family was still together...

"Family is everything," Dr. Fatima El-Esawi said, and Hakim nodded, wondering why she was throwing platitudes his way while he was in pain. Nobody fucks you up quite like family but a bad psychiatrist can come pretty close to that, Hakim thought. Sometimes he resented the good doctor because he honestly didn't feel like those damn sessions were helping.

"No one ever gave a rat's rear about me," Hakim said, and he buried his face in his hands, his shoulders sagging with defeat. For months now the good doctor had been attempting to help Hakim, and nothing seemed to work for the troubled young man. After a trouble upbringing which led to him having trust issues with women, Hakim was finally doing well. He was studying business at Algonquin College, and holding a job as a mobile supervisor with a security company.

"Not true," Dr. Fatima El-Esawi said, and, suddenly filled with inspiration, she rose from her chair and walked up to Hakim, stopping inches from him. Hakim looked up and gasped as he found himself looking at the good doctor...up close and very personal. So close that he could smell the lady's perfume, and a lot of other things a fella usually has to get real close to a lady in order to smell them.

"Doc, what are you doing?" Hakim asked, and he suddenly felt conflicting emotions. Nervousness shot through him, as did excitement. Dr. Fatima stood there, smiling coyly, and her sleek hands reached for Hakim's face. Puzzled though he was by her sudden change in behavior, Hakim did not resist the good doctor. Tenderly she stroked his face, and licked her lips.

"Something I should have done a long time ago, now get up," Dr. Fatima ordered, and Hakim did as he was told. Hakim looked into the good doctor's brown eyes and saw something other than the clinical detachment he usually glimpsed in there. She smiled coyly at him, and drew closer still. Hakim's hands went to Dr. Fatima's waist, and then they kissed.

"Doc, we're crossing the line," Hakim said, when they came up for air, and Dr. Fatima grinned slyly and shrugged. Tossing caution to the wind, doctor and patient got their freak on, right in the office. Dr. Fatima found herself on the couch, her crisp blouse lying somewhere on the floor, her pants around her ankles, as Hakim buried his face between her legs.

"Oh yes, Habibi," Dr. Fatima squealed, as Hakim slid his tongue into her pussy and began eating her out. Closing her eyes, the good doctor moaned softly as her most problematic and controversial patient worked his magic on her. Hakim worked two fingers into Dr. Fatima's pussy while teasing her clitoris with his tongue, and Dr. Fatima shuddered violently, loving what he was doing to her.

"Hmm, doctor booty, the things I want to do to that ass," Hakim said, almost dreamily, a little while later, as he bent Dr. Fatima over her oak desk, and admired her big bronze bum. Dr. Fatima turned around and flashed him a sexy grin, nodding as Hakim caressed and playfully smacked her big bum. Arab women got booty, Hakim thought lustfully as he pulled his dick out of his zipper, and rubbed it against the good doctor's spectacular derriere...

"Kiss my ass, before you fuck me in my tight hole," Dr. Fatima demanded, and Hakim grinned, and complied, puckering up his lips before kissing her bum. Spreading Dr. Fatima's ass cheeks wide open, Hakim slid a finger in her asshole, and the warmth and tightness he felt amazed him. The good doctor sighed happily, and then grabbed a bottle of Aveeno cream from her purse, then handed it to Hakim.

"Excellent," Hakim said, and he began applying the cream on Dr. Fatima's asshole, watching it pucker up in anticipation. Hakim rolled a condom on his hard dick, and then pressed it against the good doctor's backdoor. With a swift thrust, Hakim pushed his dick into Dr. Fatima's asshole, and a profound sigh escaped her lips as he penetrated her. I love this ass, Hakim thought, gleefully, as he began fucking Dr. Fatima's bum.

"Hmm, go slow, lover," Dr. Fatima murmured, and Hakim complied, gripping her hips tightly but slowly his push into her. Dr. Fatima was tense at first but slowly she began to relax and enjoy as Hakim worked his dick into her backdoor. She'd always loved bum sex, in part because it was considered haram or forbidden in her Islamic faith. Something about haram sex acts made them hotter and more fun, and Dr. Fatima was all about enjoying herself...

"Damn, your ass is amazing," Hakim grunted as he worked his dick into Dr. Fatima's asshole, and the curvaceous, ravishing Middle-Eastern beauty kept grinding her big butt against his groin, driving his dick deeper into her. Taking their time, they thoroughly enjoyed one another, and didn't let up till much later. After sexually exhausting one another, they lay side by side on the carpet, right in front of the couch where it all began...

After some raw, dirty fun, doctor and patient hit the showers together, then parted ways with big smiles on their faces. Dr. Fatima Al-Qaradaghi drove home, feeling refreshed and giddy after some truly kinky fun. She'd been fantasizing about Hakim Jama for ages, and the tall, dark and handsome Somali Muslim stud did not disappoint. Hakim had a great tool and now Dr. Fatima knew he how to use it, and use it well. She was definitely looking forward to their next session together!

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