Dragon Age


This is very different for me. It is a celebrity story and I am writing from the guy's point of view. I have not written as a guy before this so, I hope you like it and I did it well. Please feel free to let me know how I did. As usual, I know there will be small things I missed here and there despite my best efforts. I create and edit it all entirely on my own. I believe it is still and enjoyable read and I trust you will still be entertained and aroused. Please-enjoy!

Dragon Age: An Erotic Tale

The following is based on the Dragon Age video game.

Greetings and well met. My name is Garan de Grosbois. I come from a long line of traders. My family wanders the country of Ferelden and most of the other lands of Thedas. Many of my cousins are in Orlais, Antiva, and the Free Marches across the sea. Why, I even have family trading in Par Vollen with the Qunari. I live with my father, Francis. I never knew my mother but my father has said she passed away giving birth to me.

I do not, however, have any other family with magic; at least that I know of. My father later told me that my mother was a mage. Mages are not allowed to raise children so I was sent to live with my father. When it was discovered at a young age that I had the gift (or curse) of magic, my family did what was right and contacted the closest Chantry. I would also need to go to one of the Towers to be trained as a mage. Soon, a group of Templars arrived at our camp.

"We are looking for Garan," the leader of the Templars announced when they arrived. He was a ruddy skinned man with thick black hair and a thick mustache. He had a set of silvery armor and a mean looking sword.

"My son is Garan, my father said, "We contacted the Chantry-as is right. We do want assurances that Garan will not be harmed."

The lead Templar stepped up. "I believe I remember you. Francis de Grosbois, am I right? You used to trade at the Circle of Magi on Lake Calenhad. I am Ser Bevick. I can assure you that no harm will come to your son from my men or any Templar. So long as he follows the rules of magic and obeys them, he can be safe as any possessing magic."

My dad then called me out from our wagon and presented me to the Templars.

"Ser Bevik, this is my son. Take care, son. Be good and learn to control your abilities. We love you and think no less of you for being given this power by the Maker. You will do great things with it, I wager. Good bye, my son." My dad finished and I could see his eyes glistening with barely restrained tears.

"Good bye dad." Those were my last words to any in my family, or so I thought.

I followed the Templars out of the camp and out of my old life. They were pleasant enough as we walked and I got to know of few of them. Some gave me ideas of what to expect. Apparently, the Circle of Magi I was going to was one of the more harmonious ones. The Templars got along with the Mages and the First Enchanter and Knight Commander had an understanding and trust. We eventually arrived at the tower that houses the Circle of Magi.

At the time, I was a lad of barely seven years old. My hair was a dirty blond, but starting to darken. My father had dark brown hair so I imagined I would grow up to have the same thick mahogany hair he did. My eyes were a really bright lively blue. I had my mother's eyes, I'm told. My build was thicker than most of the other students. I had grown up loading and unloading trade goods from wagons though, so I had some early muscles.

My time at the tower wasn't all bad. I did get to learn my abilities and the Mages guided me to reach for my potential. When I arrived I saw many pretty apprentices and students and one beautiful mage in particular, but she was several years older. After several years, I ended my earliest studies. I would soon be taken on as an apprentice. I was 13 now. I checked with some of the other apprentices and found out the mage I was so enamored with would soon be taking on her next apprentice. Her name was Wynne, and she was exquisite. Her hair was long and blonde back then, just starting to go white. She was probably forty-six years old, but I was young and she was my first crush. She had clear blue eyes. She had a sexy mature body and I had heard from some of the other guys that she had sought out attention now and then in her bedroom. I got so hard picturing her high breasts and long legs. I imagined it was me in her bedroom. Luckily, my blue apprentice robes hid the erection these thoughts gave me. She reminded me of several of the mothers in a traveling merchant caravan. I had found them so arousing with their soft womanly forms.

I did get to talk to her several times. She was so nice and very outgoing. She would be in the library with me and we would discuss my studies or different schools of magic. Most of the mages and apprentices never talked about life before the tower. Most didn't want to think about. Wynne wore the golden mage robes then. Her body was so firm and slender. The bodice of her robes cinched up under her breasts making them look so delicious; like firm melons. The back of the robes looked fantastic against her taut ass. I wanted to tear that robe off and see how amazing she looked naked.

I learned she was a healer primarily. I studied as much as I could about healing with her and from several different tomes I discovered in the library. I made extra efforts to master the healing arts. When Wynne took her next apprentice, I was determined that it would be me. I wanted to get closer to her and maybe eventually I would get the invitation to share her bed. Unfortunately, healing did not seem to be my aptitude.

I hoped I would be selected as her apprentice, but I was selected as Lewellyn's apprentice instead. That turned out to be a mixed blessing. He quickly figured out my specialty. I was a Battle Mage. I excelled at deadly combat magic. The tower knew what they were doing by pairing me with him. He also favored high damage deadly spells and he taught me well. Under his tutelage, I became so skilled, fireballs and swirling vortexes of flame came to me so easy. I enhanced weapons with flame and ice. I could control a battlefield with so many of my abilities. The years went by and I concentrated on my studies. The magic at my command was dangerous and could easily cause trouble for a lesser mage.

Now as a man, of twenty-two I was still madly attracted to Wynne. Even at the age of 55, she was everything a woman should be, to my eyes. Her hair was shorter now and had gracefully gone white. Her body still retained its vitality and she was now even firmer and more arousing to my eyes. Her tit still sat high and firm. I imagined they were a perfect handful. I had gotten to know her more in my time as an apprentice and she had frequently remarked on my talents. More than once I had even caught her studying me. Again, I would be thankful for my robes and their ability to cover my erection.

I never shared her bed, but I had spent time with a couple of the female apprentices and a few of the female mages. One mage, Taliya, was a frequent lover. She was so beautiful and so seductive. Her body was long and lean. She has smooth alabaster skin against midnight black hair. She kept herself smelling delicious with scented oils and bathing creams. She taught me as well. I became a much better lover with her. She taught me the skills of orally satisfying a woman and pleasured me with her oral abilities as well. In the beginning, she would be tutoring me as my young hard cock would piston in and out of her tight cunt. After a while, those words of instruction became nothing but moans of ecstasy. She no longer needed to teach me and our nights were very arousing and satisfying indeed. I enjoyed her smooth legs wrapped around my waist as I thrust into her powerfully. I loved when she flipped her hair back as I held her hips and pummeled her backside. Unfortunately for her, I was still lusted for Wynne. We drifted apart with our studies. I later learned Taliya had become a Blood Mage and was eventually killed by the Templars. I did feel great regret. She always seemed like such a good person, perhaps if I had stayed with her, I could have kept her from straying into Blood Magic.

I can still remember the night that they selected me for my Harrowing. The war had been building to the south near Ostagar. Many of the mages, including Wynne left that same day to fight for the King's army. Darkspawn had been spotted and many were needed to join in the fight. It had been 15 years since the day I first set foot in the tower. The night that many of the senior mages left for Ostagar, I was awoken by a young Templar named Cullen. He escorted me to the Harrowing Chamber at the top of the tower. There, I would take my final test in my journey of becoming a full Mage. I passed my test and the following morning, I met Duncan of the Grey Wardens.

"The First Enchanter tells me he is quite impressed with your skill." Duncan told me

"I'm sure Irving is just being nice,' I responded.

"I hope not!" Duncan replied. "He tells me that your abilities are quite geared to battle. He said he wished he had chosen to test you for the Harrowing one day sooner. You would be invaluable fighting the darkspawn. One day had been the difference between fighting in the south and being stuck at the tower."

I frowned. "That is too bad. I would love to unleash my magic to its fullest on an enemy most deserving. I would love to continue talking but I can see my friend Jowan pacing outside your door. Obviously he wants to talk. Duncan, I hope you don't mind if I leave you for now."

"Of course I don't mind. Take your time. I'm sure we will have plenty of time to talk while I'm here. I will be recruiting for the Grey Wardens, but then I have to head south to meet with King's army. I do hope you stop back by. Someone with your impressive combat magic would be most welcome in the Grey Wardens. You would definitely have enough enemies to use your magic on with us." He chuckled at the thought.

I went out to speak with Jowan. He had trouble and he wanted me to help him. I reluctantly agreed (after speaking the First Enchanter) and that led to a fiasco in the vault. It even got me into trouble with the Templars. One thing led to another and Duncan was forced into using the Right of Conscription to recruit me and save me from the Templars. I ended up a Grey Warden. I traveled to Ostagar and took part in the great battle against the growing

darkspawn horde. Unfortunately we were betrayed by King Cailen's most trusted general and the battle claimed the lives of so many. My leader Duncan and good King Cailen were two claimed in the battle. Alistair, my fellow Grey Warden, survived with me and together we were struggling to rebuild an army to fight the deadly darkspawn and save Ferelden

Luckily, before the battle had begun, Duncan had Alistair and I scour the Kocari Wilds surrounding the fortress of Ostagar, to recover some old Grey Warden treaties. They obligated certain groups to help us during a blight; which is exactly what we were facing. Alistair and I still had these treaties with us and were determined to enlist the aid of these allies. Our first treaty was for the Circle of Magi and we traveled back to the tower and had another misadventure. Wynne had survived Ostagar as well. She had returned to the tower and was fighting to prevent an evil Mage, Uldred, from destroying the tower and the Circle of Magi forever. In the end, we saved the tower from the evil within and Wynne decided to accompany me in my quest to build our army. She had been traveling with my companions that I had acquired along the way and she was the one person I took with me everywhere. She was skilled as a healer and in our many run-ins with darkspawn and bandits and the like, she had become invaluable.

Now, Wynne and I were walking side by side along a steep snow-covered mountain path. We were on our way to Orzammar, the Dwarven Kingdom. We had a treaty with them as well. Unfortunately, Orzammar is deep in the Frostback Mountains and the road to it was slow going. Being a mage, it felt nice to have someone to talk to that understood the Arcane as I did. She and I had shared many conversations now, and I found as enchanting as ever. No pun intended. A bit ahead of us, we could hear Leliana's beautiful voice as well as Shale's rumbling tones. They were two of those companions I mentioned.

Leliana was a former Sister of the Chantry. She never took her vows though and wanted to help prevent the darkspawn invasion with us. I would not turn down any help and she was now a companion in my quest. She was an excellent rogue and a good shot with a bow. She was using a large well-made recurve bow that she had gotten from someone from her past.

Shale was a large powerful stone golem. I had purchased a control rod from my cousin Felix. He was on his way to the city of Denerim when we encountered him on the Imperial Highway. He didn't want the control rod on him, in case bandits mistook it for a gemstone and sold it to me (for free.) The control rod was for the golem down in the village of Honnleath. We had gone and woken the golem. The control had turned out to be broken and Shale now had free will. The golem still had chosen to accompany us on our quest to defeat the darkspawn also.

My thoughts drifted back to Wynne as she moved ahead of me. My eyes strayed down to Wynne's firm buttocks. For a woman her age, the time spent traveling and fighting did her body good. She was close to sixty now, but she still had a nice toned physique. The silken mage robes she wore did nothing to disguise that sexy ass of hers as she began walking ahead of me.

"You should stay alert Garan" Wynne said. "There seems to be someone up ahead."

Her voice shook my out of my fantasies involving my cock and that firm ass under those robes. I quickly looked up

and saw a small smirk on her lips. Had she caught me staring at her butt? I looked past her and saw Leliana drifting off to the side of the path with her bow drawn and an arrow nocked. Wynne let me pass her. I caught up to Shale. The golem was looking ahead of us a short distance on the path we were traveling.

"Someone is up ahead. It looks like they could be bandits. I could go up there and smash them all into paste if you would prefer." Shale said.

I saw who the golem was referring to. Several men were dressed for battle, with their weapons drawn. Farther past them were a couple other men and a woman who was clearly a mage.

We began moving closer as a group, wary. A soon as they spotted us, they prepared for battle. Swords and shields came up and they began to advance on us.

Too bad for them.

My magic was unleashed and I cast a fireball at the group. The blast when the fireball hit flung the men in all directions. Shale and Leliana began taking care of the men as I then concentrated on that damn mage up ahead. She was healing the men. I cast a spell at her and she froze. Once she couldn't cast to defend herself, she was an easy target for me. Her body exploded in a hail of blood as my "Walking Bomb" spell took care of her and, as planned; she infected the men close to her. They, in turn, exploded as well. My attention redirected, I saw Shale and Leliana had the fight just about finished.

The fight taken care of, Wynne began casting a quick rejuvenation spell on our companions.

Wynne said to me, "I doubt it was coincidence that they were on this path. They appeared to be waiting for us. We should remain alert for more trouble. Loghain (the traitorous General) has taken steps to stop us."

We traveled on and met no further incidents until we reached the great doors of Orzammar. An appointed messenger from General Loghain was arguing with the guards demanding entrance. I approached and asked for admittance.

"No one may enter until our throne is settled, "the gruff guard explained. " Our king has returned to the stone and a new king has not taken the crown."

"I have a treaty with Orzammar that promises their aid," I told him, handing over my documents.

"These are legitimate and must be addressed by our council. You may enter," the guard agreed, waving me past.

Loghain's messenger and I exchanged unpleasant, but brief, words before he and his entourage slinked away with my warning to Loghain that we were coming for him.

My companions set up a camp not far back down the trail in a wide, still grassy area. The halls of the city were grand, beautiful, enormous, but alien to me. After getting started on our tasks to secure the Dwarves' allegiance to our cause, I returned to the camp at night.

Alistair and I discussed our goals and I drifted over to Wynne. She looked stunning in the glow of our fire and the torchlight.

She looked thoughtful, then asked, "What does being a Grey Warden mean to you."

"I don't know," I answered honestly, "does it have to mean something."

"You have been chosen for a great quest," she said. "That doesn't mean you need to neglect your own wishes and desires, so long as they don't overwhelm your mission." She looked at me meaningfully. "You know what I mean I believe."

With that she entered her tent, but did not close the flap. I stood there not sure what my next move was. Was that the invitation that I had been waiting for all these years? I peeked in just as she slid her robe form her shoulders and let it fall to pool in a silken heap at her feet. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. She was even more exquisite than my wildest dreams. In a trance, I entered her tent and closed the flap. The cool silver moonlight, the torches around camp and the large fire we had in the center of camp cast enough light inside the tent that I was able to clearly see this woman of my dreams.

Her skin was smooth and firm. Her breasts were larger than I figured and looked to be more than a handful. Her pussy had sparse hair covering it, and it still had a touch of blond in it. The lips were thin and delicate like a butterfly's wings. Her legs were long and toned with beautiful definition. Her tummy was tight and arms were just muscular enough that there was no sag.

I moved to her and scooped into my arms. Our kiss was passionate and lustful. She proved to have a playful side as she nipped at my bottom lip. My hand came around from her back to gently tweak at her nipple, causing Wynne to moan softly. I pulled her into me tightly and she melted her body against mine. We kissed hungrily, exploring one another's mouth with our tongues.

I slid my hands up her body, and finally caressing her magnificent breasts; gently kneading the firm globes. I tugged on her hard nipples and she gasped quickly. She tugged my hair, pulling me deeply into a rough kiss, thrusting her tongue hotly into my mouth. I rolled the hard little points between my fingers as Wynne's kisses moved across my cheek to suck my earlobe.

I began working my way down her delicious form, sucking on her creamy skin. I sucked softly on her skin until I reached her chest. I traced my tongue along her firm mound until I reached her erect nipple, encircling it with my tongue. I gently bit the tender skin, pulling it with my teeth. She hissed in surprise and maybe just a bit of pain, but cooed pleasurably when I resumed licking the fleshy nub. I other hand was cupping the other glorious breast, fondling it lovingly.

Wynne moaned as my mouth sucked the other nipple in, "Oh yes, Garan. Suck it just like that baby."

Her breathing quickened; and she began undoing the sashes and ties that kept him in my robe. I felt her hands shuck the garment from my body and then they found my erect throbbing cock. Her warm hands gripped my shaft and she pumped lightly on it at first, getting a feel of the tool I had for her. She finally laid back in the cushions and blankets within the tent, pulling me down with her. My hand drifted down to brush her mature tight cunt. I smiled realizing that she was incredibly wet. I began kissing my way down her luscious body sucking on her soft tender skin. Wynne squirmed in delight and anticipation when I stopped right above her cunt, relishing in the musky scent of her aroused cunny. I then kissed her inner thigh and brushed my lips across the wet folds of her pussy as I moved to the other thigh. I slid my tongue along her clit as I had with her boobs, tracing a slow wet line around it.

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