My name's Tom and I'm a year twelve at my school. I'm medium size with brown hair and brown eyes. I've never been very confident around girls I like which is why I was so surprised when, one Tuesday, I got lucky.

It started at lunchtime. Me, Alex, Nick and Steve came out the dining room, laughing and joking around as usual, talking about some stupid thing when Alex pushed me out of the group into the corridor in one of his practical joke fits. I hadn't seen Chloe, Orla and Lucy, three year tens, walking the other way up the corridor. I bumped straight into them knocking myself and Lucy to the ground and found myself on top of her looking into her pale blue eyes.

"You idiot!"

I looked up into the face of Chloe. She was about 5ft6. She had blonde straight hair and blue eyes and a considerable bust.

"Watch where you're walking you dumbass!" she shouted at me

"Sorry!" I scrambled to my feet, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you Luce"

Lucy's curved figure stood up and dusted itself off. She too had blonde hair but it was curlier than Chloe's. She also blue eyes and a perfect pair of breasts. One's I had fantasised about many times.

"It's ok. I'm sure you didn't mean it." Orla said behind me. Orla was the larger of the three girls but still beautiful. She had long straight brown hair and brown eyes and bigger breasts than the other two.

"I'm really sorry!" I said again

"Well we'll see how sorry you are at drama tonight!" said Chloe and I turned back to my friends confused at her last remark.

Of course my friends were in fits of laughter at my expense which carried on pretty much for the rest of the day. I just tried to laugh it off but I couldn't shake the image of bumping into Lucy out of my head.

I was so preoccupied with the thought that I completely forgot about the drama comment and didn't remember it until later in the afternoon.

Every Tuesday night I go to drama club and so do the three girls. They always wear fairly revealing clothing and I always look forward to seeing them. We always pretend to fancy each other but what they don't know is every time they pretend to touch my leg, it gets me hard.

I waited the next few hours until it was time to go.

My dad dropped me off at the drama centre and I made my way to the door. I could see the three girls inside and no one else. They were talking in a group but I couldn't make out what they were saying.

I walked in and they all turned round.

"Hello Tom." said Chloe frowning

"Sorry about walking into you before." Said Lucy

Orla just looked at me and smiled. I've always wondered if Orla really did fancy me. She was always making secret smiles to me and never talking much. She rarely took part in the games we played at drama.

"It was my fault really!" I said "I wasn't looking."

"No, you weren't were you?" said Chloe in a playfully angry voice, "We'll have to make you sorry, won't we Luce?"

"Oh yeah baby!" said Lucy getting into her usual mood, "I can't WAIT!"

as time went past more people came in and we separated from each other but every now and then I would catch them talking and whispering looking at me. When I asked them what they were talking about they just said,

"Wouldn't you like to know!" and winked at me.

Orla licked her lips provocatively suggesting that she too was in her playful mood now.

I winked back at her and went back 2 my group. At about 8 we started playing drama games and me and the three girls got put in the same group. We were told to rehearse in one of the classrooms so we walked together slapping and pinching each others asses and winking at each other.

As soon as we got in the room Orla immediately drew all the blinds down. I didn't think to ask why.

I sat down on a comfy chair and said,

"So what are we gonna do?"

As soon as I had said this, Lucy walked over and sat on my lap.

"That's up to you love!" she said licking her lips and stroking my leg.

I prayed she couldn't feel my hard on.

"Why does she get all the fun?" said Orla and pushed Lucy off.

With all this going on I hadn't realised that Chloe had taken off her jacket revealing a very revealing top. I looked over and the moment Orla sat down my hard on got bigger.

I could feel it pushing against Orla's ass and I was sure she would feel it too but she didn't seem to.

She turned round and said "Fancy a quick one?" loud enough for the others to hear.

"Ooooh yes please!" said the other two girls.

I laughed, "Calm down ladies. There's plenty for everyone!"

"I hope so!" said Chloe walking closer.

Orla started to take off her polo neck sweater whilst on my lap revealing a very small, tight top that did nothing to hide her cleavage.

"Well, I have to say, I do like your top Orla! It really turns me on baby!"

she laughed and whispered "I bet it does!"

Chloe and Lucy walked up to me and Orla.

"Having fun are you?" They said

"Oh yeah!" said Orla "You should try it!"

Lucy and Chloe looked at each other and smiled. "Maybe we will"

Lucy undid her top 2 buttons on her sleeveless blouse.

"What about drama?" I said

"What about it?"

Orla turned right round sitting facing me. My hard on pushed up between her legs. The three of them bought their faces close to mine and kissed me at the same time. Orla on the lips and the other two on the cheeks.

I grew another inch instantly and I knew Orla had felt it because she jumped and smiled at me. "well, well! You liked that!"

"Did he?" Said Lucy "Let me try.

Orla got off and Lucy sat on me. Without warning she started gyrating her ass into my groin. Again I grew another inch.

"OOOHHH he does!"

"let me try!" said Chloe.

Lucy stood up undoing another two buttons.

I didn't know what was happening.

Chloe didn't sit on me, but pressed her hands against my groin, feeling me. I grew again and Chloe smiled widely and licked her lips.

I suddenly realised that neither Orla or Lucy were wearing their jeans anymore. They stood there in thongs taking off their tops. Chloe started to take off her jeans too.

"What are you doing?!" I said.

"He can't see us." Said Lucy, "Lets move closer"

they all started to tease me in their underwear, gyrating their hips right in front of my face.

They took of my shirt and jeans and I sat their in my boxers.

At the same time they all hooked their hands around their backs and took of their bras and threw them at me.

I could smell their scent. They were all large breasted and started moving closer. "You love it don't you!" said Chloe holding her breasts together very close to my face. "Want a taste?"

Orla pushed her nipple into my mouth and I started automatically to kiss it and lick it. She closed her eyes and moaned.

Then suddenly she stepped back.

They all put their hands down the front of their thongs and groaned in pleasure. Inching their thongs down bit by bit. Then, they fell.

They were all neatly trimmed.

"Do you want some lover?" said Lucy moving closer.

"More than anything!"

They picked me up and pushed me to the floor and the next thing I knew Chloe was tearing off my boxers and sitting on my dick.

"OH!" she shouted. "You ARE big!"

Orla's beautiful pussy suddenly came into view over me.

"mind if I….?"

I opened my mouth and she accepted my tongue. I could feel the three of them on me. Wriggling and squirming and moaning.

They all started shouting in delight.


they kept swapping positions and my dick sled easily into their slick pussies and mouths.

I could feel them becoming more erratic.

"oooohhh! OOHHHHH!"



"You….Girls…..Are…..So…..Hot!" I said between licking Chloe and Lucy.

It got hotter.

And faster.

And louder.

I could feel Lucy's pussy contracting on my dick, Orla's on my fingers and Chloe's on my tongue.

It sent waves of pleasure through all of us and we came together. I drank all of them and we collapsed on the floor hot and exhausted.

As the girls and I got dressed, Chloe turned to me and smiling whispered, "We must do this again sometime."

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