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Dream a Little Dream


I awoke to what I thought was an average day for me. Well average except for the fact that I woke up from one of the most sensual dreams I have had in my life. You know the kind don't you? The kind that makes you wonder if it was just a dream or real. The kind that makes you ache deep inside with longing for the dream to become a reality. Yeah, that is exactly the kind of dream it was.

Bushing aside the thoughts of the night, I reach above the headboard and peel back the curtains to let in the soft golden light of the morning. Part of me hoping that the stark contrast would chase away the lingering feelings from my vivid dreams. Reaching across the night stand I turn off my alarm and plant both feet firmly on the floor arching my back like a cat to shrug off the last vestiges of sleep.

I stand and being my morning routine. Moving toward the shower I feel a tenderness deep inside of my loins like I had been aggressively fucked the night before, just as I recall from my dream. I redouble my efforts to throw off the lingering dream and step into the shower as I toss my night gown and panties into the hamper and reach for the shower control to begin the outpouring of warm soft water over my body.

I close my eyes and let the water caress my body. As it runs softly over every inch of my petite body I become aware that my skin is strangely sensitive. It's as though just moments ago the man in my dreams had actually been working my body over, squeezing every ounce of sensation from the nerve endings that pulsed just beneath my flesh.

It would be so easy to lose myself here in the shower and I have to refocus my mind to stop my hands from wandering over my already vulnerable body to heighten my near orgasmic state. It's strange that this dream has affected me so. I have had sexy dreams before but this one seemed so real. I briskly twist the shower control to shut off the flow of water and I open the shower door fumbling for the towel and begin drying myself off.

I finish quickly and then move to the dressing area to select something soft and lacy to wear underneath my normal business attire.

The feeling of my soft undergarments rekindles the sensitivity of my flesh, and as I begin to button my top I notice my nipples are hard and protruding. I finish with my morning ritual as the dream fades and I am able to move more quickly, which is good because this dream could easily make me late for work.

I step into my bright airy kitchen and pour my first cup of coffee and with the first sip the dream is almost completely gone from my mind now. I quick bite for breakfast and I am ready to step out into the world as an everyday average man even though deep inside I am a woman longing for the right man to make me his girl. I think to myself that is all I need a man like the one in my dreams to make me his own.

I slide into my car turn the ignition and quickly pull out into traffic and head toward the office. I glance at the clock and notice I am running just a few minutes behind normal. Sure hope the traffic isn't bad into Seattle. The boss won't like my being late 2 times in the same week.

As luck would have it I make good time on the Interstate and pull into the parking garage right on time. I think to myself you were lucky this time Gary, I had no idea just how lucky I was about to become.

I pull into my usual parking slot and step from my car moving deliberately toward the elevators which will take me to my office. But out of the corner of my eye there was a person I have never seen before parking in one of the executive slots close to the elevators. I think to myself sure would be nice to park that close and make that kind of money too.

As I pass his car the most gorgeous specimen of a man steps from his Lexis. The smell of his cologne and the leather from his interior makes me more then a little week in the knees. I smile at him and we nod that odd little nod that guys exchange when they meet. You know the nod, the one that says "Hi there, I'm too cool to be normal and say hi, I'll just nod at you so no one will think I am anything less then a man."

I move past him and although dieing to get another glimpse at his chiseled good looks I don't dare turn back. I press the elevator button and wait for the doors to open.

"Just keep your focus on the elevator Gary," I tell myself as I become aware of his presence in the alcove.

I know if I don't focus he will become aware that my interest in him is more then what a normal average guy's would be. And not a soul here is aware of my deep inner longings nor am I sure I am ready for them to know either. Luckily the doors open quickly and I step inside thinking I am safe now, after all the executive floors are upstairs and my office is down from this parking level. But to my surprise at the last second this mystery man steps into the small space of the elevator as the doors close.

I reach out and press two for my floor then fumble to ask him which floor he wants.

He smiles and says "Why I am going to the same floor as you!"

As I look at him I can't help but notice he has the deepest, bluest eyes God has ever graced the earth with. I could so get lost in those eyes!!! I smile at him then look away. Can't look too long Gary he might think something is out of place.

The elevator begins with a jolt and I am caught off guard, causing me to bump into him ever so slightly. I look up at him to apologize and I notice he is suddenly staring at my shirt. Instinctively I adjust my jacket. I am sure he couldn't possibly notice my soft lacy bra that I selected this morning, but just the way he looked at my shirt made me do it.

I mumble an apology and he smiles saying something about its ok and he almost lost his balance as the car began to move himself

"By the way my name is Jack, what's yours?"

"Gary I say as I extend my hand," not sure if I can handle the feel of his strong hand in mine. He grips my hand firmly and gives it a strong tug.

Nice to meet you Gary. This is my first day here and it's nice to know we have such nice friendly people working here.

I smile at him and say thanks not really sure what he really said, my thoughts were still jumbled from the strong feel of his firm handshake.

"So are you a family man Gary, he asks?"

"No Jack I'm not married, I suppose I just haven't met the right person yet. What about you, I suppose you're married right?"

"Me?" Jack says. "Naw, I guess we are in the same boat, just haven't met the right girl yet."

The rest of the ride is almost totally silent and as the door opens to our floor the bustle of the day presses me forward. I step from the car and turn to go toward my office, and I hear Jack say loudly.

"Say Gary since we are both single maybe we could get a drink after work and you can fill me in on the local action here."

"Sure Jack, my office is at the end of this hall why don't you just drop by and we can go from here," I say.

What are you thinking Gary you don't know anything about the "local action" here, I think to myself as I step into my office. Oh well its too late now you are already committed. Besides he's a hell of a looker. At least he can stimulate your fantasy life for the night.

The rest of the day is rather uneventful. And I find myself watching the clock more then usual. Your being silly Gary, I tell myself, he's looking for a girl not you and besides your not nearly ready for others to know about your secrets yet. But my mind does wander and soon it's hard for me to know if the strange man in my dreams from this morning is Jack or just someone I conjured up in the heightened state of my erotic fantasy.

I glance at the clock and think, another hour before I'm free to leave. It was then that I found my mind turning back to this morning's dream. I can still almost feel the firm strong hands caressing my supple body. I feel flush and warm inside just remembering what still lingers in my mind about the dream.

Slowly almost without my awareness my hands begin to probe beneath my outer garments to touch my flesh and the satiny bra I am wearing. Without realizing it I unbutton my top and give my hands freer access. My nipples respond oh so quickly to my touch. I wonder is it the hormones I am taking, the lingering thought of my morning dream, or perhaps it's Jack stepping into my life this morning that has me so aroused.

All at once an alarm goes off in my head and I withdraw my hand from my top and begin to button my top becoming aware of where I am and the fact that anyone could come bursting in and catch me in this awkward moment. And just as I am buttoning the last button, there is a knock on my door and Jack walks in to see me trying to secure this last button.

He glances at what I am doing and smiles.

"Hey man its quitting time lets get out of here and get that drink ok?"

I stand up as quickly as I can and try not to look flustered but I know my face is red because he was in my fantasy just seconds before he walked in my office in reality.

I grab my coat and say "Yeah, let's go. There is a bar just around the corner from here that we can walk to, the parking is hell in the city until after 7."

"Great," Jack says as he pulls my door closed behind us, "let's get out of here!"

We head for the elevators and I'm still reeling from my little fantasy. Jack is talking a mile a minute but I can't seem hear him for the cacophony of my own thoughts.

"Hey man are you listening to me?????"

"Huh? Oh sorry Jack, guess I'm not totally off work in my head yet. What was that you said?"

"I asked if are there lots of women that go to this bar we are going to."

"Oh yeah several of the girls that work in the buildings around here go there after work."

Ok Gary you can drag yourself back to reality now he is definitely looking for a real girl not someone who just wishes he was one.

Jack's last comment served to snap me back to reality as we got to the elevator and stepped into the crowed car that was already headed for the lobby. Jack was pressing up against me as we rode the car down to the lobby and, not that I wasn't enjoying it on a secret level, yet it made me a little uncomfortable due to the fact that his massive 6 foot 1 inch frame dwarfed me so much.

As we arrived at the lobby the crowd propelled us forward toward the lobby doors and the bustling street beyond. The crisp smell of spring was in the air and for once the sky was clear and not our normal gray with a smattering of drizzle which Seattle was infamous for. We turned north toward that bar and walked with the flow of people upward toward the corner bar that I had told Jack held the promise of women on the make.

We arrive and go inside. Jack opens the door and with a sweep of his hand says, "after you."

I nod and venture inwardly thinking of the number of times I have secretly wished for a man to do that for me. Kind of like the way some men half stand up from a table when a lady gets up to go to the restroom. Those little gestures are so wonderful to me.

Ok Gary get over it, he wasn't opening the door for his girl he was just first to reach for it and was being polite, Sheesh!!!

Inside there is a rather Spartan crowd tonight. We go to the bar and order drinks then turn to look for just the right spot to sit.

"Looks a little empty tonight Gary. You sure the ladies come here?" Jack asks me.

"Yeah normally they do I suppose it's because it's only Thursday. The weekends are usually better."

We sip our drinks and talk for a bit. I find out Jack came from New York and was looking to get out of the Rat race there when he landed the broker's position with our Insurance firm. We decide to move to the bar so Jack can watch the Mariners on the bar TV. Even with the light crowd it's hard to hear from across the room.

After an hour goes by it's apparent that the crowd isn't going to increase so Jack asks I would like to go over to his place where we can watch the game in relative peace and a whole lot more comfort then these bar stools will ever give anyone.

I laugh and say sure.

We get up to leave, Jack polishes off his whiskey sour and we head back to our building to access the garage where we parked earlier that morning.

As we get to the garage Jack offers to drive saying he has had some problems straightening out his guest parking with his condo association and it would be better if we just take his car and he would be glad to drop me back to pick mine up after the game.

I agree and we take off across town for the east side of the lake. Riding across town I just close my eyes and inhale the smell of the leather interior and Jack's cologne which has permeated everything in the car.

Jack hasn't stopped talking about the Mariners since we left the bar. Its clear he is enthralled with the team this year and our chances at a pennant if not the series itself. I do my best to seem knowledgeable but I know that at some point it will become clear that my knowledge of sports is so close to nil that almost anyone can confuse me on the subject.

At Jack's place again he opens the door and ushers me inside which again I have to admit still makes my heart race just thinking about it.

The place is beautifully done but clearly a man's place. Tasteful but still the furniture and accoutrements have clearly been selected by a man.

"Wow, Jack you have a nice place" I say to him. Thinking it needs my touch desperately.

"Thanks I like it myself" he replies.

Jack offers to fix us a drink and directs me into the den to get the game on the set. I grab the remote and turn it to the game and settle onto the couch trying to look interested in the game when in reality it's only Jack that holds any interest to me.

Jack comes in and hands me my drink and grabs what is obviously "his chair" and the remote and asks if the score has changed between the bar and our excursion to his place. I tell him that Boone drove a runner in with a double and the game is tied up. This seems to make him happy, and he goes off into a rant about how glad he is that Lou signed Bret back up with the team this year. My eyes are fixed on Jack who has no idea because he is so into his game.

I sit back and begin to sip my drink slowly thinking I'll watch golf as long as I can gaze at my new found Adonis at the same time. After a few moments my bladder is telling me it urgently needs relief. I stand up and wobble almost falling. Clearly the drink I had at the bar and this one are affecting me more then I realize.

I grab the arm of the couch and ask Jack where the restroom is.

Jack laughs and points the way, asking if I need help. I shake my head no and head toward the restroom. But obviously I should make a point in the future to eat lunch if I plan on drinking after work. A point I suddenly realize a bit too late in my present predicament. Obviously my dream life and Jack occupied more of my day then even I realized.

When I come back Jack has pulled out some pretzels and chips and suggests I eat something so I will be able to drive home. I agree and am not only impressed with him as a host but grateful that he was thinking. I decide I best not drink anymore of my drink and just munch on the chips and enjoy my view while I sober up.

I remember watching the game and gazing at Jack but at some point I must have passed out because I awoke moments ago in a very strange room. The linens were clearly Laura Ashley; I know that because I remember admiring them the last time I was at Linens and Things. This room was clearly a woman's room, and the last thing I remember was watching the game with Jack and his place was definitely anything but feminine.

I pull back the sheets and find, either I or someone has removed all of my clothing except my satin bra and which I distinctly remember selecting the previous morning.

I sit up on the edge of the beautiful bed and try desperately to recall where I was and how I got there, but I can not. Again I have that same nagging feeling I had yesterday when I awoke from my dream as if I had a sexual encounter but this time I can recall no dream. A quick check around the room reveals neither hide nor hair of my clothes.

I stand up and begin to look about the room for where they might have been laid but I cannot find them. On the dresser are several items that might belong to the women whose room this normally is. Makeup, jewelry, hair care products all neatly organized around a sitting area where she obviously prepared herself to meet the day but no sign of my clothing. Opening the closet, there are only women's clothes.

Hesitantly I open the door to the bedroom clothed only in my bra and look for signs of life, no one to be seen or heard. With trepidation I begin to venture into the hall but do not see nor hear a soul. As I begin to walk down the hall I once again recall that sensation of aching in my loins as if I had been aggressively fucked last night.

As I make my way into the main portion of the house I begin to realize that this is Jack's place. The kitchen, dining area, living area and den are just as I remember them from last night. I sit down at the bar in the kitchen and try desperately to figure out what is happening to me. That was when I saw a piece of paper folded in half with my name on the outside

My head is reeling in desperation to recall what had happened the night before and how I came to be in the state which I woke up this morning but I can not. I reach for the note and unfold it and begin to read. The words still ring in my head like a very loud bell echoing over and over again. The note read as follows:

By now I am sure you are trying to figure out what has happened to you over the course of last night and this morning. Let me say that I had a feeling about you from early yesterday during our elevator ride. In fact it was that feeling that caused me to suggest our evening rendezvous in the first place.

Then when I came into your office that afternoon my suspicions were confirmed and it was then that I decided to bring about for you and me a destiny that is beyond your wildest imagination. You see I know who and what you are. And I intend to help you become the woman you have longed to become.

Last night you gave me the most tremendous sexual experience of my life. I am sorry that I took you the way that I did but I knew that you would never give yourself to me unless I took the lead in this matter. I drugged your drink last night and was only intending to undress you and place you in the room that I had kept for my sister when she comes to visit. But while I was undressing you to expose those beautiful undergarments I knew you were wearing, and to dispose of the last pair of male clothes you will ever wear, you opened your eyes and kissed me softly on the lips and told me how handsome I was and how you had longed to tell me and kiss me like that and we fell into each others arms.

I knew you would not remember the wonderful sexual experience we had together, due to the drugs, but I knew you wanted me as much as I wanted you right at that very moment. You are now and forever more my girl and soul mate. I will help you become the woman of your and my dreams. You shall never want for anything every again. Tonight we shall make love like it's the first time ever because I want you to remember it and experience it as I did with you last night. I love you deeply. Jack.

As I read those words for the first time a smile came across my face as never before in my entire life. Finally I had what I had always dreamed of, a man in my life to love me and care for me. And I was his girl.

In almost a dead run I flew back into that bedroom I awoke in and threw open the closet to begin looking at all beautiful items it contained and selected my very first "girl clothes" to be worn for my man. I then showered and pampered my body with lotion so I would be soft and smell pretty for my man. Thinking how glad I was that I had made the decision to begin hormones 3 months before and had completed a large portion of my electrolysis treatments. It sure made the process faster and I am sure more pleasant for Jack when he got home.

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