Eyes closed, you have wrapped up for the day. Walking to the car and the boring drive home, thinking the whole way you need excitement in your life again. A fire that burns with you that you can not define fueled by unknown energies that defy even your close observations. You feel the heat of it spreading through you, thinking once again that you need to get out more.

Sitting in your car feeling the vibrations of the engine, you close your eyes yet again. Not meaning to, but with no control you slip into a nap. Wild dreams flood from within your mind, faces half remembered from college or high school, waking with a start you realize you are still in your car. Sitting in the parking lot of work, the sun setting in the west as you look out at the empty lot.

There you see someone leaning against the gate, waiting for you to leave. Feeling foolish, putting the car in drive you easy out of the lot. A small wave to the worker who has waited for you to leave as he closes the gate behind you. He does not wave back as you pull out on the main road.

Entering the freeway as nightfall's over the city, you wonder why you fell asleep in the car so quickly. Those dreams dredged from a past best forgotten when it was fun to stay up late, talk with friends, go to parties. Just then you see him, sitting next to freeway, a small sign of cardboard held out. Looking at it, your mind does not comprehend it your name on the sign, written in black marker.

Feeling as if in a haze you pull over, not knowing why. You see him in the rear view mirror as he approaches the car.

"Hello Leigh, I have been waiting for you." Smiling as he looks at you through the open door.

Finding yourself unable to speak, you motion him in to the car, pulling out onto the freeway as soon as he shuts the door.

"Who are you?" the question leaves your lips before you even know you have asked.

Smiling he just looks at you or rather seems to look at your soul. "All in time Leigh."

Staring out the window slight smile parts his lips, fueling the fire with in you to greater heights. All you do is wonder that you have picked up this stranger that seems to know you, yet you feel no fear. Just the fire burning with in you, your heart pumping ever loader in your ears.

Everything about him screams to you that you are in danger, you calmly drive to a place you have seen but never stopped, would never stop at it in the light of day. Dark windows stare out at an even darker sky, parking next to a small door he motions for you to follow. Standing just outside the door you watch as he disappears into the buildings inner darkness.

Following you are plunged into darkness, turning around you see the door has closed. Straining to hear his footsteps, all you hear is silence. No traffic sounds, not even the rustle of small animals you are sure are there in the darkness. As your eyes adjust you can make out the wide-open space you stand in, the softness of the carpet you stand on. Of something moving toward you, just the hint of movement.

"May I take your coat, Leigh? Hands remove your coat before you can answer. Slowly you feel guided to a chair, that is not a chair.

The glow of a cigarette suddenly appears across from you, but you smell no smoke. Straining to see who or what is smoking so close to you, seeing nothing you give it up.

"Who are you and what is this place?" Asking the glow.

"This is my home, one of many scattered through out the world. As for who I am, you already know." The answer has come from right behind you. Strong hands begin to massage your shoulders; working out a tension you had not realized was there.

"We have talked in dreams many a night. Your needs have never been meet you have told me." Hearing a smile in the voice, you relax into the massage.

Finding it is not a chair at all but some kind of low-backed couch you sit on you stretch out enjoying the touch, the fire within burning higher. Slowly at first the tension leaves you, sliding off your shoes you turn into his hands as he massages with great care the knots in your shoulders and upper back. Without thinking you remove your blouse and bra giving him access to your back. Kneading the muscles of your lower back with expert care, you wish he would answer, or say something to you as he goes. Tell you at least why you are here.

"Do you wonder why you are here?" Almost as if he is reading your mind.

"Yes" you answer softly as he lightly brushes the small of your back.

"The experience you wish is here, all you have to do is agree." His hand slide gently up your sides brushing you're the sides of your breasts.

"Tonight is for you Leigh. You have power here that you know not, all I ask is you submit and let things happen." A hand brushes through your hair, sending shivers through your body.

"I submit to what ever may come." Smiling you answer.

"Please say so if anything is uncomfortable to you, this is for your safety, as I may take you to places you have never seen." Gentle touches to your cheek telling you are safe here.

"Yes I will" almost a whisper as you feel your skirt come off your body, wondering if he will be gentle or firm.

Strong hands gently caress you, touching you here and there. Exploring your skin, skimming over the surface as if it will break. Tracing the outline of your lips with a single finger, flowing down to your jaw line, your neck. Feeling his hands brush your nipples a small moan escaping your lips. Floating on your island of pleasure, lifting your body to meet his hand, trying to press into it; feeling its roughness upon your breast.

Catching you by surprise, he takes your nipple between two fingers and giving it a slight squeeze. Pleasure surging through your body, the fire burning white hot now.

"Yes!" escapes your lips

As if he has known you forever, gently he kisses you, as if he is made of smoke. Tenderly on the lips, before biting you lightly on the neck. Small growls escaping from deep with in his throat, thrusting you into ecstasy. Slowly working his way down to your breasts, nibbling lightly, kissing the skin below them. You try to grab his head, finding you are bound fast at the wrist.

Lower still he kisses, arching at every touch. Trying to push against his body, then you feel it. His tongue darts out, parting you slightly, sending you almost over the edge. Moans growls and screams of pleasure mix in your throat, his own growls seem top be reaching deeper with in you, releasing the fire with in.

Deeper his tongue darts into you, never quite penetrating you, none the less sending you closer the edge. You feel his hands on your breasts, warm breath felt on your inner thigh, tongue sliding into you, as your body seems to explode in pleasure. Racked with waves of ecstasy you arch upward to meet him, growls of pleasure escaping your throat.

Falling back against the couch, almost exhausted, you feel him next to you as a slight weight on the couch. The bindings removed, you move to look at him. Shadowed in darkness you can not make out his features, feeling his breath you kiss him. No words can express what the kiss says.

"Do you know who I am?" He asks after the kiss.

"No I do not. Strange that I know your touch, but not your name." Smiling

"Will you tell me who you are?" asking as you lay back against the couch and him.

"In time I will tell you, for now you must return." You sense the smile in his voice.

'We shall meet again this way, there is much I can show you, for now this is enough. You have known pleasure now." he moves away from you, returning your clothes neatly folded.

A sound like hail on glass greets her suddenly, tap, tap, tap, tap, and bright light as she opens her eyes. Flashlight shining in through her window. A security guard asking if she ok. Car still running as she opens the window a crack.

"I am fine Mike. Just over tired from work, must have drifted off for s bit." Smiling at him with a rye grin.

"Ok saw your car running and didn't see you at first. Just making sure you are ok. Have a good not Leigh." Getting back in his car and driving toward the gate.

The dream still fresh in her mind, the ghost of rough hands being so gentle, you shiver.

"All a dream." You say to inside of your car.

Sitting next to her, in the passenger seat are to roses. One white, one red, wrapped with a silver chain and a small card. On the card is written:

"I think Poe said it best,"

"All we see or seem are but a dream within a dream.

The fire you possess will burn brightly forever."

Repeating the phrase over to yourself, you smile and drive home. Knowing you will meet him again.

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