tagIncest/TabooDressing for My Sister Ch. 01

Dressing for My Sister Ch. 01


This is a large jump in the "Mark's sister" series, but couldn't wait to write! All of these stories are true with different names and we were both over the age of 18 when it all happened.

My sister Lisa was a very beautiful girl! As we grew up we had shared some moments together, and at now 21 years old, and Lisa at 23 we had very active sexual lives! But something was about to happen, nothing anyone could have imagined!

Lisa loved wearing fancy, sexy lingerie! She was always dressed up when she went out to the clubs, and she always looked beautiful! She had large firm breast's. She had a d cup in size, and a thin waist. She was very athletic so her legs were very strong and firm! She had shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, and a wicked beautiful smile. I was so attracted to her, and she had to know it!

When my parents left the house and she would go out, I would go to her room and look through her pantie drawer. All her pretty panties and bra's!I kind of had a fetish, I would put them on and look at myself in the mirror, trying to look sexy. I am 5'9, 155 pounds; skinny, but toned! I looked very good in her clothes. She also had very sexy dresses. Long black licra dresses that cling to all of body. She had garter's and stockings, it was just the best time dressing up in her things.

One day I heard my sister yelling. I think she was started to catch on. She noticed that her underwear drawer was all messed up, and that some of her panties were stained. I didn't know what to do. So I stopped dressing in her clothes. Man I didn't want to do that, but if anyone found out..... I would die!

6 months went by, and I was really getting the urge! I was so horny and wanting to dress. Everyone was gone one night, and my sister was going to stay over at a friends house after the club. First I had a long bath, shaved my legs, and my cock. Right down to the skin.Then I went to her room and was ready for action! I had time to dress, get off, and wash her clothes! As I was digging around I found some new items of clothing.... A red lace thong and matching bra. She had 4 new pairs of stockings in the package... should I dare open one up? Of course I would, I couldn't help it! I was so aroused by the thought. A matching red garter to the bra and panty set... wow, I couldn't believe the score! A nd with a little bit more digging, I found a new toy. She had a dildo, and I had never seen it before. Right beside the toy was some lubricant, and a book on masterbation. I was swimming! What should I do with this? Should I try it? I was really not sure, so I left it in there. I looked in her closet and she had a stunning long black stretchy dress with a high cut on the side. I was ready to go, and it was only 10 pm, lots of time to have my fun! My parents shouldn't be home to at least 3 am.

I went downstairs and put on my favorite movie. Beautiful girls with toys. I lay my clothes on the floor. First thing I put on was the garter. It was lace with a little satin in-lay. I did up the clasp in the front and spun it around, mmm the feeling was out of this world! I open the pack of new stocking's. They were black with a lace top to match the outfit. I pulled the into my fingers; bunched up , so I could roll them up my leg. I put my toes in and slowly pulled them up my clean shaven legs. Wow what a feeling! I fasten the clasps on the garter and then clid the red lace thong pantie over my freshly shave cock. This was heaven! I slid the dress over my head and felt ready.... I look in the mirror, and mmmmm fabulous! I sat down, watched my movie, and enjoyed a couple of glasses of red wine.

As the movie went on, I grew larger and larger. The wine went down faster and faster.... I think It's time! But as I was rubbing my cock threw my slippery dress and lace panties, My sister's new toy was up in my head. After all, the girls on the movie were enjoying there toys. I started to imagine my sister Lisa using that toy, and man was I liking that thought!

After a good 10 minuets of dreaming this fantasy I took a little detour back to my sister's room. I went back in her drawer and moved her underwear aside and stared at that beautiful dildo. It was about 8 inches long and 1"1/2 thick. Not too big, but big enough. I picked it up and noticed it was obviously used. It had her dried juices all over the long pale tool. I was so high on the thought of this big toy being inside her.... if she can only see me now. All dressed up with her dildo in my hand. I looked at the toy, then smelt it. She had a clean pussy, it was a beautiful smell. I put my mouth over the cock shaped toy and began to slowly lap all the dry pussy juices my sister had all over it. MMM She taste so good! I wanted more! I licked and sucked the whole toy dry tasting all of my sister's love juice!

I went down stairs. I just had to try this thing out. If not to see if it felt good, but to just know tht I am fucking myself with the same toy she uses!

First I use the lubricant. I put a little on my middle finger and insert it in my ass. I keep the process going until it feel slippery... but I have to tell you, I don't know if I am going to like this. It kind of burns. Just when I feel like I am ready, I go to put the toy in. At first it won't go. It's sliding out, it's just so big for my virgin ass. After a few minuets........ WOW! Here she goes! That beautiful cock went in like a glove! And was I ever wrong... it felt amazing! It was the best feeling I had ever felt, and knowing this was my sister's toy cock made this fucking ever so sweet!

In and out I fuck myself, pulling up my dress and feeling my ever so hard cock through my lace panties. My cock head seeping clear cum as I go.... so much leakage I just had to indulge! I kept tasting myself and fucking myself.... faster and faster! MMM This cock feels so good! And just as I am about to cum. "What the fuck do you think you are doing you weird fucker!" Busted!

It was my sister Lisa. She was not supposed to be home till tomorrow, and now here I am dressed up in here clothes getting off on her dildo. I am so fucked!

"Answer me you little weirdo! What the fuck are you doing? Why are you wearing my clothes? What are you gay?"

I was mortified! I didn't know what to do? "I don't know" I cried. "I was just curious, I'm not gay I was just curious...." I was done! I have nothing, no excuse, no reason..... I am now scared of what she is to do to me?

"Just leave me alone! I will fix this I promise!" I am in tears now, and at this point she starts to calm down a bit. I think she sees that I am truly sorry.

"Just wait Mark. Don't worry, I just don't understand why you are doing this to yourself? It's weird! Just plain weird! I don't know any guy that would ever do this? What is the matter with you?"

I really had no answer for her, at least not a good one."I just love your clothes. I wanted to see how they felt? I mean, you wear these sexy clothes for a reason? So why can't I?"

"I am a women. I am supposed to look sexy and feel sexy! Guys look and feel sexy in other ways.... this is just not right!"

Now I know I am screwed. I stand up and the dildo fell to the ground. I go to pick it up and as I grabbed it Lisa grabbed it too. I was stunned! I look up at her and she said "So what exactly made you want to use this?" I felt a lump grow in my throat.

"I don't know, I seen it in your panty drawer and I was just curious?"

"Did you clean it? I have used this thing you know. "At this point I didn't know what to say. I couldn't tell her I cleaned it with my mouth! How I licked all of her dried pussy juice off the whole thing. "Yes of course I cleaned it! I washed it with soap in the bathroom."

"I bet you did." she looked at me like I was full of shit. What does she know?

"Can I get dressed now? You are making me feel very uncomfortable. I am so sorry I have done this! It won't happen again."

Just then, this evening would take a turn. I don't know what happened but she stood up and...."get up!" I then stood. "Let me smell your breath!"

"My breath? Why?" I was starting to feel uneasy about all of this.

"I smell wine. That is obvious." and then she moved in slowly, closed her eyes and took a long deep inhale."I smell my pussy!" Wow was I in shock! How did she know?

"Don't try to lie my little brother! I know you sucked all of my juices off that toy. I saw you! I have watched the whole thing you little perve!"

My heart dropped to the floor. What next, my friends walk in and see? What was she up too?

"I have to admit little brother, you look very pretty in my things. I don't know what made you want to wear my clothes, but you wear them well. And for my toy. What will we do with you? You seemed to have enjoyed it. Did you?"

I was lost for words! Was she coming on to me? "Did you? Tell me how much you enjoyed it!"

"I really enjoyed it. It hurt at first but then it started to feel nice."She looked at me with a wicked smile."Well then lay down sweet brother. Let your big sister finish the job for you.

I was speechless! I lay down on my back. I look at her, and she kneeled down on the floor. She opened my legs and from my left knee to my inner thigh, she racked her long red painted finger nails firmly up my stocking covered leg.

"Wow you are very sexy." she said in a deep sexy tone."You have nicer legs than me." I was so aroused by what she was saying to me. I kept staring at my sister woundering what was to come next.

"Let me help you." She moved my panties to the side, and started to rub my already loose asshole."MMM Looks like you are all ready aren't you?" I looked at her and she smiled. I couldn't believe my own sister was just about to fuck me with her love toy! She slowly slid the toy in and I gasp. Looking up at the ceiling with my eyes closed for a second. I was in heaven! Lisa slowly worked the toy back into me growing faster in speed, turning the cock shaped toy in half circles up and down twisting and stroking.....mmmm I was almost going to cum without any touching of my so very hard cock! And just as I was about to cum...... Lisa pulled the toy out, and put in in my mouth."Here you go you little perve! You suck my juices its time to suck yours!"

I didn't hesitate. I let her put the worked over toy in my mouth, tasted all of my ass juices.... and I even enjoyed it? She put it back in my ass."That is a good little boy. You like tasting your ass?" I looked at her; my eyes glazed, almost confused I was so much in enjoyment! "Yes Lisa! MMM It taste sooo good!"

She pulled it out again and then she started to slowly suck it, staring at me. Gazing deep into my eyes, sucking that cock deep and hard. Getting all of my ass taste off that big rubber cock! "MMMM I like the taste too! Have you had enough? Or do I get a turn?" I couldn't believe my ears? She wants to have fun too?

Lisa was wearing a white satin blouse and a pair of tight black dress pants with pin strips. She looked sexy as all hell. She stood up in front of me and undid her front button. Her pants had a wrap around to the side with a zipper. She unzipped her pants, looked at me and slid them down. She had a small black satin thong on and from how close she was standing I could see, and smell the wetness all over her pretty panties. She stood on the edge of the couch above me, and right in front of my face she pulls aside her underwear and slowly inserts the toy inside her. "AHHHH!" she moaned. Staring into each other's eyes she began to get hard and nasty with her rubber cock! Deep and hard... stroking it in and out fast and furious! She was screaming..."Ahhh Fuck! Watch me you sissy bitch watch your sister cum!" I put my hands down my panties and began to finger my ass. I put 3 fingers in and fucked my self at the same pace as my sister. She pulls out the dildo, sucks on her pussy juice.... puts it back in, takes it out and feeds that cock to me so I can taste her again! She did this for a while as I continued to finger my ass! This was unbelieveable! I was soooo close to cummin! Just then she puts her hand above me against the wall, screaming and yelling..."Fuck Mark! MMM YES FUCK YES LOOK AT ME YOU SISSY WHORE!" And then she came! She was sooooo fuckin wet she came all over me. I have never seen this from a girl before? There was as much cum as I would cum?

"Now your turn" she said."I am going to make you cum so hard little brother.... mmmm your sister wants! And she wants her little girly brother bad!"

She put the pussy filled toy back into my already fucked ass. She was taking no time giving me a good fucking. She went closer to my cock, slowly rolling her tongue up and down my pantie covered penis. Licking all the pre cum tasting and moaning! "MMM You taste so good!" She pulled down my panties and put her mouth deep along my raging hard cock! Dildo in my ass and my sister sucking me off; what a dream!

"Ahhh Fuck LISA I AM GOING TOO.... AHHHH AHHHH..." and then I came! All over her face and her dress.... that I was wearing. She began to lick up my warm juice and clean off her dress. She slowly slid up my body, smiled and kissed me. My sperm now in my mouth and before I could say a thing she kissed me deeper, sliding her tongue inside forcing my cum down my throat!

"You like that didn't you?" What was I going to say....."Fuck ya!" She stood up, put her pants on and said,"Mom and Dad will be home soon. I want my clothes clean and put away where you found them. But I do have to say Mark. I had a lot of fun! I have got a few ideas floating inside my head, but I really need to sort things out. Are you willing to continue our little lesbian fun little brother?" I was in a trance. I couldn't believe what she was proposing! "Yes Lisa. I can't wait! When and how...." She looked at me and said,"You will find out soon little bother! And let me tell you, you better be ready for what I have in store for you! We are going to have some fun!"

To be continued

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