tagLesbian SexDriving in England Ch. 02

Driving in England Ch. 02

byLisa Summers©

"I've got to introduce you to Mar," Gail said, after we'd just finished fucking in her car.

"Who's Mar?" I gasped out, my own breathing still heavy.

"My girlfriend," Gail said. "I want you to meet her, I think you'd love her."

My feelings were, to say the least, kind of confused at that point. I'd just been made love to by a beautiful woman for the very first time, and I'd finally ended my bad marriage to an irresponsible shit.

So, I was trying to sort out the afterglow of lovemaking, complicated with the shock and disappointment of having someone actively making sure that I experience the greatest possible pleasure, but who was not in love with me, but rather someone else, and I needed to find a space to think about things. I answered Gail rather absently, I suppose she might have thought I wasn't happy with her, I don't know, but she kissed me. She looked at me contemplatively, her expression highlighted by the dashboard lights.

"You didn't expect that I'd have a girlfriend, did you?" she said, sympathetically, idly brushing back a lock of red hair from above her sea-green eyes.

"No, I, no...I, I don't know," I responded. "I guess, I guess I thought that you weren't, um, seeing anyone and so...". I looked down at the floor of the car. I could still smell the heavy musk of our combined fluids, rich and so evocative of our mutual pleasure.

"And so, I was attracted to you, and maybe...maybe we could build a relationship?" she asked.

I nodded. I felt a slight pain in my chest.

"I AM attracted to you. I don't fuck just any girl that comes along! But I AM in love with Mar, and we live together, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. That doesn't mean that neither she nor I can express love and friendship to other people."

"And I think you're someone that both of us would love, and would very much want as a friend. And that doesn't happen every day - believe me!" She looked directly into my eyes, and I felt an outpouring of warmth for her, both for the things she'd said, and for the way she'd said it. If only men could learn to tell the truth like that, we'd all be much happier. My eyes filled, and I blinked, trying to keep the tears from actually forming, but a small tear ran down my right cheek.

Gail saw the tear, and gently kissed it, taking me in her arms. I hugged her, and I felt so close to her then, though there was that aching disappointment inside me.

"Would you come home with me?" Gail asked tentatively, her eyes searching mine. I looked away.

"Oh, no," I said. "I've got to understand these feelings, please. Gail, I want to think about what you said, and what this all means, okay?" My eyes returned to hers. They seemed almost magnetic.

Gail looked at me intently. "Okay, but only if you'll let me call you in a few days, and invite you over," she said. That sounded safe to me.

"Okay," I said. I gave her my number, then she kissed me and hugged me again. I was so acutely aware of her body then. Her body's warmth sank deep into my soul, her strength was clear and certain in the touch of her hands on my arms. The smell of her perfume, and her breath, and the recesses of her sweet being filled my nostrils, making my clitoris throb and pulse yet again. I knew though, that I should be by myself for a while - it really WOULD be the best thing, now.

We dressed, then Gail drove me the few short blocks to my apartment building. We kissed at parting, and I entered the building, missing her already. I entered my small, empty apartment, fed Chloe and Otis, my two cats, then stripped down and prepared for bed, putting on my favorite nightgown, a white, embroidered lace full length gown, and lay down on the bed, hoping I would fall asleep. My brown hair spread out over the pillow, and the lace of the gown. My body was tired, but my head was spinning with all that had happened, and the significant changes my life had just gone through. In the matter of a few hours, I had gone from a depressed, poor heterosexual to an elated AND depressed, poor bisexual, or possibly even lesbian.

I lay in bed, unable to sleep, depressed about what had happened with Gail, but in a whirl about the 180 degree change my sexuality had just made. Finally, a growing horniness, plus a desire to do SOMETHING that would let me sleep, drove me to the Internet, to see if I could find some pornographic sites that would let me rub myself to some kind of crude orgasm, so that I COULD sleep. It would be nothing like the pleasure that Gail had brought me, but still....

I went to Google, and typed in 'lesbian', to see what would come up. I got a lot of sites that had lifestyle guidance, something I thought I might very well need, but not at that moment. Right then, I wanted to try to recreate the sense of love, and need, and caring and well, romance, that I'd felt with Gail, combined with the overwhelming sensation of lust. Was that so much to ask?

So I tried 'lesbian fiction' plus 'erotic stories', and then pushed the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' tab (well, I was!) Anyway, that led me to a site called "Literotica." You'll have to find it on your own - I hope you will!

That sounded about right, as it seemed to have stories both well-written and extremely sexy. Of course, I went to the section titled "Lesbian Sex", and that was just what I needed. Oh my god, the stories were so beautiful. That night, that was EXACTLY what I wanted. I picked out 'Rest Stop', by someone named Evil Alpaca, as it was listed on the front page of their most highly ranked stories.

The writing was fantastic, putting me into the mind of a woman much like myself, Taylor, who has an unexpected friendship, and romance with another woman, Lilly. So beautifully written, romantic, but wildly sexy, I came after reading 2/3 of the way into it, and fell madly in love with lesbian love. Later I discovered that all of the stories on that site were equally beautiful.

As I read further into the story, my breathing became shallow, and rapid. My chest felt hot, a flush creeping over my breasts and throat towards my face. My nipples pressed against my night gown, and I hurriedly pulled it off, freeing myself from its close confines, and making me feel naughty, almost as an eager participant in Taylor and Lilly's fictional, but highly erotic, lovemaking. I sprawled lower in the stiff chair in front of my computer, my legs spread wider, my slit opening and drooling already. My bare ass pressed against the tan velour seat covering, as the fingers of my right hand lightly stroked over my hot and plump labia, my left hand stroking my breasts lightly.

I could barely keep my eyes on the monitor with my fingers caressing my intimate parts, my clit, labia, nipples, and occasionally, reaching under my pussy to vainly touch the small rosebud of my anus, but the words describing the women, the pictures they created, and their budding, ripe sexual blossoming with each other, drove me to heights of lust. I thrust two fingers together into my dripping cunt, gasping as my thumb pressed into my erect clit, until finally I thrust aside the lovely literature that had inflamed me so, and concentrated on thoughts of Gail.

I pictured her sweet lips pressed against mine, as her fingers slipped in and out of my eager hole. I moaned with pleasure and delight, and vocalized my yearning to the empty room. "Oh fuck, yes, Gail, fuck me with your long fingers! I love the way you touch me, I'd do anything you tell me to do, please, make me lick your cunt, and lick you all over. Yes, yes, I'll kiss and lick your bottom. Oh! But please don't make me lick your little rear hole, and stick my tongue inside your plump, hot ass!"

I wasn't exactly sure where THAT came from, but at the thought of being forced to lick Gail's sweet anus, I came, thunderously, my fingers flashing in and out of my pussy, my clit vibrating as I strummed it. My hips shook with ecstasy as I came, again and again, until I slowly collapsed in the seat, my fingers still well inside my slick opening. Using some nearly forgotten yoga skills, I relaxed the muscles in the fringes of my body, all the way in to the center of my torso, leaving my recovering clit as the sole part of me still coming down from my sexual high.

I slowly rose up, knowing my monitor would shut itself down, then slipped naked between the cool, clean sheets, two down pillows nestling my head. I brought my feminine cream-covered fingers up to my mouth, sucking on their sweet saltiness, as I dozed, and finally slept soundly, for one of the most refreshing nights of my life. I awoke, feeling wonderful, and ready to resume living, a life that had been on hold, and to consider the role that Gail, and perhaps others, might take in my life. Chloe, the longhaired white 5 year old female, and Otis, the 2 year old short haired male tabby cat, both discovered at the animal shelter as kittens, were sprawled out at the foot of my bed, and meowed a silent greeting as I rose.

One thing I noticed about my new attitude and perspective - I was much happier. And I think it translated to my relationships with my co-workers. Everyone remarked on the change, and several slyly asked if I had a boyfriend. Even the receptionist got into it, telling me that I looked positively radiant.

Finally, though, I came to the conclusion that I WOULD move on, most likely without Gail, but with her help, as she was the person closest to my current romantic situation, and she might serve as a friend who could help me get on with my life. I called her, instead of waiting for a call. That in itself was something I never would have done before, being the least bit assertive. She sounded really happy to hear my voice. I'm glad I didn't have to go through the embarrassment of her not remembering me!

"God, yes, Celeste, I've been dying hoping you'd call," she said, without any guile. "I don't think I'll ever forget that night! When can you come over?"

"Um, well, I guess Saturday night, if that's alright, If you've got plans I'll -"

"No, that would be wonderful. Please come for dinner, at the very least. If you and Mar don't hit it off, I'll be amazed, but I'll also understand. I would love to have a relationship with you, whatever that means." Gail certainly didn't seem to put on airs, which made a slightly uncomfortable situation, less so. We made arrangements for her to pick me up, as I had no car.

I felt very excited as the day approached, and Saturday I picked out a cute but demure outfit, a cream-colored cotton silk floral skirt from Ann Taylor, with a blue stretch silk scoop neck top, as I wanted to make a nice impression on 'Mar', and of course, wanted to please Gail. Early that evening, I heard a knock on my door, and opened it to see Gail standing there, with a brunette who had turned her head momentarily, as a neighbor down the hall was noisily opening his door. She turned to face me, and to my shock, I saw that 'Mar' was 'Marla', the receptionist from my office!

We stood speechless, staring at each other, our mouths opening and closing silently, like two fish gasping for oxygen, as Gail stared, pop-eyed, from me, to Mar, and back again, over and over.

"What's wrong with you two?" she asked. "I haven't even introduced you-"

"Um, you don't need to," Mar said, in her familiar, young voice. "We work together at Karsk."

Now it was Gail's turn to stand open-mouthed. She quickly recovered, though.

"I never thought to ask you where you work, Celeste," Gail said, apologetically. "I'm SO sorry if-"

"Oh, it's okay," I said. "If anything, it sort of makes it a little easier, since I already know Marla, um, Mar. Not as well as you, of course, I mean..." I could see that I was in the bottom of the hole, and further digging was unnecessary.

"I agree, Celeste," Marla said, rescuing me. "I think you're a wonderful person, and this is a lovely surprise. I've admired you for so long, and um, this is just really icing on the cake, don't you think?" It came to me that, every bit of awkwardness I felt could be echoed by Mar, if not Gail, and that maybe I should just put that feeling behind me. So I leaned forward and kissed Gail on her cheek, taking her hand, then Mar, and clasping her hand, too.

"Shall we get to know each other better?" I asked, then blushed when I considered the context of our relationship so far, one that was mainly sexual. "I mean, talk and, well..."

Gail said, "Yes, absolutely, and especially the part that involves eating dinner. I'm starving! Mar and I thought that you might be more at ease if we went to a restaurant, instead of our apartment, at least let you decide how things should go. Would that be okay with you?" I looked into her eyes, and the feelings that I'd felt that night in her car, as well as the fantasy lovemaking I'd experienced later, came back to me, and I smiled. Besides being so exciting, I'd felt so very comfortable with her, and that feeling was coming back again.

"Yes, I'd like that. Very much," I said.

Gail mentioned a Vegetarian restaurant in town that they'd found, and eaten at a few times. "We've never had a bad experience there. Does that sound interesting to you?"

"It sounds lovely," I said, and we headed downstairs, then Gail drove us to the restaurant a few miles away. It was quite charming, small and intimate. Not surprisingly, there weren't a lot of men around, I think men tend to prefer meat with their meals, at least in my experience. I had a vegan Pasta Siciliana, Gail had a kind of chickpea stew, an Indian recipe, I think, and Mar had a tofu shish kabob dish with Portobello mushrooms and different vegetables. It was all very tasty. We shared a bottle of a white wine with the meal.

During our meal, and the sometimes sparkling, sometimes hesitant, conversation that ensued, I looked more closely at Marla, or as I thought of her now, Mar. Before, of course, I had regarded her in a business context. I'd always found her to be pleasant and friendly, but since a person is always pigeon-holed as to where they stand in the organization, I hadn't had much of an opportunity to get to know her - or perhaps I hadn't tried.

In any case, that business relationship had gone right out the window, and a new one was taking its place. I looked at her now as a potential lover, and I very much liked what I saw. Her long, curly black hair, rested on her shoulders, like a small cloud. Glossy and full, she was like one of those women in conditioner commercials, every hair perfect. Her complexion was flawless, her smile genuine. I could see why the company had picked her as receptionist, she put forth a friendly, but professional image.

Her dress was exquisite, and at first I was a little surprised that she'd be wearing such an expensive looking outfit, but then it occurred to me that I was judging her based on preconceptions, something I am guilty of doing too often, and that I didn't really know her at all, but that I'd most certainly benefit from knowing her better.

Her form I knew, from my casual judging of her body against mine, as we all do it, even if unconsciously. Her breasts were modest in size, maybe B cups, her height, a little shorter than I, and her bottom was very impressive, round and full. I wondered if I'd see it a little more intimately, and I flashed back to my ass fantasy of the week before, and colored a little. Imagining my mouth on another woman's rear end made my clit tingle, and I could feel my slit wetting a little. I squirmed in my seat.

Gail, of course, had been ever-present in my memory ever since we'd made love in the back seat of her car. The flaming red color of her pussy, her small red bush above it, her sweet, musky feminine fragrance filling my nose, the feel of her full breasts in my hands, were all wildly intoxicating and exhilarating. My pussy began producing excessive lubrication, and I began to wonder if anyone could smell my need.

After a lot of really good food, conversation, and finally, relaxing (certainly on my part - I didn't realize how nervous I really had been), we left the restaurant. I was in the back seat, feeling only a little like a third wheel on a bike, but when Mar asked if I'd be interested in seeing their apartment, I responded, "I'd love to. I'd love to see how you've decorated it. Maybe you could give me some ideas." Mar grinned, but didn't say anything. She just looked at Gail, who turned the car towards their neighborhood. It was clear to all of us what would happen when we got there.

Their apartment was really quite unexpected. It was located in an old, nineteenth century mansion, in a gentrified part of town. It had been split into five or six apartments, really quite upscale. They had an outside entrance, and as I looked around, my breath was taken away by their beautifully appointed entrance. I never dreamed that an apartment would have an oaken door, with leaded glass lights on either side, Tiffany style, depicting clematis vines in full bloom.

The lights on inside lit the entrance dramatically through the glass, highlighting the striking purple flowers. Gail let us in, and I couldn't help asking, "How do you all afford such a beautiful place?" I didn't mean to sound so, well, bitchy, and I bit my tongue immediately afterwards.

Gail laughed. "You mean, how do two lesbians earning modest salaries do so well?" My face reddened. "Don't worry, we get that question all the time. Mar inherited some money, and I have a pretty profitable erotic story business on the side, plus we're both pretty sharp shoppers. We've found some great values just by knowing something about antiques, plus this 'apartment' is actually a condominium, part of Mar's inheritance. Her mother had it for years, when this neighborhood wasn't quite as nice. We were very lucky."

"Um, I don't mean to be nosy....'erotic story business'?" I said.

Mar laughed. "Gail has quite an imagination, and she really knows how to express it in writing. And lesbian erotica is in fashion. People will pay a lot of money for well-written erotica, after seeing all the crap out there on the Internet."

I thought of mentioning the website I'd found, and figured I'd bring it up later. It seemed to have some pretty nice writing on it, and it was free.

"C'mon in," Mar said. "We'd really like you to see the place, and feel at home here." She showed me the various rooms, as Gail went into the kitchen. I was impressed by everything, of course, but the oak floor was beautifully finished, perfectly stained and varnished, then waxed to a high luster, and the small area rugs they had in place were exquisite. Mar said they were various types of Persian rugs they'd picked up along the way. I was almost afraid to walk on them! She pointed one out as a Tabriz, another as a Kashmar, and a third as a Sarough, all SO lovely.

They had two bedrooms, one clearly shared by the two of them, with an immense cherry sleigh bed covered with what seemed like hundreds of throw pillows, and a very old looking quilt. "That's been in Gail's family for over 150 years," Mar said.

"The bed?" I said.

"Uh, no, just the quilt," Mar giggled. "We picked up the bed at an estate sale a couple of years ago. It's pretty old, but I don't think it's THAT old."

The other bedroom was nicely decorated, with an antique mahogany dresser, and armoire, and a double size canopy bed. "Unfortunately, this bed isn't really quite large enough for couples staying over, so we usually have to make other arrangements when we have more than one guest." I didn't quite know what to make of that, but it conjured up some interesting images!

The third bedroom had been converted into an office, with two computers set up, side by side. "We both like to get onto the Internet and chat, work, whatever," Mar said. I remembered my evening at the computer after meeting Gail, and my knees grew a little weak. I'd never look at a computer as the same workaday tool anymore, and I knew if I ever got lonely, it could help at least a little.

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