tagNovels and NovellasDriving in Snow Ch. 23

Driving in Snow Ch. 23


Chapters 1-7 are somewhat self contained and describe Matt being rescued from a Midwest snowstorm by a family that turn out to be his soul mates, girls with lots of past life ties. Lots of spirituality and lots of sex. This was mostly written in 2005 and was posted in 2010.

Chapters 8-13 describe Matt going home to the Northeast, discussing things with his wife. Ann, Barbara and Connie starting college. Matt and Ann setting up a business. Again lots of spirituality and lots of sex. Written and posted in 2013.

Chapters 14-17 are sort of a side story. They describe meeting two of Barbara's friends and what unfolds from there. I considered posting it as a separate work under the title: "Tall and Short." Written in 2013-2014 but the characters Becca and Zena were developed in 2007.

Chapters 18-27 are a continuation of chapters 8-13. With Pool parties and other activities. Several additional girls are introduced. Written in 2013 - 2014.

The spirituality expressed in this work represents my present view is to how the universe actually works. Note however: The miracles only happen when we allow them to.

I very much look forward to comments. I am very open to discussion about all of this. Both publicly with comments and privately by email.

Chapter 23.

Janet and Ron visit.

Ann had called me asking me to stay late since Janet wanted me to meet Ron. We agreed to meet with them at seven.

Ann came over at six. She parked the Miata in the open with the top down. We made love. We wanted our telepathic link to be in place. Besides, we love to make love.

She used her SUV to pick up Janet and Ron. When she returned with them she parked it in the garage.

Ron was tall and lanky, about six foot two with brown hair and eyes. Once he started to relax he showed a warm and friendly smile.

The four of us sat in the living room and talked for over four hours. The conversation was mostly about spirituality but we ventured far and wide. He had read most of my spiritual writings and said that he found them very helpful. He asked a number of thoughtful questions that had the effect of demonstrating to me that he took my works seriously. By the end of the session it was clear that Ron considered both Ann and I to be good friends.

Both Ann and I were getting good vibes from and about Ron. He came across as a very nice guy. A little on the shy side but not overly so. It was clear that Ron was very open to spiritual exploration and had actually made quite a bit of progress. It was also clear that he felt deeply for Janet.

Ann drove them back to campus in the Miata. Janet sat on Ron's lap. It was a very tight fit. This was the most physical contact the two had had so far. Ron started out embarrassed but soon got over it.

Back in the dorm Janet told Ann that Ron developed an erection but she pretended not to notice.

Joyce asks about Roberta.

Ann and I were both in the office early the next morning. Joyce was glad to see us and explained that she had run into an old friend the night before. This friend needed help and maybe we were the ones to help. Joyce pointed out that we had met her at her birthday party.

Joyce explained that Roberta was a high school friend of both Joyce and Suz who had a weird medical problem. She lactated. She had never been pregnant to start it and none of the normal ways of stopping it worked. She had been to several local doctors and several specialists in Boston with the result that she was the subject of three medical journal papers. The medical community was out of ideas.

Roberta had had a horrible time in high school when the word of her problem got out. Her nickname had been Bobbie but some of the nastier girls started calling her 'Booby' or 'the cow.'

A couple of them even used to go 'moo' at her. Some of the boys were no better.

Joyce said that we had taught her that everything has a spiritual component and that medical problems were often a way for the soul to convey information about issues that needed to be worked.

Joyce explained some of what she had been learning from us to Roberta. Roberta was interested.

Joyce emailed Roberta a copy of "The Integration of Intuition" when she got home.

She was thinking that just maybe we could help Roberta find out what is going on.

We agreed. Joyce called Roberta. She would stop by after work tomorrow and stay for dinner.

It's Wednesday so here's Janet.

Janet showed up at noon. As soon as we were upstairs she was peeling off her clothes. When she had hers off she started on mine. Then she dragged me off to the conventional bed. She certainly knew what she wanted. She was sopping wet right from the start. She moved astride and had me inside with almost no foreplay. She rode me with abandon. All the while making delicious sounds. I climaxed with her on her third orgasm. She screamed, then she collapsed on top of me. We held each other as we caught our breath.

Finally we looked at each other and both said: "Wow."

We got up and headed to the kitchen for lunch.

I asked about Ron.

Janet said: "After Ann threw us that curve ball of having me sit on Ron's lap in the sports car we have been touching more. We kissed goodnight for the first time that night. I am not sure which one of us initiated it. We sort of came together simultaneously. We hugged and you would have been proud of me. I gave him a Matt type hug."

I responded: "I'm sure he liked that."

She replied: "You had better believe it. Then we kissed again. Longer that time. He squeezed my hand as we parted. You should have seen the grin on his face when we met for breakfast the next morning. He isn't saying so yet but I think he loves me."

I asked: "Why were you so passionate with me today? You practically raped me."

She replied: "Matt. My precious, Matt. I know that you love me too. I love you as well. Today it seemed really important to show you that physically. I think going slow with Ron is the right thing to do for his sake. Maybe part of today was responding to being sexually frustrated with Ron. I don't know. I only know that I love you both."

She continued: "I am so thankful that you are in my life. You made Ron possible."

I raised an eyebrow.

She then said: "Before we met I was steeling myself to become just another party girl out for a good time. I was on my way to being just another slut going down for shitty guys. If it weren't for you, your love for me, teaching me what love can be, I would not have been in a state where I would have been at all attractive to Ron. You and Ann taught me: Like attracts like. Be the sacred flower and the sacred bird will come."

Jan and I had a long discussion about continuing our sexual relationship. Janet wanted to continue, at least for a while. I asked her if she had told Ron about our relationship. She said no. I suggested that she should tell him about it as their relationship became intimate and that it would be better if she would be able to refer to ours as being in the past. She reluctantly agreed but said we needed one thing to complete it for her.

I asked: "What."

She said: "I want to share your bed overnight."

I asked: "How can we do that without being in Ron's face with it?"

She replied: "Synchronicity provides. Ron's mother turns fifty this Saturday and a big party is planned for her. All sorts of friends and relatives will be there. His dad says it will be the biggest family gathering in years. Ron is going home for it."

For the time being I would continue the massages but not allow them to change into petting sessions. She would have to shave herself.

Hot Tub.

We invited the pool party crew to help us initiate the new tub. Normal 3:00 time. Joyce came too. She was her usual happy, playful self. No one seemed that surprised that she was willing to be nude with everybody else.

With eight of us the tub was full up both in terms of seats and the water level. Most of the girls boobs were slightly below the water level, rising above it if they tried. Robin was tall enough that hers were exposed. The foot well was overcrowded and my thighs were touching thighs on both sides and arms were touching arms.

I was sitting between Ellen and Joan. Finally I put my arms around their necks, my fingertips touching breasts. Then I felt a hand gently sliding up and down my shaft. The water was swirling enough that I could not tell at first just who was doing it. I was soon fully erect. Eventually I found it was Joan.

The conversation was lighthearted and joyful. We were having fun. Joan told some really bad jokes. So bad that they actually were funny. Joyce had some good ones too. The girls accepted Joyce as one of their own.

Each seat had different jets. Ann suggested we all move left one seat. We would repeat this until we had all tried every seat. Moving started out as a minor disaster with several of us falling over. Before the next move Joan suggested a different method: She would sit on my lap freeing up a seat, people would then move one at a time into the freed up seat. Finally Joan would stand and I would slide into the now empty seat. This worked well and Joan got to sit on my lap. Joan had a nice soft ass. I found that I really enjoyed wrapping my arms around her.

I commented that the lack of a valence band electron in a semiconductor is called a 'hole' and what we were doing was like 'hole' propagation in a semiconductor.

Linda said: "This is another form of 'hole' propagation." This brought some uncomfortable laughter and some blushes.

The conversation continued. More jokes. Everybody was having fun.

Several of the seats had jets placed low so that a girl could let it play onto her clit by rising up slightly. I noticed that each girl in turn discovered this.

At 4:00 Janet and Candy arrived. Joyce said that she needed to get back to work. I volunteered to get out too. Ann, who happened to be nearest the stairs, hopped out saying: "The dynamic would be totally different if you get out, let Janet and Candy enjoy the spa just like the others."

Ann stood by the spa wrapped in two towels. Joyce noticed as she dressed. She returned with Ann's plush bathrobe.

When it was time to leave the hot tub Linda and Janet decided to cool off by diving into the pool. The rest of us were not that brave.

Joan preliminaries.

Joan and I headed upstairs to the living room. We sat on the sofa.

She asked if I had made love with Barbara last Saturday night. I said yes.

We talked about my sending love. I made it clear that it was not going to her alone. She still found the process nothing shot of amazing. I agreed.

She said: "In a way this is proof of the existence of souls."

We talked about that for a while.

Then she asked: "Do you need to be making love with Barbara to do it? I am asking because I felt something similar two weeks ago tonight."

I answered: "No. She can sing a Sanskrit song which will also do it. Barbara can be intensely psychic so I often talk things over with her. We talked that night, about you actually. We did not get any answers. At the end of the call as we were about to hang up I got a strong feeling that we needed to do a merging. So I asked her to sing the song and we stayed merged for about fifteen minutes."

Joan turned bright red. I had never before seen a girl blush like that.

I looked at her and said: "What were you doing then?"

She shook her head: No.

I said: "Out with it girl. What were you doing?"

She looked incredibly sheepish and quietly said: "Thinking about you and masturbating."

I replied: "It sounds like we have some telepathic connection too."

She answered: "You're not mad at me?"

I responded: "No. If anything I feel complimented."

She broke into a big grin.

I leaned over and kissed her.

She kissed me back - with tongue.

Then we came back to conversation.

I said: "Both love and lust at first sight tend to indicate a strong karmic or dharmic tie. I don't know any details yet about you and I. I'm still having some difficulty getting you separate from Jean. That is making things much more difficult for me. There is one big difference between my experience with you and my experience with her. I always felt off balance with her but I do not have any of that with you. Thank God."

She asked: "You said before that your tie with Jean was dharmic. Do you know what her mission was? Is it possible that it is mine too?"

I responded: "I don't know what her mission was, only that it seems to have been important, probably important to the whole world. It seems that there were a number of people here to help her, not just me. I once got that she had eleven spirit guides, normally we have two. To your second question: Yes it is possible but I have no indication either way."

She asked: "Did you ever ask what it was or is that something you just cannot do?"

I answered: "I did ask and was chewed out for it. I was told that if I knew I would tell her and she would not believe me. She would only believe it if she found out on her own."

She asked: "You mentioned spirit guides. What are spirit guides?"

I replied: "Spirit guides are disincarnate souls who have agreed to help us. Sometimes they are other members of our spiritual family but often they are more advanced souls. They look after us and will help us in many ways. They often play a part in the synchronicities of our life. They will help but they fully respect our free will. If you ask: 'What should I do now?' they won't answer but if you ask: 'What is apt to happen if I follow a certain path?' you may well get an answer."

We talked about spirit guides for a while.

Then I went in a different direction: "Would you say that your attraction for me is more loving or lustful?

She replied: "Um, interesting question. I'm not always sure how to tell them apart. Both are present but I would say much more loving. Nonetheless I'm hoping that you bed me soon. How about you? What d you feel for me?"

I answered: "I would say definitely more loving but it is confused by my 'ghosts of Jean.' Actually my lust level is usually very low. I am often making love more than once a day with my current cast of partners."

She said: "Oh, you poor thing."

I said: "I do notice one interesting thing however: I am drawn to want to touch you more than any other girl that I haven't had intercourse with."

She asked: "What does intercourse have to do with it?"

I replied: "It very much changes the dynamic. The desire to touch someone you are sleeping with is very different than with someone you haven't slept with. It is different again with someone you used to sleep with but aren't now. Heavy petting or oral sex doesn't do it. Only vaginal intercourse does it. I can't explain the differences but it makes it very difficult to compare the different cases."

She asked: "When did you first notice this about me?"

I answered: "The first time I hugged you and it was confirmed the first time I rubbed sun-screen on you."

She asked: "On my breasts, on my 'down there' or anywhere?"

I answered: "On your back and shoulders."

She asked: "The first time?"

I said: "Yes, the very first time."

She asked: "What do you think it means?"

I replied: "I think it means that there is spiritual purpose in my making love with you. I wish I had a better feel for exactly what is going on: Is it Karma or dharma? What is the nature of it? How do we maximize the spiritual growth of everyone involved?"

She said: "Everyone?"

I responded: "Yes everyone: You first, me second, my wife plus Ann and the rest of my harem. Even the other pool party girls. Maybe even Jean. When we are in total sync with divine purpose that will be how it works. The more wisdom we bring to it the better."

She asked: "If it is a really bad karma, what happens then?"

I said: "Do you want a really strong example?"

She nodded.

I proceeded to tell the story of Zena, Becca and I.

She asked: "Were they virgins?"

I said: "Yes. Zena is a junior in college and had never been on a date."

She said: "That's sad."

She asked: "When did this happen?"

I replied: "The end of last month. The weekend before the first pool party. Why?"

She answered: "I don't know. But somehow it seems important."

She shifted position to one that allowed us neck comfortably. We started to make out.

I caressed a breast through her top and bra. Then I removed them.

She smiled and said: "That's better."

I alternated between kissing her mouth and her nipples. She was very hot very fast.

I stroked the outside of her thigh. Before long I was stroking the inside of her other leg.

She was soon even hotter. I found that I had shifted to massaging her mound through her panties.

They were soaking wet. I reached around and unzipped her skirt. Then I popped its button. She rose up and I slid it off, followed by her panties.

She gave me a big smile, followed by a bigger kiss with lots of tongue.

I found that I was seeing myself as a God with a Goddess in my arms.

I continued playing with a nipple in my mouth while I stroked and otherwise explored her yoni.

She was moaning, groaning and rocking her hips.

Finally I slipped a finger into her vagina. If I thought she was hot before now she was molten. I had just began to stretch her when she had her first orgasm. I continued, she had another, then another. I stopped and let her come down.

When she got her breath back enough to speak, she said: "Those were the best I've ever had. Thank you."

We just cuddled for a few minutes.

Then she said: "Your turn." She started removing my clothes.

When she had me nude, she started caressing my shaft. She brought me to a very nice orgasm. That was my first hand job in many years, fifty actually.

Then we cuddled some more.

The cuddles turned into necking. The necking turned into petting. We each had another orgasm.

She said: "I should get back."

We dressed and I drove her back to campus.

Thursday during the day.

I was actually able to get a whole lot of 3i business done. Ann arrived about four. We did our twenty strokes thing and then Ann helped me with 3i business.

Roberta visits .

Ann and I had our telepathic link solidly in place. I love that girl.

Roberta arrived about a quarter to five. The four of us moved upstairs to the living room. Roberta was about 5' 6" with bright green eyes and loose orangish curls going half way down her back. Her face was the quintessence of cute complete with dimples in her cheeks when she smiled. She brought a large brief case with her. She was wearing a nicely tailored skirt and a loosely fitting top.

She asked us to put something in our frig for her. She opened her brief case and withdrew a bottle of milk. Ann put it in the refrigerator.

She explained her problem. She had been lactating for the last five years. At first the flow was minimal and the doctors told her that it would stop on its own, particularly if she did not express the milk. She found that that got painful. Her flow increased with time. They tried various treatments and none worked in fact most tended to increase the flow rather than stopping it. One drug they had her on increased it to the point she had to pump herself out every two hours.

She explained: "I can now go about six hours. I pump myself out and sell the milk to the local hospital. They keep me supplied with sterile bottles and suction cones. Believe me the whole process is one heck of a nuisance."

She said: "I've been to a number of specialists both locally and in Boston. The only result being that there are now three papers about my case in the medical journals. Everything that should work does not. The doctors seem to be out of ideas. I've done enough reading to have a pretty good understanding of the endocrine system and mine just does not work at all normally. Apparently I do not ovulate naturally and now only menstruate because I take birth control pills."

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