tagNovels and NovellasDriving in Snow Ch. 33

Driving in Snow Ch. 33


This work is an exploration of some possibilities of the spiritual and psychic side of sex. There is a good deal of sex in this work but it always occurs in a spiritual, synchronistic and loving manner. The spirituality expressed in this work reflects my present view of how the universe actually works.


For those who wish to read this chapter without having read the earlier ones, here is a very brief introduction. I still recommend that you read the earlier chapters.

Matt is driving cross country and ends up on a secondary road in a blizzard. He is rescued by a family who turn out to be soul mates with lots of past life ties. Both Matt and the Wells family quickly discover this. Matt who is over seventy years old and is in a celibate marriage ends up making love with Ann (Ch.1), Barbara (Ch.2), Cindy (Ch.3), Mary (Ch.4) and Barbara's best friend Connie (Ch.6). There are different psychic side effects with each girl. Barbara, Cindy and Connie have been taught belly dancing by the cheerleading coach at their high school. Ann is a genius who has already written a breakthrough scientific paper. Chapters 1-7 are a self contained story.

Ann convoys with Matt back to the Northeast and gets a special dual PhD program at a top science and engineering college (Ch.8-9). Ann and Matt set up a business called 3i. Ann finds a suitable building with a four bedroom apartment over it (Ch.9). Matt sets up a photo studio in the smaller conference room. There is lots of photography distributed through this story and yes the models generally end up posing nude. Ann and Matt hire Joyce and add a pool in the woods on 3i grounds (Ch.10-12). Barbara and Connie go to the same college in Western Massachusetts.

Ann is required to live in a dorm. Matt meets and is ultimately seduced by Ann's roommate, Janet (Ch.12). He is also seduced by Joyce (Ch.13). Matt meets two of Barbara's friends: 6' 4" Zena and 4' 11" Becca. (Ch14). They visit and discover a very nasty karma that ends up resolved lovingly (Ch.15-17). Chapters 14-17 are relatively self contained.

Ann invites a group of girls (Janet, Ruth, Ellen, Linda, Candy, Robin, Joan and ultimately Gail) for a pool party at the pool (Ch.18). This turns into a regular event with skinny-dipping (Ch. 18-23). Joan looks, sounds and acts just like Matt's first love (Jean). Matt also meets Ann's physics lab partner, Yvonne. (Ch.19). Matt interacts with both Yvonne and Joan (Ch.20-26+). Janet meets Ron (Ch.22) and Matt tries to bow out (Ch. 23-24+). Matt and Janet find a psychic level (Ch. 28-29+).

Joyce introduces Ann and Matt to Roberta (Ch. 23). She joins 3i (Ch. 29).

The college paper sponsors "Beauty on Campus." Ann is a finalist. Matt photographs four of the other five finalists (Kim, Doreen, Brenda and Lisa) (Ch.27+). The results are announced. Kim won, Ann is second. Kim poses for Matt. (Ch. 32)


I very much look forward to comments. I am very open to discussion about all of this. Both publicly with comments and privately by email.

Chapter 33.


I began the day by sorting Kim's photos. I created nine folders: Exceptional, good and not so good; G, R and X rated. I copied shots that I really liked into the exceptional folders and moved the not so good ones into those folders.

The phone rang at about ten in the morning. It was Kim suggesting that she and Doreen come over for more photography. It was clear that they both would pose.

I said: "Fine. When?"

She suggested this evening.

I said that I would pick them up at seven.

She ended the call with: "I love you" and blew me a kiss.

Not five minutes later the phone rang again. It was Brenda. She wanted to know if I wanted her to pose some more.

I said: "I would like that very much. When?"

She replied: "Whenever."

I asked: "How about now?"

I could hear the joy in her reply: "I'd like that."

I offered to pick her up. We arranged to meet in her dorm parking lot in half an hour.

Brenda poses again.

I picked her up right on time. She brought a suitcase. I carried the suitcase in from the car and set it on a chair in the third office. It felt heavy.

She was wearing a white top with a dark blue skirt which went almost to the knee and dark hose. The top was tight across her bosom; almost straining at the buttons.

We hugged. She has very nice energy. She kissed me on the cheek and gave me a big grin.

I asked her: "What did you bring?"

She replied: "I was not sure what to bring so I brought lots of stuff: everything from my prom dresses to a bikini."

I smiled: "Those all work for me."

She grinned and said: "Let me show you."

She opened her suitcase lifted out a white prom dress. Strapless with a full skirt. She had a frilly petticoat to go with it.

She said: "This is the one I wore to my junior prom."

She set it aside and removed another. This was a satin sheath with widely spaced straps supporting a relatively low neckline. The color was pale green. She said: "Senior prom."

She then removed several button down the front tops and several skirts. One of the tops was somewhat sheer.

Then a bright yellow strapless summer dress and a white strapless dress with an elastic top.

Finally she produced her bikini.

She said: "Where shall I start?"

I replied: "How about with what you are wearing."

She smiled.

I took about twenty photos.

I suggested removing her bra.

She brightened considerably and said: "OK."

She went across the hall and returned promptly. She had the top three buttons open.

I took about ten shots. Then she popped another button. I took another ten.

She did it again. Things were getting more 'interesting.'

Her nipples were hard.

I continued to shoot pictures.

She opened still another button. Her top was now open to below her bosom but the gap was not wide.

She lifted an eyebrow. I nodded slightly.

She widened the gap. She was not yet exposing nipples but she was showing a good deal of the inside of each breast.

More shots.

She popped the last button.

She said: "You really like my boobs don't you?"

I replied: "I like you and those magnificent boobs are just part of the package."

She went: "Mmmm. You really know how to charm a girl."

I responded: "This girl is already charming."

We both laughed.

She stretched backwards slightly causing the top to pull tight against her breasts.

Three more pictures.

Then she leaned forward slightly so that the top was gapping free of her breasts.

She gave me a big grin.

I took another ten shots, moving from left to right as I did.

She then pulled the top free of her skirt.

More shots as it dangled open.

She said: "Are they still worthy of worship?"

I answered: "You bet."

She held them up and I kissed them again."

She sighed.

I took another twenty shots.

She removed her top completely.

I took another dozen shots.

She hugged me. Her breasts were soft and squishy against my chest. We kissed, a soft and gentle kiss. I caressed her back and then her butt. She was wearing a garter belt.

We held this for several minutes. There was lots of spiritual energy flow. Again, she leaned her head against my chest. I caressed her hair and kissed the top of her head.

She lifted her head and said: "How about a prom dress?"

I replied: "Sounds good to me."

She went to change.

She came back in her junior prom dress. She had me zip it up.

This dress showed a beautiful cleavage.

I took about forty pictures. Some standing and some seated. Front, quarter, side, over the shoulder and from a ladder.

Beautiful girl in a beautiful dress.

She had me slide the zipper down six inches.

That changed the shape of her cleavage without showing any more breast.

Ten more shots. Three from the ladder.

She had me unzip it the rest of the way and went to change.

She returned wearing a different top and a skirt that went to mid thigh. No bra. The tops of her stockings were just covered.

Again we played the button game, ending with the top open.

I had her play with the skirt a bit, showing off the garter belt attachments to her hose.

She was having fun and it showed.

She changed into the white dress. The top six inches were elastic material. This shaped her bosom in a very interesting way. She started with this totally covering her breasts but worked it slowly down until it was below them. I got lots of good pictures.

She changed into the yellow summer dress. It was strapless with elastic only at the top. It was very loose below the elastic. The dress was short enough that the tops of her hose were occasionally showing.

I took a few pictures and then suggested that stockings really did not fit with a summer dress.

She went across the hall and removed them along with her garter belt.

This dress emphasized her breast jiggle as she walked. I enjoyed the effect.

We hugged again. Her breasts felt nice against my chest. Lots of Chi flow. We again kissed softly. I caressed her back and her ass. She was wearing panties.

She took one of my hands and brought it to her breast. I squeezed gently. She sighed happily. I began to play with a nipple. She began to moan. We kissed again; this time with tongue. We were both panting within a minute.

Finally I said: "This is getting dangerous."

We released.

She replied: "Especially since I'm not taking birth control pills."

I responded: "I suggest you start. Especially after the Beauty on Campus contest lots of guys will be after you and it is best to be safe."

She then said: "Actually I think I should start but just for one man. A whole lot will have to happen before we do anything but for the first time in my life I've met someone where I feel it would be right."

I said: "He will be a lucky young man."

She said: "He is not that young."

I asked: "How old is he?"

She replied: "I'm not sure. He looks at least fifty but he is very wise so I think he is significantly older. Let me ask: How old are you?"

I answered: "Over seventy. Why?"

She said: "That lucky man might be over seventy."

I said: "Oh my."

We kissed gently, no tongue.

She said: "More pictures."

I shot about ten and then moved the lights to the background.

I took another twenty. I had her face in different directions. In a few of them her panties were obvious.

She slipped the elastic down to below her breasts.

I moved the lights back and took another ten.

She moved it down to her waist. This effectively changed the dress into a skirt. I took about ten shots.

I suggested she wear it low on her hips. She reached up under the skirt and removed her panties.

I took about twenty more shots. Some from behind were showing a second cleavage as she adjusted it.

Some from the front were giving a hint that she really was a natural blonde.

We hugged again. I caressed her back and then her ass. We did not let ourselves get carried away.

She said: "How about the senior prom dress?"

I answered: "OK."

She returned wearing it.

We hugged again.

The only thing under the dress was Brenda. She felt wonderful.

I said: "I just have to ask: What did you wear to the prom under this dress?"

She asked: "A half slip, a strapless bra, panties and pantyhose. Why?"

I replied: "If you had worn it like this I could just imagine your date coming in his pants dancing with you."

She blushed: "It's that sexy like this?"

I responded: "Yep."

She replied: "Oh."

Then she said: "Pictures."

I took about thirty. Some standing and some sitting. I even took a few from the ladder. Various angles and various lighting.

She slipped the straps down her arms and pulled the front down freeing her breasts. Then she tucked it under them. I took another thirty. Her expressions varied from playful to coy to very sensual.

Then we hugged again. I was getting used to holding girls dressed in silk or satin. Both were very erotic.

She said: "Bikini?"

I replied: "Go for it."

She returned in a very nice but tame bikini.

We hugged.

Then I took about thirty shots.

She said: "I wish I had a skimpier one but I sometimes go to the beach with my parents so I bought this."

I responded: "My secretary keeps a stock of, shall we say: 'Interesting' suits. You may check them out if you wish."

We went across the hall and dug into the bathing suit drawer in Joyce's dresser. She ruled most out immediately as too skimpy to cover 'the essentials.' she did find a few that she thought might work.

She pulled out a two straps suit and asked: "What's this?"

I replied: "A bathing suit."

She looked very dubious: "Really??"

I said: "Yes. Why don't you try it on."

She said: "How?"

I explained.

She said: "Turn around."

It did not take her long to change into it.

She struck a pose, cocking a hip and said: "You like?"

I replied: "Oh yes." I found my body reacting as well as my mind. I was rapidly developing an erection.

We hugged. She noticed and rubbed herself against it. I found myself running my hands up and down her flanks and back. Then I shifted to massaging her ass. We were kissing and our tongues were dancing.

I said: "We had better stop. Photos?"

She sighed and said: "You're right."

I took about forty shots as she clowned around in the suit. She ended with the straps next to her breasts.

Then she slipped it off.

She was indeed a natural blonde. A stripe more than a triangle. Soft and curly. Not too thick. The color was not that different than her skin. I noticed that her inner lips were prominent, even though she was not showing off her genitals.

She never looked happier than she did now.

I took about sixty pictures.

She came into my arms for another hug. It was surprisingly non-sexual.

She said: "You're overdressed."

I undressed and we hugged again.

I found that we were heading into a more melding space. Lots of Chi flow. I felt very loved and very loving. No lust at all. We kissed gently. She again rested her head against my chest. There was even more Chi flow. She held me tight while I caressed her back and her hair.

After about five minutes we moved to a chair. She sat on my lap with her head on my shoulder. We occasionally kissed softly but mostly just cuddled. The Chi flow continued unabated.

She said: "This is so nice."

I was getting hungry. It was mid afternoon and we had not had lunch.

I asked: "Are you hungry?"

She answered: "Now that you mention it; I am famished."

I took her hand and guided her toward the elevator.

She asked: "Where are we going?"

I answered: "Upstairs for lunch."

She asked: "Naked, like this?"

I replied: "Why not. Are you uncomfortable?"

She answered: "Actually I have never been more comfortable."

I kissed her cheek and we rode the elevator upstairs.

We raided the refrigerator for sandwich makings and enjoyed a nice lunch together.

She said: "Now all we need is some romantic music."

I said: "That can be arranged."

I went and put some on the sound system.

We had just put our dishes in the dishwasher and were walking toward the living room when a waltz came up.

I said: "May I have this dance?"

She nodded and we waltzed abound the living room.

The next number was a slow ballad. We cuddled together. Her breasts were pressed into my chest and my hands were massaging her ass. My erection was pinned between our bellies. We danced like a couple of lust crazy teenagers dancing to a 'slow dance.'

We moved to the sofa at the end of the song. Again she sat on my lap with her head on my shoulder. One breast was squeezed onto my chest. We occasionally kissed softly, tenderly. The Chi flow was wonderful. Basically we just cuddled. Mostly I just stroked her back. Occasionally I would caress her free breast but not for long at any time.

I was not feeling at all lustful, nonetheless I was glad we were keeping it tame. I was aware of just how easily I could shift into a mode of being very lustful. The few remaining condoms were back in Ann's dorm room.

When the CD ended we went back downstairs.

I had her pose in her garter belt and stockings. Very cute, very sexy. Thirty pictures.

She tried two of Joyce's bikinis. She flirted. Fifty pictures.

I ran a slideshow. She really liked the pictures.

We shared another glorious hug.

We dressed and I drove her back to her dorm.

She commented during the drive: "This has been a most wonderful day. Thank you."

I sat and meditated for almost an hour before fixing myself some dinner.

I checked my email and found a message from Lisa. She was wondering if we could get together. I called her and we set up getting together the next day at eleven.

Doreen and Kim pose.

I picked the girls up right at seven. Kim had her makeup case and Doreen had a suitcase.

Kim gave me a kiss. Doreen raised an eyebrow in response.

We talked about meditation. Both girls were finding that the practice was improving their lives.

Doreen said: "Classwork seems less stressful. It's like I was fighting the material before."

I said: "You probably were. When we expect something to be hard it becomes hard. If we approach our work with reduced expectations, which is part of what meditation provides, we often find it is actually easy."

Kim responded: "Amen."

We all laughed.

We arrived at 3i. I carried the suitcase into the third office and put it on a chair.

Kim was wearing a purple silk blouse and a matching skirt. Her blouse was buttoned almost to the top but she was not wearing a bra. One result was that she jiggled nicely.

Doreen was wearing a black dress showing moderate cleavage and going to mid thigh.

Doreen opened the case. It was packed full.

She extracted several dresses and set them on chairs.

She said: "This is sort of weird."

I asked: "How so?"

She replied: "I guess I never thought that I'd actually wear any of these for a man."

I asked: "Then why do you buy them?"

She answered: "You know, I don't really know. When I see them I think: 'Oh, I'd look good in that.' So I buy it. The idea of having someplace where I might actually wear something like these just doesn't occur to me. When I get home I try them on once and then put them away. Only then do I realize that I'll never wear them in public."

She continued: "I do have dreams and fantasies about wearing them however."

I asked: "What are some of your dreams and fantasies?"

She paused thinking then said: "Well, several types actually. In the first one I am at a party and I'm the only girl there who is wearing something really sexy and all the guys are paying lots of attention to me."

Kim said: "That sounds like a fairly standard wish scene to me."

I nodded.

Doreen then said: "In another fantasy I am again at a party but now all the girls are in really sexy outfits and I am still the hit of the party."

I laughed and said: "That sounds like our Halloween party."

Both girls went: "Oh?"

I proceeded to describe what went on.

Kim said: "You don't strike me as the sort of person who would host a party like that."

I replied: "I'm not. That party just sort of happened." I went on to describe the skinny-dipping pool parties and how they tended to stay non sexual.

Kim said: "That sounds more like you. Will you invite me to one when you start up again in the spring?"

Doreen popped in: Me too?"

I replied: "Yes I will."

They both smiled.

Doreen continued: "Another one is that I am walking down the street or across campus in one of the more extreme of these and everybody just treats me normally."

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