tagRomanceDrunk Friends end up Having Sex

Drunk Friends end up Having Sex


Hi everyone, you can call me a storyteller. I am 25 years old and well built.

This is what happened when I was in India, working before I moved abroad.

It was Diwali but I didn't go to my hometown due to some last minute office work issue. The same happened with preet, who was working on the same project. We were good friends so we decided we will have party among us two at my flat as none of my roommates were there.

So after office we got all the booze and moved on to my place. After reaching home she went to change while I ordered pizza. She came out wearing a t-shirt and a boxer of mine, as she didn't bring any of hers. She was comfortable as she used to visit me quite often. Now about her, she is a hottie with whitish skin tone and curly hairs and all waxed skin. I use to tease quite a lot for her round ass and boobs.

She sat in the common room getting up some movie while I went to change myself. By the time I came out she had already gulped 3 pegs of whiskey and had eaten half of the pizza.

I didn't mind that because we use to do that quite a lot at our house parties. I went and sat beside her on another bean bag and started eating and drinking myself while watching the movie.

In a while, we had already drink one bottle of whiskey with a big pizza. Suddenly preet moved her bean bag in front of me and asked me to massage her shoulder as she had a really long day. I started giving her a soft massage while she gulped another peg. We were talking about casual stuff, which drunk people always do. I was caressing her shoulders and back from above the t-shirt. Slowly I started massaging her arms and moved the t-shirt from arms towards the shoulders and kept on caressing. Then I started caressing bare skin of her shoulders. We both were enjoying the buzz from alcohol and were silent.

While massaging her back when I reached her lower back I inserted my hands inside the shirt and started massaging. She didn't say anything so I kept on massaging under her t-shirt from lower back and moved upward. I massaged her whole back and shoulder from under the t-shirt. She was wearing a bra, I moved my finger under the bra strap and moved a bit. She said it's tight to which I responded if I should unhook it. She was high and nodded. I unhooked her bra and suddenly she moved backward with her back to my chest. My hands were still inside her t-shirt.

I started moving my hands on her tummy which was waxed and so soft. I started moving my hands upward and went inside her loose bra but didn't touched her boobs. I was moving my hands from her tummy to her underarms. She was breathing heavily now.

She moved toward me, her mouth close to mine. I was caressing her tummy.

I then moved my lips onto hers and gulped both her lips inside my mouth while my hands jumped onto her soft boobs.

She completely turned toward me and I kept on chewing her lips and squeezing both her boobs in my hands. We were kissing for some time before I broke the scene and looked at her. She was looking hot with puffy lips messed up hair and my hands feeling the softness of her boobs.

We both got up and went inside the bedroom. We both held one another because we both were hammered. As soon as we reached the bed we started kissing again and clumsily started taking each other's clothes.

We were naked and her skin felt so soft and warm. I reached down to feel her pussy and it was hot and wet, literally. She had some hair down there. We both were kissing, she was stroking my dick, which according to her was big and I was moving finger inside out of her pussy.

I went down to her pussy and pushed her legs apart and got my tongue inside her pussy. She moaned a bit so I kept on licking it. She grabbed my hands and pulled them toward her boobs. I started squeezing her boobs while licking her pussy. She came in like 10-15 minutes and shuddered with her legs grasping me from my throat. I thought I would die but then I moved on above her and kissed her. She hugged me and we kept kissing. Suddenly she pushed me down and came over me and held my dick and started shaking it. She was caressing my balls with one hand and shaking my dick with other. Suddenly she took my dick in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. Man, I was in heaven!

When I dick was all wet. She laid beside me and asked me to come over. I knew what was to be done. I tried inserting my dick inside her but it was difficult as I was hammered. After some hard work and she helping me guide, I went inside her. It was a bit awkward at first but then things started getting fun. I started fucking her slowly at first and den increased my speed. We both were making noises. Wow!

I came inside her but she didn't. She asked me to go again and I was more than happy to.

We fucked thrice that night and then slept till noon next day. This one night opened doors to many sexual encounters that we had over the next year at the office, home, and even public places. I will keep writing about the same if you guys liked this story of mine.


I hope you like it. Send me reviews on my profile.

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