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Drunken Sister


This was going to be a boring weekend. My parents were gone for the weekend and my sister was out partying. I was sitting on the couch watching TV on a Friday night. I must have fell asleep because I heard the front door open and I woke up. My twenty-one year old sister, Jen, had gotten home.

"Hey little brother!" She said to me. Jen then headed back to her bedroom. I heard a loud thud moments later. I figured I better go back and check on my sister. Sure enough she was lying face down on her bed passed out. I thought I better turn her over onto her back in case she got sick.

As I flipped her over I looked hard at Jen. She wasn't the most attractive girl around. She was a little heavy from all that drinking. She had a little belly on her. She did have big tits and she sure liked to show them off. Most of my friends commented on her tits all the time. I started to pull off her clothes so I could put her into bed properly.

I had a hard time getting her shirt and bra off as well as her pants and underwear. I finally got her naked. I was going to throw the covers over her, but I stopped. I took a good look as my sis. There she was naked and I was so horny that night. I hadn't been out on a date in weeks. I had a wild idea and I started to shed my clothes as well.

My dick was already half hard. I started to stroke my seven inches as I observed my sister. She hadn't made a move. She was barely breathing from the looks of things. I climbed up onto the bed. I pulled Jen's legs apart and got in between them. I figured I might as well have some fun with her. I began to rub my cock head all over her wet pussy. After a few minutes of that I slid the fat part of my cock across her folds.

I must have gotten carried away because my dick momentarily slid into my sister's pussy. She still hadn't made a move yet. I held my dick in place until I thought this through. I eventually figured she wouldn't know a thing. I started to feed her my dick. I know I was fucking a woman who was passed out, but I didn't care by now. I was a horny eighteen year guy stuck in the house for the weekend.

I drove my cock in as deep as I could, but Jen barely made a move. I did see her eyes barely open up. "Is that you Bobby?" She asked me.

"Shhhh," I said quietly. She seemed to pass back out and I kept up my fucking. I must have gone fifteen minutes or so when I felt I was getting close to cumming. I knew I should pull out, but my sister deserved this. She was good at treating me badly and I was always bailing her out. Especially when she came home drunk from a party.

I slid my dick in all the way and then I exploded inside my sister's pussy. My big sacs hit her ass as I blew my sticky load deep into your pussy. I knew it was wrong, but I just didn't care any longer.

I must have had a big load in me because I seemed to squirt a long time. When I finally pulled out I watched as my cum dripped out from my sister's hole. I got off the bed and pulled the covers over her.

The next morning I was up eating a bowl of cereal. Jen came out of her bedroom with her bathrobe on. She had a confused look on her face. "Good morning sis," I told her. "How did I get into bed last night?" She asked me.

"I helped you take your clothes off and helped you into bed," I told her. Jen came over to me and gave me a hug.

"You are so good to me Bobby," She said.

I just looked at her and said, "You should be more careful Jen, letting a guy cum in you like that." Jen's face got all red and she stormed back into her bedroom.

I figured I better blame last night's sex on someone else for now. Jen certainly didn't know any better. A little while later I was watching the tube again. Jen came out and sat next to me. I think she bought my explanation of what happened to her. She put her arm around my neck and planted a kiss on my cheek. "Thanks for last night again, I was so messed up I didn't remember a thing."

I turned my face to her and kissed her directly on the lips. She seemed a bit shocked and pulled away from me. "We shouldn't, Bobby."

"Why not?" I asked her. "You let some guy cum in you and you can't remember who it was." I could see she was getting mad at me, but I didn't care. I put my hand between her legs. Jen's eyes grew big. I rubbed my fingers against her crotch. I could tell Jen was horny still. She always seemed to need it according to what guys told me.

This was my turn now, I figured. I brought my other hand to the bathrobe and I pulled it to one side. I could see one of her big tits and I latched onto it. "We really shouldn't do this," Jen said, but it was a weak response.

I could tell she was melting now. I had her in my power. I pushed a finger up into her pussy. Jen must have washed up because I didn't feel my cum inside her any longer.

Jen was letting me do whatever I wanted by this time. I then stood up and undid my pants and pulled my shorts down as well. My cock was hanging down directly in front of Jen's face. I looked down at her and she knew exactly what I wanted.

"Go ahead, suck it," I told her. Very slowly Jen reached out and took my dick in her hand. She then brought it up and surrounded my head with her lips.

Fuck, did that feel good! I reached out and put my hand on the back of her head. I guided her into sucking my pole. And suck it she did. Jen just went wild on my dick and I pushed my cock deep down her throat.

She started to gag, but I didn't care. We were going to do things my way from here on. I let Jen suck my cock for a few minutes and then I pulled out. My sister had a confused look on her face. I wasn't about to blow my load that way.

I reached out and pulled the bathrobe away. I could tell Jen was really excited by this time. Her nips were hard pebbles and her pussy looked wet. I had to have her now.

I pushed my sister onto her back. "No Bobby, this is wrong." I had already fucked her once, what was one more time? I spread her legs apart and crawled in between them.

Jen had this wild look on her face. She wanted my cock, but she knew this was so wrong. I would change all that shortly. I took hold of my cock and brought it to her folds. I moved my hips forward and shoved it into my sister.

She let out a small scream as I gave her my rod. I went right to fucking her fast and hard. I took hold of her legs and pushed them against her big titties. Then I stretched my legs out and fed her my fuck tool.

Jen lost whatever reservations she had before. I could feel her muscles working around my dick. She was milking me and pulling me into her pussy. I just wanted to punish her and pay her back for all those times she had made fun of me. She was going to remember this day for a long time. I would pull my dick out just leaving the head inside you. I would look down at my sister's face. I wanted her to beg for it.

"God Bobby, don't pull out!"

"So you want my cock after all, sister?" I was almost screaming at her. Jen nodded yes like a little girl and I fed her the whole length of my shaft. I fucked her like a wild animal might do in heat.

"Please pull out before you cum," my sister pleaded with me. I wasn't going to do any such thing. I had already unloaded in her last night. What was one more time?

The moment came and I could feel my seed rising up to the tip of my dick. I slammed into Jen a few more times and then exploded. As soon as Jen felt my cum her eyes got big. "Pull out!" She yelled at me. It was too late.

I filled my sister with a hot, sticky load of my love seed. My sister might have pleaded with me to pull out, but her pussy said otherwise. Her muscles were clamped hard around me taking my love offering.

Jen wanted my cum she just couldn't bring herself to admit it. We kept fucking like that until I got soft. I slowly pulled out and watched my cum dripping out once more. Then Jen began to sob. "That was so wrong," she said to me.

"You wanted that as badly as I did," I told her. Jen didn't disagree with me, but she continued to sob still. "How many times have you let a guy cum in you?" I asked her.

"Once or twice, I think" I was sure it was a lot more than that. She was upset because her brother just blew a load into her greedy pussy.

Jen went back to clean up and I didn't see her for some time. I eventually went back to her bedroom. Jen was lying there as if she was in a daze. She looked at me and then spoke. "I really did enjoy that, Bobby."

I sat down on the bed next to her. "Let's become lovers," I told her. "No one has to know." That was the start of Jen and I fucking each other. The rest of the weekend was more of the same. Jen rode my cock and I fucked her doggy style. To be honest, my sister is a real cock whore. She just can't get enough.

My parents are back now from their travels. Jen and I have to be more discrete. I sometimes sneak into her bedroom late at night and let her suck me off. Whenever my parents leave the house we are doing it.

Jen is a bit worried because we aren't using any protection. I know I should have, but I love the feel of my bare cock deep in my sister's pussy. Time will tell how things work out. For now, I am fucking my big titted sister.

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