tagChain StoriesDry Valley Ch. 09

Dry Valley Ch. 09


Chapter 09 ~ Bailey's Plan

"I'm leaving, Jess."

"What do you mean you're leaving?" Jessie asked Bailey as the two women walked along the sidewalk.

"I mean I'm leaving. There's nothing here for me."

"What about Tom? I'm sure he'd say differently."

At the mention of her handsome lover's name, Bailey's cheeks pinkened with erotic memories of the past few days.

"Tom is just a fantasy. There's no way he'd settle for someone like me." Bailey answered wistfully.

"That's your problem, Bailey. You think you're something to be "settled" for. You never could see that you were so much more." Jessie lectured her friend as the two women glanced inside the windows of the local shops.

"It doesn't matter now," Bailey answered. "After the way I've acted the past few days, he's bound to think awful things about me." In spite of her worries, Bailey couldn't help but giggle with the memories of the passionate love-making and animalistic sex that had been shared between her and Tom. No matter his thoughts about her now, it had all been worth it.

The Walker boys had been every girl's fantasy in high school and very little had changed in the years since. Bailey had always had that soft spot for Tom, though. And since she'd made up her mind to take a new job in New York, she had also vowed to just take what she wanted for once in her life. Now the problem was that she had fallen in love with Tom. If she was totally honest with herself, she would have to admit that she'd always loved him on some level. And that love just seemed to get deeper and deeper, which was a problem for her as he would never love her with the same intensity.

Bailey was brought out of her bittersweet musings by Jessie's voice. "So where are you going, then?"

Bailey thought before she answered. She had a plan in motion and she didn't like her plans to change. Therefore, she had to be careful who knew and who didn't.

"You can't say a word, Jess. I mean it. Not to my Aunt. Not to anyone." Bailey looked solemnly at her sister-like friend.

Jess sensed the seriousness in her friend's words. "I promise, Bailey. You're really serious aren't you?"

"Yes., I am. I've thought long and hard about this for a couple months now. I've been offered a job in New York. I'm going to take it. It will give me a reason to leave without hurting Aunt Wanda. I'll still visit a couple times a year and if she needs me, I'll only be a phone call away." Bailey answered, though she sounded like she was trying to convince herself.

"A phone call and a couple thousand miles," Jessie answered with a frown on her face.

"Jess, you just don't understand. You left Dry Valley and everyone behind. Things were never good for me here. I have a chance to start over now. I have a new body, a new outlook, and now I have a place where no one knows me or my past. I have nothing worth staying here for.."

Jess thought long and hard about her friend's words. "You have Tom." Feeling that this wouldn't be enough to convince her headstrong friend, Jessie added, "and you have me."

Bailey gave her friend a sad smile. "I don't have Tom, Jess. I have a couple nights of sex with him. Granted, it was hot, mind-blowing, never forget, sex.....but that's it. At least in his eyes. And I don't even have you. You left years ago, Jess. And you're leaving again."

It was almost instinctive for Jess to deny that she was leaving. The power of this feeling stunned the beauty as she began to ponder what that meant. Did she really want to leave? Of course she did, Jess told herself. Bailey was right. She had a life elsewhere.

"Well, sweetie, I hope its really what you want. And if it is, then know that you have my support and best wishes. And you better invite me out there sometime," Jess said and both girls giggled as they neared the coffee shop.

"It's not what I want," Bailey said with a wink, "but I'll just have to take what I can get. Now...let me buy you a cup of coffee and let you in on my plan." Bailey winked again at Jess and hooked arms with her as the two girls entered the coffee shop.

Since her first night with Tom, Bailey had become more certain of what she needed to do. There was no way Tom would fall for her and there was no way she could be near him anymore and not tell him how she truly felt. It had become her intention to love him while she could, then get out of town. Tomorrow evening was Aunt Wanda's dinner and Bailey had a redeye flight out of town tomorrow night.

She would, of course, tell her aunt and uncle what was going on....but not until she arrived in New York. They would only talk her out of it if they knew. She had always lived in the small country town and was, by her own admission, a country girl. But Dry Valley had gotten to small for her and even to move to the next, bigger town hadn't been far enough. If she didn't find happiness after the move to New York, she would know she was just destined to be Buck-Toothed Bailey, no matter how far or how fast she ran. But before she left, she had one last night of memories planned with Tom....and the poor boy wouldn't know what hit him.

Tom made the last step onto his porch with a dusty thud. He had worked hard laying a new fence line that had been destroyed when a tree had blown onto it in the last storm. He saw the white slip of paper on his screen door and cursed to himself.

"Damn salesmen," he muttered as he jerked the note from the door. Giving it a cursory glance, he was surprised to see the feminine handwriting on the slip of paper. At the same time, he noticed the scent of it....her scent. A small smile split his lips as he read the delicately penned words.

Your presence is requested in the kitchen.

Tom wondered what wonderful sights would behold him once he got to the kitchen. He was both grateful and disappointed when he simply saw dinner on the table. While he was famished from the long, hard day's work, he had also hope to see Bailey wrapped in an apron and nothing else. As he hate the mouth-watering steak, baked potato, salad and homemade rolls, he noticed another note that had been placed in the breadbasket.

Your presence is requested in the shower.

Tom's heart lodged in his throat and his cock jumped at the thought of what may lay ahead for him. He kicked off his dusty cowboy boots under the kitchen table without bothering to finish the last roll in the basket and took the steps two and a time up the stairs and into the bathroom. His shirt fell to the floor halfway up the steps and he lost his pants at the top before skidding to a halt at the bathroom door.

Steam escaped into the hallway as Tom opened the bathroom door with a wide grin. Instead of being met with a sexy, sudsy brunette, he was met with a steamy, hot running shower. The steam from the hot water had allowed him to see the message written on the mirror above the sink.

Get clean. Get to bed. ASAP!

Now Tom KNEW he would finally be rewarded with his most desired treat. As he quickly jumped in the shower, he thought back about his time with Bailey. There had always been something about her that he liked. Even when she was "Buck Tooth Bailey", he had always adored her. She had never seemed interested in him, though and in those days, he had girls falling all over him. He'd just convinced himself that he might as well have someone even if it really wasn't who he wanted.

The last two days had changed his mind. It wasn't just Bailey's looks that had changed his mind, though he wasn't complaining for a single second about that, but it was the fact that she was still just as beautiful on the inside as she had been all those years ago. Many women, and men for that matter, that had gone through the transformation that she had would have lost themselves in the process. Bailey seemed to have grown more sure that who she'd always been was who she was supposed to be.

She was still the girl that would drop whatever she was doing to help her aunt, uncle, and anyone else that needed a hand. She was still that girl that volunteered at the hospital to help with the elderly patients, even if it just meant spending her Saturday afternoon listening to old war stories. She was still the girl that kept him off balance. She was still the girl that he wanted more than he wanted his next breath.

Tom turned off the water and dried off, feeling much better now that his stomach was full and he was clean. He felt like a new man, however, when he thought of what awaited him in the next room. Still naked, he opened the bedroom door and felt as if the air had been knocked out of him.

Tom could focus on nothing except Bailey, lying across the bed, her body propped up by her elbow with her cleavage all but pouring out of the black leather corset that seemed to be painted on her body.

With a little grin and butterflies in her stomach, Bailey blew a kiss at Tom, gave him a wink, and then a come hither motion with her finger. Tom didn't need to be told twice and crossed the room in two strides to get to the bed.

No words were necessary as Tom slid into bed with Bailey. She sighed contentedly as his lips met hers in a slow, loving kiss. The heat of their bodies was already emanating from them as Bailey slid on top of Tom and deepened the kiss.

"God, you're beautiful," Tom murmured as the kiss ended and Bailey sat up straddling Tom's body.

Bailey, still unused to such attentive words from a sexy man, blushed shyly. Tom started to reach for her to pull her down for another kiss but Bailey stopped his movement by sliding her fingers through his.

"Tonight is all about you, Tom. Will you let me give you a night to remember?" Bailey asked almost breathlessly.

Tom couldn't speak. Every moment with Bailey was a moment to remember. He simply smiled and knowing that he had just granted her wish, Bailey smiled and pressed her body onto his for another deep kiss. As their tongues and lips danced and separated, Bailey moved Tom's hands to the bedposts. He felt the silk on the flesh of his wrist and his cock jumped. Tom didn't know what Bailey had planned, but he liked it already.

Bailey slipped the silk scarves around Tom's wrists and tied them each one by one. His moan of delight broke the silence in the room as he felt her lips and tongue slide along his jaw and down his neck. Her right hand slid down his body to his hardening cock and stroked it gently as her teeth lightly scraped across each nipple.

Tom groaned aloud at Bailey's touch. His cock was growing harder by the minute with the sensations she was giving his body and with the thoughts of what she had in store for him tonight. It crossed his mind that something seemed different tonight, perhaps more intense if that were possible, but the rational thinking simply fled his mind with Bailey's next move.

Straddling his hips, Bailey slowly released the tied threads of the black corset. The movement of her arms behind her back caused the form-fitting top to stretch impossibly tighter on her voluptuous breasts. As the fabric released, granting her freedom, she couldn't help the moan that escaped from her lips as she slid her hands up her ribs then massaged each globe causing her nipples to turn rock hard.

Tom could help his groan either as he watched the erotic site. Bailey then slipped between his legs, leaned back and removed her panties. She was now completely naked and kneeling between Tom's legs. He just knew what was to come next. He waited for and longed for the touch of her lips on his cock. Instead, he got the shock of the unexpected.

Bailey had known what Tom was waiting for, but she wasn't quite ready for that yet. She was serious when she said it was going to be a night to remember. With an impish grin on her face, Bailey simply winked at Tom and turned so that her perfect ass was pressing against his cock. At Tom's hiss of released air, the grin turned into a full fledged smile as she wiggled against him then moved away to slip his ankles into the silk bonds that she had placed on the footboard earlier.

Tom thought he would explode on the spot as Bailey turned around from the foot of the bed, leaned over, and slid her tongue over the tip of his cock slowly and seductively. His hips bucked off the bed but his restraints held him in place. It was only at that moment that he realized he could truly be in trouble from this sexy lady before him.

"Don't go anywhere," Bailey softly spoke as she giggled and left the room. Tom could hear her in descend the steps and rattle around in the kitchen before returning a few minutes later carrying a silver tray. The time away from her had not lessened his desire for her at all. He watched in complete awe and curiosity as she set the tray on the bedside table.

The tray contained a variety of items, all of which sent Tom's mind reeling in untold fantasies. There was a bowl of strawberries with a side helping of whipped cream, a glass of ice, a feather, and some other intriguing odds and ends. Tom could see that it was going to be a long, pleasurable night.

Bailey slipped a piece of ice from the glass and straddled Tom's waist. He was completely entranced by the site of her sliding the ice over her full, luscious lips before ever so slowly sliding it down her own neck. The trail of delight was completed when she rolled the quickly melting ice over her left nipple, causing it to pucker immediately. Tom was then rewarded with a view of her own tongue sliding out to lick the moisture from her nipple. Her moan of pleasure and the little shiver that raced through her body only heightened his senses more. He watched as she repeated the motions with her right nipple, only this time she leaned forward so that Tom's tongue could taste the sweetly aroused bud.

Just as Tom was longing to taste more of her, Bailey pulled back. Her constant teasing was arousing him beyond all belief. He was rock hard and ready to explode. It would just take one touch from her to send him over the edge. He wanted that instant relief but also wanted this feeling to last forever. His wish for relief was almost granted, however as he watched her pick a strawberry from the bowl and slip off his lap to sit between his legs. She was facing him with her legs spread. Those legs seemed to go on forever. He watched with fascination and a hint of jealousy as she slowly slid the strawberry towards her smoothly shaved pussy. He struggled at his restraints once again, wishing fervently that he could touch her, as she slid the strawberry along her slick, wet folds until the strawberry was slick with her juices.

Tom closed his eyes in rapture as the tip of the strawberry was slowly drawn across his lips. He could taste her very essence on the sweet piece of fruit as he bit off half of it with one bite. He'd never had such a sweet tasting strawberry before and he knew without a doubt that it had little to do with the quality of the fruit.

Bailey slipped her finger into the whipped cream and slowly slid it into Tom's mouth. He licked her finger hungrily as her body covered his completely. Their bodies touched inch for inch, her hard nipples pressing into his chest and his rock hard manhood pressing between her thighs.

Their mouths met in a lingering kiss, sharing the taste of the sweet treat of a few moments before. Bailey moved lower on Tom's body. She shook the sad thought from her mind that this would be the last time she ever did this. Her tongue slid out to taste the tip of Tom's cock, feeling it jerk beneath her lips. She eased her tongue over the head, sliding it between her lips as her fingers cupped his balls. Inch by inch she swallowed him, encouraged and unbelievably aroused by the masculine gasps and groans that reverberated throughout the room.

Bailey increased her speed as Tom started to thrust into her mouth. He was held captive by the restraints, but couldn't help writhing on the bed to try to touch more of her body. Faster and faster, Bailey fucked his cock with her mouth, growing more and more wet by the second. This was moving faster than Bailey intended, as she wanted her last night with Tom to last, but she couldn't help herself now. Not only had she seduced Tom completely, she had driven herself to the point of no return.

Bailey slid off the bed and untied Tom's feet, releasing them from the silk folds of fabric. She licked and nibbled her way back up his body, stopping briefly to lick his cock from base to tip before positioning herself over his cock. Taking the massive tool in her hand, she slid the head through her slick folds.

"Mmmmm.....ride me, baby. Take me inside your hot pussy now." Tom gasped. He wanted so much to touch her with his hands. The thought was perished as he felt his cock slicing through the tight, wetness that was the essence of Bailey.

"Oh fuck, Bailey." Tom gasped. He fought to hold still. She was so tight that he could almost cum just from the squeezing of her pussy around his cock. He loved the sensation and wanted to enjoy it as long as possible.

Bailey placed her hands on Tom's chest as she started to slowly rock her hips back and forth on Tom's rock hard cock. She loved to have him inside her. She couldn't tell where he ended and she began as she started riding him slowly. His cock easing in and out of her slowly, going deeper with each descent of her body. She tried to control her movements, but as usual when Tom was near her, she lost all rational though and control.

Her body started pounding harder on his. His cock drove harder and deeper inside her as she pistoned faster and faster on him. Their moans and gasps filled the air as their lovemaking reached a fever pitch. Tom fought his restraints now, wanting and needing to have control over her. As their passion grew to a fever pitch, Bailey struggled to release Tom from his bonds. He immediately turned Bailey so that she was on all fours and kneeling on the bed in front of him. Without wasting time, he slammed his cock back inside her sopping pussy.

His hands on her hips allowed him to pound harder and faster, taking her deeper and deeper. Bailey met each thrust with her own thrusting body. She'd never felt this way before. She was on fire and about to go over the edge. If she died at this moment it would all be worth it.

"Fuck me, Tom.....fuck me harder." Bailey screamed.

Tom was spurred on by Bailey's words as he felt his cock starting to twitch. His hand made contact on the perfect flesh of her ass, leaving a pink hand print on the unmarred skin.

"Oh god, yesssss......I'm going to cum," Bailey barely managed to gasp as she felt the sting of the slap.

Tom slammed harder into Bailey. His building yell announced that he was close. He pulled her body to him in a single, strong thrust.....then another......and yet another. On the fourth powerful thrust, his body and soul let loose with its passion. Each shot of his hot seed seemed to scorch Bailey's inner walls, filling her up as her juices coated his cock. Wave after wave overtook them as they came together. Bailey's pussy clenched and unclenched around Tom's cock, milking every drop from him as he continued to thrust inside her slowly and sporadically.

The couple collapsed on the bed, Tom on top of Bailey. They stayed that way for what seemed an eternity, trying to catch their breath and not saying a word. Tom could still feel Bailey's relaxing pussy twitching around his cock as he finally raised himself enough off her to place light kisses on her shoulder and neck.

"God, you're amazing, Bailey," Tom whispered in her ear before sliding off her and taking her in his arms.

"I'm just trying to keep up with you," Bailey softly answered as she sighed contentedly and allowed herself to relax completely in his strong, capable arms.

Bailey was hit with a sudden sense of sadness and lonliness as she remembered what tonight meant. It was quickly pushed to the back recesses of her mind, however, when she felt Tom's fingers slip between her wet folds and his mouth close over her nipple. This was her last night, but it wasn't over yet. She had all intentions of enjoying every second of it. There would be time for sadness later.

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