tagChain StoriesDry Valley Ch. 20

Dry Valley Ch. 20


Finishing Touches

Three days had gone by since the break-in and attack on Jessica and Bailey. The women had been moved to the Walker Ranch, much to Missus O's soft muttering. But she knew the ranch was the place the girls needed to be to recuperate, she was however out there every day just to ease the burden on her friend Sissy, though Sissy didn't find it a burden at all. She enjoyed having the town's beauties in her home again, it was like old times, when the small group would run around and play in the large ranch home.

"Sissy, I wonder what will happen to the man," Wanda asked. Her fingers worked another bead onto a needle and she stitched the seed pearl onto the bodice of a wedding gown. "I don't like killin'; never have, but I wouldn't mind it."

Sissy smiled softly. "Wanda, he'll be put away for a long time. The girls are safe now and the boys aren't going to let anything happen to them."

The two best friends worked in silence for several more minutes, before the sound of the crashing screen door filled the air. "Mom," Tom said in greeting, kissed her cheek and then did the same to Wanda. "It looks like you're in your elements," he said and fingered the soft silk. "Whose is this one?"

Wanda slapped at his hand scowled. "Go wash those grimy things before you stain it. It's Bailey's and I'll not have you marring the cloth before the lass gets to wear it."

"He'll have it tore off her before you know it," another deep baritone voice said. Mitch Walker, Tom's twin and the other groom to the houseguest living in his mother's home walked in and kissed his mother's cheek and then greeted Wanda as Tom had, with a customary peck.

He could feel the heat of the old woman's blush and knew he had embarrassed her. He smirked and winked at his mother, who shot him a look of ‘behave'. He feigned innocense and moved to her side. "You've both been working like slaves to get these dresses done. The girls said they'd be fine with store-bought ones."

"Oh no they will not " both women declared almost simultaneously. Tom and Mitch chuckled, but knew it was no use arguing. The two women were bound and determine to get the hand made wedding gowns done and though they were working hard, they weren't working alone. Jessica and Bailey had also added their Home Ec. skills from Highschool and had stitched up the lace onto cuffs and hems. They had both decided to throw themselves into the wedding, the dates now rushed forward, because both men wanted their women safely tucked in their beds and behind locked doors.

The phone rang; Mitch squeezed his mother's arm and told her he'd answer it. Tom asked where the girls were and was directed out to the barn. He left Mitch to answer the phone and kissed both women goodbye. His face hadn't stop beaming since Bailey had agreed to marry him by the following Friday. It was now Monday and he'd have his woman in his bed in just five days. They'd been celibate since the attack, something Bailey had wanted and though Tom wanted nothing more than to make love to her and wash the memory of Jonis's touch away he had agreed.

He stepped into the barn and saw the two women stroking the flanks of one of Mitch's horses. He knew Mitch would be moving the stud to his ranch in a few more weeks, so it was good that Jessica was getting to know the animal. He watched the two women, best friends since Elementary School and was awed by how precious each one was to him. Jessica, he thought he could have loved, and he did love her, but not in the way he did the woman that stood beside her. Bailey had always had a place in his heart, one he denied for a long time.

He had seen her on her knees, taking in the cock of Jonis and inside he had raged. Now, looking back how could he have thought the act he was seeing was anything but forced. He knew she loved him and he wanted to make up for the split second doubt he'd displayed. He'd apologized many times, and she had accepted it, but still he couldn't wait to show her how much he loved her and would never doubt her love for him again.

"Hey," Mitch's voice reached him at the same time that his hand dropped onto his shoulder. "Let's talk." Tom raised a brow and followed his brother toward the railing of one of the outer corals. He had just caught Bailey's gaze and he raised his hand in greeting. The two men disappeared and Tom felt the tension in his brother.

"What's up?" he asked, then remembered the phone had been ringing when he'd left the house. "Who was on the phone?"

Mitch took a look back, making sure no one had followed them out of the barn. He pushed his fingers through his hair and stared at his brother. "How's the slice you took from Jonis?" he asked. His eyes glancing down to where he knew bandages covered the wound the man's knife had formed in the tussle at Jessica's.

"It stings, but I've had worse, what's up? You look a little green," Tom said. He felt a knot forming in his gut and he could almost hear the words forming in his twin's mind.

"Jonis was being transferred from the county jail, up to the courthouse and he got a hold of the Deputy's gun, shot him in the leg, then grabbed some passerby," Mitch said. He spoke low, his voice full of menace. "The Deputy will be okay and the hostage was found outside of town missing the car he had showed up to the courthouse with and looking like a bull ran him over, but he's alive. No sign of Jonis. Ma's gonna call the girls in and have them help with the dresses."

"What are we supposed to do?" Tom asked.

"We are supposed to stay out of trouble and wait here with our women," Mitch growled low and rolled his eyes, "but that's horse shit and you and I know it. Jonis is gonna come back to the Valley and finish what he started if we don't find him and deal with him ourselves."

Tom grimaced. "Mitch we can't take the man's life, even if we find him."

"Fuck yes we can, if its self-defense."

"If what's self-defense?" a womanly voice called out.

The two men groaned and turned to face the owner of the melodious words. "Hey babe," Tom said pulling Bailey into his arms and holding her tight. He kissed her brow and stepped back. "Mitch and I were just talking about how nice it would have been to finish off that asshole."

"I see," she answered back.

Jessica came up next to her, rubbed Bailey's back and then squeezed Tom's arm. "We'd all like that." She walked around and gave Mitch a hug and a kiss. "Bailey and I are going to finish up a few details on the gowns and then head into town for a trip to Becky's shop."

"Ohhh that sounds fun," Mitch said, rolling his eyes. Becky had been the head cheerleader and prom queen. She was now the owner of the only custom clothing store in the small town.

"It will be, she's starting a line of lingerie . . . " Jessica let the words fall where they may and grabbed Bailey's arm. "Let's go. They'll be drooling at the thought of us trying on panties and bras together."

The men laughed, but agreed. Both having erotic images dancing in their heads as they headed to the barn to talk to their dad.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jonis kicked the flat and thought about changing the tire. He dismissed the idea. He didn't have time. He was only a couple of miles from Rita's. He knew she had a car and he knew she'd take him wherever he wanted. He stuffed the gun in his pants and began the trek through the woods to her home. His fingers itched to wring the neck of the Walker boys and drive his cock into the slick pussies of the cunts they were marrying.

He reached the edge of the woods, darted across a dirt road and then moved through the tall fields of hay. Eventually, he tangled his way through another wood and then into the back yard of a beat up shack, one that he knew held Rita, and her husband. He headed to the back door, intent on getting to the woman and having her help him, whether she wanted to or not.

Rita was alone, washing dishes and listening to the tunes of George Straight blaring on the radio. She'd just gotten over the initial shock of hearing that Jonis Owens, once a resident of Dry Valley, was on the loose after being arrested for the attack and attempted rapes of two women, whose names were being withheld. She remembered how she had said a silent prayer, when she first heard the news of his initial capture. She prayed that he make out okay, and then tried to put him behind her. It had proved hard the first day, but easier as she counted herself lucky that her husband never found out. The news now, disturbed her and brought him back to the forefront of her mind. She hoped he got away. She knew Jonis was ruff, but rape, that was just foolish. . .wasn't it?

"Hey baby, miss me?"

Rita's eyes grew wide and she dropped the soapy rag back into the water. She turned and locked eyes with Jonis. Her heart stopped and her hands shook. She smoothed them down on her jean clad legs and then crossed her arms. "Wow, I didn't expect you to come here. Your being hunted."

"Yeah? Where else would I go, them damn bitches have the whole fuckin' town on their side."

Rita felt the anger rolling off him. "I'm sure it's a misunderstanding."

"Are you?" he asked, one brow came up and he moved toward her.

Rita took a deep breath. There was a menace to him now, something that she had always pushed back, so she could experience the hard, rough, fucking he was so good at. She stepped back though, not sure if she wanted to have him when he was as angry as he was now. The movement wasn't lost on Jonis though and she saw his nostrils flare.

"You scared of me too? You bitch. I come here and need your help, but you're gonna run like a scared rabbit?" He reached out for her and grabbed her arm, hauling her to him.

Rita was startled, but felt her sex tighten in anticipation. "I'm not running baby. I'm sorry," she mumbled.

"That's right, you better be. Now I need your car and you; I need to get out of here," he said as he dragged her from the room.

"Jonis, I can't leave " she exclaimed and pulled back. "I've got a husband."

Jonis laughed and hauled her up to him. "So, that didn't stop you from letting me fuck ya senseless." He pushed her against the wall and dragged her arms down to her sides. His mouth settled over hers and his tongue plunged in deep.

Rita didn't struggle, but she did think. Her reaction was to melt into him, let him screw her long and hard, quick and dirty, just get his cock buried deep in her womb and come all over it, but in the back of her mind, she knew if she went with him she'd never make it home again. She returned the kiss and then waited for him to ease off of her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tom and Mitch drove along side roads that led in and out of Dry Valley, in search of the car that Jonis had stolen from his temporary hostage. When they came across it, both men grew silent in thought. Jonis was far from the Walkers and that made them wonder whom Jonis was running too. Bailey and Jessica were safe though and for that they were thankful.

"We're gonna have to head out on foot," Tom said. "Should I call the Sheriff?" he asked. He and Mitch were looking for Jonis on their own, but he felt it was time to let the Sheriff know what they had found.

Mitch thought a moment. "Yeah, call him up. I'm gonna call Pa and have him saddle up a couple of the horses and bring them out here. It'll take some time, but we can cover the woods better on horseback."

"Sounds like a plan," Tom said and reached into the truck for his cell phone as Mitch pulled his from the clip on his belt. Phone calls were made and within forty-five minutes Mitch and Tom were riding with a few other area ranchers who had decided to form their own "mini posse". They fanned out in different directions, each relying on tracking skills long taught to them by friends and family members.

Back at the ranch Bailey and Jessica kept stiff upper lips as they waited on word from their Grooms. They had grown tired of watching the nervous flutter of Wanda and Sissy grow. It had been obvious something was up when the two women joined the older ones who were fretting over what they claim was a flaw in the sizes of the bodices for the dresses. Jessica and Bailey knew that the two ladies had sewn more clothes in their lifetime than many in the area and could probably make the dresses in their sleep.

When Sissy's husband came in and cursed, calling for Sissy and then speaking low to her, his gaze shifting to the two Brides-to-be, Jessica and Bailey felt their fingers curl in anger and despair.

"Out with it," Jessica demanded. Her eyes bored into those of Sissy Walker, soon to be her mother-in-law.

Bailey stared down her aunt and when Sissy returned to her seat, having kissed her husband goodbye, she turned back to each girl.

"The Sheriff called and Tom and Mitch are going out searching for Jonis, seems he got away this morning on his way to the courthouse," Sissy told them, reaching for Jessica's shaking hands. She gripped them and Wanda held Bailey's. "The boys found the car he used to get away, and are now searching with others for him. They'll be alright."

Now, time was crawling and Jessica felt as if her soul were trapped in Jonis' grip. She hated him and wanted his life over. He'd violated her once, invaded her home and dragged her friend Bailey into it. She wanted him dead, but not at the cost of her love's life or the life of his brother, her best-friend's lover and her friend.

Bailey too was worried. She demanded to be told where the boys had found the car, but Sissy held firm and refused to share with her the information. Bailey vowed it would be the last time she was to ever feel like the ‘little woman' waiting at home. She glared out at the driveway, willing her soul-mate back to her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jonis had felt relatively safe in Rita's home. He learned her husband wouldn't be back till late, so he decided he'd enjoy a bit of sport and a meal. Rita had cooperated, but Jonis could tell she was biding time and that had infuriated him. She now lay on the floor of her living room. Her body was bloody and bruised. His cock hung limply, but throughly used. He sat on the couch drinking his third beer and wondering if he shouldn't just torch this house and the bitch laying sobbing in a curled pile.

He kicked at her and demanded she shut-up. He heard her whimper and he chuckled. Reaching out, he grabbed her hair and hauled her up back toward him. He didn't see what Rita had done while he'd been scrounging in her kitchen. He never saw the look of fear and determination in her eyes, too drunk on power to notice it. When the small pistol sank into his gut and the stinging burn of the bullet, wove itself into the thick layers of skin and then into the hard muscles and found its way into his heart, he felt his fingers lose their grip. "What the fuck," he muttered and looked down on the fingers gripping the trigger.

"I could have loved you . . . " Rita whispered. Her lips were swollen, both eyes almost closed shut and her face looked as if someone had used it for a punching bag. One arm lay twisted at a grotesque angle and her chest hurt when she breathed. Now her eyes shed tears that stung the various cuts on her face.

Rita had watched him turn into a raging lunatic that was unreachable. She had worked with him, sucking him off and making him comes, but when he had reached down to caress her pussy, and found it dry, he'd known she was too worried about his presence and his threat to take her from her home. He had become livid, pushing her to the living room and onto the floor. She struggled, bitten and clawed her way out from under him, but he was stronger and eventually she was forced to take his cock into her dry sex. He'd come fast, and then continued to plunge into her, the slickness of his seed, easing his weapon into her.

She still fought and he still beat her into submission. He'd taken her head and smashed it into the ground, into her coffee table and against her walls. Her arm had been torn from its socket and she knew several ribs were broken. When he'd finished with her, he'd left to get a beer. She however, had kept a grip on one strand of reality, her husband had a gun, loaded and within reach, if she could just muster the energy to get it.

She had.

Rita worked up the strength to crawl to a box, kept behind the TV. She pulled it out and toyed with the lock. They had never locked it, but it was stiff. Her fingers pried it apart and then she pulled the lid open, found the small weapon and tucked it against her stomach. She undid the safety and waited, she knew she'd never make it alive if she left the house with Jonis. She'd lose her husband and her life, it was just a matter of when Jonis was tired of her.

Now she watched him. A part of her died with him as the life in his eyes began to fade. "I'm sorry," she whispered. Suddenly she jerked back, as the sound of her front door being knocked in vibrated through the house.

"What the . . . " Mitch shouted, taking in the scene before him.

A woman, he didn't know, lay in a crumbled heap, her eyes wide and full of tears that were spilling down her bruised and battered cheeks. Jonis sat naked on the couch, lifeless eyes stared down at the gaping hole in his gut, a ring of black marking the entry wound of the deadly bullet. He dropped the gun his father had brought when he'd brought the horses and reached out to stop his brother from advancing on the woman with the gun.

Tom took in the scene and felt a calming presence wash over him. "It's over, huh?" he asked.

"Finally," his brother answered.

The two men slowly approached Rita, talking calmly to her, until she was able to look up at them and acknowledge their presence. "I couldn't go with him," she told them and let the gun fall to the floor.

Tom scooped it up and tossed it far from the woman. He called the Sheriff and within the hour, police from several counties were responding. When Tom and his brother returned to the ranch, it was with their father following behind them, horses in tow within the safety of the truck.

Bailey was the first to spot the dust rolling up the drive and she ran out, followed by Jessica, Wanda, Sissy and the low, hanging belly of Jeb, the ranch's guard dog. The low bark of the Basset Hound filled the air, but was drowned out by the roar of the trucks' engines. When Mitch and Tom emerged from the cab, they were plowed over by their respective lover's and rewarded first with hugs and kisses and then slaps to the chests as they were berated for putting themselves in danger.

The rest of the week moved swiftly, dresses were finished, and bridal showers given. Mitch had approached Tom, telling him he wasn't wasting another week just to make Jessica his bride and was more than happy to share the wedding date with him if Tom was willing. Tom agreed, moving his and Bailey's Friday wedding to Saturday so both brothers could marry at the same time.

The sun blazed across the Texas sky that Saturday morning as two women dressed in handmade gowns of linen, lace, satin, and silk walked across the white rug that had been unrolled to lie against the thick grass of the Walker's back yard. At the end waited two men, dressed in black slacks and white shirts, each sported ties that they both swore never to wear again. Cowboy boots that had been scrubbed and polished till they shined and their faces were full of love. Their eyes matching in all ways but one stared down the makeshift isle of flowers and ribbon as their loves walked toward them.

Words were spoken, vows exchanged and rings pressed into palms and then slid onto fingers. When each one met the other in a kiss, the audience of well-wishers sighed in unison. The kisses grew more heated and it was only the loud cough of Wanda O'Grady and Sissy Walker that stopped the two couples from letting themselves be lost in each other and give a public show to the guests that had come to welcome Dry Valley's jewels back into the nest.

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