byMuse Amour©

Walking over to my dressing table to splash on some French perfume I realized I was a little nervous. Tonight I was going out on my second date with Greg. I didn't know him very well. We met when I was downtown at the Powers Building, waiting in the reception area for my meeting to begin.

I remember he had been surrounded by men who seemed to be protecting him. They were listening attentively when he spoke, and one of the men bowed and hurried off to take care of a request he made.

I had been half-watching their group and it was obvious Greg was in charge. He was really sexy looking and the type of man who oozed confidence. Seemingly a successful businessman judging by his expensive-looking well-fitting suit and the ornate gold ring, inset with what I could see was a diamond. It was hard to stare without bringing attention to me.

His cell phone rang and when he answered it he walked over in my direction. As he was talking I caught his eyes on me. We smiled at each other and possibly would have said hello if I had not been called into the office for my meeting.

I remember what a surprise it had been a few days later to pick up my phone and find him on the other end. He introduced himself and said his name was Greg and that he'd requested my phone number from the man I'd had the meeting with. It seems Mr. Powers was a good friend and would do anything for him, including handing out my number. We chatted for a few minutes and I agreed to meet him.

Our first date was to a restaurant so popular reservations could only be accepted if you had the right referral and we had been quickly ushered in. He was treated with utmost respect, almost as royalty.They all called him Sir Gregore and the owner sent over a bottle of vintage champagne and Beluga caviar. I remember laughing when I asked him if he was a Prince.

We talked about so many things that night. Subjects ranging from the best restaurants in Little Tokyo, a couple of humorous stories about birthday parties to an interesting conversation about erotic fantasies and desires. I shared secrets with him I had never told another man. He had this way of setting me at ease. I felt very comfortable with him.

That first night when we were having an after-dinner cognac, a well-dressed, attractive dark-haired man stopped by the table. He bowed to my date, said "Master," which I thought odd, then he took my hand and kissed it. It was all very European. He had an unusual ring. Ornate gold with some kind of crest and in the center was a black stone. The two men spoke about some successful business arrangement.

I remember hearing the man tell Greg that he was anticipating another exceptionally pleasing arrangement, and the friend departed. But not before he again kissed my hand and bowed to my date.

"Sorry for the interruption, my sweet." he said. "He is a business associate and was thanking me for a loan I allowed him." "And the name he called you...Gregore?" "That is my formal name." "Hmmmm. Are you a man of many secrets?" Greg didn't answer me. He just leaned closer and pressed his lips against mine. Whispering "Just waiting for your discovery."

That had been our first date.

When Gregore called the other day he told me to wear something sexy and wanted to know if I owned a red dress. I said yes, knowing that I looked especially hot in that particular outfit and the red 4" high heeled shoes I wear with it were especially sexy. I stood in the mirror, turning around to critique my outfit - the way the strapless dress was tight around my waist, a slight flared skirt above knee length, how my breasts looked with a bit of cleavage showing with the very low cut squared neckline. I was wearing black silky thigh high stockings, a strapless black lacy bra pushing my two full breasts up, intensifying my cleavage and a black, barely-there thong made of imported lace.

I wondered where he would be taking me. When Greg called for this second date he would not tell me where we were going. Only that I should wear a red dress and high heels and to be prepared for a very interesting experience. He said a woman such as myself should allow herself discoveries. It sounded intriguing and I did have a red dress and he had really treated me well on the first date, so I agreed.

I looked at the time. He would be here any minute. Checked my lipstick and the doorbell buzzed. I gathered my wrap, purse, and headed out the door to the waiting stretch black limousine. The chauffeur was holding the door open for me and I slid inside where my date was holding two glasses of champagne.

"You look very sexy tonight, my darling, Michelle. That is a perfect outfit for this evening." We toasted to "discovery". After we had a few sips, he said "I want you to trust me tonight." "Trust?" I asked. "What are you planning? Where are we going?" I wasn't nervous, just a little curious. "We are expected at a private club and shall be there soon." he answered.

I sat back and tried to relax. My date looked very handsome tonight wearing a black tuxedo with satin trim, his dark hair perfectly in place. His green eyes were shining like emeralds. I caught a glimpse of diamond cufflinks on his crisp white tuxedo shirt and his cologne was subtly masculine. He was wearing the ring I had noticed in the reception area, the one with a rather large diamond setting. I could feel myself becoming intrigued by the evening.

"All right. I will trust you." I said and saw him pull out a black silk scarf from his inner pocket and fold it. He told me to let him put it over my eyes. Our destination was to be a surprise. He sat me back with the blindfold on and gave me my champagne glass. I was trying to listen for hints as to where we were, but the limousine was insulating us from the outside world. He said we were almost there, and we shifted to the right. I could feel the car slowing down.

"Is this it?" I asked reaching up to remove my blindfold.

His arm stopped me and he said "Yes. When we stop I will help you from the car and shall have you on my arm as we enter. There will be several people in the room. You will hear them but do not respond. Remain still until I say otherwise. Is that understood?" I said I understood in a voice peppered with concern and curiosity.

"And I shall like you to wear this necklace tonight." I heard the sound of a jewelry box being opened and felt something cold against my neck. His hands were on the back of my neck locking the clasp. I raised my hands to feel what he had attached around my neck and I could tell it was a wide choker made of stones. It was close against my throat - a bejeweled choker with a heavy circle ring hanging down.

I felt his mouth on mine, tender against my lips, his hands on my cheeks, his mouth opening to give his tongue access to explore mine. Then, as if remembering the purpose of the evening, he pulled away and again told me "Trust me tonight, my angel, my m. Be true to your desires."

When the car came to a stop it was exactly as he had described. He helped me from the car, up the stairs and through the doors. I could hear people talking, snippets of conversation. We came to a stop and heard people gathering closer. A man's deep voice announced our arrival. "Presenting Sir Gregore!" I was going to say something to my date, I had no idea he had a title, but I could feel his hand tightening on my arm. I took that to mean I should be quiet as he had earlier instructed me to do. He bent his head close to mine and whispered in my ear "Trust me. Do as you are instructed." and I nodded my head. I had no idea what I was agreeing to.

I heard murmuring voices, but could not distinguish words. There were people brushing by me, I could feel their garments against my arms. I felt fingers at my neck, where the jeweled choker was clasped and could feel something being attached dangling down my back. It felt odd to have strangers touching me, my skin, with no regard to me, but their fingers were so soft it was almost like feathery kisses.

I felt fingers on the zipper of my dress, and knew instinctively what was going to happen next. Hands on my shoulders, pulling down my dress, revealing my breasts encased in a lace bra, down my belly, slipping the dress down to the floor. I started to say something in protest, but I was shocked into silence by a light tug at my necklace.

I was afraid. Standing there, where? In front of a group of people I did not know, only wearing a black bikini, lacy black bra, thigh high stockings, my heels, and a necklace with something attached to it.

I must have looked frightened, Gregore's voice came through the other voices. "Tonight you will discover passion. You will be afraid at first, but I will awaken desires you did not know you had. You must trust me, to know that no harm will come to you, but you must obey me to know pleasure. And, m, there will be pleasure for you tonight." This made no sense to me, I was blindfolded and strangers had just stripped me.

But for some odd reason, I was finding this "game" to be stimulating. Erotic, rather than frightening. Like being in a movie and playing a role. His voice, his manner, the respect he commanded. I had no reason not to trust him. I decided to go along with it. To do as Gregore requested. To trust him. I nodded my head. "Yes." I said in a whisper. "Yes, Sir Gregore." he corrected. "Say it." "Yes, Sir Gregore." I said.

The feel of leathered gloves on my naked arms. And the swing of something dangling down my back. I allowed myself to be taken somewhere else in the room or was it a different room? I wish they'd take off this blindfold and let me see my surroundings.

The smell of candles burning filled my nose. An earthly, sensual fragrance. I could feel every inch of my body on edge wondering what was going to happen next. I felt a fine fragrant mist being sprayed on my neck, across my shoulders and breasts, something being poked between my legs, some kind of stick spreading my legs apart and then I felt the mist sprayed up my thighs and the mist sticking to my clit and pussy lips through the wet patch of fabric between my legs. It was so fine a mist I could scarcely feel it on me, but the coolness of the fragrance.

I felt tension on the dangling line down my back and knew someone was holding the other end. I heard Gregore say "Stand tall, my sweet. Tonight you shall obey all instructions I give you. Do you understand?" I said "yes." in almost a whisper. He countered with "Yes, Sir." and a light pull on my choker. And hands were behind my head untying the black silk scarf blindfold. I blinked my eyes a few times, trying to adjust to the light of the room. Actually it was candlelight. Lots of candles burning, flickering flames lighting the room, a darkly paneled room with heavy maroon drapes. Tassels along the valance, a heavy oak table in the middle of the room. A truly Gothic-looking room.

And over there, in a corner was a big wooden cross, an X. Ominous looking. There were about 30 people in the room. Men in tuxedos. The few women present were in beautiful long gowns. Gregore was next to me, in his hand a diamond leash attached to my necklace!

"Let us begin." and he began to walk. I had no choice but to be led by him. I should have been more worried about being practically naked in a room full of strangers, but I was preoccupied with what was about to happen.

We walked slowly around the room, circulating amid the guests. Actually he walked and I followed. All eyes were watching us. I could see some of them pointing at me. Sir Gregore stopped at each of the men. One of the men walked around me, examining my body from every angle. Another one ran his hand over my bottom as I stood before him. I turned to say something to him, to tell him no, but Gregore continued to walk and he tugged at my leash so I had no choice but to keep moving.

One of the men asked Sir Gregore about my ass and he told me to bend over. I looked at him sharply. Maybe I had misunderstood, but his gloved hand went quickly to the top of my head and it was pushed downward. I had no choice but to bend over deeply. I could see the man's shoes moving around me, his hands exploring my ass, spreading my cheeks. I flinched at his unexpected touch. "Stand up, m," he said. There was a tug on my leash and I stood up.

We stopped before one of the women. She was very pretty, about my height, with golden hair, and blue innocent-looking doe eyes. Her breasts were on the small side. She had a diamond choker around her neck. She curtsied low to Gregore and fell to her knees before him, hands on her thighs, palms turned upward. I heard her say "Master Gregore. Whatever you desire." He answered "You, My pet." She did not rise up until we moved on.

We headed over to an oversized chair with a high back, almost a throne, and Gregore sat down looking like a King. He motioned for me to sit down next to him on the floor to the right of his chair. Never loosening his control of the diamond leash. I kneeled down, resting on my heeled legs.

I looked around as the guests were settling into the overstuffed chairs encircling the oak table in the center of the room. Gregore raised up his hand and the room quieted down. All eyes were watching the golden-haired girl walk towards us. She waited before approaching him. Gregore instructed me to stand up. The girl moved to stand in front of me. She looked over at Gregore, and he nodded his head.

Her hands quickly went to my bra and unclasped it, freeing my breasts. Her fingers on my nipples between two fingers, pulling at them, making them redden and become hard. Gawwwddddddd, that felt good. I was focusing on her touch. And could feel myself already responding to her fingers as wetness began to form between my legs.

She put her hands on the waistband of my thong and pulled it down slowly, slowly revealing my dark, curly pubic mound. I felt her hot breath close between my legs, knowing that she could breathe in my fragrance. I was immediately embarrassed, but oddly, for an instant I hoped she would bring her mouth closer so I could feel her tongue nestled in my folds.

As she slipped my thong down my legs I could feel her soft hands caressing my skin, my nerves tingling, realizing that now the only clothes covering me were thigh high stockings and heels.

She stood aside to allow the guests to look at me, standing there, in my diamond collar and leash, still being held by Sir Gregore. He took the leather crop that had been resting in his lap and let it scrape over my shoulders, down my back and across my ass. I was not expecting that and I gasped in surprise, arched my back as a reflex, at the same time pushing my full breasts forward. "Turn around." he said and I obeyed immediately, not quite sure what would happen if I hesitated.

The leather brushed across and under my breasts, teasing my reddened nipples, the crop being pulled between my legs, up over my clit, causing such a pleasant sensation I let out an involuntary moan, causing Sir Gregore to smile a seductively wicked grin.

"Did you enjoy that, m? To feel the hard leather between your legs?" I could only whisper "yesssssssssssssssss."

He reached out a hand and felt between my legs, flicking a finger over my clit, teasing around my pussy lips, a quick insert and out.

As he pulled out his finger I moaned again. This time with the sound of desire, of lust, of need. "Shall we continue?" he asked. Again I whispered "yessssss, Sir Gregore." I was thinking 'this isn't so bad. A sexy man touching me, mmmm, yes. That's not hard to take.' But, to my surprise he handed the leash to her and she led me over to face the oak table.

"Bend over!" ordered Gregore. And at the same time she gently pushed my shoulders down onto the table, my ass high and open. "Open her legs, my pet." he said. I was totally vulnerable. But, yet, not afraid.

Excited. Erotically stimulated. Wet. My arms stretched out on the table top, her hands between my legs spreading them open for who-knows-what. "Very nice." said Sir Gregore "I am pleased." and I could hear some of the guests agreeing with his judgment. "Remove your dress, Pet. Show us your beauty." he said. And the golden-haired girl slipped the gown down her body until it reached the floor, stepping out of it. I had no idea what would happen next, but I knew it would be something I would never forget.

Her hands were on my ass, moving down my thighs, and up my legs, her breath hot against my tingling skin. I could feel my cheeks being caressed and suddenly her tongue licking me between my legs. "No. Please don't." I cried out. But at the same time I knew I did not want her to stop. I already felt my desire beginning to grow. The more her tongue probed my pussy the more hot and wet I got. Wiggling my ass with desire I could scarcely believe it when I heard my voice beg for more attention. "More. Yes, Ohhhhhhh yes. Oh Please, Sir Gregore. Help me."

I heard some of the guests leaving their seats walking over to me. Their hands boldly touching me. Cupping my ass, forcing their fingers between my legs, I felt hands on my clit, slipping fingers into my pussy, spreading my wetness around, hands around my waist, someone's tongue on my foot, another licking my pussy, probing around and around with their tongue. I admit I found this erotic. Exciting to be touched by so many hands, to know that I was found to be pleasing to them. I began to enjoy the sexually charged experience. Someone's head was between my legs. A mouth clamping onto my clit making me moan with pleasure, with desire, desire to cum. I began to rock my hips back and forth, to grind my pussy into the mouth. Not knowing if it was a Man or Woman pleasuring me.

Sir Gregore must have known I was close to the edge. I heard him say with a warning in his voice "Do not cum yet. You may not cum without my permission. If you do, there will be discipline for you."

But I could not stop. Could not hold back. It was too late for the warning. Not that I would have been able to stop myself from the intensity of pleasure. I have never felt so engulfed, so enveloped by the strength of an orgasm.

I let out a moan that began deep down within me. Getting stronger as each wave of cumming washed through me. My spasms would not cease. My body quivering, my clit throbbing with the stimulation. oooooOOOOOOHHHHH gawwwdddddddddddd! I was screaming as my juices flowed down my legs. My body shivering with heat.

Maybe it was because the whole situation of strangers touching me, caressing me, unknown hands. Or being treated as a possession of Sir Gregore's, complete with a collar and leash. But I have never felt my entire body go into such a level of intense Orgasm. The relief usually found by sexual release was never like this.

I felt my body go limp against the tabletop. Relaxing my muscles. But Sir Gregore had issued a warning that he was going to act upon. "You have been disobedient, and shall be disciplined! I did not give you permission to cum, did I?"

I didn't answer because I don't think my voice would have been heard. I had no idea what the punishment would be, but knew I would trust him. Those were the words he had said. And, quite honestly, I did not have the strength to move.

"Stand up, m." Sir Gregore said quietly. I took a deep breath, still not moving. Feeling a tug at my leash I gathered what little strength I had and stood up from the table. Looking around all eyes were on Sir Gregore as I was led to the far end of the room, stopping before a wooden cross with large metal rings attached high on each end.

"There shall be 20 lashes." he announced. One of his hands went to my face, touching my cheek, the other went to my head, stroking my hair. It was so loving the way he touched me. My whole body relaxed.

He whispered in my ear. "Trust me, I will not harm you, Michelle. Will you take the lashes to show me your trust?" As soon as I heard his voice, felt him close to me, I knew my answer. "Yes".

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