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Dual Submissions




Tracy humiliated Thomas again. Thomas planned the dinner meeting with the new client and invited Tracy to go along hoping she could help. Instead, Tracy acted like a snob. Then, when Thomas suggested they go to a bar after dinner to talk business, Tracy protested that a 33- year-old Mother of three had no business in a bar and insisted Thomas take her home. Thomas drove the car without saying a word to Tracy.

Thomas and Tracy married several years earlier. Thomas was very successful in business and Tracy could stay home and take care of their three children. Tracy was a knock-out, 33 years old, only 5 feet tall, long brown hair, hazel eyes and 36C breasts that just begged to be sucked. However, over the past two or three years, due to Thomas's increasing success, Tracy became a snob, very uppity, and rarely would engage in sex with Thomas. When Tracy "allowed" Thomas to have sex with her, it was always in the missionary mission, very little foreplay, and Tracy never let Thomas touch breasts. Thomas was growing tired to Tracy's behavior and started thinking about ways to loosen her up. He tried to get her to drink a little when they would go out, but Tracy always refused. Thomas would buy her sexy bras and thongs, but Tracy would not wear them. Now, after her embarrassing behavior last night, Thomas was determined to go to extremes.

The next day at work Thomas started searching the Internet for what he wanted. With very little effort he finds a local ad that reads: "Bored Housewives Trained to Be Submissive Sluts." Thomas dialed the toll-free number and listen to the instructions from the deep, male voice. Thomas wrote down the additional number provided and looked at it for several moments. Finally, he picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"How dare you bother my sleep," a deep male voice answered.

Thomas thought about hanging up, but his desperation won over.

"I'm calling about your ad for bored housewives," Thomas stammered out.

"Are you bored?" the voice replied.

"No, it's my wife," Thomas said and began telling his story to this perfect stranger.

"I see," said the voice, "call me back in seven days at this same time and I will tell you if I will consider training her. And, by the way, it will cost two thousand dollars, and she will be my property for a week."

Thomas then heard a click.

For the next seven days Thomas thought and re-thought his decision. Should he do it or not. On the sixth day Thomas attempted to make love to Tracy. She refused. When Thomas tried to force himself on her, Tracy accused him of being a pervert and ordered him to sleep on the couch. Thomas made his decision sometime during the night.

"Yes," the voice said, "have you made your decision."

"You want hurt her will you?" Thomas asked.

"Not to wear you can see it, now here are your instructions and I need some information about the slut."

Thomas' ears stung at the word referring to Tracy but listen carefully to the instructions. Then like he was under a trace, Thomas described Tracy in detail. After he hung up, Thomas called his Mother and told her Tracy was going away to visit friend for a week, could she come and help out with the kids. Thomas knew his Mother would jump at the chance. With all bases covered, Thomas waited for the appointed day.

On Sunday afternoon Thomas told Tracy he wanted to show her a bigger house and that "Mom" would watch the kids. Thomas knew the thought of a bigger house would spark Tracy's interest. When his Mother arrived, Thomas and Tracy left. Thomas looked over at Tracy. She was dressed very conservatively in a pair of slacks and thick sweater. Her long hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail. Thomas felt his cock jump to life at the thought of Tracy being a slut. He already wired the two thousand dollars as instructed and now set out to deliver Tracy. As they drove far out into the country, Tracy never said a word.

"Is this it," Tracy said with excitement as Thomas pulled into the long driveway leading up to the mansion.

Thomas glanced at his watch, 4 pm exactly, just as he was told. Thomas saw the large man waiting in front of the house as the car came to a stop. He was at least 6 feet 4 inches tall with massive hands. He was dressed in all black and wore black boots, behind him stood two women dressed similarly.

"Do these people owe the house?" Tracy asked when Thomas stopped the car.

As Tracy stepped out of the car, the man quickly reached and snapped something around her neck. Tracy slapped at his hands.

"What do you think you're doing," Tracy asked.

Thomas started the car as per the instructions he received. He started to pull away as Tracy fell to the ground in obvious discomfort. A pane of guilt entered his thoughts until he saw in the rearview mirror that Tracy was removing her clothes. Thomas smiled with satisfaction at his plans.

"Now, Slut, I will only ask you once more," the man barked at Tracy, "remove your clothes."

Tracy stared at him with fire in her eyes. She turned to try and get back in the car just as Thomas pulled away. Suddenly Tracy felt sharp pains in her neck that travel through her entire body. Tracy dropped to one knee just as the pain stopped. She pulled at the collar without success and another pain shot through her.

"Please, stop it, stop it," Tracy begged but the large man just stared down at her and spoke one word, "Strip."

The pain stopped and Tracy stood up and started removing her sweater and laid it on the ground, then her pants. Tracy placed her folded arms over her bra-clad breasts as she stood before the three in just panties and bra.

"Everything," the man ordered and Tracy felt the hint of a shock in the collar, just a reminder.

Tracy reluctantly removed her bra and panties and stood trying to cover her breasts and cunt with her hands against the gazes to her three tormentors.

"Allow me to introduce Mistress Samantha and Mistress Michele, you will just call them Mistress, and I am 'Master," the man said in a calm voice, "now lower your hands to your side."

"I will not, this is rape, and kidnapping, you'll, aaahhhhh," Tracy screamed as she felt the sharp pain of electricity in her neck again. Instantly her hands with to the collar and tried to pull it off without luck. Mistress Samantha and Mistress Michele quickly moved beside Tracy and pulled her hands behind her back and locked steel handcuffs around them.

"Ah, now, that's better," the man spoke. The two women joined him again.

"Let me explain," the man started, "you are to be trained as a submissive slut, your husband has paid me well and you will be trained or you will experience pain. From this moment on your mouth, your tits, your ass, your cunt, and your pleasure belong to me. You will not cum unless I tell you to, you will not speak unless I give permission, you will be fucked in every hole, you will learn to suck cock, lick pussy, and service men and women without hesitation. Do you understand?"

"You can't get away with this," Tracy protested and struggled against the handcuffs.

"Bend her over," the man said to the two women, "the only response is 'Yes, Master.'

Tracy fought against the two women as they bent her at the waist and held her in position. Samantha wrapped her arm around Tracy in a headlock with Michele doing the same around Tracy's abdomen. Tracy found she could only move a few inches. She watched as the man called "Master" walked behind her. Tracy never expected what happened next.

Smack, Smack, the sound echoed as the man brought the palm of his hand across Tracy's firm ass. Smackkk, smackkk, harder the man struck Tracy's ass. Tracy squirmed and tried to move from the blows.

"Do you understand?" the man was asked then spank Tracy's ass harder with several swats.

Tracy bit her lower lip trying not to respond. But her ass was on fire from the blows of the man's large hands. Tracy's eyes filled with tears as another blow from his hand struck her ass just above her cunt. Strangely, Tracy also felt a surge of sexual excitement as each blow landed. The thought of being naked, held by two women and being spanked outside was perversely exciting. Tracy shook the thoughts from her head and decided to submit this time.

"Yes, Master," Tracy blurted out and the spanking stopped but the two women continued to hold her.

Tracy jumped as she felt two thick long fingers inserted into her cunt.

"The slut is soaking wet," Master said to the two women, "and her clit is hard. You are name appropriately aren't you Slut?"

It was true. Tracy could feel the tingles in her cunt when Master stuck his fingers inside her. When he touched her clit Tracy thought she would have an orgasm right then. She was thankful he did not rub her clit.

"Yes Master,"

"Good, you are learning," Master complimented her. The compliment caused Tracy to fill with a little pride. "Release her."

Tracy stood up. Master told her to look at his ass. At first Tracy did not understand, but realized that the man considered Tracy's ass to belong to him. Tracy strained to look back at her ass and gasped as she saw how red her well-defined ass cheeks were.

"Stand up straight," Master order. Tracy stood very straight and her 36C tits jutted out, nipples hard from the spanking she received.

Master spoke to Samantha and Michele. "Prepare her, shave that cunt and ass, fit her with handcuffs and nipple rings, non-piercing, and get a leash for her collar. Bathe her and make my holes ready to be fucked tonight"

Samantha produced a chain lease and attached it to Tracy's collar and pulled Tracy behind her into the mansion. Tracy was led into a large room with a physician's exam table. There Samantha and Michele directed Tracy to lay on her back and place her feet in the stirrups. Tracy hesitated for just a moment and immediately felt the sharp pains in her collar.

"You will be punished for your hesitation," Samantha told Tracy and pulled Tracy over to where Michele sat in a chair. Tracy was forced to lie across Michele's legs and endure a second spanking in less than half an hour. With her ass still smarting from the first spanking, Tracy was quickly crying as Michele expertly slapped Tracy's ass with her open hand. After only three or four licks Tracy's cries turned to moans as her orgasm started. Michele realized that Tracy was cumming and immediately stopped spanking her and made Tracy stand. Tracy was forced to walk over to the table and lie down even while she was having her intense orgasm. Tracy could not remember the last time she experienced an orgasm and being forced to walk during it was more than she could stand. Tracy slumped onto the floor only to be jerked to her feet and forced down on her back on the table, legs pulled up into the stirrups.

Samantha lathered Tracy's cunt and ass and quickly shaved her clean. Next Michele applied hot wax to Tracy's cunt and ass. Tracy felt the burning on her skin from the wax. She was still trying to recover from her orgasm when the women finished. Samantha walked over to a table and picked up two objects. Tracy looked and saw that they were vibrators shaped like a penis. They were at least nine inches long and two inches thick. Tracy knew where they would put one of them but was unsure about the other.

Samantha handed the first vibrator to Michele. Tracy braced herself as Michele pushed into in Tracy's cunt. Tracy was thankful she was so well lubricated as she tried to relax to accommodate the size. Michele fucked the vibrator in and out of Tracy's cunt twice then removed it. Tracy jumped when she felt the tip of the vibrator at her asshole. Tracy never allowed anyone to touch her asshole, she thought it was disgusting. Tracy uttered the slightest protest and Michele stopped. At first Tracy was thankful until the barrage of words assaulted her ears.

"Slut, you have been warned and we have been patient, but this is the last straw," Samantha screamed and jerked Tracy to her feet and led her to a wall that had manacles hanging from chains. Tracy continued to protest as Michele unhooked Tracy's handcuffs and placed her wrist in one of each. Samantha hit a switch and Tracy felt her arms pulled above her head and her body lifted off the floor until her toes barely touched.

"You will learn not to speak unless spoken to, do you understand," Samantha said as she stood directly in front of Tracy.

Tracy did not respond and Samantha nodded at Michele who produced two painful looking clamps. Each clamp was about one inch in size with rows of sharp teeth on top and bottom. Tracy screamed as Michele opened the clamp and placed it over Tracy's right nipple and released it. Michele repeated the process of the Tracy's left nipple. Tracy frantically looked down thinking her nipples were cut in two. But the clamps only dug into the tender flesh of her nipples and Tracy was shocked to see no blood. The pain in Tracy's nipples was intense, but she refused to submit to the two women. Michele was an expert. She waited until Tracy's nipples grew use to the clamps then applied the weights to the ends of each one. This produced any more pain in Tracy's nipples as the weight pulled at the clamps dragging her nipples downward and causing the teeth to grab harder. Samantha grabbed Tracy by the hair and pulled her head back.

"Now, do you understand or shall Michele add another weight," Samantha asked Tracy.

Tracy did not know what they wanted her to say and just nodded her head. Michele immediately applied more weights causing Tracy to start begging to be released.

"Do you understand?" Samantha asked again.

Tracy shook her head frantically up and down to indicate she understood and watched in horror as Michele placed two more weights onto the clamps. Tracy's tits were now pulled almost down to her waist and her nipples were a purplish color. Tracy's cries were now wails as she ran through her mind searching for the proper response. Finally, as Michele started to add more weights, Tracy blurted out her answer.

"Yes, Mistress, yes Mistress, yes Mistress," Tracy repeated.

Michele removed the weights but left the clamps on Tracy's nipples. After the weights, Tracy could barely feel the clamps. Samantha lowered Tracy and the manacles were released. As Tracy was led back toward the table, Master entered the room.

"Is she ready yet," Master asked.

Samantha explained that there were problems and Master shook his head in disappointment as he saw the two vibrators lying on the table.

"Come here," he ordered Tracy.

Strangely, Tracy could not control her immediate obedience to his word. She stood in front of him.

"When you come in front of me from now on, you will get on your knees, jut my breasts out, place your hands behind your back and bow your head. Now do it." Master ordered.

Tracy dropped to her knees and positioned herself as ordered.

"I see you have required disciplined," Master said and flipped the clamps attached to Tracy's nipples. "Will you take the vibrators now."

"Yes, Master," Tracy responded as if in a daze.

"Good, now stand, bend over and place your hands flat on the floor," Master ordered.

Tracy could not believe her humiliation as she assumed the position as she was told. She felt Master's large hands pulling her asscheeks apart and the vibrator at the entrance of her ass. With little concern for her, Master shoved the vibrator into Tracy's asshole. Tracy shut her eyes tight and tried not to make a sound.

"You may scream," Master said as he shoved the vibrator all the eye inside Tracy's ass till just the tip stuck out.

Tracy did not scream, but she did groan with the pain in her ass as her rectum was stretched wide. Next, Master pushed the other vibrator into Tracy's cunt.

"Slut is so wet this one easily slides in," Master commented to Samantha and Michele.

When two huge vibrators in her ass and cunt Tracy never felt so full. Her nipples ached and her clit was hard and long from all the stimulation. When Master turned the two vibrators to high, Tracy jumped.

"You are not to have an orgasm," Master ordered, "if you do, I will give you to the male servants for the night and that would not be a pleasant place to be. Now stand up."

Tracy stood up as the sweat started to bead on her upper lip. She closed her eyes and shifted from foot to foot trying not to cum.

"What a slut you are," Master commented, "I will enjoy fucking you. Your husband could have saved his money, you were already a slut, you just needed to be brought out of your shell."

Tracy tried to shut out his words but knew it was true. The prudish, snob act was just that, an act. Tracy did not want anyone to know that deep down inside, she longed to be a slut. Thomas just never realized she wanted him to treat her as such.

"Noooooooooo," Tracy screamed as the orgasm started.

"Pity," the Master said, "give her to the servants."

Tracy lost her self and grabbed the vibrator in her cunt and started fucking herself with it. Samantha and Michele stood and watch as Tracy stood, legs spread, fucking herself in front of them. Tracy was not even aware that they were present, or she did not care. Her orgasm felt so good, such a release and Tracy moaned in disappointment as it subsided.

"Come on slut, to the servants for the night," Samantha pulled on Tracy's leash.

Tracy pulled on the leash with her hand trying to keep up and not fall. The vibrators in her ass and cunt continued to hum wringing another orgasm from Tracy before they reached the hallway.

"You are nothing but a disgusting Slut," Michele said as she walked behind Tracy.

Tracy was led through the mansion naked with the vibrators sticking out of her cunt and ass humming away. As her last orgasm subsided and Tracy regained her senses, she realized that there were other men and women in the house. Tracy was led past them and they paid little attention to her. Samantha led Tracy down some stairs into another larger room that contained several rolls of beds.

"This is the male servants quarters," Samantha said matter-of-factly, "an you will stay here for the night."

Samantha led Tracy to a padded sawhorse and pushed her over it. Michele secured Tracy's wrist to the legs of the sawhorse while Samantha pulled Tracy's legs wide and tied her ankles to the other legs. Tracy was tied, spread-eagle, bent over the sawhorse. She looked pleadingly at Samantha and Michele.

"I won't do it again, I promise," Tracy started, "please Mistress."

Tracy was silenced with a ball-gag in her mouth.

Samantha removed the two vibrators and informed Tracy that the male servants would probably fuck the Master's ass, cunt, and mouth until Tracy could not cum anymore. She told Tracy she would return for her in the morning. Tracy heard the door shut.

Tracy tested the bonds holding her wrists and ankles and found them to be secure. She was not sure how long it was before she heard the door opening and male voices.

"Looky here, a gift from the Master," Tracy heard someone say. Suddenly the room as filled with boys and men of all ages, sizes, and colors. Tracy was shaking her head no as she felt the first cock shoved into the Master's cunt. Someone removed the clamps from her nipples causing needles of pain as the blood return. Before Tracy could adjust, a mouth enclosed her breasts and started sucking. Tracy felt the person in her cunt tense then the warm semen bathe the walls of the Master's cunt. When that cock was removed, another replace it and Tracy started to cum again. Tracy spent the night being fucked in every hole. Before that night, she never swallowed cum but the men removed her gag and Tracy was forced to suck off at least thirty men. Tracy experienced so many orgasm she quit counting. Tracy's only partner was Thomas and now white, blacks, and Hispanics fucked her. By morning, the Master's ass and cunt were so full of cum and so stretched that Tracy could not fill any friction as she was fucked. Samantha and Michele were right, as Tracy continued to be fucked into the morning, she did not experience any more orgasm. Tracy was reduced to just holes to be fucked deriving no pleasure for herself. Finally, Tracy passed out as another cock pumped in and out of the Master's ass.

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