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Dubrovnik Encounter


Marc and I met Keely and Jay when we were in Dubrovnik last July for Marc's forty-fifth. They were renting the villa next to ours and we all hit it off immediately. It wasn't just that we were all English – normally, I hate running into compatriots abroad. It was obvious from the outset that, in spite of the age difference (we're both mid forties while Keely and Jay are in their late twenties) all four of us had a lot in common.

We've been coming to Dubrovnik for over ten years and not just for the climate and the beautiful scenery. Back in the day, we'd heard rumours of the city's thriving swinging scene, particularly among German tourists, and had decided to investigate for ourselves. Let's just say we weren't disappointed. It was a pretty exclusive scene and making the initial contacts was difficult but once we had established our bona fides we were in, and granted access to a twilight world of luxury, depravity and sensuality that previously we could only dream of. The scenes we frequented back home had nothing on this. Spending time in those circles, you tend to develop a sixth sense for people who share the same tastes. And this was the vibe we picked up from Keely and Jay. This, we decided, was a couple who liked to party.

We made our first tentative attempts to broach the subject over dinner one night. We'd taken them to one of our favourite restaurants, a little seafood place overlooking the bay near Cavtat. It was a cool evening following a blistering day when the temperature had approached forty. Keely and I had spent the most of the day by the pool while Marc and Jay had played golf. Having been in such close proximity to Keely's near-naked flesh for most of the day meant I was feeling pretty horny and the outfit she had chosen for the evening – a gorgeous black strapless dress with an asymmetrical hemline – didn't do much to help matters. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail and she wore only a little make-up. The bitch had flawless skin. I noticed that Marc had great difficulty in keeping his eyes off her short, tight body. For my part, I had chosen a sleeveless pink blouse and white cotton three-quarter length slacks. I sat opposite Jay and gave him both barrels of my cleavage at every possible opportunity.

As the wine flowed, the conversation became playfully flirtatious. Keely and I giggled over certain men's shortcomings. Marc really turned on the charm and to see Keely falling for it was a real turn-on for me. Jay would be no problem. I could see in his eyes how hot he was for me. When I leaned forward and touched his hand while accepting a light, I felt a shiver run through me that had nothing to do with the sea-breeze that blew around the terrace. He was wearing a white polo shirt that clung like a glove to his upper body. Just thinking about the latter bare and looming above me had me squirming in my seat. We could probably have brought matters to a head that night but Marc decided that it was too soon. Hence, following dinner and a nightcap in a bar in the Old City, we went our separate ways. Keely and Jay went to a nightclub while Marc and I went to visit a couple of old friends in their villa in Lapad.

There was no let up in the heat the following day. Tired from our exertions the night before, we got up late and decided to take it easy for the day. We were having a drink by the pool when we spotted Jay waving to us from next door. Marc beckoned to him, winking at me. I knew what he had in mind.

'Where's the missus?' Marc said. Jay sat down in a chair next to me.

'Migraine stroke hangover,' he said. 'She's sleeping it off.'

'We're a bit fragile ourselves today,' I said.

'Good night, was it?' Jay looked at me over the top of his sunglasses and it was on the tip of my tongue to say, yeah actually, among other things, I got fucked by two massive cocks while Marc partied with a couple of teenage Hungarian whores. Instead I just smiled and nodded.

'Fancy a dip?' Marc asked him.

'Let me get into my trunks,' he said.

When he came back, Marc was already in the water while I was on a sun lounger rubbing oil into my thighs. I watched Jay wading into the pool and smiled when I saw how he was unable to take his eyes off me. Marc, treading water at the far end of the pool, looked on gravely. When Jay caught up to him, Marc whispered something to him and both men turned to stare at me. I lay back and slipped my hand inside my bikini pants. My eyes fluttered shut. Already moist with anticipation, the touch of my fingers on my pussy lips made my juices start to flow in earnest. I teased myself open and pushed a finger along the length of my slit. From the pool came the sound of bodies rushing through water followed by the padding of bare feet on tiles. I opened my eyes to see Marc on one side of me and Jay on the other. Marc had his cock out already. Looking up at him, I leaned towards him and ran my tongue over his swollen tip, wrapping a hand around the shaft while I caressed the bulge in Jay's shorts with the other.

'You want her to suck your cock, Jay?'

'Fuck yes,' he said. I turned to him and pulled his shorts over his hips. His prick sprang out into his hand and he wanked it in front of my mouth. I jerked Marc off as I took Jay slowly into my mouth, groaning as I felt my thighs being pushed apart and a couple of thick fingers I recognized as Marc's worrying the lips of my cunt. Jay, meanwhile, having got over whatever initial shyness he may have been experiencing, had unfastened my bikini top and was gently squeezing my bursting nipples with his wet fingers. I alternated between both cocks, feeling both men becoming more animated as I did.

'Fuck her mouth, Jay. She likes that. Here, taste your wet cunt you dirty fucking bitch.' Marc forced the fingers he had had in my pussy into my mouth.

'Look at me Gina,' said Jay. He knotted his fingers in the hair at the back of my head. 'Open, open...'

I took every inch of his cock into my throat before turning and doing the same to Marc. Both cocks dripped with the hot, thick saliva brought forth by their hitting the back of my throat. Jay was moaning so much that I was afraid he was going to come too soon so I asked him to eat out my pussy. He knelt down and, pulling my body towards his mouth, got to work with a lack of finesse that he more than made up for in enthusiasm.

'We should take this inside,' Marc said. Both men helped me up and we went through the patio doors to the sofa in the lounge where we promptly took up where we had left off. I ground my pussy against Jay's busy tongue while Marc, kneeling on the arm of the sofa, fed his cock to me. Even though he had been up fucking half the night and had shot his cum at least three times, he was as hard as a brick again, and without chemical assistance. His appetite for sex never ceased to amaze me. I smiled up at him and ran my tongue down along the length of his prick to his balls. He looked so good. His body was sheened with sweat, small tufts of greying blond hair flattened in whirls upon his powerful chest. I licked his balls, then followed the twitching muscle at the rear of them all the way back to his asshole before opening my mouth, as ordered, to receive his cock once more.

I felt Jay's fingers thrusting rapidly in and out of me while his tongue flickered over my throbbing clit. He was good but what I was itching to feel in there was his cock and told him so.

'Nice and slow, babe,' I gasped, as he lay the tip of his cock upon my wet slit before easing himself in. Marc took a step back so that he could watch me getting fucked. I felt Jay's thick cock inch its way into me, stretching me apart, the weight of his body bearing down upon mine. His body was hard, the expression on his face deadly serious. I brought my lips to within an inch of his and, looking into his eyes, whispered obscenely into his mouth. He began to move his hips, slowly at first, then, in response to my mounting agitation and Marc's shouts of encouragement, with increasing vigour. His cock, which initially had appeared nothing out of the ordinary, seemed to have swollen massively, both in length and girth, since he first put it inside me. I cried out as the thing ripped up the centre of me but Jay was relentless. As I started to come, Marc rejoined the fray, grabbing me by the chin and dragging my mouth on to his prick.

'Suck my fucking cock when you come. Is he fucking you good? You like that big dick in your whore cunt? Look at me...'

Jay pulled out suddenly, unable to contain himself any longer and with a long drawn out moan, shot his come all over my stomach. Exhausted, he flopped back on to the floor and watched as Marc threw me on to the sofa and turned me around so that my ass was facing him. He slapped one buttock first, then the other, before pulling them apart and spitting into my asshole, rubbing the saliva in with his thumb.

'Tell me what you want,' he said, pushing my face into the hot leather of the sofa.

'Fuck my arse, you bastard,' I hissed.

'What was that?'

'Fuck my arsehole. Fucking do it.'

The head of his spit-lubed cock was already in position. Gently, I backed my hips on to it, gasping at the initial stab of pain that accompanied his entry, then relaxing into the pleasure of the stretch and the sensation of being gradually filled up. I smiled at Jay who was looking on agog, jacking his cock back to hardness. Marc started to thrust slowly while I reached a hand back to massage his balls. He reached forward and cupped my breasts, telling me to look back at him. I was loose enough now to allow him to up the pace and he did so, filling the room with the sound of his body slapping against my ass. I rubbed my clit furiously, screaming as I felt a massive wave of pleasure wash over me from head to toe. So all-consuming was my orgasm that I failed to notice Jay's return, his prick hard once more. As Marc continued to fuck my ass, he grabbed me by the hair and forced my mouth onto Jay's cock.

'I think she needs a proper seeing to, what you reckon mate?' Marc said. 'You up her arse and me in her pussy, yeah?'

'Sounds like a plan,' Jay said, grinning.

Marc sat on to the sofa and hauled me into his lap. My soaking cunt slipped down the length of his cock while he pushed my breasts together roughly and attacked my nipples with his mouth. I felt Jay standing at the rear of me then felt the tightness of my asshole violated by the wet head of his meat. He clasped a hand over my mouth as he started to pump, stopping the moans that I uttered, while Marc, thrusting up into me, spat obscenities into my ear. The extreme intimacy of our three bodies and the sensation of being full and distended to the point of being torn apart was almost too much for me to take. I lost all control sandwiched between those two powerful, sweating bodies, coming so hard that I almost blacked out, every inch of my mauled flesh tingling with unadulterated animal pleasure. There was a chance for me to catch my breath as the guys swapped over but the new configuration was even more intense than the first. Jay slammed his cock up into my pussy like a machine, holding my chin steady so that he could kiss my screaming mouth, while Marc plunged balls-deep into my asshole, marking every other stroke of his cock with a stinging slap to my buttocks.

'You ready for my come?' he said, pulling my head back by the hair. 'Tell me where you want it.'

'In my mouth, babe, come in my mouth,' I said. 'Both of you.'

Marc dragged me to the floor and lay me on my back while he knelt at one side of me and Jay at the other. Both their cocks, funky and glistening with stuff from my own body, twitched above my mouth and I took one in either hand, jacking both off and flicking my tongue over both bulbous heads simultaneously. It didn't take long. Marc came first, shooting a hot, thick load on to my outstretched tongue followed quickly by Jay who finished off in my mouth. When they had done moaning and groaning, all three of us burst out laughing.

After we showered and dressed, I asked Jay if he wanted to stay for some lunch but he declined.

'I should check on Keely,' he said.

'Send her our best,' I said. 'Pop over for a drink later if she feels up to it.'

Marc slipped his arm around my waist as we stood at the door watching him walking away.

'Marks out of ten?' he said.

'Six,' I said. 'He's sweet but kind of insipid. Keely, on the other hand...'

'We need a plan,' he said. 'They're definitely a package. So how do we get her to ourselves and put him out of the picture?'

'We'll have to be underhand,' I said, sighing in mock pity.

'Us? Never!' He kissed the top of my head before sliding shut the patio doors.


It wasn't until the following evening that we got to see them again. Marc and I had spent the day in Montenegro and it was after eight when we arrived back at the villa. Neither of us was in the mood for dressing up and going out so we opted for a drink in our local café. We had been there for half an hour or so when Marc nudged me. I looked around and saw Jay and Keely coming down the street.

'Plan into action,' he whispered as they approached. I nodded.

Keely, having recovered from her setback, looked stunning. Her hair was worn loose and she was wearing a denim skirt and a black silk blouse, knotted at the midriff, that left her belly with its pierced navel exposed. Marc comandeered her instantly, directing her to the chair he had pulled up alongside him. I was to deal with Jay.

'I haven't told her,' he whispered to me as he sat down. 'Careful what you say...'

I glanced at Marc to let him know and he nodded.

They'd both had a bit to drink already and by the time we got on to our second bottle of wine, Jay was starting to flag. Mind you, it might have had something to do with the crushed Zimovaine I'd slipped into his drink when he'd nipped to the toilet. When he stumbled and almost knocked over an adjoining table on the way back from the bar, we decided it was time we took him home.

'I don't understand it,' Keely said. 'We only had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner. He's not usually such a lightweight.'

'Happens to the best of us,' said Marc. He asked the waiter to call a cab.

'Why don't you come back to ours?' I said to Keely. 'Jay can sleep it off in the spare room and we can have another few drinks, eh? I don't know about you two but I'm only getting warmed up.'

'I should really take him home,' said Keely. 'I'm so embarrassed, I don't know where to look.'

'Don't be silly darling.' I placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. 'We don't mind, do we Marc? It seems a shame to let something like this spoil such a lovely evening.'

'Well...if it's alright with you...'

'That's the spirit,' I said.

The three of us had a job getting Jay, who was practically comatose by that stage, into the taxi and another when we got back to the villa, dragging his dead weight from the car to the front door and then up the stairs to the spare room. When he was safely tucked up, I led Keely downstairs to the lounge while Max went to take a quick shower.

'Are you sticking with red? Or do you fancy a drop of vodka?' I said.

'You read my mind,' she said. 'Vodka and tonic, please.'

I brought our drinks over and sat next to her on the sofa.

'I've been admiring your pendant all night,' I said. 'Is it diamond?'

'Jay bought it for me in New York,' she said. She held it up for me to examine. 'I think he had a guilty conscience about something.'

'I hear that,' I said and laughed. My knuckle grazed her breast as I took my hand away.

'I hope you're not talking about me.' Marc walked into the room and poured himself a drink. 'I checked on Sleeping Beauty, by the way. Dead to the world.'

He sat down opposite Keely and I in an armchair. I knew from his body language that he was having a hard time containing himself. Being the bitch I am, I smirked and uncrossed my legs, giving him a quick flash of cunt, before clamping them shut again. But in truth, I was feeling the same pressure as he was. Keely was so close to me that I could smell the suntan lotion that lingered upon her bronzed flesh. I shivered as I watched the rise and fall of her breasts beneath the taut fabric of her blouse. She looked at me and smiled. The atmosphere in the room had become charged to such an extent that it was impossible to ignore. I could tell Keely felt it too.

'How about some tunes?' Marc said. He picked up iPod dock remote and put on some Stan Getz. 'Or would you rather something livelier?'

'No, that's really nice,' Keely said.

'Fancy a dance?' I said to her. I stood up and shimmied my hips, holding out my hand to her.

'I should warn you I have two left feet,' she said.

'That makes two of us,' I said. 'Actually, three of us.'

I took her hand and we commenced a jive of sorts. It was all good fun, drunken high jinks, but it was a good deal more besides. Each time our bodies came into contact, I sensed Keely's resistance diminish further. My excitement became feverish. As the tempo of the music slowed to a Rumba, I spun Keely around and stood behind her, slipping my arms about her waist, slowly rotating my pelvis against her soft ass. I heard her gasp in surprise when I blew her hair aside and pressed my lips to her neck but she didn't object. Encouraged, I slipped my mouth up to her ear as I ran one hand over the warm flesh of her stomach and brought the other up to her chin.

'Are you ok?' I breathed.

She nodded. Her pupils were black and dilated beneath the dusty gold of her eyelids. I guided her head back and brushed my mouth against hers.

'Tell me if you want me to stop,' I said and kissed her more firmly. 'You want me to stop?'

Her breath was hot and sour with wine as her lips opened to accept my tongue. I felt her ass backing into my groin and I lowered the hand I was resting on her belly to raise the hem of her skirt. Underneath, the tight satin covering her cunt was warm and damp beneath my fingers. I ran my tongue in lazy circles upon hers, savouring the small cry that escaped her as I found her cleft through the fabric of her panties and looked over at Marc who was enjoying the spectacle, furiously mauling the bulge in the front of his shorts. He could wait a while longer, I decided. The first bite at the cherry was going to be mine.

I brought Keely back to the sofa and sat her down before stripping off my top and bra. When I leaned forward to kiss her, she responded with a ferocity that took me aback for an instant but to which I was quickly responding in kind. I guided her mouth towards my swollen nipples, undoing the knot in her blouse so that I could feel hers. The softness of her small breasts, cradled within a ruby half-cup bra, and the sensation of her hungry lips on my flesh, made my already wet pussy begin to throb in earnest. Breathing heavily, I stepped out of my skirt and guided one of her hands to my slit.

'Look how wet you've made me,' I said, touching my fingers to her lips. I kissed her hard and gathered her hair in my fist, noticing that the touch of cruelty seemed to excite her. Still holding her by the hair, I sat down and pulled her face towards my cunt, arching my hips and moaning as she ran a finger along the length of my slit. As the tip of her tongue began to dart rapidly at my clit and the finger she put into me deftly teased the opening of my vagina, I realized that I wasn't dealing with a novice. Keely knew exactly how a woman liked to be touched. I moved my hips to the rhythm of her mouth, stretching back the flesh above my clit to make the pussy tight for her, my gasps turning to cries as she coaxed me forth with beckoning fingers and a relentless tongue. She kissed up along the heaving flesh of my belly, touching and kissing my nipples with slimy fingers and lips, then sought out my mouth, her eyes wide and smiling, her breasts crushed warm against mine, the taste and smell of my body tainting the hot breath she spilled into my mouth and all over my face. My fingers found her wet cunt lips and she winced.

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