tagNon-EroticDuct Tape Avenger Ch. 03

Duct Tape Avenger Ch. 03


If there weren't already 1,001 uses for duct tape, here is a new one.

"Dave, what are we doing here at the motel? It's 5am."

"Shh...Hello Mrs. Murray? Yes, I'm calling from the front desk at the Sunset Hotel. Your husband has had an unfortunate accident. Yes, he's perfectly fine, except for the fact that he's naked and in bed with your daughter who is naked also. Oh, you don't have a daughter? Gee, I wonder who that pretty naked woman is that he is with then. You know, I'm going to have to charge your credit card for double occupancy. He told me that he was alone. Yes, Mrs. Murray, he used your credit card. In any event, can you come with a change of clothes right away? Hello? Mrs. Murray? Hello?"

"Quick, we have another job to do, Freddie." Dave pulled out an envelope containing the photos of a man and a woman and handed them to me. "Her husband knows she is having an affair with her boss and picked this time to out them."

"Why now?"

"They had the company party here last night and all of the employees booked rooms in this motel and will be leaving at checkout, which is before 11am. We'd better get a move on before it gets light out."

"How come his wife wasn't at the party? She just delivered twins a couple of weeks ago and had to stay home with the babies."

"Damn, you know everything about these people."

"It's my job to know, Freddie."

"Which room is it?"

"Our target is in room 103 and last night I paid the room service clerk, a friend of mine, to deliver them a special cocktail laced with sleeping pills." Dave looked at his watch. "I gave them enough pills to put them out for a while. They still should be sleeping soundly."

Dave and I got out of the car and walked to the room and inserted the pass key that he received from his friend who works there.

"This one should be easy, Freddie."

We entered the room where a man and women slept like the dead. They were both naked and on top of the covers.

"They must have fallen asleep in the middle of having sex," I said.

"It sure looks like it." Dave shined his pocket flashlight on the woman's face and lowered it along the curve of her body and stopping on her ass. "She's not bad looking and has a nice body."

Then, he shined the light on the guy.

"He's a lucky fat slob. He must have money to get a piece of ass like her." He pushed at the woman. "Help me roll her over on her back."

"Like this?"

"Yeah, we want to make sure that everyone gets a good look at her." Dave moved to the other side of the bed. "Now him. Help me roll him over on his back."

"How's that?"

"Well, she's no natural blonde, that's for sure," said Dave staring at her trimmed bush.

"She has a tattoo of a butterfly just above her pussy."

"Okay, that's good the way that you positioned her," said Dave. "Duct tape," he said holding out his hand.

I passed him a roll of duct tape and he started taping the guy to the bed by his wrists and ankles while I got to tape the woman. The man had a big stomach with a small cock that made his cock appear even smaller and skinny legs. She had nice tits, but they didn't look real. When I rolled her over on her back, they were still perky and didn't move to the side in the way that natural tits do. Still, I couldn't help myself and took a feel of them.

"They feel like rubber," I said laughing while taping her legs.

"No, no," he said. "Tape her with their legs open to show more detail of her pussy."

I moved her ankles apart and taped each one individually so that she couldn't pull them back together.

"Okay, let's take a photo for our client." Dave stood back and snapped a couple of candid photos of the romantic sleeping couple. They were really unconscious and didn't move even with the flash going off.

"Dave, are you sure they are alive."

"Yeah, he said stepping closer and said pointing. "Look, they're both breathing."

He walked over to the door and held it open with a bungee chord. Then, he walked back to where I was by the bed.

"Get behind the bed and start pushing."

"Where we going with the bed?"

"Outside to the parking lot."

"Seriously," I said laughing.

"Yeah, c'mon, hurry. It's almost 5:30am. People will be getting up soon and coming down for breakfast."

"Gees, Dave, this is dead weight. This guy must weigh 300 pounds. I'm glad the bed is on wheels."

"And I'm glad their room is on the first floor so we don't have to take the elevator and sneak by the front desk," he said laughing. He pointed down the corridor. "Go to the left. The back door leads to the parking lot."

We pushed the bed with our naked guests outside and wheeled it to the middle of the parking lot. Just as we got the bed positioned to the middle of the parking lot, the couple started moving and struggling against their duct tape ties. They were waking up.

"Let's get Hell out of here," I said running for the car.

"Wait, I almost forgot," said Dave.

"Where you going?"

Dave jogged off back inside the motel. Suddenly, the God awful high pitched wailing of a fire alarm sounded throughout the entire complex. We left just as the guests were running out of the motel to the parking lot and the man's wife was screeching into the parking lot.

"Look there's his wife," Dave said laughing. "Can you say divorce court?"

"How much did we make on this job?"

"Three thousand each."

"Well, that gives us plenty of dough to buy more duct tape," I said laughing while driving away.

To be continued...

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