tagNonHumanDulens' World Ch. 01

Dulens' World Ch. 01


(Authors Note: I want to thank AngelLove for superior editing, as usual)

The stars glinted and glittered in the midnight blue sky. A crisp, cool zephyr caressed Kabira's cheek. The moonlight lit up the cloudless night sky and softened her rosy tan skin. Her long, straight chocolate locks cascaded like a flowing waterfall over her deep brown eyes, which scanned the night sky one last time.

Kabira sighed and thought, 'Well . . . it is already well past midnight, and even though I don't have to get up early tomorrow, I am exhausted from work today . . . '

Kabira was the manager for a large wildlife sanctuary, and today had been a very long day. The delivery truck with hay for the animals had overturned on the highway, and Kabira had spent a large portion of her day digging up extra supplies of food. Then, two of the gazelles and one lion had all given birth at the same time, leaving her with seven newborn cubs and calves, almost no more staff to distribute, and no extra help. The day ended with a fresh supply of hay on its way from Kentucky, five healthy lion cubs, and two healthy gazelle calves. However, no matter how good a day this was, it didn't mean she wasn't exhausted.

Heaving her lithe bodice from the padded lover's swing on her deck, Kabira daintily stepped into her house and shrugged herself up to bed.

As Kabira lay in her plush bed, she was for some reason more aware of her surroundings than normal. She could feel the warmth of the down blanket atop her, the silky sheets beneath her buttocks and caressing her frame, and the light vanilla and lavender scent of the candles she had been burning. Finally, Kabira managed to fall asleep, but how, she wasn't quite sure. All Kabira knew was that she awoke the next sunny Saturday morning. Her dreams had been of her formally dressed in hay, somehow ending up as a woman with eight nipples so as to feed all of the newborn animal babies, and thoughts of where those babies came from . . .


Saturday morning found Kabira at the kitchen table in her house, covered only by a silky silver robe. Steam rose from the mug of coffee in her hand. As she took a sip she shivered, for the hot coffee sliding down contrasting to the cold silk on her back was a shock.

Finishing the last of her coffee, Kabira slowly glided upstairs and into her bedroom. There, she stood in front of the full length mirror which hung on the wall. Winking to the image, she slowly let the silk robe fall off of her shoulders and land in a circular pile behind her. Now she observed every inch of her body, starting with her long silken brown locks. They were totally straight and very long, and at the moment the very end was brushing the top of her buttocks, and tickling her, giving her goose bumps.

Her eyes traveled back up her hair and to the front, where she delighted in the sight to the two voluptuous mountains that were her breasts. Not too big and not too small, but just the right size with pointed rosy nipples on each perfect mound. Next Kabira examined her tummy, which was totally flat, and then her pussy, which was clean and shaven. She noticed that her lips were slightly puffy and glistening from examining her body. One finger slowly went down and tickled the outer lips, and at this moment Kabira decided what would happen in the bath besides getting clean. Finally, Kabira's eyes traveled down her long tan legs, with perfect hips that went down, making her body into a perfect hourglass shape.

Kabira now moved daintily into the bathroom, stepping first onto the cold white marble floor, and then onto the plush carpet in front of the hot tub. Kabira reached down to place the plug in the tub, and happened to glance in the mirror. She marveled momentarily at how her breasts fell perfectly down, swaying in midair and hanging down like two swollen balloons. Her nipples grazed the edge of the porcelain tub and she shivered, noticing how quick her soft nipples got hard. She was now even more wet and excited. Finishing her original task, Kabira plugged the tub, and started the water to run with some bubble soap in it.

While the tub filled, Kabira danced over to the counters beneath the two marble sinks. She opened one and reached in for her favorite toy. Her hand came out of the counter, now holding instead of air a long rubber cock. Ten inches in length with two plump rubber balls at the end. She looked at her friend, sighed anxiously, and then turned to the tub.

By now, it was full and bubbles were cascading over the edge and popping lightly as they hit the shag carpet. Kabira stepped into the tub, gasping at first at the temperature of the steaming water, but soon getting used to it and slipping in quietly. First, Kabira needed to take care of some personal needs. She slowly traced her puffy and swollen outer lips with her fingers, and then inserted one finger in. Before she knew it, she had three fingers in, pumping in and out of her. Taking a deep breath, Kabira removed her hand from her throbbing pussy and found the dildo next to her by the tub.

Since she was already very close to cumming, she couldn't wait, and so she turned the dildo onto the highest setting. It twitched and vibrated in her hand. Taking the tip, she found her entrance and all at once shoved it in, her eyes opening wide and moaning loudly as the first wave of pleasure came over her. Relief swept through her as she pumped fiercely in and out of her pussy, orgasm after orgasm coming as a result of her little friend. Finally, Kabira laid back, now utterly wiped for the moment from her trip. She placed the dildo on the carpet next to her, turned the jets on in the hot tub, and relaxed, enjoying the buzzed feeling and the sexual tension flood out in turn for relief.


One hour had passed, and we find Kabira dressed and ready to go and do some errands. She is dressed in lime green capris, lime green slip on shoes, a tight white halter top and a green cotton sun visor. Solid black shades hid her eyes from the glaring sun as she stepped outside. One beep from her SUV told her it was unlocked, and so she got in, turned it on, and drove away.

Kabira's first stop was a bookstore. She was getting some reference books on her job, when something caught her eye. She could have sworn she saw a black cat in the aisle of the bookstore. But when she turned around for a closer inspection, there was nothing but an empty aisle. Kabira noticed that all of the books on these shelves were nice and neat, except for one book which was pulled out halfway, making it stick out like a sore thumb. She trod over and went to pick out the book and examine it, but as she touched it, a jolt went down her spine and she pulled her hand away.

The book fell off of the shelf at this jerk, and she glanced at the front cover. "Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings and More: An Erotic Guide to Those on The Other Side." Kabira thought this was a very odd book and went to turn around. However, something inside of her told her to take the book. This was quite odd for Kabira, for, you see, Kabira is not the type of person who believes in the supernatural. It's not that she doesn't believe it, but she has never seen anything before, and wasn't very interested in the topic.

With Kabira's five books of choice in hand, she slowly bent down and retrieved the book from the floor. Her spine tingled again as she touched it, but this time she half-expected it to happen and so she didn't let go when the shock came forth. In fact, she almost liked it this time. Placing the book on top of the pile, Kabira found a table to examine the books and make sure she had chosen correctly.

Sighing as she picked up the 6th book, the one about the erotic supernatural, Kabira decided against this book and went to put it aside. When she turned to put it down, what else did she see but that black cat again, this time shimmering and slightly see-through. The lower the book came to the table, the more the cat got a twisted expression on his face. When it was finally placed onto the wooden table, the cat let out a menacing hiss, a loud screech, and then looked at Kabira. Next thing she knew, she was watching the book slam into the pile of books she was taking, and then slip under it.

Kabira looked around to see if anyone was staring at her; however, the three people she saw were looking at their own books, as if they had never heard anything. Kabira tried to remove the book from the pile, but the cat hissed once more, then skipped up to the table. With one giant leap he was right in front of her. Something made Kabira's hand lay on the table, palm out. Next thing she knew, the cat stabbed her palm with his claw, and a slight trickle of blood was laying there. The cat nudged the book open to the front cover, dipped one claw in the blood, and started to write a message in Kabira's own blood on the inside cover.

Kabira almost fainted as she watched all of this play out in front of her. Kabira turned around to find a napkin to clean her hand. Once she was cleaned up, she turned around, the cat was gone, and the inside cover of the erotic book had this message:

'Take it,' written in her blood. Not doubting at this point that she must take the book, a dazed and confused Kabira took the pile to pay.


An hour later Kabira was sitting on a leather couch in her living room. She glanced at the receipt, to see that she got everything, including that one book. Everything was listed on the receipt. However, the price for each book was $0. A quick glance in her wallet assured her that she had paid nothing for the books.

Wondering how this happened, Kabira looked once more at the receipt, and then almost passed out as she saw the words: 'Read it tonight,' written on the very bottom, once again in her own fresh blood . . .


Kabira was so confused and dazed over the day's events that she had to find a way to distract herself. She managed to get herself to the supermarket; however, everywhere she turned she swore she saw a black cat. Then, she found as she was passing the vegetable aisle, her body was immobile. Not that she was going to pass out, or that she was sick, but just that her body itself couldn't move. She glanced down to look for the cat and see if he would do anything, since she took these odd events as signs from him. Of course, he was at the end of the aisle, and with one twitch of his whiskers, an amazing thing happened.

Kabira found herself in a black room, with no door, no windows, no nothing. The only thing she saw was a monitor in front of her. There was a large red button, and on it said PLAY. She pushed it, and on the screen came the image of herself in the market, still paralyzed. Next, she looked at the button, and now it read FAST FORWARD. She pushed it, and then watched in amazement as her life went by in front of her. She watched as her cart in the market was filled with everything she needed, she watched as she paid, loaded her SUV, drove home and unpacked. She watched herself watch TV, make dinner, and eat dinner. Then, the button below her read STOP. She pushed the button, and the 'movie' stopped. Next thing, the cat was on the monitor. It twitched its whiskers again, and the next thing Kabira knew was that she was washing the dishes from her dinner.

Somehow, Kabira knew that it was time for bed, even though it was only 7:30 at night. She went upstairs, taking her new book with her. She read the entire book in the one night. How she did this, she wasn't sure. She read every single word, every single page, every single chapter. Then, Kabira blinked and she found herself in the black room once again. This room lacked the monitor. However, it was nicely lit, had a plush bed with silk linens, smelled of roses, and light music was playing.

Kabira looked around the room, found a chair, and sat. Next thing she knew, the cat was on her lap, purring. It turned around and faced her, and then spoke. At first, it came out in meows, purrs, hisses, and clucking noises. But soon Kabira found that she was able to understand him.

She wanted to hear everything he said, and so she interrupted him and said, "Excuse me, Sir, but could you please start over? I just started to understand you."

The reply was, "Of course, Kabira. My name is Dulen, and I am the cat that you have seen all of today."

When the cat knew her name, she was not at all surprised. This day had been so weird, that a random black cat knowing her name was nothing at this point.

"Dulen . . . can you please explain to me why all of this is happening to me?"

"Of course, but one thing at a time. I myself am a Magic Cat, one of few animals with special and unique powers. I can speak, write, perform magic spells, and communicate with the dead. Now, the reason you have been chosen to go through this is that you have proven yourself."

"Dulen . . . what do you mean by proven? What have I done?"

"Well, you see, you have not done anything in specific, just basically shown that you can tolerate, er...odd things that other people might not be able to. Now, would you like to know your first task?"

"Yes, Dulen. But may I ask, are they good or bad?"

"...It depends on how you look at them, my dear Kabira. If you relax and enjoy things, then they can be better than anything you have ever done before . . . Now, your first task is to go to that dresser over there . . . "

At this, he pointed to the dresser in the far corner of the room.

"...and choose an outfit that you feel extraordinarily sexy in. Then, hanging on the door will be a long leather coat. Put that on top of the outfit."


Kabira glanced over to the dresser, and when she looked back, Dulen was gone.

Oh, great . . . Another one of his disappearing acts . . .

Kabira was getting quite annoyed at this, but it wasn't like she had any control of it. So, instead of getting all grumpy and pissy about Dulen's disappearance, Kabira sauntered over to the mahogany dresser and opened it. Inside, there was an array of lingerie, everything from silk to lace to feathers. The floor of the dresser was lined with shoes, from tall leather boots, to ballerina slippers, to sexy stilettos. On one door hung a plastic bag with various toys, like feather eye masks, beads and such, and on the other door there was an array of thongs, panties, stockings and such.

Kabira considered her outfit very carefully. She decided, now that she was slightly caught up with what was going on, that she was going to play along and milk this adventure for all it was worth. Finally, Kabira settled on her outfit. She wore a one piece fishnet garment, which made every curve of her body (and there were no bad ones to hide) stand out. The fishnet was just tight enough that you could see the skin plump up where there was no fishnet, but not so tight as to made her skin turn red and white. Next, Kabira chose a silk black leotard, which clung tightly to her skin. From the leotard hung a black silk skirt, frills down the side. Going along with the theme, Kabira chose a pair of black leather stiletto heels and a silk hair tie. Once Kabira was satisfied with her outfit, she closed the dresser drawers, found the leather coat and removed it from the hook. She slipped into the coat, sighing as the cool leather pierced her skin.

Then, stepping away, she called out, "Dulen?"


A cloudy mist appeared in the room next to Kabira, and out of it walked Dulen the black cat. Dulen smiled as he examined Kabira, and then looked up to her and said, "Follow me, Child"

Kabira did as told, and followed Dulen. Next thing Kabira knew, she was in a graveyard. Not one she recognized, but a definite graveyard. The moon was full and the sky cloudless. A slight breeze was noticeable, but the temperature was just right, if not a bit chilly. The grass around her was slightly overgrown and there were weeds around some of the gravestones. Kabira followed Dulen through a maze of grave marks, and to one certain stone.

Then, he turned to her and said, "Lay down on the grass here, with your head against the stone. Then, just wait . . . "

Kabira laid down, taking in the dewy feel of the grass and the cold touch of the stone. A breeze picked up, but not a normal one. This breeze was strong, cold, chill . . . icy. Kabira looked up and saw not Dulen but, to her complete and utter surprise . . . a ghost. The ghost was in the shape of a man, a very handsome one at that. He had been summoned by the leather coat that Kabira was wearing. It was a magical item, one that summoned any ghost of Dulen's choice. In order to do so, the wearer had to lie down on the grave just as Kabira did. Usually, though, Dulen did not choose the ghost at random. Instead, it was a pre-made deal, with a ghost who was willing to participate. The ghost looked down to Kabira and then reached down, holding out a hand for her to use to get up.

Kabira looked into the ghost's eyes, and then said, "Won't I fall through your hand?"

The ghost just nodded a no, and Kabira grabbed his hand. Surprisingly enough, it was just like a human's. Warm, fleshy, the whole nine yards, except that it was shimmering and see-through, of course. Kabira now stood and the ghost turned her around so her back was to him. She felt his hands reaching up and removing the leather jacket. Turning her around again, he stepped back and inspected Kabira. Then, for the first time, he spoke.

"My name is Chazaran (Shaz-Ah-Ran). Call me Chaz, my lady. Do you want to continue with the seminar, my lady?"

"What seminar?" asked Kabira.

Chaz looked at Kabira in the eyes and then explained all.

"Dulen did not explain this all to you? Ha, the fool. Well . . . you see, we have a deal where he brings me a human and I, or whoever else wants to for the night, gets to use the human as a sex slave. You however, . . . you seem different, and that is why I am offering you a choice. But, before you answer, just wait. I think this might get interesting, Kabira, if you just wait . . . "

All of a sudden, Kabira watched with amazement as the misty figure in front of her morphed into the man of her dreams. Now, there was a man, totally and completely naked and exposed. He did a 360 for Kabira, showing off his six pack abs, tight muscular ass, and, of course, the treasure of it all, a beautiful long and thick cock, which appeared to be 8 inches and fully erect at the moment. She glanced up and fell in love with his deep green pools and shaggy brown locks, and then, Chaz spoke again

"Well . . . since this seems to be your ideal man, I think I should be called . . . Shawn. That suits this body much better than a fancy old name like Chazaran. Now, I ask you again . . . do you want to continue, Kabira?"

The answer to this question was more than obvious. However, all Kabira managed to stutter were some words that made no sense, and a simple nod of her head.


Shawn saw that his form pleased Kabira, and so he smiled a wicked smile and said, "Show off your wonderful body, Kabira."

Kabira merely nodded and did a slow and seductive 360 for Shawn, showing off every inch of her amazing body. She removed the silk skirt and leotard, and then took them and dragged them all over Shawn's body, tickling him and enticing him even more, if that was possible.

Now, Kabira was in the fishnet body suit, black stilettos, and the black hair-tie. She removed the hair-tie first, letting all of her luscious brown hair fall and cascade from a bun and down to her tight ass. She pranced around Shawn, curving her body back and sideways and such, showing off her body in an amazing way.

Finally, though, Shawn, already eager and ready to go, took Kabira by the hand and said,

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