tagInterracial LoveDuplicity Ch. 06

Duplicity Ch. 06



I know I know it's been a while... so sorry for the wait. I swear I try to churn these chapters out quickly but sometimes it just doesn't happen. True, we're all busy and all that jazz but sometimes it just doesn't come to me. I'll stare at my computer screen for hours not knowing how in the hell to start. And then I'll get a little note from an anonymous person saying, "Where are you?" or "Update soon". And that gives me the little extra boost I need to continue. So whoever you are, out there encouraging me... thank you!

If you want to know the progress of the next chapter, I'll always leave little updates on my profile page and/ or as a comment at the end of the last chapter (got the idea from Mimirose- hope you don't mind if I borrow it girl!). On that note, I'm SOOO glad to be back... missed you guys. Please let me know what you think of this chapter. Thanks again to honeybree for her awesome editing... I'd be lost without ya!


It must have been a dream.

Everything was quiet and still. The sunlight peeked through the blinds as an intruder enticing her to rise. She was in a drunken haze of sleep, where her eyelids were heavy as bricks.

It must have been a dream.

The folds of the rumpled sheets mimicked her confused state of mind, going in every direction but the straight one. She'd slept so soundly, without any disturbance from her unconscious past. She had forgotten what that was like, to sleep so soundly.

It was the most delicious dream. Merle was there but she couldn't see him. She recognized his voice, his smell, his touch. The way his breath seemed shallow every time he caressed her. The way his full lips traveled down her neck. The way his hands seemed to always find her most sensitive spots.

She couldn't see him but she just knew it was him.


Layla stirred not quite ready to get up. It was then that she felt it, the tell-tale ache between her thighs. Her sensitive breasts softly rubbed the silk sheet covering her. Her pussy still twitched from last night's performance. She let out an involuntary moan as she touched herself. Softly rubbing in slow small circles. She felt a little raw, knowing it was because of the spectacular fucking she had.

She smiled, enjoying the euphoric aftermath of last night's events.

Being blindfolded and tied was something she thought she'd never do. To give up control and completely put faith in another; was terrifying and exhilarating. Layla didn't even know it was something she longed for.

She licked her lips relishing the memory.

He tamed her body in ways she couldn't understand but always yearned for. In and out he entered her as he made her body sing. In and out he tortured her, stoking her deepest desires to life. The way his hot breath peppered kisses up her inner thighs. How he firmly held her waist down when she thought she couldn't take anymore unrestrained pleasure. In and out his hot pulsing cock seared into her and claimed her as his. Layla let out an involuntary shudder of ecstasy.

It was more than pleasure she received last night.

In and out, Merle wove his way inside her body, heart and soul. And with it, left a feeling she never thought possible. She felt...


Layla smiled. It wasn't a dream after all.

She stretched and extended her arm expecting to find him still there. But there was no one there, just the lonely expanse of a cold bed.

She expected to start her day with one of Merle's delicious kisses. She stepped out of the bed and gingerly walked towards the bathroom.


That's... unexpected.

Layla's hands ran through her hair. There she was, being silly as always, overthinking things. Surprisingly she brushed those negative thoughts away and she got ready for her day.

Languidly she took a shower, got dressed and headed downstairs.

When Layla arrived in the kitchen, she realized there was a flurry of activity in the house. She could hear laughter and muffled conversation coming from the courtyard. The families weren't set to arrive for another week. So it must be the maid of honor Nicole and the best man John.

Day dreaming about Merle would have to wait; there was a long list of things she had to do today.

She walked toward the voices with her iPad handy. She wanted to meet Nicole and John and go through some pertinent wedding details with them.


"Yo, this place is amazing. Look at the size of this thing. For fucks sake Jason, no wonder you don't wanna come back to New York."

"Thanks man. But you'd be surprised how much we miss the City. Sienna and I will probably head back a couple weeks after the wedding. We want the baby to be born there."

Sienna linked her arm with Nicole's and skipped a little ahead of them. They stopped and looked at each other and let out an excited squeal. They were both grinning from ear to ear.

Nicole sighed and said, "Oh my God! I can't believe I'm finally here with you. It feels like I haven't seen you in forever."

"I know I'm so happy you're here. I feel like I'm complete now." Sienna was elated her best friend had finally arrived. "Come; let me show you what's been done so far."

They walked around as Sienna gestured. "So here where we'll be standing, this will be where the cocktails are served. And over there we'll have the ceremony with the backdrop of the sea. And the reception will be under this big tent."

"Oh, very nice."

Just then Sienna saw Layla walking out toward them. She smiled at her and called her closer.

"Nic, John, this is Layla our fabulous wedding planner. She's been a God-send and you are required to do as she says." Sienna said as she pointed at John.

"Hey, I got no problem with that." John rang out. "Mm-hmm. Hello there, gorgeous. I have to say, there's beauty all around this island but you... are by far the most stunning creature I have ever seen." John took her hand and kissed the back of it.

"Whatever you need, I'm available..." He whispered as his lips hovered over her hand.

Nicole muttered something indistinguishable in Spanish. She turned on her heels and walked away with her camera. She busied herself by snapping shots of the view.

Layla forced a smile but it was really a grimace. This guy doesn't waste any time, does he? Ugh, he was barking up the wrong tree.

He was handsome enough, with his bright blue eyes and blond hair. But he wasn't even close to the man branded in her mind. She didn't want to be rude but she felt like making a puke face and letting him have it.

But of course she instead said in a professional tone, "Yes well, there will be plenty to do. I'll need both the best man and the maid of honor help with-."

Layla inhaled and exhaled and counted to three. "Can-I-have-my hand back please?" She said through clenched teeth. He was really testing her nerves.

"Oh sure, sure whatever you say sweetheart."

At John calling her sweetheart, Layla straightened herself and unconsciously glanced around for Merle. She wished he was there; he'd probably tell this guy to fuck off.

Sienna chuckled and walked over to Jason.

"What the hell has gotten into John?"

"No clue. He doesn't even say shit like that."

"Well apparently he does. Layla is looking at him like he has the plague and Nicole looks like she's about to strangle him."

"My boy just got here and he's already leaving an impression with the ladies." Jason chuckled. "Now all that's left is for Merle to gang up on him. Where is my dear cousin by the way?"

"Not sure, I haven't seen him since last night. I hadn't had a chance to tell him Nicole was coming in a little early."

Sienna and Jason showed Nicole and John their respective rooms. Since they were jetlagged, they agreed to let them rest and meet up again for dinner.

After leaving them Sienna decided to go look for Merle and make sure he was ok. He'd been increasingly distant from her. It seemed that spark of excitement of having him back had dwindled. And Sienna, the ever worrisome one, was on edge about the whole thing.

She walked towards his room and softly knocked once.

No answer.

She knocked a second time.

No answer.

She knocked again and whispered through the door, "Please... let me in." She didn't know why but she just knew he was in there.

After 2 minutes of waiting, Sienna was about to knock again but the door opened. There was no one on the other side which meant he was tucked behind it.

When she walked through, she was surprised to see he was just Sean. In broad daylight.

No disguise.

Not a hint of Merle on him.

Just Sean.

He looked flushed and was breathing heavy like he'd been working out. He wore a white tank top and black sweats. His forehead had tiny beads of sweat forming and his strong arms glistened.

"Hey." She quietly said.


"How are you doing?"

Sean nonchalantly shrugged.

"You want to talk about it?"


"Listen I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to tell you Nicole was coming in today. We got a late night call they were on their way here because they caught a more direct route."

Sean sighed. "It was bound to happen sooner or later."


Sienna smirked. "So where is Merle this fine morning? You sent him into early retirement?"

He rolled his eyes.


"Needed a little break, that's all. But we'll be ready to go by dinnertime."

Wordlessly he turned and walked towards the large window. He pulled out a cigarette from a pack on the nightstand and lit up. The agility in which he lit it, took a long drag, and exhaled; surprised Sienna. It was another reminder of how much had changed in the years they'd been apart.

"Since when do you smoke?"

"I don't."

The smoke gently floated from his mouth and nose towards the window breeze.

Sienna observed as a turbulent storm brewed in Sean's cloudy turquoise eyes. His eyebrows tightly gathered as he focused on his guarded thoughts.

"You know the last time I smoked I was with my buddy Mikhail." He bitterly chuckled. "That fucker would smoke in his sleep if he could. I stopped 2 years ago, tried to convince him to do the same but... some things can never change."

Sienna looked at her brother with concern but felt frustration as he was always so vague. She wished she could just rip this shit he's carrying inside out of him! Being completely powerless to help him was something she wasn't ready to admit. Unfortunately for him, that just renewed Sienna's campaign to get through to him.

She would not lose him again.

That was not an option.

In Sienna's oblivious world, there wasn't a problem that couldn't be fixed and every story should have a happy ending.

Slowly she raised her left hand towards him. The back of it touched his warm cheek but continued and swiftly plucked the cigarette out of his mouth.

Sean's eyes flickered towards her impassively; un-phased by her actions.

She smashed the end and threw the butt out of the window.

"It's not good for the baby." She huffed.

Sean shrugged, "Fuck it."

His blank stare was fixated out of the window. Seemingly out of habit, he played with the lighter, striking it on and off. The clicking noise echoed in the room. She never noticed his room had a perfect view of the courtyard below. It was tucked away so you couldn't tell from looking up. Surely he'd seen Nicole and John arrive.

Finally Sean turned and grabbed the shiny silver flask from his bedside table. As he raised it to his lips, his defiant gaze pierced hers... daring her to say something about it. He chugged some drink down, grateful for its bitter strength.

They seemed to be in a silent battle. One that Sean was currently winning.

"Just talk to me Sean... Let me in."


"When is the last time you saw him... your friend Mikhail?" She asked, trying to get him talking again.

"I went to see him just before meeting you in Athens. He lives in a little town called Oymiakon in Siberia." Sean grinned. "The temperatures there get so cold, your ass tingles even through the thickest layers. I got injured on the way to see him but luckily there are still some decent people in this world. They took care of me and helped me get to where I needed to go."

Sean briefly smiled at the memory.

Suddenly his eyebrows furrowed. Small droplets of sweat quickly fell down his cheek, one after the other. He softly shook his head from side to side as his eyes widened. "No!"

He roughly grabbed her by the shoulders and Sienna gasped. There was a haunted way in which he looked that unnerved her. His eyes drilled into hers.

"Listen, if something happens to me he is the only person you can trust. These people that are after me, they're really bad people Cece. They'll stop at nothing to get to me. Mikhail Popov and 423267. Remember that name and that code. He is the only one you talk to. You'll be safe knowing that code. Got it? Tell me. Tell me you'll remember!"

Sienna looked at him in confusion and disbelief.

He looked... completely helpless.

Not to mention he was almost squeezing her too hard. His strong grasp had his arms' veins throbbing while his right temple ticked in the most distracting way.

"Ok I got it. Mikhail Popov... 4-2-3-2-6-7."

Sean deeply sighed. "Ok. Ok good, good."

Sienna wiggled herself still in his tight grip. "Sean..." She said quietly.

Sean's expression quickly changed to embarrassment and fear. He didn't even realize he was holding her tightly. "Fuck Cece, I'm sorry. I-I-"

She forced a bright smile and brushed his comment off; while she quickly rubbed her arms in relief. There was a sliver of fear that coursed through her. Not of him but for him.

"It' ok Sean. I know this is important. I'm glad to see you're not a skinny little wimp anymore but I can still take you." She said to lighten the mood.

Sean gazed out the window deep in thought not really listening to her. He wanted to be alone.

"I'm tired. I think I'm gonna take a nap." He gave Sienna the most exhausted look he could muster, hoping it would do the trick and compel her leave.

"Oh ok." She turned on her heels and started walking away. But instead of continuing towards the door she stopped at his bed. She was not leaving him alone.

Oh no, the fuck she is not, he groaned inwardly. His dear sister sat right down on his bed, put her feet up and made herself comfortable.

"You can take your nap while I watch a movie." She said grabbing the TV remote while wiggling herself into a perfect spot. Watching movies was always their favorite pastime.

"The fuck? How am I supposed to fucking rest with that shit on?"

Sienna snorted, "Please... You can sleep through a hurricane. You won't even know I'm here."

Sean ran his hands over his face partly in frustration, mostly in surrender. "Don't you have some wedding shit to do?"

Sienna rolled her eyes. "That 'wedding shit'... can wait. You're not getting rid of me that easy."

Sean knew Sienna was as stubborn as they come; a signature family trait.

Sean sighed, "You're annoying as fuck, you know that?"

Sienna smiled and shrugged, "It's my job. Now go take a shower... you stink."

Sean couldn't help but chuckle. "Do I now?"

"Yep, you do."

Sean took a sniff at his armpits and exaggeratedly said, "I fucking smell like roses." His smile got wider as he stepped closer and closer to her.

"Sean, what are you doing? No, get away from me."

"Don't you dare, Sean."

"I'm warning you! I'm going to kick your ass... if you step any closer to me!!"

But Sean just laughed as he reached her. He closed his armpit over her face in a fake chokehold; a move he would often do when they were kids. His soft armpit hairs tickled her nose. Sienna let out a disgusted scream. Her frustration made him laugh even harder.

"You wanna stay here now, Mmm?"

He finally let her go and she gasped for breath. "Ugh!! You asshole. You're fucking disgusting!" She said in between breaths.

Sean tutted disapprovingly, "Such language."

In frustration, she punched him in the stomach but flinched when her hand met with what seemed to be a solid wall. Sean shook his head and chuckled.

"Ouch. Stop. You're hurting me." Sean said in a deadpanned voice.

He started to walk away and said, "Geez Cece, you used to pack more punch than that. This baby is turning you into a wimp."

With a grunt Sienna threw a pillow that landed directly between his eyes. The pointy edge of the pillow narrowly missed his right eye. With a surprise, he stumbled to the floor and let out a "Fuck!"

"Take that."

From the floor Sean slowly raised his arms in surrender, similar to how he would when he was 10.

"Ok ok I give. Truce?"

Sienna mischievously grinned, "Truce... but you have to kiss my feet."

"Pfff! Please... yea right."

"Well at least go take a shower..."

Sean rolled his eyes and sighed. He mumbled something about her being worse than mom and walked towards his bathroom.

"Don't forget to scrub... with lots of soap."

Sean shot her his middle finger before going in the bathroom.

Sienna chuckled and a flutter of happiness ran through her. Ok this was progress. This was her Sean; crazy lovable annoying Sean.

Aimlessly she flipped through the channels for a movie while she waited for him to come out. She stopped at one where there was a man who ran through the woods in a very cold looking place. There was thick white snow everywhere. The man had been shot and he was running for cover. His white snow boots crunched the hard snow as he ran to a safe place by a frozen river. The man looked tired and was losing energy.

Within minutes Sienna's eyelids fluttered closed. Before she slipped into a peaceful slumber, she heard the man asking for help to find someone he was looking for.

When Sienna woke some hours later, the movie had finished and she was alone. She sighed. What was she going to do with him? She flicked through the channels and briefly thought of the movie she'd been watching. It seemed familiar. But those action flicks were basically all the same.

She got up and looked for Sean. She checked the gym, the kitchen, the courtyard... and he was nowhere to be found. She asked the housekeepers if they had seen Merle. They hadn't.

That uneasy feeling was back.

Sienna shook her head. Maybe her baby hormones were making her more paranoid than she needed to be... She was sure he was fine.


Layla walked around surveying the area. She needed to visualize the event in her mind to make sure she covered all her bases. But the truth was she was distracted.

Was Merle regretting their time together? Layla's thoughts ran wild and then she realized she was being unreasonable. As far as she could tell nothing had changed. Merle probably just had some important things to tend to that morning. She concentrated at her task on hand. In the distance she saw a figure moving about in the bar area.

"Oh, hello!" Layla called out. "Eleni, would you mind coming here a minute?"

The short plump woman came towards her without hesitation. A permanent smile always graced her softly wrinkled face. Her jet black hair streaked with gray was tightly secured in a low bun. Eleni enjoyed her job as a housekeeper. She was good at it and her employers were kind and fair; nothing like her old job.

"Yes, Ms. Layla?" Eleni lightly accented voice was soft and motherly.

"Would you happen to know where the long measuring tape is?"

"Oh no! I'm so sorry Ms. Layla. I borrowed it and forgot to bring it back."

"That's alright, please tell Takis to pick another one up on his way into town this afternoon."

"Ok I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, Ms. Layla."

Layla softly shook her head and waved her hand to halt her apology, "It's ok, really. Not a problem at all."

Eleni sighed in relief. Suddenly she lifted her index finger as an idea came to her. Her hands were well-worn but feminine. "But you know... I'm going to ask Mr. Merle if by chance he brought it back."

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