tagLoving WivesDustin's Wife Ch. 01

Dustin's Wife Ch. 01


This series is an adult based writing. It is intended for adults 18+. It contains graphic sexual scenes and lots of dirty words. If you need to go to the dictionary to know what any of the words mean, then you are too young to read this.

This is a series about a couple guys who wanted to get back at an asshole at work, which so many of us do. The guy's wife, who is innocent of any wrong doing, is the instrument of that payback.

This is a made up story and the characters are made up also. It is based on some real experiences, for instance; I lived with a woman who could climax by simply having her tits fondled and sucked, nothing else just tittie play.

I also know from experience that if you can get your naked cock into a married or single woman's hand and if she doesn't rip it off, hurt you in some way, scream loud enough to wake the dead or just let go and walk away, then you are going to get sucked, fucked or jerked off. A couple drinks don't hurt.

Women love secrets. When I was younger I was an amateur photographer and I was amazed at how much clothing I could remove and how much flesh I could touch for the sake of a 'good picture'. And never did a boyfriend or husband come looking for me.

It started as a single story but as many writers and readers know, you sometimes get a character that you enjoy so much you don't want to see them leave. That's what happened here. I wanted to know more about them and their backstory. I like the character of Vicki and in a perfect world, she would be my ideal woman, of course I would also need a best friend I trusted enough to fuck her with me. That's tough to find.

I tried to write in the style of the 'Traveler's Companion' paperbacks I read as a teenager. With protracted oohs and ahhs and various sounds for grunts and groans and long drawn out I'm cumming. It's tough to put the sounds made during sex into a readable context, and to just say - they came - seems to deny the passion and intensity of a really good orgasm. Kinda like those people who make a tiny whispered 'choo' when they sneeze.

Finally, I am a romantic. What started as a sex for revenge story ends up being a love story. So if you are one who doesn't believe in love or that good sex and love can't go together then don't read past chapter 5. Oh, the remaining chapters are still filled with raw sex and uncontrollable urges, but in a less angry fashion.

I gauge my stories by how many times I have to stop writing and handle a rising problem. Chapter one is a two boner.

I hope you enjoy Dustin's wife.

Dustin's Wife

Pt. 1: Vicki Cheats

Dustin was the biggest asshole that ever worked in the shop. He was always trying to kiss up to the shop foreman, Andy. He was the worst worker but he walked around like he was king shit. Telling everyone what they were doing wrong about the job and in their personal life.

"Hey Mikester." Mike hated when he called him that. "You know what you shoulda done with your wife? Keep her on her guard. Keep questioning her about where she's going, who she's seeing. You gotta be the boss with women. If she knew you'd beat the crap outta her, maybe she wouldn't have run off. Yep. Control, thats the key."

Mike's wife left him a couple years ago and it was still a sore spot. Now this dick was picking at that sore.

"Like you fucking know, peckerhead."

"Heyyy. Don't get mad at me cause she left. I got my wife on a short leash. She so much as looks at another guy, I give her a slap on the ass so hard it makes her eyes tear up. He slapped his hand down on the lunch table. "Don't even think it, bitch. I say. That pulls her right back in line. She knows I'll beat her like a drum if she fools around and then leave her with no money."

Mike smiled thinking that this scrawny fuck couldn't beat up a turd. His wife must be some scared mousey little thing.

"What the fuck's going on in here?" Andy heard the noise and thought there was trouble.

"Oh nutting boss." Dustin whimpered and ran back to the work area.

"You okay?" Andy asked after Dustin was gone. "I don't have to worry about you putting a hammer in his skull, do I?" He asked, smiling.

"No." Mike laughed. "I'd like to, but I won't. He was just giving me advice on how to handle women."

"Him?? Women? He don't know shit about womem." Andy sat down and lit a smoke. They were friends. Went fishing together a couple times a month. Went to each others for bar-b-ques. His wife had died a while back and he was still single. Mike asked him once why he never remarried.

"Cause I don't trust em. I trusted my wife. I know she never cheated, she wasn't the type. But the women I've met since she died, man oh man, cock hungry whores most of them. I have screwed more married women in the past five years. It's gotten to the point I can tell if a woman is a cheater just by looking at her. And you'd be surprised how many there are."

"Dustin said control is the answer. His wife is under control." Mike said

"What? Bullshit. You ever met his wife?" Andy's face lit up when he talked about her. Mike shook his head.

"A goddess. It's hard to believe a dick like him could have such a good looking wife. She's in her early 30's, I'd guess. Beautiful face, tits out to here and an ass made for fucking. But he treats her like crap. Maybe it's because he knows he's a 4 and she's a 14." He licked his lips.


"Oh yeah. Primo grade 'A' pussy there. I was over at his place one Sunday, he was trying to suck up and get more money. We went out back and she was there sunbathing in the back yard. He screamed at her to get her ass in the house and put some clothes on. She ran scared into the house but not so fast that I couldn't see them big tits jiggling and that sweet ass. Oh man that ass. I could fuck that for a week straight."

He stopped and stared off into space for a moment. "Funny thing." He looked at Mike again.

"Dustin had his back to her and just as she got to the sliding door, she stopped and smiled at me. Not a scared or embarassed smile. But the kind of smile that gets your dick hard. She tossed her hair back and went inside. Didn't see her again the rest of the day."

"Okay, Mr. I can tell by looking, is she cheating?" Mike laughed.

"If she ain't, she's going to." He said, seriously. "And I would love to be there when she does. Umm, umm, ummm."

His assessment gave Mike an idea. "I think I might know a way we can make that happen, if you're game. If he really is as jealous and controlling as he claims, we'll either both get some pussy or both go to jail."

"Count me in." He said and shook Mike's hand. "Now get your ass back to work."

Mike knew they were looking for a swing shift boss and Dustin would be chomping at the bit to get get the job. He talked to Andy and after he heard the plan, Andy said he would tell Dustin that he was thinking of him for the position. It was Andy's birthday in a couple days and the plan was to not invite Dustin to a party, while dropping hints that Andy wanted to talk about the job.

"Me and a couple other guys and their wives are taking him to Clint's for a birthday party. Nothing special."

"Clint's? How come I wasn't invited?"

"We didn't think you and your wife went for hanging out with the guys."

"My wife don't go much for social functions. She's a stay at home type. But I can be there. I never been to Clint's. Where is it?"

Mike figured he'd say that. A guy as jealous as him would want to keep the wife at home. "Great. Then I won't be the only guy going stag."

"Right." He said. "The other guys are bringing their wives?"

"Yeah. You know Andy has a thing about family since his wife died. He may notice that you and I are the only ones without wives but I got an excuse. That's why I figure I ain't getting too many promotions, being single and all. But it's all good. I make enough for me." Mike left him there, thinking.

About 20 minutes later he asked what time and where Clint's was. Mike told him 8:30 that would get him there 30 minutes after the others. Then he asked if it was dress up or could they come casual. They??? Good.

Andy almost busted a gut when Mike told him about the expression on Dustin's face when he said the promotion thing.

"I don't give a fuck about family. Hell I don't care if a guy has two wives, a mistress and is banging his sister on the side if he can do the job." Andy stood up and grabbed his coat . "Let's get to Clint's and see if your plan worked. To pussy." He said, finishing his beer.

"To married pussy." Mike said and followed him.

Clint's is more a tavern than a resturant. Low lights, pool tables, some food and tables and it's loud. The tables near the wall were the darkest. There was one booth in this little alcove that was called the jerk off table because it was so dark you could get a hand job or even a blow job there and no one could see. Andy said he had gotten blown by a boss's wife in that booth.

When they got there the stage was set. None of the guys had brought their wives. Clockwise, the seating was Andy in a chair at the end, then Mike and Joe in the booth with two empty spaces at the far end. Dave, Jim and Chris were in the outside chairs. When Mike turned to talk to Andy, he couldn't see the far end of the booth. 'This just might work.' he thought.

Mike saw Dustin at the door. He HAD brought his wife and Andy was right, she was a stunner. He wondered how a peckerhead like him got a sex pot like her. They walked over. It's showtime.

"Hey guys, Happy birthday Andy." He set a gift on the table.

"Thanks." Andy said. "Grab a seat." He pointed to the far end.

"Aren't you going to indroduce me?" His wife asked when Dustin started to move.

"Oh yeah. Guys this is my wife, Vicki."


"Hi Vicki." Everyone called out.

Dustin leaned in to whisper to Mike. "I thought you said there were going to be other wives here."

He shrugged his shoulders. "There were supposed to be."

"And you said 8:30."

Andy heard that and said. "How come you are late? I can't stand it when people are late. Reflection of their work ethic."

Man, he was good. Get Dustin paranoid so he will be sure to try and defend himself and leave the lovely Vicki at the mercy of who ever was sitting beside her. Which was going to be Mike. Dustin wasn't happy as he went around the table and sat next to Joe.

Vicki wasn't really beautiful but cute. Jet black hair almost shoulder length, pert little nose, nice cheeks, big eyes and thick lips. More Courtney Cox than Julia Roberts. But the body. That was something else. Like Pamela Anderson, her first set of fake tits not the second. Vicki's tits were full and round like oversized cantaloupes and walking away she showed two perfect asscheeks that seemed to form a heart. She was only about 5'5" but she made the most of it. There was a wiggle in her walk that belied the frumpy housewife image.

Andy and Mike were laughing and joking just waiting for Dustin to make his move. It took about 15 minutes and a couple beers and he asked Joe if he could sit there.

"Fuck off." Joe said.

He then squeezed past his wife and asked Chris if he could take his seat. Chris looked at the space beside Vicki and started to get up. This could go south real fast.

"Take my seat, Dustin." Mike said, getting up. "I know you got stuff you want to talk to Andy about."

"Thanks Mikester."

Mike was having second thoughts about trapping the unsuspecting woman but when he called him that, they left. "I'll go stand at the bar."

"Bullshit." Andy said. "Go sit down there by Vicki. She won't bite." He looked at Dustin. "Will she?" He shook his head no. "Hey Vicki." Andy shouted, pretending to be drunker than he was. "I'm sending Mike down there. Don't bite him." He laughed.

They figured if the boss told him to sit by the woman, then Dustin couldn't protest. He didn't look happy but didn't say a word. Mike went to the end and she stood up so he could sit by Joe. It was so loud Mike had to lean in to introduced himself. She shook his hand and he watched her tits jiggle. Soft skin. In a little while that hand would be on his cock.

"So what do you do?" Mike threw out to guage her mood.

"I'm a housewife." She said smiling. She looked at him for a sec but then went back to staring at her husband.

"Kinda rude of him to just leave a sexy lady on her own."

"What?" That got her attention. "No. It's alright. He needs to talk about his promotion."

"If I had a wife as pretty as you I wouldn't leave her sitting by herself."

"Some wives can be trusted on their own." She shot back.

Mike thought that was a dig about his own situation and now was even more determined to get the snooty bitch on her knees. She smiled at him. She was working on her second beer. Andy ordered a couple pitchers and one was pushed to the end of the table. Mike poured a beer and settled back.

"So he leaves you alone a lot?"

"Not often. Besides, I'm not alone, there's a lot of people here and if I scream because your hand is on my knee, those people will hear me. Including my husband." She pushed his hand away and raised her glass to drink.

"Was that your knee? I thought it was mine."

Mike had never actually seen anyone do a spit take until now. She spit beer across the table and looked at him, giggling. Mike looked over and saw that Dustin hadn't even noticed her actions.

"Does that work?" She asked when she recovered.

"Only on women with pink nipples." Mike said.

"Not this time." She said.

A look of surprise crossed her face and her eyes got real big when she realized what she had just admitted. She downed the rest of her glass. He refilled it. He was looking at her chest and she put her hands over her tits.

"Oh my god." She blushed. "Stop looking."

"I was wondering if they were brown or pink. Now I know. Do they get darker, redder, when you're excited?"

"You are a pig." Vicki snapped.

"Can I see them?"

"No! Stop talking like that."

"I heard there's a party in your mouth and I was hoping to come."

"If you don't stop talking like that."

"What? You'll tell your very jealous husband that I asked to see your cute little pink nipples? He might be interested in how I know what color they are."

Her face paled at that. "Don't tell him, please. He gets mad if I even talk to a man. He'll explode if he thinks I told you about my ... just don't please?"

"Okay I won't. So what color panties are you wearing?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"I like a woman who begs" He grabbed her hand and pulled it into his lap.

"What are you doing?" She whispered in a startled tone.

Mike pulled his dick out earlier and talking to her had gotten it semi-hard. The warmth of her touch was getting him harder.

"Let go of my hand" She struggled to pull away.

He put her hand on his cock. He wrapped her fingers around it and held them closed.

"Oh my god. Are you crazy? Stop that."

"You had better calm down or your husband might notice and ask what's going on." Mike said flatly. She looked at him with daggers but calmed down. She looked at Dustin. He was talking and didn't notice.

"I'll tell him..."

"Tell him what?" Mike interrupted. "After you told me you have little strawberry nipples just ripe for sucking, I made you jerk me off under the table? Would you believe that if you found him with his fingers in some broad's snatch? And even if he does believe it, he'll still be pissed at you."

"See there's the flaw. He won't believe you." She said confidently.

"You'll have to explain why your big pink nipples are sticking out."


"How about if we both stand up with your hand on my cock and I shout, 'Hey Dusty, look at this?"

"Oh my god! Please don't."

Vicki knew she was in trouble and was trying to come up with an excuse her husband would believe and not blame her as to why a stranger's dick was in her hand. Suddenly her eyes got bigger as Mike's cock got stiffer.

Mike was proud of his dick. It wasn't massive but it was thick. His wife use to say, when they were on friendlier terms, it was 6x6. 6" long and 6" around. As thick as the wrist of the hand he was holding. It throbbed and he felt her grip tighten.

"Holy shit. What IS that?" She whispered.

She looked at his lap and then at his face. He smiled.

"That's all me sweetie and I'm picturing your soft lips sliding up and down from the balls to the tip." She tried to pull her hand away again. Mike started moving it up and down.

"You can't talk to me like that. I'm a married woman. Let go of my hand - NOW. You are such a bastard." She whisper shouted at him.

"I would think a married woman could give a better hand job. I hope you fuck better than you do this?" He said sarcastically.

Vicki took offense at that. "YOU will never know. I'm not exactly a willing partner here, so what do you expect?" Did he hear defeat in her voice?

What Mike expected was for a wife to keep fighting to get free and not tell a stranger that she gives a better hand job if she wants. He realized she was no longer struggling and was letting him slide her fist on his dick, she even started the downstroke when she felt the ridge of the head.

"Is your husband's cock this thick?"

She looked at him, biting her lip.

"I am not going to talk to you about the size of my husband's ... how much longer are you going to make me do this?"

"Not much longer if you get better at it."

Her hand was sliding easier now. He was surprised at how much of the movement was her. He barely needed any pressure at all to move her hand. Mike noticed her breathing was getting deeper. Maybe Andy was right. He moved his hand to her wrist. She kept her fist closed around his pecker on her own and kept pulling it. Mike spit into his other hand and used it to lube.

"That's disgusting." She said.

"I'd rather use your spit but I don't guess you'd be willing to...." He nodded to his lap.

"No." She said. "Please don't make me do this. I'm married."

"Okay. How about this? You take off your panties and let me play with your pussy and you can stop pulling my dick?"

"I'm not talking to you anymore."

She turned her head away. Mike decided to take a chance and let go of her wrist. Vicki continued to jerk his cock with no help from him. She increased the speed and pressure. She did full strokes and quick half strokes. She even loosened her grip and readjusted where she held him. Her position was better than where he put her. She knew a lot about jerking guys off.

"Oh yeah." He groaned when she increased the speed.

"Was that a complaint?"

She turned back to him with a little smile on her face. In the darkness it looked like there was a sparkle in her eye. She looked at his lap and stopped moving her hand. She didn't pull it away, just stopped moving it.

"I guess you do give a better handjob when you want to."

"You think you're clever, don't you? I could bend this thing in half and really hurt you." She said.

"Hadn't thought of that." Mike confessed. "I hope you don't."

She pulled her hand away and stood up. She walked to the other end of the table and started talking to her husband. 'I'm in the shit now', he thought. Andy looked at at him and he shrugged his shoulders. Mike poured another beer from the pitcher. 'Might as well get drunk if I ain't getting laid.' Suddenly, Vicki was sitting beside him again.

"Motherfucker." She said.

"I've been called that before."

"What?" She was staring at her husband and he looked at her and waved. "Not you, him." She gave a little wave back.

"I told him I wanted to go. He said he was still talking business but he's just getting drunk. I asked if I could sit up there. He said there wasn't room and told me to come back here."

"Glad to have you back." Mike said as he reached for her hand.

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