tagIncest/TabooDutch & Mom

Dutch & Mom

byParis Waterman©

The Gathering

Dutch & Mom

Dutch felt it would be a mistake, but Rosa had insisted he bring her mother dinner since she was trying to clean her house and run the bar simultaneously. Rosa couldn't manage it since she had to meet a client and show a house to him and his wife. They were in town for one day and she didn't dare lose them to another agent.

He parked his Volvo, kicked the passenger door and delivered Mom's meal.

"How much time do we have?" she'd asked as he set foot inside her beach house.

Not thinking quickly enough he'd replied, "I've got a couple hours before Rosa gets back, why?"

"Dutch, I gotta tell ya, I've been so horny the last couple days thinking about you and that fat salami of yours. I want that salami stuffed up my hole as far as you can."

"Jesus, Sue . . ." Dutch looked around the room for a route out, he was stunned at this turn of events, "We did it once, but now I'm involved with Rosa . . ."

"I know, I know," Sue said, even as her hand lightly massaged her cunt through the blue teddy she wore. "But all Rosa talks about is how you wear her out with that big cock of yours. And I had you first. It's not like I'm accusing her of stealing you from me, but she's my daughter and loves me too. She won't mind sharing your cock with me once in a while."

That said, she pulled the teddy up over her hips. She was naked beneath it. Dutch's cock sprang to attention and Sue saw it and smiled lewdly at him. Dutch made his mind up, and told Sue, "I remember the first time I sank my prick into you."


"It was love at first come. And if Rosa hadn't come home and fucked me right next to you we'd probably still be fucking on a daily basis."

"Quite the romantic aren't you?" She laughed and raising her foot onto a chair, began to finger herself. "You still can fuck me every day if you want."

"You know I can't do that, Sue. I really do love Rosa. We're very happy together."

"Gonna fuck me now?"

He smiled at her and began to unzip his fly. "Sure, why not?"

"Wonderful! You know I'm really glad the two of you are getting along. You can really help with my grand daughter. She's at the point in her life where she really needs a father figure. Promise me you'll be good to her and my daughter?"

"I promise, but you know, it's kinda weird making me promise something like that just before we start fucking like rabbits."

"It's the best time a woman can get a man to promise something," she said playing with her right tit.

"I guess you're right, works almost the same with women."

"Oh, how's that?"

"With women you get them to promise anything just before they start to come."

They sat down on the couch, and although still toying with her nipple, she reached out to grasp his cock.

Sue laughed, "Damned if you're not right about that. I'd forgotten all about the way my bastard of a husband manipulated me that way. He had a handsome cock too. But he was a real prick."

She beckoned to him. "Just put it inside me. I want to feel it." Sue wriggled onto his lap and his cock eased deeply into her cunt. A moment later they were swapping spit and Sue was rubbing her big "D" tits against his face. She grunted and shifted her rear, causing him to gain even deeper penetration. Dutch cupped her left tit and pinched her fat, rigid nipple. She groaned and told him to get naked.

He stood up and his cock pointed at the ceiling while he complied with a wide grin. Sue was thrusting three fingers into her wide open gash. Dutch said, "God Mom, I can see now that Rosa gets her sluttish ways from you."

"Hey, are you calling my Rosa a slut?"

"I'm calling the both of you sluts," he laughed then lightly slapped her across the face with his erection. They both laughed, and after trying to capture his bobbing prick in her mouth without success, she reached out grabbed his hips and pulled him to her face. Sue caught the very tip of his cock on the flat part of her tongue, lifted it up and with her eyes locked on his, drew the head of his prick deeper into her mouth. He sighed contentedly and she took him in hand and jerked him off while sucking hard on his cockhead.

"Nice, Mom, nice," he crooned.

Sue promptly deep throated him, swallowing his long, thick cock right to its base. He was ready to come, but she had anticipated this and removing him from her mouth, slapped his cock hard and Dutch forgot about coming as she resumed her fellating.

She suddenly stopped and said, "Enough of this I need this salami back in my pussy now!"

He laughed.

"Want me on my back or my knees?"

Dutch glanced at his rigid prick and the copious amount of her saliva just dripping from it. "Get on your back," he all but grunted.

She threw one leg up over the back of the couch and the other dropped to the floor of its own accord. Dutch was moved to taste her and ran his tongue over and into her very wet pussy.

Using both hands he spread her wide apart and marveled at the various shades of pink within her cunt. He started licking her asshole, causing her to shudder and moan. Then his mouth was moving, sucking and licking over her thicken labia to her prominent clit. He blew on it and Sue, in a quavering voice told him she was coming.

He adjusted position and drove his prick so deep they were belly to belly. Sue grunted with each thrust and screamed her pleasure as he leaned forward and seized a huge nipple in his mouth and sucked and chewed on it until she pleaded for him to switch sides. He did and she came.




Gripping the cheeks of her ass in both hands he raised her up and gasped, "Gonna fill you up with my cum!"

She bit into his shoulder and came hard.




"Coming baby?"

YES! Keep fuckin' me lover! Keep on fuckin'!"

Dutch felt himself stiffen, "Here it comes!"


He groaned and spasmed, "Ahhh, here it comes you beautiful slut! Here it comes!"

He poured his seed into her as she continued coming for the longest time in her memory.

Afterward she turned to him and kissed him. "Tell me something loverman, how does my Rosa manage to handle that monster of yours?"

"Just like you do. I give it to her just about every day."

"Jesus, have mercy," Mom said awed.

"And she likes it in her ass too."

"My God!" Mom said picturing the two of them rutting.

They rested for a time, and then he prodded Sue to get on her knees. When she was ready he rubbed his cockhead up and down her drooling cuntal lips.

"Gonna give me some more of that love sausage, Dutch?"

He ignored her; instead he grasped her pendulous tits and pulled on her nipples as if milking a cow. He felt himself growing hard and kissed Sue's neck.

That's nice. I like that," she purred.

He gently caressed her buttocks and marveled at how well it looked despite her age. She shuddered at the first touch of his cock at her entrance and he smiled as he watched the thick member ease silently into her. The heat emanating from her pussy astounded him, but after two or three thrusts he got a different idea.

"Gonna show you how and why Rosa likes it up her ass."

"Oh no Dutch! God no! Dutch. That will hurt too much!" But her actions denied her protests as she wriggled her body against his.

His finger sank into her asshole and his cock drilled deeper into her. She trembled and came. He added another finger and she continued to come. He worked the fingers around and around, stretching her asshole a little. He lubed his fingers with her juices and shoved three of them up her rectum and she bellowed in both pain and pleasure as she enjoyed yet another climax.

By this point he was jamming the fingers into in time to his fucking of her cunt. Sue was helpless against him. She knew what was coming but in the throes of consecutive orgasms, was powerless to stop him in fact, she had reached the point that she now craved it.

As her multiple orgasms raged on she let herself go and cried out, "Oh God, fuck me! Harder baby! Fuck me harder!"

Dutch denied her any further pleasure, pulling his cock from her gushy cunt and prying his fingers from her tightly constricted anus and waiting until she protested both losses, drove his tongue into her ass.

She squealed and groaned. "YES, FUCK MY ASS!"

Finished tonguing her, he laced his throbbing prick at her puckered rim and shoved hard.

"Baby that hurts! Please go slower," she begged.

Dutch reached under her belly, found her foaming cuntal lips and located her swollen clit. It was like a small hard prick. He rubbed it and Sue relaxed her anal muscles allowing him to sink another inch into her ass. Her ass clamped down on him then and he felt pain from the pressure. Hoping to relax her further, he ran his fingers in and out of her love juice until Sue began another climax. As she relaxed he began a series of long, steady stokes and while still extremely tight, he was able to continue fucking her without Sue clamping down on him.

Partly as a reward for relaxing, partly because he felt mischievous, he rubbed her cunt juices over her breasts and finally stuck them in her mouth for her to suck.

He waited patiently for her to cum again and when she had, he pulled out of her ass and reinserted himself in her sodden twat and began fucking her as hard as he could. Sue maintained a continuous climax and suddenly she passed out. He kept on fucking her until he came and afterward wished he'd taken some Viagra to keep him hard, for he wanted to keep fucking.

"Ah well," he thought, "the spirit's willing . . ." He lay next to her watching his sperm seeping from her cunt until she revived and kissed him on the mouth.

"I liked having you up my ass," she whispered as she sat up and held her pendulous tits in her hands. "But that monster of yours has me so sore I won't be able to sit down for a week."

"Sorry 'bout that," he said kissing her nipples.

"Don't be sorry, I loved it. You can stuff that big thing up there anytime. Do you know I came so many times I passed out?"

"Yeah, I noticed that," he said and they laughed.

"You're quite the motherfucker," Sue giggled and he opened up to her.

"I'm a motherfucker alright. " His eyes glistened with tears. "You know, my mother had the longest nipples."

"Really, did you give her some of that salami of yours?" She asked and lay back, spreading her legs apart, providing a great view of her well fucked gash.

He shrugged and said, "I did. One night I woke up to take a piss and heard noises coming from her room. My old man wasn't home so I got curious. My brother was in bed with her, pumping away."

"That must have come as a surprise,' Sue said tenderly as her fingers nestled in his hair.

"Well, my Dad just wasn't interested in sex after he reached the age of fifty, so when I peeked into the room and saw my brother with his head between her big tits and fingering her pussy, I could hardly wait for my turn."

"Did you join them?"

"No, I waited a couple years. I was a freshman in college before it happened with us."

"Tell me how it happened," Sue said, her eyes were sparkling with excitement.

"Okay. I got home from school. She was in bed and called me into the room to talk. We did talk, but eventually my head was against her boobs and she shook one loose and I began sucking on it. It wasn't long before she was jilling off while I chewed and sucked her nipples. When she was primed up she pulled my head down to her snatch and I tasted pussy for the very first time. She told me I was good at following directions after her orgasm. The next night she grabbed my cock and told me to put it in her and that mine was bigger than both my father and brothers."

"Now I'll tell you something about Rosa," Mom said. "Her father started fooling with her while I was working at the bar. She told me what he'd been doing to her after I caught him fucking her. I nearly killed him. I threw the bastard out and got me a divorce. I also got the bar and a good deal of his money since I threatened him with jail time if he didn't provide for us."

They said goodbye and he drove home. Rosa was still out with her clients; he plopped down into a large easy chair and turned on the television. He recalled it was opening day for the Padres who were playing the Rockies, but the game was being played in Monterrey, Mexico.

Ashby was pitching against Darryl Kile. Dutch caught the remainder of the game. Denver's Mexican hero, Vinny Castilla had four hits, leading the Rockies to an 8 – 2 win. Dante Bichette homered for Denver and Ashby took the loss. Dutch had had three beers, and now he was so fucked out he could hardly move. He grimaced again and gingerly touched his testes. 'Jesus,' he thought, 'even my balls are sore from pounding the old lady's pussy and ass. Still, he was somewhat shaken by the news that one of his boyhood heroes, Early Wynn, had died in Florida' he'd been 79.

"Jesus," he said aloud, "I must be getting old. All those guys are dropping off like flies." He reflected on Early Wynn: "Every hitter is the enemy," he used to say. He pitched for a long time, 23, maybe 24 years. He won 300 games. 'Yeah,' he thought, 'exactly 300.' "Ah shit, he had a good life. I hope mine turns out to be as memorable as his, making the Hall of Fame and all.'

He dozed off thinking of other past glories of baseball history. He was still sleeping when Rosa came home with her girlfriend Maria. They were slightly drunk and feeling frisky.

"Looka him," Maria said, slurring her words, "It's what, ten-thirty?"

"More like eleven-thirty," Rosa giggled, but refused to say anything against her guy. "Want a drink?"

"Uh, yes, thanks."

Rosa got Maria a beer.



"Remember all the things we wanted to talk about and do as kids."

"Oh yeah, we had dreams . . ."

"I still have dreams Maria."

"Me too, but they . . . they seem to be fading away on me."

Placing her arm around her friend, Rosa said, "Don't feel bad, baby, things will be looking up for you soon. Look at me, I finally found someone who's worth a damn."

Maria smiled. "Is it true he's hung like a stallion?" Her hand drifted languidly along her thigh.

"No, but he's plenty big. What's more he knows how to use it; and his tongue . . ." She let the words hang in the air, 'Let her figure it out for herself,' she thought.

"I'm gonna make it on my own too," Maria said and drained the rest of her beer. Rosa got her another beer, and opened one for herself.

They drank in silence for a while.

"Did I ever tell you how attractive you are?" Maria asked.

"Oh, come on," Rosa said, but thought, 'I'm not usually attracted to another woman, what's going on?'

"I wish I were as beautiful as you," Maria whispered, as Rosa smoothed her dress wondering where this conversation was taking them.

"What's with you, Maria? Don't be silly, you're a beautiful woman in your own right. I've watched men look at you. They sneak glances at your ass and tits all the time. Don't tell me you haven't noticed."

"They only want one thing from me," she said plainly feeling sorry for herself.

Feeling obliged to counter that statement, Rosa opined, "You don't know that."

A sly grin formed on Maria's face. She pointed at Dutch as he slept in the chair several feet away.

"What's he like in the sack?"

Rosa laughed and took a sip of her beer. She decided to be truthful. "He's the greatest lay I've ever had or even heard of."

"He makes you come?"

"Every time; and more than once, more like 5 or 10 times before we're finished."



"Do you have a man in your life now, Maria?"

She frowned, then swallowed a mouthful of beer before answering. "No, not right now I don't."

"What about that guy with the 10 incher?"

"Him? That bastard he never shows up for his date on time. Sometimes he's too stoned, others he's only good for a quickie. He can take his big dick and shove it up a monkey for all I care."

They both began laughing only to fall quiet when Maria's arm went around Rosa's shoulder. Rosa glanced at Dutch, he was snoring lightly, apparently lost in a dream. She wondered what he was dreaming about, but was shaken from her reverie when Maria asked her a question.

"Is it wrong for a woman to be . . . attracted to another woman?"

"Wrong? No, I don't think so, why?"

Maria ignored her question and followed with another. "Would that make her a lesbian?"

"A lesbian prefers women to men as a rule. Where are we going with this? Rosa asked and glanced at her friends hand on her shoulder.

Maria appeared to blush and suddenly stood up. "Umm, sorry I need to use the . . . gotta pee." She turned away and walked brusquely down the hallway and closed the bathroom door behind her.

While Rosa wondered where this was leading, Maria sat on the toilet waiting for her bladder to function. When she finished pissing she wiped herself with several sheets of toilet paper and shuddered at the marvelous thrill the touch sent into her belly.

'I better not, she might hear me,' Maria thought, but her finger was already lightly gliding up and down her slit. She grunted softly and spread her thighs a little wider and using her right hand parted the opening of her pussy so the middle finger of her left hand could penetrate her like a miniature prick. As her juices accumulated she quit this procedure and took on another. Pressing her thumbs together above her sparsely covered mound she pushed downward, all the while trying to visualize Rosa's body. Maria's clitoris was now standing out from its normal hooded hiding place and her labia remained open from her fingers earlier work. Feverously she moved her thumbs up and down as desire filled her being. She thought of nothing but Rosa . . . Rosa with legs spread apart inviting her kiss; Rosa returning her kisses, with just as much passion as she now felt for Rosa . . .

Grunting with the pleasure of it all, she slid to the front edge of the toilet seat, tugged her black silk panties off her legs and spread her knees yet further apart. Her thigh muscles tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed. Her flexing thumbs milked her nub of hot flesh, drawing wave after wave of singular gratification.

'Won't be long before I cum,' she told herself and inserted a finger, then two working them in and out, trying to hurry her agonized need for a thrilling climax.

'What the hell's keeping her,' Rosa mused as she opened another beer and studied Dutch as he slept. His mouth was open and he was snoring, but not loudly. He made her smile and the thought occurred to her that if Maria were not here she might have knelt in front of him and given him a nice, sloppy blowjob. For a few seconds she rhapsodized over his cock; its taste, its texture and the force of his ejaculate blasting into her throat. Then she remembered Maria and after tracing her footsteps down the hallway she stood poised to knock on the door to ask if Maria were alright.

On the toilet, Maria's fingers were moving rapidly around inside her pussy. She began to utter a kind of mewing sound. One hand was now gripping the top of her pussy, twisting and sliding against her erect button. She sensed the heat searing through her as her ass bounced on the toilet rim. Her other hand joined the first -- rubbing at her well lubricated inner labia while teasing her clit. White hot lightning bolts riddled her belly


No answer. A worried Rosa hesitated a moment, then opened the door and saw Maria with her mouth hanging open with a grimacing semblance of a smile. Her head tossed from side to side; her eyes were shut tight and she had three fingers buried to the second knuckle in her cunt while her left hand massaged a breast.

"Oh! Excuse me!" Rosa blurted, embarrassed at having barged in, but nonetheless fascinated by the scene.

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