tagFetishMore Dutch & Rosa Ch. 02

More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©

More Dutch & Rosa

Chapter 2

Alice and Her Egg/ Aimee and the Strap-on

Formerly Chapter 20

Nina lay quietly alongside Alice in the dressing room until Alice came out of her sexual delirium.

"Jesus," she murmured, "that was the best!"

"It really was," Nina responded almost too quickly, causing Alice to furrow her brow questioningly.

"What I mean . . ." Nina began.

"I can't recall blacking out like that," Alice said, interrupting her.

"I . . . better get dressed and reopen the store," Nina said, hoping she hadn't somehow offended this wonderful woman.

"Yes, I had better get dressed too. I have an appointment I can't be late for." Alice was wondering if she could stand Robert's huge cock pounding into after this session. 'Well,' she told herself, 'I'm game if he is.'

Nina had the boutique open and was speaking with a female customer when Alice emerged from the dressing room. "I'll take these two blouses and this skirt," Alice said brusquely, "although I would have thought this establishment would have had a garment like this freshly pressed."

The customer arched her eyebrows and Nina's hand flew to her mouth. She was shocked. The garment referred to was the skirt they had lain on while making love. She couldn't fathom the reason for Alice's behavior.

The answer was provided by Alice a second later.

"I love this skirt and since it's the only one in stock I'll take it. My maid can press it for me before I wear it out."

Nina's professionalism returned and she took the clothing from Alice and boxed it. When Alice paid, she also left her business card with Nina.

"That's in the event the other item comes in the next day or so," she said, and Nina numbly nodded, for she understood what Alice was telling her and her hopes soared. 'They would meet again,' she thought, handing the boxes to Alice.


Alice sauntered into Kelly's Café only five minutes late and spotted her husband at the bar having a martini. She approached him and was almost next to him before he noticed her.

"Well, here you are. I was beginning to worry."

"Really? You were worried about me?" She asked.

He smiled. She reminded herself that he had a lovely smile, one of the nicest of any man she'd ever known.

"Yes," he placed his glass on the bar and took her hands. "I thought the damn thing might have electrocuted you, or given you third degree burns."

"Oh, you!" she said enjoying his teasing.

"So how has it worked so far?"

She reached out and caressed his cheek. "Perfectly, and that's all I'm going to say about it."

Robert looked to the bartender. "Is our table ready?"

"Yes, Mr. Ruark, table 12, just over there." He pointed toward the window and a table set off by itself.

Robert placed a twenty on the bar and thanked the bartender, took Alice by the arm and escorted her to the table. After pulling out her chair and allowing her to be seated, he moved to the other side of the table and sat down.

"Now you're going to tell me what happened, or I'll be forced to extract several teeth. And I mean with a pliers."

She laughed at him and dabbed at her lips with the napkin. "All right, all right, but it's a sordid story."

"I expected nothing less," he said with another winning smile.

Alice told him the whole story. She was on her second cocktail when she finished.

"Amazing!" Robert said, "Compelling and totally unexpected. But I should have known that you'd involve someone else. Tell me, does she go both ways?"

"I really don't know. But we'll find out in due time. She wants to see me again."

"And you . . . you want to see her too?"

"Of course, but not tomorrow. I'll let her simmer for a few days. Who knows, she may be ready for anything by then."

"You know, I think I love you even more after this escapade."

"Thank you dear," she said and jabbed her fork into her salad.

They continued to eat in silence until Robert could no longer contain himself. His hand closed over hers, telling Alice that while she had enjoyed several spectacular orgasms, he had not.

"So?" she said, her eyes were wide eyed; and she was delighted to be teasing him for a change.

"Damn it, Alice, just the idea of that egg buzzing around in your pussy had me going. And now I hear you actually took it out and placed it in another woman . . ."

She looked at him then batted her eyelashes at him.

"Damn it, it's killing me. I'm so fucking horny I could . . ." He ran out of words and stopped.

"Oh," she said as if divining his predicament for the first time. She reached into her purse and removed the egg and its remote, handing them to him.

A bewildered expression crossed his face, then he pushed his chair back and said, "Oh, no!"

"Why not?" Alice asked, a wry grin spreading across her face.

Then he began to laugh and she joined in.

"Turnabout is fair play isn't it?' she inquired playfully.

"I'm not putting that thing up my ass, and that's final!" He huffed.

"She continued to laugh until the laugh was a mere giggle before speaking again. "I knew you wouldn't, so let's finish eating and go do whatever it is you had planned before I so rudely upset them."

"All right," he said, "but I never thought you were being rude. Salacious maybe, but not rude, never rude." He took a long swallow from his water glass. "So tell me, how does it feel?"

"Why not try it yourself?"

"You know I won't so come on, tell me, I'm dying to know how good it was, or is."

"It's better than you can imagine," she smiled. "I almost wrecked my car turning up while driving. Had to stop and calm down before continuing. Anyway, I remembered that girl from an earlier visit to the boutique and as horny as I was . . . well it didn't take much for me to make my move."

"Do me a favor?" He asked.


"Go to the ladies room and put it back in. Let me work the remote."

"Jesus, you don't want much do you?"

"Oh, come on, baby, do it for me, please?"

"Okay, but if I want to put it up your ass later you'd better not resist."

He was silent and she took it for assent and rose up accepted the device from him and went to insert it in her pussy again.

He signaled for the check and had his car waiting for them when she returned.

Robert drove to the large park across town, gradually increasing the intensity of the throbbing egg lodged tightly in her cunt.

"I . . . I may be coming," she gasped.

"How does it feel . . . right now I mean?"

"It's . . . it's radiating throughout my entire body. It's deliciously smooth and . . ."

"Go on," he said, steering the car into some dense greenery.

"Um, very intense . . . there's an ache, a delightful ache spreading . . . "

Robert raised the intensity a notch and the accompanying jolt caused her entire body to tremble.

"It's here . . . Sweet Jesus, I'm coming!" She gasped. He eased off on the remote and let her calm down.

"Jesus, baby, I've never come so hard or so often in one day . . ." Alice was huffing, trying to catch her breath.

His voice was hoarse as he stared at her. "I love the way you were writhing around in the seat. Your nipples were trying to pierce the material of your blouse," He licked his lips, which were bone dry.

"Lift your skirt up, show me that pussy. Show me the egg as it vibrates."

He began to increase the speed of the vibrator even as she raised her skirt, and bared her pussy for his eyes. Robert kept talking, but Alice heard only the drone of a distant voice as she pinched her swollen nipples to heighten the sensations coursing through her body. Her aroused scent permeated the car. Somehow, through her intoxicating sexual delirium, she sensed his massive cock at her lips and opened her mouth to receive him. Later she would recall the glint in his eyes and his delight in her predicament.

But another car parked several yards away, followed by a police car. Robert cursed under his breath. 'Of all places to pull someone over for a traffic violation,' he thought, and promptly tucked his erection back into his pants and started his engine.

"What?" a confused Alice sputtered.

"The police are here, giving some guy; no it's a woman a ticket. I'm headed home. If we stay he'll be over checking us out."

Alice agreed with him. "It's the way they think, everybody's guilty of something," she said, somewhat irritated at the loss of his massive dick, but preferring that to being caught screwing in public. 'We have our reputations to consider,' she told herself and began to calm down. It took a minute before she realized the egg was turned off and she used the time to recover her senses and plan her strategy before they got home.

On entering the spacious home both felt somewhat awkward and so they didn't sprint for the bedroom as they had done so many times in the past.

"Want a drink?" Robert asked.

"Yes, please, but no booze, just ice water, all right?"

"Of course, but . . . you don't mind if I have something stronger do you?"

"No, not at all, she said and sat on the floor, facing him as he made their drinks.

Handing Alice her ice water, Robert sat down in an armchair facing her. "So how hot was this girl?" He asked and took a sip of his martini.

"Turn the egg on," Alice said and couldn't believe she said it.


"So how went your day?" Aimee inquired almost as soon as Nina set foot in their shared apartment. Aimee's face was a perfect oval, tapering off to a fine chin. Her brown eyes were almond -- shaped, but she was not oriental. She was half Serbian, half Lebanese, with high cheekbones and a straight, pert nose. Her mouth was small, but her lips were full and luscious. She had white, even teeth. Her hair was dyed blonde, really brunette, but still her hair was thick and lustrous, permed into a slight curl at the lower part of her neck. Her satiny skin was smooth, clear and soft, the color and texture of honey. A long, elegant neck led smoothly to full, high, ripe, succulent mango-like breasts. Her belly was flat, her waist narrow and her hips flared just so, to neatly curved buttocks and slender, long, elegant legs.

She was lounging on a low loveseat in the middle of the room, crouched on her forearms and knees like a cat about to pounce on its prey. Her eyes followed Nina to the kitchen table and Aimee gracefully spun off the loveseat and went to join her.

Nina devoured her with her eyes before answering. "Unlike any other," she said keeping it simple.

"Come to me," Aimee commanded and Nina leaned across the kitchen table and stood legs slightly apart. Aimee's arm went around Nina's neck and pulled her in for a wet, warm tongue kiss. Aimee's hand darted under Nina's dress and caressed her already sodden cunt. "You are so hot already, so tell me," she paused as she sent one finger on an exploratory quest into her vagina. [Pics available on request]

"Mmmmmm," Nina sighed, rocking precariously on the balls of her feet.

"Gotta sit down," she husked, already on the threshold of another orgasm.

"Join me on the loveseat," Aimee breathed softly. And both women walked hand in hand across the room and sat down. Aimee kissed her again then curled her legs under her and prepared to listen for a time before springing into action.

Nina recounted the event of meeting Alice and halfway through, Aimee felt the juices flowing down her thighs. Despite herself, she couldn't wait for Nina to finish and pounced on her, pulling Nina's top down and fastening her teeth on Nina's perky breast. Nina groaned and came.

But she needed more, much more. Both girls removed their clothing and Nina assumed the aggressive role, returning the favor and sucking on Aimee's breast while her hand stole into Aimee's black lace panties.

It was an instant orgasm for Aimee as soon as Nina gifted tongue skimmed from her unhooded clit to her asshole. Nina's juices were smeared all over her face as Aimee pressed harder to get more of her lover into her mouth. Finally, she wrested her face from Nina's flesh and with an unladylike grin, gurgled loudly with the juices she had sucked into her mouth. Even as she came, Nina had to laugh at her antics and loved her even more.

Two seconds later Nina was no longer laughing. Aimee had attacked her clit, whipping it with her devilish tongue, then biting, nipping and chewing on it until she had forced another orgasm on her lover.

Nina cringed through the spasms, fearing her lover had wrought unrepairable damage to her sensitive nub, turning it into a piece of raw pulsing meat. And that thought brought on yet another climax. Nina thrashed about on the loveseat, totally out of control as Aimee's tongue devoured her, her fingers clenched in Nina's ass cheeks, the grip so tight her fingers would not slip even with the slippery juices cascading down the crack of her ass.

"Time out!" Nina managed and Aimee called a halt to the onslaught on Nina's cunt.

"My turn!" And although groggy with satisfied lust, Nina began to reciprocate.

Soon Aimee was lost in a world of wet heat as Nina attacked her with an animal-like fury, gnawing and sucking Aimee's clit. It wasn't long before Aimee's cunt was a frothy mixture of Nina's saliva and Aimee's juices. Aimee humped back wildly; her back bowed, neck strained and her face screwed up to reveal the last agonizing pleasure of her orgasm.

Having come four times, Aimee quivered and slumped back, panting, sucking air into her lungs. Nina didn't know, or care. She continued gobbling voraciously on Aimee's cunt -- tonguing, sucking, chewing, until Aimee's quiet screams penetrated her lust-sopped brain.

"Enough! Enough!" Aimee cried out trying to hold her lover off.

And then Nina smiled dreamily, stunned by what she had done and licked her lips. "Mmmm, I'm all wet," she murmured and tasted the various flavors oozing from Aimee's vagina.

Aimee, exhausted by her orgasms, leaned against the loveseat, legs spread, panting less and less as her breathing returning to normal.

"I love you, Nina, really I do. You're fantastic. God, it's never been that good before.


They had been making love for an hour. Robert had gotten off as Alice sucked him while he played with the remote. Shortly after that, she had thrown the egg across the bedroom and he'd gone down on her, bringing her to a magnificent climax.

Ten minutes later, he was rock hard again, and Alice, devious Alice, had a stroke of genius.

"Okay now, Alice whispered, her breath hot in his ear. "Just lean back all the way. Try to get your hands flat on the bed."

His hands had been pulling and squeezing her nipples. "I like my hands where they are, "Robert said.

"So do I, but I want you to try this." She looked beseechingly at him and said, "Come on, humor me."

He leaned back then dutifully pressed his palms into the mattress beside his ears.

"There," she said, adjusting herself on top of him. "Doesn't that feel good?"

"It was feeling pretty good already," Robert said. 'If she moved again,' he thought, 'if she as much as breathed too deeply . . .'

"It's the stretching part," she said. "It makes everything feel better."

"Who taught you this?" He asked, staining to hold himself in check.

She laughed and arched her back, then pulled at her nipples, feeling them elongate. She opened her mouth in a soundless scream as her pleasure built and built until she felt almost delirious as the delicious spasms began to wrack her nubile body.

Concentrating with all her willpower, she responded to his question, needing to have him know the truth.

"You may not believe me, but I swear it's true. I read about it in my gynecologist's office."

"Dr. Lamouerux?" He said, eyes beginning to bulge with the stress of containing his sperm.

"No, Dr. Adler," she moaned and bent her head to his chest.

He felt her teeth at the hollow of his throat, her tongue teasing his breastbone, her teeth nibbling the prong of one nipple. "Just stay where you are right now," she gasped.

"I'm not going anywhere," he panted, and felt her cuntal muscles contracting around his manhood as she sat up, leaned backward, her hands locked under him, pulling at the small of his back.

"Good," she breathed. "That's so good."

"I take it back," he said gritting his teeth. "I am going somewhere."

Alice felt her entire body tremble as the rush made its appearance.

"God, I think I hear you clenching around it!"

They both groaned simultaneously


"Do that again, sweetie, please," he rasped, his massive prick having swelled noticeably.

"Oh yes," she cried out, "Oh yes!" And she was moving, twisting, and he knew she was coming.

It was the most intense climax Alice had ever achieved; to the point where she could actually see and feel the viscous jets exploding from her husband's thick prick within her spasming cunt.

And he joined her, as they flew through the star spangled dark together to nirvana and utter bliss.


Using silk scarves, Aimee had tied a passive Nina's wrists and ankles to the bedposts. Now an hour of tantalizing and teasing later, Nina's dusky skin shimmered with sweat and her chest was heaving with newly discovered excitement. This was a new experience for her. She had been on the verge of a massive climax for most of that time. Aimee had permitted her several mini-orgasms, but always pulled back before a major one hit.

'What an unbelievable day this has been,' she told herself.

Her eyes were hooded and her lips fluttered open. She tensed, whimpering softly, and her eyes were wide and glassy. "Please . . . hurry . . . please . . . fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Aimee smiled and positioned herself; she was almost ready to penetrate her lover. Aimee made a final adjustment to the strap-on dildo she wore and rubbed it over the slimy, cum soaked labia of Nina's cunt giving it a good coat of lubrication.

"Ready or not, here I come!" Aimee snorted and drove her hips forward slamming the dildo a good 6 inches into Nina's twat. She eased it back out and then silently counting to three, Aimee drove the dildo its entire length, some nine inches, into her.

Nina's body jerked forward and her head snapped back; her wrists strained at the silk scarves binding them. Wrenching her mouth open Nina allowed a long shriek to erupt from her throat.

Aimee's eased the long instrument out and then slowly worked it into Nina's deepest recesses. Nina's face contorted and twisted in agony. The strained tendons stood out in her neck and her lips snapped back in a savage rictus.

"Like it lover?" Aimee asked.

"Ohhhhhh, yes! Ohhhhhh God, yes!" Nina cried, her body continuing to writhe and tremble. Nina was having difficulty breathing although her chest was heaving frantically.

Aimee groaned and her taut buttocks flexed the dildo. Nina moaned, delirious with sensual pleasure. Her voice was already raggedy and hoarse. Her body heaved and writhed as the huge phallus burrowed into her until it was buried to the hilt. Aimee stopped then, partly to catch her breath and partly to allow Nina to get used to the enormous instrument lodged inside her. Aimee's hands slid up Nina's curvaceous body and cupped her pendulous breasts.

"Nina . . . can you hear me?"


"Can you understand what I'm saying?"

Nina's voice cracked as she spoke, "Um . . . yes?"

"I want to put this magnificent prick up your ass. Are you game?"

Having cum so many times that she'd lost count, Nina readily agreed. Her rectum was no longer virgin territory; Eddie Reagan had fucked her there before agreeing to take her to the prom her senior year in high school. It hadn't been so bad. She answered affirmatively and only then thought about the difference in size between Eddie's cock and the one Aimee was wearing. But she didn't deny her lover.

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