tagLoving WivesDutch, Robert & Alice

Dutch, Robert & Alice

byParis Waterman©

That afternoon Dutch returned home. After he showered, he sat down opened a cold beer and thought about what had happened to him. Rosa . . . I definitely like Rosa. She's not like so many of the others, he told himself. In fact, he thought, I want to fuck her again and soon. Just thinking about her ass and tits is getting me hard. He smiled recalling some of the previous night's highlights. Then her Mother came to mind and he laughed aloud. Hey, he thought, she wasn't bad either. Big tits and she sure knew how to get a man off all right.

He realized he'd finished his beer, crushed the can in his right fist, got up, put it in the trash bin and got himself another. As he popped the top, he wondered: Am I getting ready to settle down again? Marilyn was a fine piece of ass, but a little crazy, always was crazy, but in a nice sort of way. Except for the boozing. She was almost perfect sober, but when she was drinking she tended to get a little nasty. . . and then there was also the whoring around with God knows who? He certainly wasn't headed back to her, but Rosa? What did he know about her? She had a sense of humor. Sure she'd run off after the guy with the ten-inch dick. But she came back and admitted the whole thing was a fiasco. She had a nice laugh and hard body. And he felt comfortable around her. She had no pretensions evident about her. But did he really want a serious relationship? He shrugged and grunted, and tried to get comfortable in his chair.

What the hell am I doing? He asked himself. We met yesterday and here I am thinking long term. Fuck me! I've got to know someone before I even consider these things. Besides, there's the doctor. Now the doctor . . . Sharon, yeah, Sharon, sucks a mean cock, keeps herself nice and clean. Goes both ways and THAT certainly opens the door of oppor-fuckin'-tunity for fun and games. And so, Dutch put off calling Rosa that day; and when his best friend, Robert called the following afternoon, he was all ears and erection.

"Hi, its me." The voice on the phone was a mellow baritone.

"Hi Robert. How's my favorite black movie star?" Dutch smiled and adjusted his crotch.

Robert laughed. "Movie star, my ass," he said still chuckling. "Listen, Alice is in the mood for a threesome and I wondered if you were interested in helping us with her little fantasy?"

"Sure. Where and when?" Dutch said looking down at his blossoming erection. " It seems I've already started without the two of you."

Both of them were laughing as Robert said, "Well we thought it might be nice to have dinner first and then go back to the house."

"Wonderful. As I said before, when and where?"

"Oh, I'm sorry Dutch, my dick is speaking for me tonight . . ."

The phone changed hands and Dutch heard a sexy, feminine voice breathing fast, "Get your bony white ass over here, Dutch. I crave your fat cock and I crave it now!"

Dutch laughed again and replied, "I accept your kind offer, but Robert invited me to dinner first."

She laughed raucously, "You are dinner, sweetheart," then followed with, "Of course, Romenelli's at seven?"

"I'll be there on time my lovely black bitch. Still like to have your ass stuffed?"

"By both your cocks," she said and broke off giggling.

Robert was back on the line, firming up the arrangements and then hung up. Dutch gave his cock a gentle smack and went to take a shower.


Dutch was sitting nursing a gin martini at an unobtrusive table in Romenelli's at ten to seven when the black couple arrived. Alice was wearing a short, provocatively low cut, black dress with sheer, black nylons and sexy high heels. Her beautiful breasts, framed by the extreme décolleté of her dress, swelled enticingly with each intake of her breath.

"So, how do I look?" Alice asked as she sat down very close to Dutch's right. He inhaled her sensuous fragrance and thought of her with his cock deep in her throat.

"You look good enough to eat," he smiled. "In fact, let's just get the hell out of here. I'll start with a thigh, what'll you have Robert?"

Robert and Alice both laughed. They had heard this line before. They ate quickly and skipped dessert. They also went light with the drinks, Dutch had a second and Robert also had two, but Alice nursed her gin and tonic the entire evening.

They agreed to leave together in Robert's Lincoln, with Alice teasing Dutch about his battered Volvo.

"Do you still beat it with a stick?" she giggled.

"Damn right!"

"And kick it?"

"That too."

"He treats his car like he treats his women," Robert offered and was surprised when both Alice and Dutch objected.

"Like hell I do!"

"He doesn't!" Alice pouted. He treats his women . . .' and she smiled broadly at the two of them, "very well. Very well indeed."


On reaching the Ruark's exclusive home, Dutch made for the large sofa and Robert went to fix them all drinks. Alice stood directly in front of Dutch, one leg provocatively thrust out through the slit in her black dress. Dutch slowly got to his feet, put an arm around her and drew her close. He saw her eyes smoldering, daring him to make the first move. He kissed her, knowing Robert was watching in the mirror. He dipped his left hand down into Alice's dress and fondled her breast. Then she was brushing her mound against his erection, moaning with increasing excitement.

"Hey, hey," Robert said softly. "Here are the drinks. I suggest we try them before, err, moving on to other things.

The three of them sat down on the sofa with Alice in the middle.

"Dutch you should be in the middle," she laughed.


"Then we'd have a genuine Oreo sandwich." Everyone laughed at her joke and no one was offended.

A moment later, Robert took her in his arms and kissed her firmly. Alice was losing herself in his embrace until Dutch's hand gripped her knee. She went rigid with anticipation; and when her husband reached into her dress and began massaging the same breast Dutch had earlier, she moaned into his mouth. By the time the kiss ended, her left breast was totally exposed and the other was being urged out by Dutch's questing hand. The men took turns kissing Alice. Each one, however, made sure they spent time rubbing and caressing her well-shaped breasts and teasing her nipples to full size. Alice was active as well, holding each one by their as yet unexposed cocks.

As soon as the kissing ended, a breathless Alice suggested they retire to the bedroom; and rising pulled both men along by their schlongs.

As they stripped, Dutch looked around the room. It was lavishly furnished as might be expected since Robert was a prominent surgeon and Alice a very respected defense attorney. Alice lay down in the center of the king-sized bed and indicated that Dutch should take her left side. Robert joined them, taking his place on the right.

"So, Dutch . . ." Alice said as she trailed a finger around his nipple. "Getting any lately?"

"As a matter of fact I am." He said grinning at her and placing his hand on the thin wisp of pubic hair Alice carefully maintained.

"Do tell." This was Robert, always curious about Dutch's love life.

"Let's see . . . okay there's this doctor . . ."

"Do we know her?" Alice inquired.

"I don't know. Her name is Sharon Lamouerux. Do you know her?"

"No, I don't. At least I don't think so. Where's she work out of?"

"Oh, the Blood Work Center downtown Los Angeles."

Robert grinned at him. "And what were you doing there?"

Alice was slowly squeezing both cocks, languidly jerking them off. Dutch's middle finger was easing in and out of her very wet folds.

"I'd heard something about her from a friend."

"Really?" Alice put in, "What?"

'First I had her test me for . . . well, the standard STD stuff. I knew I was okay there, but I had to begin somewhere." He laughed, thinking about what had happened in her office. "Anyway, she developed a fondness for my dick. It was almost love at first sight."

"A lot of women do that, especially with a guy has a cock like yours." Alice said.

"Umm, but what I asked her for and got . . . and will keep getting, is a testosterone shot every month."

"Oh, ho," Alice laughed, "going for the big time."

"Nah! I just want to be able to keep up with you two."

"My man!" Robert said, and they high-fived across Alice's ebony form.

"So Dutch, tell us, what the hell happened?" Alice asked, unable to contain herself.

"She blew me and I threw a fuck into her. She was very good, by the way. And she promised to have my test results ready the next day, and she did."

"Does she go both ways?" Alice asked, squirming under Dutch's questing fingers.

"As a matter-of-fact, she does. I caught her and her receptionist going at it, and later on as I was fucking the nice doctor, I had her call her friend in."

Robert roared with laughter. "You didn't! Did you?"

"Would I lie to you?"

They were all laughing now. "But," Dutch said, "its true. I had her on the verge of coming and stopped to ask her to call her friend in."


"She did. Her friend was pissed, but lay down and let the doctor eat her while I slammed the doctor doggy-style."

"Dutch," Robert said, "you're a piece of work."

"That's not all."

"What? What else did you have them do?"

"Not them. I met two others. A mother and daughter."


"Yup. I was ready to move on the daughter, a very nice body, by the way, when her girlfriend pops up yelling, 'I gotta borrow your pickup. Met a guy with a ten incher and we need it to . . ."

"Damn, Dutch," Robert laughed, "you are too much!"

"Oh, I don't know," Dutch continued, "Well, she takes off with the other girl leaving me with her Mom."

Alice and Robert are shaking with glee at this news. Dutch laughs with them, although he hadn't considered the situation funny at the time, or even afterward.

"So, I take Mom home and of course we were going at it in no time at all. She was pretty good too, knew a lot of tricks."

"You dog, you!" Robert smiled, obviously pleased with Dutch's recounting of his sexual adventures.

"Keep talking," Alice keened, and kissed the very tip of her husband's abundant cockhead.

"Mmmmm, Alice, you're still the greatest," he moaned and placed his hand on her head urging her further down on him. She wrested herself free and gave Dutch's member a slurp.

"Talk," she said again, and her long tongue snaking it way around his saliva covered knob.

"Mmmmm, well I was sleeping when Rosa, that's the daughter's name, returned to her Mother's. It turned out she never made it with the big-dicked stud."

Alice suddenly took about four inches of his cock and sucked feverously on him. All he could manage was a soft groan of pleasure while out of the corner of his eye he noticed Robert moving between her legs.

Dutch groaned, but managed to say, "And damned if she wasn't horny enough to start playing with my cock while I was sleeping."

"But then you woke up and realized you weren't dreaming," Robert said, his voice only partially muffled by Alice's thighs.

"Yeah," Dutch smiled recalling the incident. I got off the bed and joined her on the floor. We must have fucked like rabbits, because the next thing I know, her mother is on the edge of the bed fisting herself. I tell ya, it was a fantastic night."

"Are you going to see her again?" Alice asked.

"I think so. I really got a kick out of her. I definitely want another go-round with her."

"Is she bi?" Alice asked.

"I don't know. Maybe, maybe not."

Alice suddenly dropped Dutch's prick, but continued caressing his testicles with her free hand. Her other hand was touching her clit as Robert tongued her to what was about to become her first climax.

"JESUS! I LOVE IT!" Alice yelled as she came.

"THIS IS FANTASTIC! Two mouths . . . four hands . . . and two great cocks to fill me!"

Her comments spurred both men into further action. Dutch was drawing hard on her left breast while mauling her right. Robert continued eating her, but was now paying special attention to her clit. For her part, Alice proved to have the moves of a contortionist, worming her body so that she was capable of taking Robert's huge black appendage between her lips, while stroking Dutch's full-blown erection.

All three were breathing hard when Robert called out, "Okay, Dutch, your turn. The two men switched positions and Alice resumed her earlier blowjob on Dutch. Robert took the opportunity to lay back and study his wife in the throes of her second climax under Dutch's gifted tongue. Finally Alice pulled herself away from Dutch and flopped back on the king-sized bed, holding her legs wide apart.

Both men looked her center. Dutch thought her cunt appeared to be yawning, as it lay open exposing a great deal of Alice's inner folds and the copious juice flowing from her orgasm.

"Enough rest for the wicked," Dutch laughed and went down on her, burying his face in her cunt.

Alice screamed with pleasure and surprise as he sucked hard on her cuntal folds and swallowed her gushing juices. Gradually, he applied two, then three fingers to her pussy, concentrating on her clit. Robert looked on with interest, slowly stoking himself, but insuring he didn't come. Finally Dutch hoisted her legs up over his arms and sank his bloated prick into her yawing cunt.

"YES!" She yelled.

"YES! Oh, yes! Give it to me!"

It occurred to Dutch that Alice seemed incredibly tight and he made a mental note to ask how she'd accomplished it. He remembered her as loose and liquid, still he moved his hips in time with her thrusts, working his thick cock deeper into her.

Alice moaned, "Oh, yeah, you are so goddamn fat . . . oh, please, please . . . go nice and slow, baby."

Half full with his cock, she raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist. Growling with passion, she dug clawed fingers into his shoulder and felt his cock swell still more inside her. She locked her legs and lifted partway up to wet his girth with her tightness. She repeated this twice, lubricating the brawny lust that he fed into her. Then he was further down. Then down all the way. Down until her insides moved, and he knew he'd touched her cervix.


"I'm almost there too," Dutch croaked.


Dutch picked up his tempo, stroking in and out hitting her cervix each time. On the out stroke he glanced down and saw his prick glistening with their juices and feeling himself readying to explode, decided to bring them both off together. Reached between his legs, he found her clit and rubbed it on the in stroke. Alice entered her climax. Dutch began spurting his load into her pussy and Alice went crazy as she raced through multiple orgasms while Dutch kissed her passionately until completely spent. Alice collapsed and rolled away from both men.

"You've still got it I see," Robert offered drolly.

"Yeah," Dutch panted, "thanks,"

"COME HERE BITCH!" Robert said tersely, grabbing her shoulder and turning her back toward both men.

"Ohhhhh!" She moaned, still tingling from her climaxes, but entranced by the idea of having two men fuck her ass.

"I'm going to put it up your little black ass this time, baby," he said, but his tone was not threatening at all. Indeed, Dutch knew well that Alice loved to have her ass fucked.

Robert took her face in both hands and kissed her tenderly. Alice would have none of it. With a violence that caught everyone off guard, she ground his mouth with her own, moved one hand up to the back of his head and crushed his face hard against hers. Her tongue forced its way past his teeth and arched over the surface of his tongue, moving from side to side in strong ardent sweeps, dove deep into the warmth of his mouth, then deeper still.

Breaking the kiss, Robert gasped for breath. Alice remained in place, eyes smoldering with renewed hunger. Whatever it took, Dutch thought, he and Robert were going to satisfy her cravings.

"Alice," said Robert, panting heavily, "wipe the cum from your pussy and lube up your asshole.

"Oh, yeah! Gonna do me good huh? Both of you?" Her hand shook as she applied the lubricant to her rear end.

"Uh huh," Robert replied applying some lubricant to his long black cock, then easily entered her rear hole.

Dutch watched, still amazed by the ease with which Alice accommodated Robert's cock in her backside with little or no discomfort. Robert began moving faster; each stroke found him slamming his thick, lengthy dick further into her. Alice had braced herself, her face buried in a pillow, clutching the headboard for stability, all the while mewing with pleasure.

Robert turned to Dutch. "Her ass is starting to resemble her mouth, Dutch. Jesus, it's sucking me as hard as her lips do. What a great feeling." He turned away from his friend and concentrated on ravaging Alice's light brown ass. A few minutes later he turned back to Dutch and said, "You want a turn now?"

Dutch nodded and spat into his hand then rubbed the saliva onto his prick, hoping to add to the lubrication left there from Robert's penetration. Placing his meaty cockhead against her already seeping asshole, he shoved his prick into her loosened anal ring. After the head popped through her sphincter, momentum carried him forward and he buried about half his fat prick on the first thrust.

It was no surprise to anyone when Dutch soon had his whole length sheathed in her clenching ass.

"Oh! That feels so fucking good!" Alice groaned, "COME ON, FUCK MY ASS!"

He increased his pace, fucking her rigorously.


Dutch knew she was coming. His thighs were soaked and slippery with her juices.

"Ugh! Ugh! Yeah!" Alice grunted rolling her rear in delight.

Dutch called over to his friend, "Got the dildo handy?"

Reaching under the pillow, Robert offered a ten-inch, shiny black dildo to Dutch. "No! Dutch grunted. "I'm pulling out. Stick it up her ass while I recuperate for a minute." And Dutch eased his cock from Alice's ass, much to her dismay.

"The fuck?" She whined at the loss.

Robert filled her anus with the long black toy.

"OH! OH! OH! YES!"

Dutch cleaned his member carefully and then held it out for Alice to see. Her eyes were glazed with lust and wanton hunger. Her mouth hung open and it took her a moment before she comprehended just what was in front of her.

"Want it . . ." she moaned, her voice slurred with desire. Robert laughed and Dutch glanced curiously at him. He was stroking his dark member back up.

Dutch changed tact. Grabbing Alice by the back of her neck he urged her to his mouth and they melted into a prolonged tongue kiss. Alice moaned throughout the kiss. The dildo hung tenuously from her ass, until Alice farted and caused it to drop to the sheet beside her. Dutch, the only one aware of what had happened, started to rub the cheeks of her ass.

"Ready for a doubleheader Alice? He asked gently.

"Yeah, sure. Doubleheader?" She asked not comprehending, totally immersed in her insatiable lust.

"Both of us at once," Robert said smoothly, holding his cock out for her inspection. "Like old times."

And Dutch recalled that memorable night several years earlier.

[For that particular tale I recommend reading: Doctor Ruark's Problem -- already posted on Literotica]

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