Or would she beg for more?

Daddy Julian sat astride her perfect ass cheeks, his cock buried to the hilt, her anus wide and opened her mouth groaning and her body arching with the weight of his body atop her. She could feel her knees slipping on the carpet, whimpering as he invaded her tight ass, fucking it, driving deeper, making her his own slut and fucktoy. Eva howled, feeling her scalp burning with the sweat of forehead, dripping down her face and over her cheeks. Her anus gaped with the width of his dick fucking her, stroke by stroke, opening her cheeks, riding her deeper, fucking faster and further into her ass, watching her asshole distend and gape, sucking the cock in with the tightness of the anus. She moaned again, and Daddy Julian slipped his hand over her mouth, feeling her teeth tighten and bite, the obscene passion making her eyes rolls back into her head and growl, gasping and whimpering like a possessed creature. Eva slid her fingers into her bald cunt, rubbing the clit like mad, moaning and groaning into the carpet, exhaling as her face let go of Daddy Julian's hand, and set her cheek down, howling like a banshee. She moaned as stroke after stroke fucked itself deeper, faster and harder, the cheeks smacking down as his stomach crushed into her asscheeks, sodomizing her at will. He kept fucking himself deeper into Eva, hearing her moaning and gasping as if she were dying for every stroke and every breath. His cock pummeled deeper, the cockhead opening her and moving with her wiggling cheeks, sinking further, skin slapping skin, humping his way up her colon and into her bowels, making sure to keep her his fucktoy... using her as it pleased them both.

Her teeth chattered as her finger spun the clit faster, electrical sensations slicing through her sexy, big-breasted body: "Fuck my ass Daddy. Fuck my ass deeper and harder... don't stop. Don't ever stop making me your fucktoy."

"You're mine?" He hissed in her ear.

"I'm yours', if you want me", she replied. "I'll do anything you ask Daddy. I love you."

"I love you too, Eva."

Swiftly, suddenly, Daddy Julian began raising his hips, lifting her to all fours', and fucking her ass deeper and harder and faster. His cock continued disappearing into the tiny, tight bung of her anus, the full, smooth balls slapping her wet, slick cunt, banging into her again and again. Eva howled, moaning and gasping in delight, her eyes wide with sensual pain and pleasure mingling as one. She was lost in a New World, a world of pleasure beyond the scope of her mere years, and growled in a satisfied lust-fueled frenzy. She could feel Daddy Julian driving his cock deeper into her asshole, moaning in delight as she was penetrated deeper and faster again and again. He was gritting his teeth and gasping between them as his dick fucked her ass deeper and faster, groaning as he enjoyed the tightness and taking the absolute virginity of her tender anus.

He could feel the seepage at the floodgates of his cock, his breath at the end of his lips. He moaned softly, cock buried to the hilt of the anal passage, groaning as he slowed the strokes of his fuck into her ass. Long, thick strokes of his cock fucked its way into her ass, the opening winking gently and urgently as it was violated again and again. Daddy Julian could feel the motion furious lust boiling inside himself, the meat bloated and the veins aching to spill his seed deep into Eva's tight ass. Another stroke and he was buried to the hilt, balls flush against her ass and pussy, the juiciness soaking his smooth testes with her unbridled passions leaking down her legs and back over him. He was grunting, fucking deeper, fucking faster, every stoke his delight hidden deep in her asscheeks, wanting the tight little bung hole to gape at his retraction. This is his treasure, the pure delight of being the first inside her ass, and her loving it. As he pumped his cock deeper and faster, he could feel the tip of her fingernail touching his testicles, scraping the smooth skin and moving faster on her clitty. Eva was bouncing uncontrollably, gasping, her knees shifting and moaning in total delight and pleasure as her senses went to their peak, her eyes rolling back and the guttural moaning reaching up, touching Julian's ears and making his cock jump as it was buried in her prefect tight, upturned ass. She whimpered, pressing her head down on the carpet, moaning past her perfect breast, gasping like crazy as her body heaved and moved, possessed in the racking delight of her orgasm. She groaned again, shaking like a leak, aching to fall off the branch of cockmeat in her ass, and just lay down, relaxing to enjoy the delight of the pleasure coursing through her body. Instead, she shook the stars from her eyes, blinked as the orgasm subsided, moaned softly, and continued enjoying Daddy Julian having his way with her tight ass, fucking it fast, deep and hard. His pleasure was her pleasure, and she was not going to ask him to stop. But in rolling her hips, moving his cock inside of her ass, and feeling the veins stretched out and bloated, she knew that he would enjoy her fucking him back, making him want to cum that much sooner.

Groaning, Daddy Julian whispered: "Oh baby... Daddy needs to cum. Do you want to feel it or taste it?"

Breathlessly, she replied like the seductress she was, "Taste it Daddy. I want to drink all of it down. You can fuck my face until you cum."

In his final upstroke, the cock slid out, and Eva felt the coolness of the air in the room on her unpuckered anus, the red ring opened and gaped. She gasped softly, the sensations of Daddy Julian suddenly vacating her rosebud ass making her shiver down along her spine, then felt his swift motions moving around her, his thick fingers wrapped in her head, pulling her close to his groin by the back of her head. Eva whimpered, feeling the last tingling nerves moving inside her body, her own orgasm subsiding, mouth open and tongue rolling out, catching the thick, syrupy taste of his precum coating the purple helmet of his cock. She devoured his cock, groaning as he fucked her face with it as quickly, his fingers swimming into her hair, holding her by the back of her head. Another move and he was buried in her mouth, shoving his groin to her nose, fucking her face and enjoying the ride of her tongue on the underside of his cock. He was fucking this beautiful face like mad, moaning and gasping in delight of the needling sensations shooting through his whole body, sweat creeping down his skin, moaning as Eva sucked, slurped and licked his throbbing dick faster and harder. Her hair moved with her bobbing head, flying in all directions, slapping his thighs as Daddy Julian's fingers pushed in deeper, fucking her face wit his hip thrust, moaning and gasping in obscene delight. She was licking, tasting and loving everything he had to offer, and would take everything he had for her from him. Cheeks hollow, she longed for Daddy to thrill her with the delight of her amazingly wicked tongue worship.

Without warning, Daddy Julian felt his balls move, his prostate twitch, and the semen flew out of his cockhead down her throat. Eva gulped and moved, sucking like mad and drinking all the fountain of delight poured down her throat and mouth. She could feel the jism slipping out of her mouth at the corners, and her amazingly gifted tongue tapping and licking every inch of skin, every ounce of cum being sucked into her wanton mouth. Julian held her head in place, her fingers moving to push him off, then, as the last of the cum slid out of his veins, she instinctively wrapped her fingers over his ass, holding her face to his crotch. He could hear the raunchy sound of her drinking... indulging... needing all the cum he had to give, and wondered, 'Does she need more?'

"I love you Daddy", she whispered.

And he knew, deep down inside, he'd never deny her a thing: "I love you too baby."

The End (For Now...)

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