Dyke or Queen Choice for Halloween


Before she even knew what she was, they all already knew what she wasn't. The reality of growing up in a small town, her friends, relatives, and neighbors had suspected she was lesbian for years. If she let them, they'd accept her for what she was, but she was the one struggling with the indecision of her choice. She didn't want to be different. She didn't want to be the one standing out in a crowd, the one pointed to and whispered about.

Why should her life be under a microscope? Why should she feel she was a sideshow freak in a circus? She was the one who didn't want to be labeled with the L word, even though she was and has always been lesbian.

Maybe it would be different if she lived in a big city where no one knew her and/or paid any attention to what she did or didn't do. Yet, here, in bum fuck Ohio nowhere, her business was everyone else's business. It was always like that. Everyone knew what you did, before you even did it.

The only thing she liked about men was dressing like them, acting like them, and walking and talking like them. She tried dating a few men but she was more man than any man she dated. She could run faster, swim farther, and shoot straighter. As far as she was concerned, in the way that men were more focused on sex, grabbing at her and groping her, forcing her hand to touch their exposed cocks or forcing her head down to suck them, in their sexually desire for her, someone who showed no interest in them, they were more lesbian, ergo twisted, than she could ever be. Not that she was twisted, but according to everyone else, she was, and may well as be.

She was the one who wanted more. She was the one who wanted everything. She wanted the relationship filled with love. She yearned to have the commitment and the heart and flower romance with one special woman. Only, she wanted tits and a pussy over balls and a cock. So what? What's the big deal?

She even had a date in mind that she'd love to take with her to the Halloween party, if only she had the nerve to ask Mary Ellen. She was crazy about her. Doodling her name everywhere, she thought about her all the time.

Just as she probably knew she was, too, and in the way that everyone knew she was lesbian in this small town, instead of being a goody-two-shoes and stuck up, as the category they put Mary Ellen in, she knew that Mary Ellen was lesbian, too. Only, staying to herself and finding the comfort she needed in her Bible, a Bible that didn't accept gays and lesbians, Mary Ellen stayed as hidden in the closet as she had all these years. A school teacher during the week and a Sunday school teacher on Sundays, her career choices explained her reluctance, no doubt, to be true to herself. Maybe it was time for the both of them to come out of the closet and take their place in society and really give this small town something to talk about. It was her delicious thought to have to run away with Mary Ellen, but she couldn't imagine living anywhere else but here.

What would her friends say, she wondered, if she showed up at the Halloween party dressed in her brother's clothes? What would her family think, she wondered, if she showed up with Mary Ellen on her arm? Fuck them. Who cares? She was done living her life for everyone else and not living life for herself.

In a move of panicked desperation, finally making a decision and taking a stand, she cut through her backyard to walk the mile to Mary Ellen's house. Leaving her car home, she didn't want her neighbors to know where she was going or why she was going there. Preserving their reputations, it'd be better for both of them, if she kept to the woods. Besides, she was hoping to surprise Mary Ellen. If nothing else, if she chickened out in her decision to tell Mary Ellen how she truly felt about her, the walk would help her to think what to say when she saw her the next time.

She hoped she'd be home. Chances are she won't be home in the middle of the day. Yet, if nothing else, the walk would do her some good and clear her mind. As if the costumes hanging in her bedroom with the consciousness of two people, she was feeling a bit claustrophobic staying cooped up in her room with both of them.

What if Mary Ellen isn't lesbian? What if she's just a goody-two-shoes? What if the reason why there's no man in her life is because she just hasn't found the right one, yet. She's still young, the same age as she is. What if Mary Ellen is lesbian, but doesn't feel the same way about her, as she feels about Mary Ellen? Wow, that would suck to be rejected by the only other lesbian in town.

As she neared the clearing, she saw Mary Ellen working out in her garden. As if a hunter staring at a deer through the woods, she watched her bending over her plants and tending her vegetables, before standing to wipe the sweat from her brow. Even though Mary Ellen wore clothes that didn't advertise she had a body, she could tell she had one. Preoccupied with her shapely form, she hadn't realized that she was staring at her ass, until Mary Ellen stood. As she neared closer, it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra and her stare focused on the two impressions that he nipples made in her white top. Always so prim, proper, and put together, she's never seen her without her bra and suddenly she was excited by the thought of feeling her ample breasts and sucking on her nipples.

She's been attracted to Mary Ellen since grammar school, but never did anything about it. Afraid to admit her feelings for her, she pretended she didn't even like her, even though she always wanted her. She even beat her up a few times. It's funny the things you do, when not confronting your feelings.

As if on a mission, as if taking the next step off a high cliff without a safety net there to catch her and to break her fall, Audrey walked out of the woods to the clearing. As if being born again, waking up from a deep sleep, and/or even arising from the dead, she walked with purpose and conviction. She strode up to her back porch door, just as Mary Ellen disappeared inside her house. Shaking with the thought of what she was about to do, what if she wasn't lesbian and even if she was lesbian, what if Mary Ellen rejected her, no matter, she opened her back, porch door and went inside Mary Ellen's house.

No one locked their doors and she caught Mary Ellen just as she had lifted her shirt over her head and covered her face. When she removed her shirt and turned to face her friend, she saw Audrey standing in the doorway staring at her nakedness.

"Audrey. You startled me," she said covering her ample breasts with her hands. "Sorry, but I was just about to take a shower." Mary Ellen looked at her sometimes friend and most times vocal adversary with some trepidation in her eyes. "Why are you here? Why are you looking at me like that? Is something wrong?"

Without saying a word, Audrey walked up to Mary Ellen, took her face in her hands and kissed her. Frozen in place by being out of the closet without their designed personas, neither one of the women moved, until Audrey parted Mary Ellen's lips with her tongue. It was then that Mary Ellen wrapped her arms around Audrey and returned her kiss.

As if a horny man at a drive-in movie, Audrey reached down and cupped Mary Ellen's naked breast. She ran her palm across her nipple, before taking it and pulling and twisting it. Then, she leaned down and took her erect nipple in her mouth, first one and then the other. She fell to her knees to lick the sweat from her stomach before pulling down her sweat pants to expose her white, cotton panties.

With her hands cupping her panty clad ass, Audrey pulled Mary Ellen's torso forward and buried her nose between her legs. The aroma of her friend aroused her enough for her to reach up and pull Mary Ellen's panties down to expose her red, sweaty bush. Standing naked before her friend, this was the first time that she was out of the closet, too.

"Wait," she said pulling up her panty.

Audrey stood with a look in her eyes that questioned if Mary Ellen wanted this as much as she wanted this. It was a bold move, but encouraged by their kiss and aroused by how much she had seen and felt of Mary Ellen, she blurted out her true feelings.

"I love you," said Audrey. "I've always loved you."

With her pants still bunched around her ankles, Mary Ellen took a step forward and threw her arms around Audrey's neck, again. She returned the passion that Audrey had already showed her. With Audrey's arms wrapped around Mary Ellen's back and waist, they stood like that for what seemed like an eternity but in reality, it was only a few seconds.

"I was about to take a shower," she said again, "and you look like you could use one, too." Audrey's sweaty walk through the woods did more to improve her mood than it did her appearance.

She took Audrey by the hand and took her into her bathroom. Still standing in only her panties, she undressed her friend. Slowly she removed her sweatshirt and then unhooked her bra. Before she unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, she kissed her. Touching, feeling, fondling, and caressing Audrey's breasts, they kissed again. Then, continuing the striptease, Mary Ellen removed Audrey's shoes, socks, pants, and panties, before removing her own panties. They stood naked kissing, hugging, holding, and touching, before allowing the warm shower to heat their passion to a higher level.

After cleaning their bodies and coming clean in who they were, they disappeared in Mary Ellen's bedroom. Already aroused with the preemptive physical assault of Audrey, Mary Ellen assumed the role of the man that Audrey always thought she'd be in any lesbian relationship. Soft, warm, and tender, she treated Audrey like the woman, she never knew she was. Kissing and touching her in places she's never been touched before, but yearned to be touched, Mary Ellen had an experienced hand.

Then, when she took her place and got comfortable between Audrey's legs is when the real fireworks began, when she became intimate with Audrey's blonde pussy. Licking her and fingering her, Audrey had a quick orgasm, before having another one, and finally having a third more heated orgasm. Never, even by her own hand, has she ever given herself what Mary Ellen gave her.

Then, finally, it was Audrey's turn to make love to the woman she's yearned to love for so long. A dream come true, she licked and fingered Mary Ellen's red bush. More vocal than Audrey, it surprised her that a school teacher, a Sunday school teacher, of all people would be so explicitly verbal in telling Audrey what to do and what she wanted. For sure, Mary Ellen was the man in this relationship.

"Suck my pussy, baby. Finger me. Oh, yeah, right there, tease my clit, rub it, rub it, easy, yeah, oh, yeah, now suck my pussy. Lick me, Audrey. Make me cum. I need to cum. I want to cum in your mouth," she said, while holding and pulling a tuff of Audrey's hair.

"Gees, easy on the hair, Mary Ellen," said Audrey and they both laughed.

Then, as if a train that comes around the corner and bears down on car in a crosswalk, Mary Ellen suddenly exploded.

"Oh, fuck! Here it comes! Watch out for the train, baby. Choo, the fuck, choo. Wow. Oh, my God. You got me off, Audrey. You made me cum and it felt so good to cum in your mouth, baby, my sweet lover."

"Choo, the fuck, choo?" Audrey laughed. "What the fuck was that about?"

"I dunno," said Mary Ellen laughing, too. "I've always had a thing for trains and with your tongue and fingers inside me, as if I was your love tunnel, well, you know, Choo Choo," she said raising her hand in the air and pulling down, as if blowing a train whistle.

"That's funny," said Audrey.

"How'd you know I was lesbian?"

"I didn't," said Audrey. "I just figured you were in the way that everyone in town knew that I was, before I even knew."

"How'd you know I liked you and wouldn't reject you, after all those times you beat me up after school."

"I was just hoping you would," said Audrey. "I always had feelings for you, Mary Ellen, but those feelings frightened me. I didn't understand the attraction that I always had for you," said Audrey looking in Mary Ellen's blue eyes and kissing her.

"I love you, too, Audrey. I always loved you. Even when you beat me up, that never changed how I felt about you. I figured you had feelings for me that you didn't understand. I was already at peace with who I was."

"How did you escape being caught up in all the small talk?"

"I did my thing in other counties. I went where no one knew who I was and hooked up with other women I met online. Still, they were all poor imitations of you. No one took the place in my heart that I saved for you, Audrey."

Audrey looked at Mary Ellen, before kissing her and hugging her.

"Do you want to have some fun?"

"Sure, I'm always up for a good time," said Mary Ellen. "Why? What do you have in mind?"

"Do you want to blow this town wide open and show up together at the Halloween party?"

"They'd be talking about us, until we showed up at the party again next year," said Mary Ellen with a dirt laugh. "And even though they can't fire me as a teacher with the teachers' union behind me, the church wouldn't want me to return as a Sunday school teacher, that's for sure," she said laughing.

"I know," said Audrey. "That's what makes it so much fun."

Audrey and Mary Ellen went as a couple to the Halloween party. They drank, they laughed, and they had fun. After a while, Audrey sold her house and moved in with Mary Ellen and they've been together ever since.

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