tagCelebrities & Fan FictionE.D. Donahey: Legs War Ch. 3

E.D. Donahey: Legs War Ch. 3


As I stood in front of the two beautiful, sexy, blondes; my mind was in a whirl. I could not believe that my wildest sexual fantasy was about to come true. Here I was; buck naked; in front of E. D. Donahey and Dr. Georgia Whitkin. My rigid cock was at attention; ready for action.

"Are you ready to begin, Greg?" E.D. asked me this as she and the lovely Dr. Whitkin lustfully eyed my erect member. " I'm first in this contest. Let's go, shall we?"

Georgia returned to the stuffed chair she had been sitting at to view the action between the sexy, pretty, morning show host; E.D. and myself. Her turn in this sexual tournament would be forthcoming.

Ms Donahey smiled seductively at me as she removed her tight, red top over her head; revealing her two pert and alert breasts. They were covered in a small, lacy, pushup bra; which showed a lot of cleavage and concealed almost nothing.

She then raised her hips off the table she was sitting on and quickly removed her black mini-skirt. The sight of her soaking wet panties covering her hot love tunnel was enticing.

She spread her lovely legs apart and held her arms out towards me; beckening me to enjoy their embrace.

"Would you mind helping me out of these undies? I always seem to have such a hard time undressing myself."

E. D. was playing the seductress game for all it was worth. As for myself; I was more than willing to go along with her game plan.

I approached the table and put my arms around her soft body. Her soft breasts felt like velvet as our two chests came together. My fingers fumbled nervously with the clasp of her lacy bra. It took me a couple of tries before I was able to get it undone.

E. D. put her arms around my neck and pulled our faces together. Our mouths hooked onto one another in a deep, tongue probing, passionate kiss.

Our arms surrounded each other; hugging and clutching at our bodies. We savoured the closeness and the hot sweaty feel of each others skin as we continued our passionate kissing and gropping of our entwined bodies.

E. D. shuddered as I slowly kissed down her neck. Each soft touch of my lips on her skin brought her a new tingle of excitement.

It had been a long time; almost two weeks; since she had felt the touch of a man. For Ms Donahey, this was a lifetime. She savoured each soft kiss of my lips on her skin. The wetness between her thighs became even greater as I kissed down her chest toward her breasts. I hesitated for a few seconds as I reached her mounds of womanhood.

Placeing my hands around her two soft breasts; I marvelled at their wonder and beauty. Her pert, erect nipples, invited me to kiss and touch them. This I did with a renewed resolve.

My tongue licked and sucked on each lovely nipple; each flick of my tongue sent castcades of pleasure throughout E.D.'s body. I made sure to give each of her breasts the same loving attention.

"Oh my God, Greg!" She was breathless as she said this. "That feels so good!"

"I'm glad that you like it." I replied as I continued my oral assault on her breasts. I stopped sucking on her tits and gave her a soft lingering kiss on her lips.

I was now ready to go for the prize of the pretty blondes womanhod; E.D.s' hot, moist pussy. I could tell by the look of lust in her pretty blue eyes that she was eagerly awaiting my attack on her turned on mound of pleasure.

I placed my hands on her hips and slowly pulled her panties off of her. My hands grabbed and fondled her ass cheeks as I pulled her soaked panties from her legs. She pulled her legs up towards her chest, so that she could reveal her lovely pussy to me.

I touched her knees with my hands. She stared lovingly at me as her legs parted wide. The view of her open legs; long, supple, and ever so sexy; greeted me.

My penis throbbed in anticipation of entering her moist, tight, love hole. But first; I had to taste the sweetness of her love nector. I just had to devour that beauiful blonde, cunny.

I placed my head between her two lucious thighs; positioning myself before her neatly trimmed labia. My tongue flicked lightly across her loveslit. I enjoyed the musky flavour of her womanhood as my mouth and tongue explored the depths of her pussy.

E.D.s' inner lips of her flowering labia were open. This revealed the emerging nub of her arroused, hooded, clitoris to me.

I hungerly kissed and licked at her love bud. Each touch of my talented tongue on her clitty sent waves of pleasure surgeing throughout the lustful blondes body. If nothing else; I do know how to eat pussy. And I certainly love doing it!

E.D.s' breaths were now comming in short puffs. Her head rolled back and a soft moan of pleasure passed through her lips.

I felt her body begin to tense as she placed her hands on the back of my head. Her thighs tightened around my head and her pelvis started to thrust up towards me. this burried my face and tongue even deeper into E.D.s' love hole.

Her orgasm was fast approaching. I increased my tongue lashing of her erect, throbbing clitoris. I thrust my tongue as deep as I could into her moist cunt. Each flick of my tongue sent new waves of excitement coarsing throughout her body.

She moaned loudly as her welcome climax enveloped her body. She ground her pussy into my face; gushing her warm salty love juices into my mouth. I eagerly lapped up each droplet of her tastety love potion. I swallowed each mouthful as she covered my face with her pulsating pussy.

And then it was over.

I lifted my face from between E.D.s' lovely thighs and smiled at the beautiful blonde, Foxxy News babe. The look of satisfaction on E.D.s' face told me that my oral manipulation of her private parts was successful!

"That was wonderful, Greg! Even better than I had hoped for!" The sound of her satisfied voice was welcome to hear.

But this sexual judging was not over yet. The best part of the game was still to come.

Raising myself up; I pulled E.D. closer to the edge of the table. My average size erection was ready for it's entry into Ms Donaheys' hot, tight, cunt.

I placed the head of my penis at the top of her pussy. My cock was touching the tip of her clitty. I waited a few seconds before entering the warm inviteing confines of E.D.s' love tunnel.

Her tight pussy gripped my rigid member as I began our dance of love. Each thrust I made into her warm wetness was greeted with an equal thrust back at me. E. D. was enjoying our passionate lovemaking as much as I was.

Each thrust deep into her love canal brought new intense sensations to her and I. The intensity increased as I could feel the climax build up in my scrotum. Neither one of us was going to last much longer! Both of our breaths became labored as we approached our sexual ecstacy!

E.D.s' body started to convulse; her pussy spasming as it tried to pull my thrusting member deeper inside of her. I could not hold back any longer! My orgasm came at about the same time as E.D.s'.

With one last hard push; my cock began to spew forth its love jism. Again and again, my penis throbbed; emptying its hot love potion deep inside of E.D. Her hot, tight, pussy accepted all that I had to give her.

When both of our orgasms had fulfilled themselves; we laid there for a minute or so. We savored the afterglow of a good fuck session.

While pulling my spent member out of her love hole, I said to E.D., "That was great! I envey your future husband. He is in for the best fuck of his life!"

"Why yes he is." E.D. responded playfully to me as I gazed into her lovely blue eyes.

I got up off of E.D. and turned my attention towards the other entry in this legs and love contest; Georgia.

The pretty doctor was ready for me. She was sitting on the overstuffed chair; naked; with her legs spread wide over the arms of the chair. She had been watching the love session between E.D. and myself with a lustfull attention.

While I was pounding my cock deep inside of Ms Donahey; the turned on doctor was furriously fingering herself. Her deft, trained, fingers had successfully brought herself to climax at least twice!

"My turn now, is it? Oh you poor thing." She said this to me as I approached her. "It seems you're not ready for me yet."

Eyeing my shrunken penis, Georgia looked up at me with her hazel colored eyes and said, "It looks like the doctor is going to have to make a house call. I think I can cure your problem, Greg. Come over here and let me give you some tender loving care."

I stood myself in front of the pretty 50 something doctor. I looked at her well kept body.

She had full, round, breasts; just a little bigger than E.Ds. Her nipples were perky and erect.

Glancing down her body, I could see her firm, flat, stomach; leading down to her neatly trimmed blonde pussy. I had already seen her sexy, soft ass; and long, supple legs, earlier.

I marvelled at how beautful and sexy Georgia was. She looked like the twin sister of the tv star Suzanne Sommers to me. She may be over 50 in age; but the good doctor had the legs and body of a 25 year old vixen! It was apparent that the pretty PHD took very good care of herself!

Dr. Witkin took my flacid love tool into her hands. She looked into my eyes tenderly as she slowly worked her soft, supple, fingers over my shaft. Her fingers were magic in their touch. My cock was slowly, but surely, comming back to life.

"That's a good boy." She said as my penis began to stiften and reach its' full erection.

Georgia looked at me lovingly as she began to kiss and suck on my penis. She licked the bottom of my scrotum and up the shaft of my ever stiffening cock. The pretty doctor knows how to give great head!

Positioning her face in front of my now, newly recharged penis; she began to kiss and lick and suck on its' head.

She took the crown of the head into her throat; about a third of the way up my shaft. Slowly at first; she bobbed her head back and forth over my penis; sucking ever so slightly.

I moaned out loud as her experenced mouth and tongue gave pleasure to my male member.

Faster and faster, the pretty doctor sucked her way up my soon to errupt, love tool. She was now deepthroating me with a reckless; lustful abandon. The sexy, slurping sounds her mouth and lips made as she orally copulated me; filled the conference room.

I could feel the buildup of my precum in my balls. My orgasm was fast approaching.

Tasteing my precum and feeling my body tense; Georgia prepared to recieve my love juice into her mouth.

She pulled her head back from my pubic hairs and concentrated her sucking and licking on the first two or three inches of my cock.

With one hand, she jacked off the base of my cock; firm and fast! With her other hand, she began to play with my puckered anus. I had never felt a girl touch me there before. The feeling of Georgias' finger working its' way into my forbidden hole; was fantastic!

When I could no longer stand the manipulation of the pretty doctors mouth and tongue around my penis; and the thrusting of her finger into my asshole; I groaned out loudly in the heat of ecstacy.

My penis shuddered and spurted its' tastety, creamy, load, deep into Georgias' mouth and throat. She swallowed every drop of jism I was able to deposit into her willing mouth.

After each spurt of my love juice; the pretty blonde would suck and lick the head of my cock. She made sure that the wonderful sensations her talented mouth and tongue was creating on my penis; continued.

Finally, when my last feeble spew of cum left itself in Georgias' mouth; I looked at the face of the beautiful cocksucker who had just drained me dry.

Taking my spent member out of her mouth; Georgia looked up at me and smiled. She gave my flacid member one last kiss and a final flick of her tongue sent another shudder of pleasure throughout my body.

"My, you taste good." She said with a lustful, playfull grin.

"And you suck cock, great!" I complemented back to her. "Now it's my turn to taste you."

Georgia sat back down in the overstuffed chair and positioned her legs back over its' arms.

The sight of the pretty PHDs' open legs; revealing her lovely, moist, blonde pussy was one that will always remain with me.

Dr. Whitkins' pussy was absolutely beautiful! A wonderful creation designed to be eaten out and fucked silly by some lucky male. ME!!!!

I lowered my head down between her legs so that I could taste her hot love juice. I started to slowly kiss my way up Georgias' legs. first on the inside of one of her firm, lovely, thighs; and then repeating the process on her other thigh.

She shuddered as my kisses worked their way towards her tasty love pot. When I reached my destination; Georgia was wild with lust!

I burried my face deep inside of her hot, tasty, quim. My tongue searched for; and found; her erect clitoris. It was protruding out of its' hood. Just waiting for all of the attention that I could give it.

Each kiss, lick, and suck I gave to her clitty produced a moan of pleasure to come from the pretty PHD. The taste of her pussys' love nector was exquisite! A golden treat which I savoured every drop!

When I sensed she was nearing her orgasm; I burried my tongue deep inside of her pussy; just as I had done earlier with E.D. The result; I'm happy to report; was the same as with E.D. Only more so!

When Georgia came; her whole body spasmed and convulsed wildly! The amount of her splurging love nector was more than I could handle. I licked and sucked on her clitty as she filled my mouth and covered my face with her love goo.

I loved the taste of her female clam sauce. I savoured its' flavor as if it was my favorite thing to eat in the world. Which as a matter of fact; it is!

Nothing can describe the taste of a beautiful womans' cum in your mouth. Its' the most wonderful, delicious taste you can imagine!

While Georgia was still in the throes of ecstacy from the tongue lashing I had just given her; I positioned myself at the entrance to her love tunnel.

I pushed my cock into her tight, hot, pussy and began to fuck her wildly! I drove my love tool as deep and as hard as I could into her hot, passion hole! Georgia kept up with me, thrust for thrust. The sex was so hot and heavy; that neither one of us could say for certain; who was fucking who!

Her orgasm came quickly. Her spasming, cluching pussy was hanging on to my pounding cock for dear life!

My penis finally let loose its' cargo of jism. Over and over again my cum spurted itself deep inside the pretty blonde doctors pussy!

When I was totally drained of my creamy goo; I collasped on Georgia. Her hot, spasming pussy was still grasping and milking the last drops of cum out of my spent cock. I laid there for a few minutes as the two of us enjoyed the glow of our lovemaking.

I kissed the beautiful Dr. Whitkin on her lovely lips and then proceeded to get dressed. I did not want to answer the question I know was sure to come.

As the pretty doctor and I dressed; I observed that E. D. Donahey was still naked; and still pleasuring herself sexually.

She was on her stomach; lying on the edge of the table. E.D. had discovered that the corners of the conference room table had large, round, decorative knobs on them. The use which E.D. found for one of these knobs was not decorative, to be sure; but highly satisfying to her in a sexual way.

E.D. was furriously humping the knob on one corner. Her sexy ass was pumping up and down as she masturbated herself with the large wooden phallus.

By now; Georgia and I were ready to leave. Dr. Whitkin did not mention anything about the legs war contest and E.D. was too busy screwing herself with a piece of wood to notice our departure.

I almost made it out the door, home free. Almost, but not quite.

"Hey Greg!" It was E.D.s voice coming from where she was still lying face down on the table; fucking herself. "Where do you think you're going? You have to declare a winner in the legs war contest."

Standng in the doorway, I paused and turned toward the naked morning show host.

I stated simply that, "After careful consideration and deliberations I can safely say that I AM THE WINNER!"

Why you asshole; you creep; you..." E.D.s voice faded away as Dr. Whitkin and I left the room. The closed door covered the rest of E.D.s profane exclamation!

The pretty doctor and I were laughing at the dirty trick I had just played.

"Oh, I'm sorry Dr. Whitkin!" I appologised to the pretty PHD. "I guess you have a reason to be upset with me also. I did pull the same stunt on you."

Georgia leaned close to me and whispered softly into my ear; "Don't bother yourself over it Greg. I didn't mind at all you see. E.D. isn't the only horny woman around you know. Sometimes an 'old lady' like myself needs to get laid!"

I was surprised and greatly relieved to hear this.

"Oh by the way," Georgia said as she turned to leave. "Stop by my office before you leave tonight. I have something in mind that might cheer you up!"

The pretty doctor had a lustful smile on her face as she continued; "I think that I need some anal action; you know; the old fuck me up the ass, routine. It seems that I'm still horny! I'll repay you for some ass pumping with a blowjob or two. That is if you would be interested."

Dr. Whitkin then turned and headed down the hall. My eyes were fixed on her swaying hips and sexy ass as she disappeared around the corner.

"Greg, Hey Greg!" The sound of my friend Harrys' voice brought me out of the trance that Dr. Whitkin had put me in.

"Hi, Harry! What's up? I greeted my pal.

"Boy, am I ever up shits creek. Mad Marty just finished verbally reamming me a new asshole! He is really pissed off about that upskirt shot I got of E.D. this morning!"

My pal was really down in the dumps as he continued.

"And guess what I have to do now? Appologize to E.D. Hell she doesn't even know it happened yet!'

"Harry old buddy; I'm going to help you out in this matter. I know for a fact that Ms Donahey is just down the hall, in conference room #3. She's in; uhhhhhhhh; shall I say, a receptive mood right now. I'm sure you will have no problem appologizing to her!"

"Are you sure about that, Greg?" My forlorn pal asked.

"Trust me on this one, Harry. It's a sure thing!"

Harry slowly trudged down the hall to the door of conference room #3. He paused at the door for a few seconds and then entered.

As I saw my friend dissappear through the door; I thought to myself; "Harry old buddy. This is one appology you're going to enjoy making!"


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