tagInterracial LoveEagle Eye Ch. 02

Eagle Eye Ch. 02


Please read Ch. 1, before you read this follow-up Ch. 2. Comments are welome and appreciated

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This story is a work of fiction. The characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.

Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. . . .

Eagle Eye Ch. 2 by Wolverine7009

Bridgestone Estates (North Wing)

As the Florida sunlight started to break through the bay windows giving Lauren's bedroom an early morning orange/red glow she lay in her bed thinking about the amazing experience she shared with Aubrey and Debra, if life could be that simple. But the hard reality was Monday she will be appointed the new Chairman/CEO of US Operations, life as she knew it will never be the same. She feels her stomach tighten up from nerves, the responsibility is enormous. Her thoughts interrupted by the beep of her phone.

"Incoming secure call from Matt" The female voice coming from the XP300 said.

Lauren jumps out of bed and ran over to grab her phone out of her Prada purse.


"Hi sis"

"Oh my GOD Matt is that you?"

"Yeah, just wanted to wish you luck, I know Monday is the big day"

"Thanks; I really needed that, I miss you so much!"

"I miss you too sis, how is dad?"

"He's hanging in there, but I know he's in a lot of pain"

"I heard you've got a full time bodyguard?"

"Yeah" she replied, a hint of disappointment in her tone.

"Listen to him Lauren; he's there to keep you safe."

"I know, I know"

"Ha I'm heading to class, I Love you Lauren"

"Ok I love you too, bye"

The line goes dead, with a renew vigor after hearing from her little brother; Lauren heads to the adjacent bathroom to take a shower. When she arrives she can hear the shower running next door in Terry's suite, the thought of seeing him completely nude was sexually intoxicating.

"For God's sake get it together girl!" she told herself.


As Terry stood under the multiple shower heads letting the hot water sooth his aching muscles he kept running the activities from earlier this morning through his head.

"Lauren's firm tan breasts with those dark brown large nipples" Terry starts stroking his rock hard manhood.

"Aubrey's athletic body and meaty ass being pounded by Debra's strap on" Terry feels his balls start to tighten he know it's only seconds away. "FUCK!"

With a few more strokes the first ribbon of hot cum erupts from his dick, followed by another large ribbon of cum; leaning against the wall for balance he continued to stroke himself for a few more minutes, as his manhood became flaccid Terry knew he had to keep his sexual desires in check if he was going to protect her effectively.

After finishing his shower Terry got dressed, Ralph Lauren pants, Polo shirt out and Nike Lunarglide+3 running shoes, it was a Saturday light business casual. While having coffee in the great room Aubrey appeared from her suite, dressed in some white Old Navy capris, white Nike polo shirt, pink Nike cap and Louis Vuitton sandals she was carrying her MAC notebook and a blue binder.

"Good Morning Terry how did you sleep?"

"Ok. Considering I actually slept for 5 hours"

"You don't sleep much?"

"No. I don't."

"Well if there is anything you need, please let me know and housekeeping can provide it for you. Just so you know; I've been instructed by Mr. Bridgestone to set you up an appointment tomorrow with Chong Van Lee, Mr. Bridgestone's personal tailor so that you can be fitted for custom suits, tuxedoes and business casual wear."

"This really isn't necessary; I'm not a custom suit guy"

"It's the perks of the job"

"Very well"


Aubrey gave a smile, then handed Terry the blue binder.

"Here is the complete 20 city tour itinerary, with the recommended Hotels if there are any changes that need to be made let me know"

"Ok; I will review this today and get back with you"

"Terry, can I ask you a serious question?" Aubrey had a look of worry on her face.


"You've seen the names on the Threat Assessment Reports, are these people for real?"


"So Lauren and her family are in danger?"


Terry could see from Aubrey's reaction that reality had set in, yes there are real people out there somewhere in the world wanting to harm the Bridgestone Family, and Terry and the Estates Security team was going to be the difference between life and death.

Lauren appeared from her suite wearing some blue jeans, a cotton shirt tied up showing her six pack stomach and the diamond tear drop pendant from her belly button. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail and she too was wearing sandals.

Terry immediately felt his manhood start to come alive, but he suppressed his thoughts.

"Good Morning everyone"

Aubrey smiles as Lauren joins both her and Terry at the dining table. "Good Morning, you ready to do some shopping?"

"Yes, Yes I am" Lauren smiled back.

Aubrey started walking over to the kitchen area "Coffee and a bagel"

"Sure thanks sweetie"

As Aubrey pours a cup of coffee and places a bagel into the toaster oven a phone's beeping goes off.

"Incoming text message" The XP300 female voice said. Everyone looked at their phones, it was Terry's.


Terry excused himself from the Great room leaving Lauren and Aubrey to finish their breakfast. Once out in the main hallway leading to the courtyard, Terry texted the Security Drivers that "Morning Star", Lauren's code name for traveling, would be ready in 20 minutes. Then he called Mr. Knox.

The XP300 announced "Stand by; securing a satellite encrypted line"

"Hello. Terry"

"Yeah John"

"I just got notified by Interpol and Custom and Border Patrol, CBP that two of our creditable threats from the list have entered the country"

"Who are they?"

"Victor and Tatiana Kuzmenko"

"Do we have their current locations?"

"No; Undercover CBP Officers lost them in the New York subway"

Terry sighed, "Wow; ok keep me informed"

"Will do; CBP has access to our network, you will be given real-time information as it comes in"

"Ok. I've got to go"

The line goes silent, before Terry entered the double doors; he saw a large box sitting on the floor addressed to Mark Belltron out of Texas.

Terry returned to his suite and pulls out an aluminum briefcase; once open he removed a Sig SAUER P228 40 Cal. semi-automatic weapon. Just as Terry locks a round into the chamber, Lauren walks in semi laughing from her conversation with Aubrey.

"Terry we're rea..."

She stops in the doorway; seeing the weapon and concern in Terry's eyes she knows something is wrong.

"What's going on Terry?"

"Nothing; you ladies ready to go?" Lauren walks over to Terry

"Terry; please don't lie to me, I had enough of that growing up"

"Ok. That was John; two people on our threat list have made it into the US"

"Do we know where they are?"

"No. Customs lost them in New York"

"Oh my God, New York that's the first stop on the tour"

Seeing that Lauren was concerned now, with the current change of events, Terry placed his hand on her shoulder for reassurance that everything would be ok. His touch gave Lauren inner warmth that she had never experienced before, and she felt safe knowing Terry was there.

"What do you want to do, I trust you."

Terry placed the weapon into his waistband; put his Ray Bans sunglasses on and said with a smile "Let's go shopping"

Lauren and Aubrey hit all the trendy upscale shops, laughing and enjoying each other's company looking from the outside; someone would think their just two girlfriends enjoying a shopping day. Not knowing that only a few feet away stood their protector willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

Lauren couldn't help but notice how safe and protected she felt every time she looked up and saw Terry, just a few feet away knowing that if anything appeared to be a threat he would address it immediately. His focus was so intense, it made her feel like the only two people right then right now in the world was her and him, inside a protective bubble.

As they moved through each retail shop Terry keeps a constant vigil on her, scanning people who enter his imaginary protective circle around her; keeping her within 5 to 6 feet of him. Terry couldn't help but to admire Lauren's natural beauty. Returning to the Estates for dinner, while getting out of the SUV Aubrey could smell the moisture in the air, she knew a storm was coming. Lauren reflected on the entire day; she wanted to know more about this mystery man whose presence gives her calm she's never felt before in her life.

New York City, West Bronx

The flash from the wood match being struck illuminates the dimly lit room, smoke from the cigar rapidly fills the air. Victor looking over floor plans of the new Children's Research Wing at Bookman Hospital Medical Center.

"So; it's confirmed she will be at the ribbon ceremony."

The figure standing by the window, cigar in hand answers "Yes; my contact has confirmed she will be here in New York for two days. This ribbon ceremony kicks of the 20 city tour".

Victor looks up from the floor plans "Where is the list of hotels?"

"It's coming"

"We need that list, it won't work without it!!"

Bridgestone Estates (North Wing)

Dinner was attended by Mr. Bridgestone and Mr. Porter; it consisted of lobster tails, Clam Chowder, grilled asparagus and for dessert a four tier chocolate cake; Mr. Bridgestone's favorites. After coffee; the on-site nurse took Carlton back to his wing, Porter and Aubrey stated they were calling it a night, disappearing down the hallway in separate directions.

Terry decided to watch a little TV before calling it a night, so he changed into some sweats, grabbed a beer and set down in one of the couches in the great room and started channel surfing.

15 minutes later Lauren appeared from her suite wearing some satin Cami and Boy short pajamas, Terry immediately noticed she didn't have a bra on. "Hey. Can I join you?"

"Sure, I'm just watching some TV, not tired"

"Something tells me you don't sleep very much anyway"

"No I don't"

Terry couldn't stop looking at her firm breasts with her nipples pushing against the thin fabric; she had to know.

Lauren could feel her nipples getting hard the more she thought about being with Terry, but at that very moment she didn't care.

"Terry; thank you"

"For what?"

"For making me feel safe, for allowing me to enjoy myself today with my best friend and not have a worry in the world about my safety I know what I said in the beginning, but I'm glad you're here."

"You're welcome; and I was wondering, who is Mark Belltron?"

"He's my ex-boyfriend, why?"

"No reason just saw a box in the hall way with his name on it"

"It's the rest of his stuff that he left at the apartment in New York"

"I don't remember seeing a New York Apartment on the current list of residences"

"No it wouldn't be, I bought it to have a quick get away when I needed it, the only two people that know about it are Aubrey and Mark. So you know everything about me, and I know nothing about you"

Terry couldn't help but laugh, "There's nothing to know"

Lauren gets up from the couch and walks over to the kitchenette and pours herself a glass of wine. She walked back over and sits right next to Terry, putting one leg under her bottom when she sits. Terry feels his manhood start to come alive again.

"Sure there is, like where you grew up; do you have a family, girlfriend?"

"Well let's see; Boston, Yes, and No."

"I'm sorry Terry, am I being rude with my questions?"

"No, it's just my past isn't very colorful, I graduated from high school an joined the Navy, served 8 years, got offered a job to keep a kind, educated and beautiful woman safe."

Realizing what Terry had just said Lauren blushed. "You keep that up, and you won't be able to get rid of me."

Terry and Lauren both laughed.

While still laughing, a sudden flash of lighting from outside startled Lauren making her jump a little closer to Terry, who placed his right hand on her side as a comforting gesture.

"You ok?"

"God I hate thunderstorms"

"It's just mother nature talking"

Another flash of lighting followed by a thundering boom causes Lauren to lunge forward into Terry's arms; the instant their bodies touched, it was an overwhelming feeling of desire. Neither Lauren nor Terry wanting to let the embrace go, Terry was rapidly becoming hard, Lauren while never breaking eye contact softly kissed Terry on his lips. Terry surprised by her action responded with his own kiss; pressing his tongue between Lauren's lips; feeling his tongue, she opened her mouth to receive it, their tongues began to dance.

Their arms wrapped around each other tighter as the kiss grew in intensity, what must have been a few seconds felt like an eternity. They reluctantly broke their embrace, both breathing hard and wanting more, but realizing they shouldn't go any further. Lauren stood up from the couch.

"Good night Terry"

"Good night"

Lauren disappeared into her suite as Terry set there reflecting on what just happened, knowing things had changed, he retired to his suite.

Still relishing on how good Terry's tongue tastes, Lauren was on fire; if he walked into her suite right that second she would give her body to him completely and enjoy every minute of it, her excitement had her panties drenched in her juices. She ripped off her panties and started to rub her dripping womanhood, lightly squeezing her clit sending a jolt of pleasure through her body, she rolled over onto her side reaching into her nightstand removing a 7" pink vibrator and rubbing it between the outer folds of her Pussy.

She moans "Oh Terry."

Feeling her juices running down her inner thighs, Lauren begins to rapidly move the vibrator into her pussy with reckless abandonment; her vaginal walls began to contract and her orgasm washes over her like a tidal wave. After coming down from her orgasm she begins to drift off to sleep.


As the Florida sun broke over the horizon revealing a thick morning fog, Terry stood out on the patio outside his suite having a cup of coffee and reviewing his text and emails from his XP300. Even though he was reading an email, his thoughts were about Lauren and what happened between them last night.

He had to stay focused, the New York trip was just three weeks away; CBP has no new leads on Victor and Tatiana Kuzmenko, the fact that he wanted to be with her was not an option. Keeping her safe was the number one priority, walking out to get a refill on coffee he saw Aubrey and Lauren sitting at the main table having a light breakfast.

"Good Morning" they greeted.

"Good Morning ladies"

Aubrey while still chewing some bacon, continued typing on her Mac Book

"I have the final list of Hotels for the tour, I'm sending it to you now for review; let me know if they are going to work, also do not forget your appointment with Mr. Lee in an hour, we pushed it up so you would have suits for the New York trip.

"Ok; I'll look at them now"

Lauren never said anything; Terry refilled his coffee and returned to his suite. While reviewing the list of hotels via his XP300 there was a knock on the door.

"Come in; it's open"

It was Lauren "Can we talk?"


"About last night"

Seeing the uneasiness with trying to talk about what happened. Terry made a joke. "Let's hope we don't have any more thunderstorms"

She smiled. "I just didn't want things to become awkward between us, you know?"

"Yes I know; Lauren, I won't pretend that I didn't enjoy it, but I know there are lines we shouldn't cross ever."

The uneasiness was gone, replaced with a look of disappointment, Lauren and him; did want it to go farther but they both knew that line couldn't be crossed. Not as long as he watched over her.

She walked up to Terry and gave him a light kiss on the cheek "See you later for lunch" She disappeared out the door.

Terry decided to get a workout in prior to lunch, after lunch, two oriental gentlemen entered the great room; carrying fabric binders and tape measures. Terry looked uninterested giving a half hearted smile.

"Mr. Lee?"

"Yes; Mr. Cobb"

The next two hours consisted of measuring Terry's physique, and picking out color patterns and accessories once everything was completed Mr. Lee and his assistant gathered up their things and disappeared out of the great room.

New York City, West Bronx

"Ok sounds good, what's the floor? 14th ok thanks."

The phone goes dead, the figure while looking out the second story apartment window takes a long drag off his cigar, turns towards the kitchen table where Victor and Tatiana where sitting; cleaning MP-442 Grach semi auto pistols.

"Trump International Hotel and Tower, the entire 14th floor will be secured for their arrival, you better be damn sure your people are ready. Because you're only going to get one shot at this, so don't FUCK IT UP!"

Victor smiles at the figure "You make it sound like this security guy is special"

After drawing on his cigar, the figure walks over to Victor, making eye contact.

"Look ASSHOLE, this guy isn't the student in this game he's the professor, my contacts tells me this motherfucker is 32 and 0 he's the Tom Brady of Black Ops; you can drop his ass in the Arctic Circle in his underwear with only his tooth brush and by tomorrow he'll be in your pool sipping on Mai-tai's. So stay focused!"

Victor's face twisted with anger "I will gut this so called "Professor" like a pig, and watch as his life fade from his eyes before I kill that bitch".

Victor pours three shots of vodka then raised his glass along with his sister and the male figure.

"To Mother Russia and South Africa, they will rise again and to hell with Bridgestone International"

Bridgestone Estates (Gymnasium Complex)

At 45 Harold Porter was still in great shape, a former Army Ranger he still kept up a rigorous workout program for himself and expected the same from his security staff. While soaking in the therapeutic whirlpool, a familiar voice brought a smile to his face and a stirring in his manhood.

"How was your workout tonight?"


"Is there room in there for me?"

Harold lifted his head up from the neck cushion and opens his eyes to see the woman of his dreams.

"There's always room for you, but you look over dressed"

Bree Sanchez was absolutely stunning, at 38 years of age she didn't look a day passed 25 and had a body that only could be describe as thick and voluptuous. Standing 5'5, with olive skin and long jet black wavy hair she was a walking sexual billboard; they had been secretly dating for more than a year.

Standing at the edge of the whirlpool looking down at Harold, while biting her lower lip; Bree stripped completely naked revealing her thick athletic form, while squeezing her chocolate brown nipples.

"I'm so horny right now"

Harold watched this sexual creature, while stroking his manhood. "Turn around and get down on your hands and knees"

Bree did as she was told arching her back so her ass was sitting up in the air; she turned her head to look back at Harold, while moving her hand between her legs to open her soft folds revealing her pink moist hole for him.

"I've been wet all day, thinking about you"

Harold stood up and walked over to the opposite edge of the whirlpool, grabbing both sides of her meaty ass, spreading it apart; allowing her sexual aroma to penetrate his nostrils.

"Give it to me, please" she begged.

Hearing Bree beg for his dick, Harold plays with her moist entrance with his engorged mushroom head, coating it with her creamy pussy juice.

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