tagLoving WivesEarly Christmas Party Ch. 01

Early Christmas Party Ch. 01


This is mainly true, somewhat embellished but precipitated by real events in our past. All this happened during that happy time of free love, in the days after The Pill freed women (and couples) from fear of pregnancy, and before AIDS and other STDs made everyone fear sex without wearing hazmat suits.

We were not quite married when this happened. We were not quite engaged, even. We were living together and got married the next year. I learned about these events shortly after they happened. I will try to relate to you what she told me about her activities. I remember what she said quite keenly because it was so erotic at the time. We had played with others, a threesome here and there, but she had not cut loose with reckless passion as she did in this incident. I was fairly astonished by this tale, and thrilled and delighted, too. Who doesn't want to hear about his woman -- his honey, now his wife -- so burning with lust that she fucks with real abandon, takes all comers! Here's what happened, as she told me about it.

I had to go out to the Coast the week before Christmas. Oh, rats. We were going to have a couple parties, host one and go to another. The place was already decorated and the food and wine already bought. She had started to prepare a fancy dinner for us, a private evening for just us before the party on the weekend, and was very disappointed when I left that morning. Yes, she would still have the party, maybe somewhat reduced in size, and hated that I would not be there.

I was gone for almost a week. When I got back, and we were in bed cuddling, she told me about her adventures. I will try to capture most of this as she told me. The dialog isn't accurate, but the sense is there. She doesn't want to write it down herself, embarrassed or lazy or both.

You should know that we had a slightly open relationship at the time, not a completely open one. There were several occasions when the two of us became three by adding another man to please her, and rarely one of us played with or even went to bed with someone else, usually when we were apart for a while on business trips, family visits, or whatever. We were entirely hetero, just a little loose around the edges, played around a lot, screwed around a little.

So I was not the least upset, or even much surprised, when she told me that she had had a little fun while I was away. I was very turned on by it. It always excited me to hear how she got excited with men, how she got so sexually involved and got carried away and went further than she intended. She has told me about a lot of her prior sexual adventures before we met. That was a fun tradition we had in bed the first few years. This is one of her wild contemporary experiences that I didn't witness. I always wanted to know how she got felt up, or fingered, or fucked.

What a wonderful thing, to know that your woman can be so consumed with lust that she just does what feels good! We guys are always accused of thinking with our little heads. I loved knowing that she would sometimes do the same, think with her little man in the boat. "If it moves, fondle it!" was the watchword of the time. How much fun she had this time made me crazy horny when she told me, and still does.

This is more or less as she told it to me. I tried not to interrupt her too often. We were in bed, cuddling, feeling each other, playing, even screwing, while all this was being related. You'll see.

--------------------- (Her story)

When you got called away like that, in the middle of the day, and for the whole weekend we had planned, I was really bummed. I had started to prepare a fancy, romantic dinner for us. Fancy French, candles, champagne, the whole bit. It wouldn't keep, and I wasn't going to eat it alone, so I asked Jonathan from the office to join me. So he came over after work and we had dinner, amid the apartment covered with Christmas decorations, with the candles, the white wine first, the red wine with the beef, lots of wine.

We got up to dance, both a little plastered but able to hold each other up. As we passed through the archway to the living room, he noticed the mistletoe on the arch and kissed me. It was nice. I was pissed at you for being away and feeling sorry for myself, so I kissed him back. And we kissed again, really kissed this time. So we danced and kissed some more and I opened up a dessert wine, too. I was leaning against the wall of the archway drinking my wine, and he kissed me again. Only this time, his hand came up from my waist to my breast. I was a little shocked, I'm sure I gasped and flinched, but I didn't really want to remove his hand. I wanted a man's hands on me that night, so I didn't object, just enjoyed the sensation as he fondled me. When he pinched my nipple, the sensation went straight down to my panties. I moaned my pleasure as we kissed. You know how it makes me jump when you play with my nipples like that. I guess I was a little hornier than I thought. We finished our wines, moved to the sofa, and started making out seriously. I didn't want to stop. I was wishing that you were there with me, but you weren't. Love the one you're with, right?

("Did he instigate it, or did you? Did you go further with him?")

Yes, I went further. We went a lot further. He sort of seduced me, but I admit I was very willing. I was eager, even. I wanted to play. This was fun. Relax, I'll tell you. (We were lying in bed, so I started to fondle her breast seriously to go along with the story.)

We kissed with growing passion, held each other tight and ran our hands all over each other. He unbuttoned my dress -- I still had on my clothes from work -- and got into my bra. I felt his back and his butt and eventually worked around to his crotch to feel his hardness. He felt up my leg, up under my dress, way up, cupped my pussy. I opened my legs to let him know he was welcome there. I was hot by that time, I pushed my pussy up into his hand, he pressed harder into me. Even through my pantyhose and panties I could feel his fingers separating my lips and pressing into me. He ran his hand up to my waist and got inside the pantyhose. Oh, god, he's going to get into me. His fingers are hot on my belly. He moves down inside my bikinis. I can feel him tickling my fur. His fingers slide between my lips, I jump when he scrapes my clit. It feels wet, he slides up and down, and oh, he pushes his finger into me! Go in, go in! Come into my cunt! I'm hot and wet and waiting! Come in! He pushed in and out, in and out, scraping my red hot clit, a jolt to my womb, with each stroke. And I came. I came hard. My pelvis reached for his hand. My muscles grabbed onto his fingers and pulled them into me, once, twice, more, again, again. . . .

("You came on his fingers? Still dressed? You were that horny? My horny honey!" She only uses the c-word when she is very turned on. She was dripping that night, apparently, and she was beginning to drip some more while talking about it.)

Yes, sweetie, I guess I was hornier than I thought. I'm sorry, are you upset? I really wanted it. I thought you'd like it that I was such a horny bitch. I thought you'd be turned on. Oh, I see you are.

And so there I was with a new, unfamiliar guy playing my body. And we . . . well, we didn't stop there. He started to take my pantyhose off and I helped him, with my hand and lifting my hips off the couch. My panties came off, too. And then his pants, both of us unbuckling, unfastening, pushing off, and then he was between my legs. My skirt just fell loose around my waist when I raised my knees. I saw his erection pointing straight out from his crotch, aiming right at my face. I pointed at it in mock horror and said as a joke, "Don't you point that thing at me! -- unless you really mean it!" I looked in his eyes and smiled. He understood.

"Oh, I do mean it, I want to point it at you," he hissed. "I want to point it *in* you."

"Ooh, yesssss!" I took it in my right hand and pulled it to me. I opened my lips with the other hand, I could feel how wet I was, I knew it would slide into me easily. I pulled the head till it touched the inside of my pussy. I let go as he pushed in, pushed his cock into me. Oh, god, that felt good. I wanted a cock in me! I really wanted to be fucked, and I was. I put my arms and legs around him and pulled him as far into me as he could go. I held him tight for a minute, getting used to the sensation, a new man on me and a new cock in me. Then I pushed my hips up and down on his shaft and he started to pump away. Fucking in and out of me. It was good, and strange, and wonderful, a new cock in my hot cunt! I was hot as a pistol. With my eyes closed, I could smell a new smell of a man on top of me, and I could feel a different cock plunging into my body. I was climbing and climbing. But he came before I could come again. It was okay, I enjoyed every second of it. I felt him pumping his juice into my honey pot again and again. God, I love that feeling, of you shooting into me. Of a man shooting into me, any man, any hot, hungry male. I love to feel that deep in my belly. Mmmmm.

("Oh, god, honey, he came in you? You let him come in your pussy?")

Yes, of course I did, sweetie. He came in me, he came in your girlfriend's cunt. I took him deep into my body -- she! -- she took him deep into her body and sucked the life out of him, pulled his juice deep into her pussy. Mmmmm.

(I was going crazy listening to her. This was real adult fucking she was describing. I had been fondling her breasts and her pussy, and now got much more serious. I slid my finger into her and twirled it around her sensitive parts. "He came in here? You took his cum here inside your goodies? Made this even creamier than it is now? Is that it?" I asked.)

Oh, yes, he fucked me, he fucked your girlfriend, put his hard dick into your girlfriend's juicy cunt and shot into her. And there's more. We moved to the bedroom. In here. Right where we are now. On our bed. I moved in here with his cum dripping down my leg, smearing on my thighs as I walked. I took my dress and bra off so he could see all of me, cupped my pussy, pushed a finger in to get some of that juice, rubbed it on my nipple and licked it off my finger as sexily as I could. My thighs were shiny with his sperm all over them. He liked what he saw. You would have liked it, too, watching me do that, cum run down my leg, watching me pluck it out and rub it on my tits, suck my cummy finger like a little dick. I wanted more of it, too.

His sweater and shirt were off in a shot. We climbed under the covers to stay warm. Then we started to make love seriously. I could feel all of him, skin to skin. Our naked bodies intertwined, we kissed, hard, his leg between mine, mine between his. He reached for my sex, and I reached for his. He was hard again, and I was still blazing hot. No question that he could just slide in easily this time, I was so lubricated and still dripping his come from the first time. And he did, he slid into me again, and I felt his hardness deep inside me, filling my slippery cunt with his hot rod. And he pushed into me and I pushed back, and we pumped slowly like that for minutes, I don't know how long. Then I felt him get even larger and harder and he moved more urgently, and I knew he was going to come again. I clamped my legs around him hard to pull him in, I hissed in his ear, "Come in me! Come! Come! Fuck me hard!" And he did. And he came again.

He lay on me, exhausted, I think he fell asleep for a couple minutes. He shrank and fell out of my vagina. I oozed and leaked cum, I could feel it running down my ass, I dripped all over the sheets. I hadn't come again, and I was still crazy horny. I got up, went to the bathroom, peed, dripped out a lot, cleaned up the area, and went back to bed.

"You didn't come, did you?" he asked. He moved on top of me again, we kissed, he slid down between my legs, started kissing my breasts, then farther down, he kissed and tongued my navel, my belly. He got all the way down to my crotch. He pushed my thighs way back to my breasts so he could get at my sex with his mouth. I grabbed behind my knees and I held my own legs up and open for him. He started gently to kiss the area, then opened up my labia to kiss my inner lips, lick my vagina, lick my clit. Oh, god, he licked my clit so well, he sucked it, wiped it with his tongue, pulled it with his lips. He pushed fingers into me, too, and twirled them around while nibbling my button. In a couple minutes, I came, screaming. If the neighbors were home, they surely heard. And if they know you were away, then they know that I was coming with someone else. I was drunk and horny and lonely and hot, I didn't care.

(I was pushing my fingers hard into her while she was telling me this. She was almost moaning the story, the sentences not completely coherent. I pinched her nub with my thumb and forefinger, and she was getting hot, maybe not so hot as that night with Jonathan eating her box, but hot enough to tell me all.)

He was hard again, from putting his face in my cunt, from eating me, from hearing me scream my pleasure, whatever. I rolled him onto his back, crawled on top of him, spread my legs around his hips. "Now *I* will fuck *you*, boy!" I sat up, moved my pussy above his hard dick, and settled down onto it. Oh, that's such a wonderful feeling, being able to control how far and fast a hot rod comes into me. I went down a little, up a little, down some more, half a dozen times, teasing him before he was all the way into me. Finally I sat down on his cock, hard, pushed it all the way into me, as far as it would go. I could feel it way up in my belly, god, I love that. Then I moved around and around, stirring it inside. I like to move around more than up and down, the combination gets me wild hot, you know this, my clit scraping on the guy's pubic hair and pumping his rod in and out. My love button and my fuck-tube cooperated, and I came again, a little. He did, too, a little. It was the third time for me in a couple hours.

I collapsed on him. He pulled the covers up to keep me warm. We both fell asleep for a few minutes, he was still inside me. When he shrank and fell out, I felt more cum dripping out of me, it tickled and woke me up. Many Kleenex later, we were both more or less cleaned up.

I chased him out so his car wouldn't be here all night for the neighbors to see. Before he left, I asked him if he would come back tomorrow night to help me with the party preparations. You were still going to be away. And, well, maybe we could have some more fun, too.

("And did he?")

Oh, yes. You bet. That's another story. I'll tell you tomorrow.

(And that was it for that day. We went at each other like fiends, the images of that tale bouncing around in our heads; she remembering that new man in her pussy, I visualizing his fingers and member sliding into her, her opening up her legs and her labia for him. Makes me crazy to this day.)

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