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Early Morning


Early morning I wake up and open my eyes. I can see Ruth lying next to me on the bed. Her long blond hair all messed up her eyes half open. I place my arm on hers and she stirs. Shifting on to her side so that she faces me. She smiles. We kiss.

Gently at first her lips on mine, but I can feel that it is more. I pull her closer to me and roll onto my back pulling her on top of me. I feel the weight of her body on top of mine. I open my eyes and look up into her deep blue eyes. There are no words between us but our minds and bodies are one.

We kiss, deeper this time; I run my hand over the small of her back up under the tee shirt that she is wearing. I feel the waistband of her pyjamas and start to work my fingers under it. As I do this I feel her hand under my shirt. Next to my skin gently moving toward my breasts. Then the hand recedes.

Ruth sits up she is astride me she pulls her tee shirt over her head. I half sit up but she grabs the hem of my shirt gently easing it from me. Then she is down on me again her pert breasts pressing against me. I can feel my nipples starting to get harder, and I can feel hers against me. She kisses me again then kisses my neck. Sliding herself down my body she presses her lips between my breasts.

I close my eyes and feel her tongue gently start to tease my left nipple. Lips then surround it and the tongue caresses it. I can feel it swell and I feel waves of pleasure over me. I sigh. I feel her move to the right already hard and sensitive. Another wave of pleasure comes across my body.

Ruth sits up and I open my eyes. She pulls at the sting on the shorts that I am wearing. The knot comes away. She moves from me and I pull the shorts down and off my body. Her hand starts to stroke my naked thigh and I part my legs a little, all the invitation that is needed. Gently her finger stokes my pussy. Teasing my clit my legs spread wider.

I sigh as Ruth pushes two fingers into me I push my hips up to welcome them deep inside. As I do this Ruth starts to massage my clit with her thumb. I feel my heart rate quicken and I start to breath more deeply. I start to feel an orgasm building deep with in me. Then her fingers withdraw.

Again I feel the weight of her body on mine her breasts against mine, her lips pressed against mine. I feel her start to slide down my body. A little kiss to my neck, then between my breasts. Her warm lips on my belly then my waist. Then little kisses to my thigh. My pussy aching for attention.

My wish is answered I feel her tongue gently play with my labia before flicking gently over my clit. I push down towards her mouth, wanting her to bring me ecstasy. Her hands grip the top of my legs as mine clutch at her head. I briefly open my eyes and see her blonde hair spilling between my fingers. A wave of pleasure comes over me and my breathing becomes heavier.

Her tongue enters me gently hitting just the right spot, another wake. It teases my clit and more pleasure flows through my body. Then I feel those lips softly surrounding my clit my whole body starts to tingle I lose control my hands let go of her heat and reach up above me and grab the head board. My body is in freefall as I come. I sigh. It is over. Her body again on mine, her lips on mine, I can taste myself on her lips I pull her close. We melt into one.

I feel her breathing in time with me our hearts beat together. We roll over now I am on top of her. I kiss her deeply. Time stands still is it a few seconds or an hour that our lips and tongues intertwine? Then I move down just a little. Nuzzling her neck. She holds the back of my head pulling me in. I shower her neck with little kisses and small teasing bites.

I move my head away from her, instinctively her hand moves from me. We are as one so we need no words. I sit up and take her small pert breasts in my hands. Caressing them teasing her nipples with my fingers. Feeling as her nipples start to harden. I move my body down, gently licking her left nipple. Teasing strokes. I can taste the salt of a nights sweat on her body. I take her nipple between my lips teasing it with my tongue.

I am quiet, even when I reach orgasm it is the shudder of my body not my voice that tells my partner I am there. Beth is vocal and as I tease her nipple I can hear her moan. The sound of her pleasure caresses me making me feel warm. The more I run my tongue over her nipple the louder she becomes. But then I stop. I sit up.

I'm astride Beth's thighs and I reach down to undo the knot in her pyjama bottoms. Seamless lovemaking briefly interrupted. We are mirrored I have raven hair Beth is blond. I am curvy Beth is thin like a fashion model. I am left-handed Beth is right-handed. For a moment I fumble with the knot. I've made it tighter. I pull the other end the knot comes undone.

I move so I am kneeling beside her and watch as she removes the pyjamas her body lying naked in front of me. Her pubic hair a darker shade of blond enticing me, I place a hand on her thigh, Beth sits up. She moves so that she is on her knees in front of me. We kiss. I pull her body close to me. I feel the heat of her.

I lower my hand; gently I brush my fingers over her pussy. She moans. I can feel her wetness. She lets go her embrace I move my hand away. Beth shifts her position so that she is on all fours in front of me.

I gently slide two fingers into her pussy. She lets out a moan. I push them in deeper. I can tell by her voice that I have found the right spot. I gently slide my fingers in and out making sure each stroke finds that special place. Her moans grow louder her breath shortens. I can feel her pussy quiver against my fingers. She cums.



I withdraw my finger and Beth collapses on the bed. I lay behind her spooning. My arms across her chest, my hands in her hands, our bodies, our hearts and our minds as one.

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