tagBDSMEarly Morning Delight

Early Morning Delight


He touches my face, rubs his fingers over my lips. Sneaking into my mouth, he feels my front teeth with the tips of his fingers. My hands are caught above my head – I try to pull down again, but can't get free. He chuckles over watching me struggle and moves over to torture my ear, nibbling licking, then biting... it hurts... and the pain shoots down into my belly and my clit. I feel a warmth spreading to my chest. I know I'm blushing a bright shade of red which only seems to amuse him all the more.

"Oooh, baby," he growls in my ear, "you're so helpless."

All I can do is whimper... trying to stifle the sound to save my pride. He licks down my neck holding my face pressed to my left arm. I know he's leaving marks on the sensitive skin with his lips ripping at me, his teeth teasing my skin. I feel like I can't breathe. I'm so scared and so horny... it doesn't make any sense in my head. I feel the breeze from the open window cooling my neck, the wetness cooling me even as his mouth is turning me into a twisting burning flint.

He pulls the sheet away from my body and he looks down at my breasts. "So pretty."

I struggle again trying to pull my arms down... but I can't. I open my mouth to give him some attitude but his hand covers my lips before I get a word out.

All I can do is breathe through my nose as he tugs and throws the sheet off of me to the floor. I know I should be silent, that's the challenge he's given me. So I just try to catch my breath as he moves lower on my body, holding my legs tightly together, squeezing my hips in his large hands. He bites my thighs softly, his teeth feel like electric shocks that ricochet into my pussy... there's fireworks in my core, as my sleepy haze is gone completely. I want his cock inside me.

He's licking the top of my pussy and I shift to move my legs apart but he won't let me. Holding my legs together, my thighs squeezed shut, he licks at my pussy... pulls at the short hairs, sticks his tongue further and further into my slick folds. I'm trembling and my belly clenches painfully from the excitement, the frustration of it. I'm raising my hips up off the bed to bring my clit closer to his tongue. He pulls away.

I can't help moaning... The sound is crude and ragged, hanging in the air.

"You're so excited." He points out, his breath hot against my belly. "What a naughty naughty girl."

I try to mutter something to deny his cocky attitude. If it was him tied up and me going down on him – he'd be fucking screaming. I feel hot and angry, and frustrated that he won't give me the release my body's begging for until he's through with his little games. And how am I supposed to keep quiet anyhow when his hands gripping and his mouth playing on me?

"Not all that excited, babe..." I manage to mumble, though it comes out sounding not-quite-as-bored as I'd hoped. I suck in some quick breaths that betray my little outburst as a lie. His eyes narrow as he stares up at my face. I'm biting my lip... which is maybe what I should've done a few seconds earlier.

Tension ripples in the silence and I watch as he moves away. That's right – let him feel hurt... upset... whatever. I don't care. I'm just tied up here... oh shit. And my pussy is still pounding, an obvious reminder of how stupid I was acting.

Blue balls might feel bad, but an unsatisfied crotch is no picnic either... my secret softness aches and clenches against itself, the emptiness taunting me.

I'm struggling with myself, with my pride – but clearly an apology is in order. "I'm sorry, love..." is all I can softly whisper, really trying to sound as sweet and contrite as I can. I want to rub my thighs together to release some of the tension, but I stop myself. I open my legs a little, showing myself to him... how wet I am... the pink folds glisten in the early morning light. I want his hands touching me, his fingers sliding up inside flicking at my g-spot, stretching me, fucking me. God, I want him so bad!

"Sorry what?"

My voice drops and I feel like I'm speaking from my center, "I'm sorry, Master". Something about using that word "Master" makes me feel like I've given up control to him. Makes me feel super vulnerable, like I'm caught in a web... this power play between us. I'm calling him on the primal level of energy and love and life. I need him the same way he needs me – and its been this way from the beginning of time.

"I think you need to be punished, babe. I think you ass should be burning, BABE." says Master mockingly. And I think I'd like that.

I don't say anything now. Really, pain isn't my favorite thing. I'd rather have him climb on top of me and sink his cock slowly into my wetness. But at this point, it's a little late in the game for me to negotiate.

"Ask for it." He grabs hold of my hair.

Ow! That fucking hurts. In my mind, I still debate asking for what I want, asking him to fuck me, and pissing him off even more.

"Please... please spank me."

"How many, little slut?"

How many... how many?... I don't know. Why do I have to answer this one, my eyes ask him. I don't want to make decisions... You're the master, you decide – I frown.

"Hey, I'm not fucking around!" he pinches my nipples and rolls them squeezing the tips of my breasts between his fingers. Oh, noooooooooo... My nipples are so sensitive. I'm moaning, and there's a jumble of heat and confusion in my brain.

"Thirty." I quickly breathe out.

Damn... did I just say that?? Thirty?!!?

What was I thinking...

"Feeling brave, are we?" - well at least he seems impressed. I think last time I had to beg him to stop at 25. Its silly but I take a little pride at my upping the ante, as he quickly unties my hands from the headboard and maneuvers my body face-down across his thighs. My breasts and belly scratch over his lap and I feel so naked, while he's wearing his jeans and shirt. His skin protected from my skin by the thin rough barrier. I start to shift a little to rub my pussy against his legs.

Sternly he mutters "Stop." But he's not fooling anyone, I can feel his hard cock pressing into my hip, making an urgent tent in the front of his jeans.

Master makes sure to position me so that my feet can't touch the floor, while my hands are planted. My ass and pussy raised up high, I feel tilted off my balance and scared...

It seems as if he feels my discomfort and starts massaging my ass, squeezing the cheeks, rubbing – god, that feels so good! The muscles of my legs releasing and relaxing. He's pinching the soft flesh where my thighs meet my buttocks. I'm trying to stifle my gasps and whimpers. He feels the wetness between my legs and massages my own slick over my pussy lips. Sliding his wet fingers down and over my clit, massaging it lightly. Feels like I'm caught in a hurricane and now I can't help it - I'm groaning loudly.

Without a warning, he pulls his hand away from my drenched pussy and smacks it roughly right in the center of my left ass cheek. Oh, God, here comes the spanking... He just loves this part, I know. The slaps hurt and seem to come in quick succession. I gulp at the air trying to hold my breath against the injustice and indignity. But at the same time, each slap is sending shocks of sexual heat into my face and my chest.

I've lost count and suddenly he stops. My bottom is throbbing, glowing with warmth. It feels itchy and naughty... the stinging - a feverish reminder of my kink.

I feel him reach across my back over to the nightstand and take something... Then the sound of the cap popping off makes me twist a little to try to look back and see what's coming. I get another hard smack for that. Master rests his left hand on my lower back, his thumb between the folds of my ass cheeks, holding me in place. His other hand, fingers wet with lube are now sliding between my heated globes, pushing against the little puckered opening. Oh, noooo... There is a revolt in my head, but I can't move... just whimper softly.

"Hold still." His voice is rough with his arousal, I can feel his rigid cock against my belly pushing through the jeans. His finger squeezes inside the forbidden hole, makes me feel so dirty... so naughty...

"You're such a bad girl." He scolds me, "You deserve this."

I moan in submission, "Yes, Master."

The lube and his hand, his fingers stretching me, thrusting in and out of my ass slowly... I'm crying, so ashamed and excited at the same time. How does he do this to me? Its so uncomfortable, and my ass clenching around his fingers makes it all the more real. He's finger fucking my ass slowly and methodically sliding two fingers in and out. My body is breaking out in a sweat at the sensation.

"Are you really sorry now, slut?" he asks me.

"I'm... I'm really sorry..." stumbling over my words. "I'm really sorry, Master." It feels like some form of exquisite torture to speak to him while his fingers are ravaging my ass, and my pussy is dripping juices down the insides of my legs.

"Good." He growls, and I almost tumble onto the floor as he stands up, lifting me by my hips.

He positions me on the bed on my hands and knees. I arch my back in invitation, with the sounds of buttons popping and zipper getting pulled down behind me. Finally, I feel his skin against me. His delicious cock nudging against me and I'm rubbing my pussy over it, seducing the head into the folds below my ass cheeks. It feels so wet and hot and unbearably empty as I grind my pussy onto your cock and finally you reach down and guide the bulbous tip into my slit. I'm moaning at the sensation of your tool sliding into me, makes me feels helpless and so so wet. My pussy clenches around your shaft and I feel myself about to come from this first thrust.

I'm moaning, "Ooooh, can I come, Master?"

He pulls out and thrusts again slowly, its almost too much to bear... My fingers are clenching the bedspread and my back in a painful arch to bring him deeper inside.

"Ask again, slut..."

"Please..." I'm panting now, "Please... can I come now, Master?" My pussy clenches at his cock in supplication for release.

"Come for me, baby..." His words whispered so sweet, as he slams into me, tipping me over into my orgasm. And I'm screaming as I pound my hips back into him. And I can't stop, my body is convulsing. I keep screaming, "Oh, God..." Oh, God! And it seems to go on and on, my body relishing in this majestic release.

His hands dig into the sides of my hips and I hear him suck in a quick breath before pushing into me, and pounding, and I feel him coming... He's moaning loudly, and his pleasure makes me come again. We're so loud in our ecstasy, the thought races through my brain before being obliterated in a white-hot explosion. It feels like I'm passing out from these waves of coming and coming.

We collapse on the bed breathing hard...

Oooh, yes... another delicious morning in this sometimes beautiful world of love and magic.

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