tagBDSMEarly One Morning

Early One Morning


Awaking on a bright Saturday morning I stretch and lay on my right side. The sun shines in through the panels of the half closed blinds, and a bird chirps outside the window. Stretching my arms and legs, and while doing so my legs press against your chest. Looking up I see you at the end of my bed, your body slightly curled around my feet. Your hair is matted and I can see the stubble growing from your chin. That will most definitely have to go before we do anything today I think to myself. The sheet that covers you is mostly off, only your legs have covers, though I can see that it does not even cover your ass.

Looking closer at you I notice that you have a morning erection, with a small amount of precum at the tip. Smiling to myself I slowly raise myself up, bringing my legs underneath me so I may have easier access to you. Doing this causes my back to crack, and you stir a little in your sleep, though it is not enough to wake you. I reach toward you with one of my hands and gently pet your face, letting my hand trail down your body, circling over a nipple until finding it's way between your legs. I grasp you confidently in my hand and begin stroking up and down your shaft. You moan slightly and gradually open up your eyes.

Your morning grogginess makes you unable to move, you can barely make out my shape through your partially closed eyes. Though I can tell that my stroking is having an effect on you as your cock produces a drop of pre-cum. As the stroking continues you become more and more aware of your surroundings and I stop. There is a look of disappointment on your face but it swiftly goes away.

"Good morning my pet, did you sleep well?"

"Yes mistress I did. I trust my Mistress slept well also. Thank you for allowing me to sleep in your bed last night. I had such a wonderful dream of you. "

"And what was this dream of?"

You blush a bit as you remember the dream. "It was of you making me lick your beautiful pussy, and then you telling me I was a bad boy and needed to be punished. "

"Keep going, I want to hear what else I made my bad boy do. " I say, taking your cock in my hand again and begin pumping again but with increased speed, causing you to moan. This severally lessons your focus but you continue.

"Then you... uhhhh... then you bent me over your knee... oh mistress... and then... you... spanked me. Not too hard, but not... to soft. It made me feel so good... then you... mmmm.. then you had me lay on the bed and you put 2... oh... fingers in my ass. Then you started pumping them in and... uhhhh... out of my ass. You kept rubbing my... *gulp*... prostate and I thought I was... mmmm... going to cum all over the bed. "

"Was that all of the dream?"

"Yes.. uh uh... yes mistress. That's when you... ohhh... wake me up. "

"Well, how nice. Perhaps I shall make your dream a reality…who knows…" I smile and wink at you, while ceasing to pump your cock. It has now become a brighter red and more precum has seeped out. Your eyes have glazed over a bit and your face has more of a flushed look to it.

"Please Mistress, don't stop. Your hand on my cock... is... wonderful... please don't stop... "

"Now, now my pet. I will deal with that nasty erection of yours later. I believe it's my turn. " I say, leaning back and spreading my legs a bit while you get onto your knees. Being careful not to fall on me you maneuver between my legs and bring your head down. Just inches from my pussy I can feel your warm breathe, and the slight tickle of your tongue meeting my lips.

Not in the mood for being at all teased I grab your head and push you against my hips. I let out a sigh as you work your way towards my clit and the feeling of your tongue flicking back and forth feels exquisite.

"Oh, that's it, keep flicking my clit. Now use two fingers on my pussy... Ahhhh that's just right. You are such a good pussylicker, aren't you? You love to suck your mistress's pussy just like a good little slut. And you do such a good job at it to... "

"Yes mistress, I will do anything to please you…I am your little slut mistress…"

You say, though it comes out rather muffled, being between my legs. Your tempo picks up quite a bit as you feel my hips rocking against your fingers, and the flood of juices. As the assault on my pussy and clit continue I feel the sparks of orgasm begin, and know that it won't be long.

"Faster, make that tongue go faster…I want more! I want to soak your face with my juice!!" I practically scream at you.

"Yes mistress!…"

You hurriedly increase pace, your tongue wildly flicking my clit and your fingers flying in and out of my pussy. My hands go to your head and push you further down as my orgasm slams me. My body spasms for several seconds, and my juices flow onto your face.

I sigh in contentment, and lightly push you away from me as I adjust my nightshirt. I reach over and pull you to me and lay down.

"Now that was a nice little awakener wasn't it my pet?"

"Yes mistress it was, thank you for allowing me to serve you. "

"I can tell that you did, you have my juices all over your face," I chuckle, looking at your cum covered face. I take one of my fingers and drag it through an area where it is thickest and spread it over your lips. You take a taste and then use your tongue to get the rest of the juice off of your lips.

"Thank you mistress. "

I continue this several times until your face is almost totally clean. Each time you lick more and more eagerly

"Thank you mistress"

"Someone has a liking to my cum I see. "

"You taste so good mistress, I could eat you all day. " You eagerly pronounce.

"I shall have to take you up on that offer. But for now I want to take a bath and I am rather hungry. Go to the bathroom and run me some water, and make certain to put some bubble bath. Once you are done with that run downstairs and get me a glass of orange juice, scrambled eggs and toast. You can just bring it to me in my bath. "

"Yes mistress, I'll get to it right away!" You hurriedly rise and run to the bathroom, and on your way up from the bed I playfully slap your ass with my hand. This causes you to moan and blush.

Slowly I rise, hearing the bath water start and you searching for the bubble bath. It feels so wonderful to stretch again, especially when I rub my legs together and I can feel my pussy juices making everything slick and smooth.

Walking into the bathroom I notice that you have gotten the bathtub halfway full, and are just adding the bubbles. I lean on the side of the tub and feel the waters temperature…Ahhh just right. A little on the hot side but not overly so.

"Mistress is the water okay? Or do I need to adjust a it a bit?"

"No, my pet it is just perfect," I coo, gently petting your head trying to smooth down your hair. Then it trails down to feel your stubble, and I scrunch my nose a bit.

"Thank you mistress. "

"Later we will have to do something about that stubble, it simply won't do, it is just too scratchy. "

"Yes of course mistress. "

"Now stand up and help me to undress. "

"Yes mistress"

I rise and right afterwards so do you. You carefully take the bottom of my shirt and lift it over my head, making certain that it does not get caught on my head or my hair. The shirt is safely slid off and I run my hands over your chest, carelessly trailing down to your still erect member. You softly moan and close your eyes for second, before I take my hand away.

"That is another thing that I must take care of later. Now scoot and get my breakfast started" I give you another slap on the ass, though this time a bit harder.

"Yes mistress, I'll have it ready as soon as I can. " With that you fairly run out of the room. And I slowly climb into the tub before a thought crosses my mind.

"Wait! Pet come back here!"

I hear the thud of your feet running back to see what I need.

"Mistress, what is it??"

"I just wanted to remind you to make breakfast for your self as well. I cannot have my pet going hungry, especially when he'll be needing his strength. "

"Thank you mistress, you are so considerate. But why do I need my strength today?"

"You shall find out later, now make my breakfast before I have to give you a spanking!" I say playfully and sink into the bubbles.

Before going you watch me sink into the bubbles, but hurriedly run off knowing I would be most displeased at you looking at my body without permission

It seems to take you a long time to be able to get breakfast ready, but we aren't in a hurry. I am enjoying the relaxing warmth of the bath and the popping of the bubbles. Occasionally I reach down and play with my clit, running my finger over it in small slow circles, thinking of all the things that I will do with you today. My left hand trails to my breasts and gently pinches each nipple; I lean my head back and enjoy the quiet.

After several more minutes pass, I can hear your footsteps up the stairs. Though I can tell you are carrying something since you are not running up them. My stomach reminds me that I have not eaten anything since last night.

"Hurry up with the food my pet, I am ravenous!"

"I am sorry mistress, I didn't want to spill anything" You say, carrying in a large tray with glasses and dishes…and to my udder delight, I can see the steam coming off of the eggs.

"Just set my breakfast at the side of the tub, and you may eat yours on the chair. "

"Thank you mistress. I hope you enjoy it. "

"I am certain I will"

After eating I am very much pleased, and get out of the tub. The bubbles cling to my body and I motion for you to get my towel. I stretch out my arms and you carefully wipe off the bubbles and water.

"Mistress may I ask a question?" You practically whisper, while continuing to rinse me off.

"Of course my pet, what is it that you want to know?"

"What will we be doing today?"

"Now, now my sweet, if I told you now then it wouldn't be a surprise. No more questions like that. Or you'll ruin your surprise. "

"I am sorry mistress, I did not mean to offend you. "

"You did not offend me, now keep wiping!"

Finally you manage to wipe me completely, and I am feeling so much better. I have you fetch my robe and it is now your turn to bathe. I cannot have my slut being all dirty and sweaty now can I?

"Don't take to long in the shower, and make certain to shave your face and trim your cock and balls. I don't not want to have to go looking for them. "

"I will be as quick as I can mistress. "

"Good. "

As I leave I grab your ass, and then stroke your cock a few times to make certain you will hurry with your business. I simply cannot wait, til later…

Going into my bedroom I quickly decide upon a white sundress, with a black silk band across the square neck and bottom. My shoes will be a pair of black 3" heels, with an open toe. But I will wait for you to return so you may dress me. Besides I do need more time deciding what you will wear. Finally I chose and just in time, I hear the shower turning off and you stepping out of the shower. I return to the bathroom to check on how well you have groomed yourself.

"Very good my pet, you are nice and smooth. And I can even find your cock now. " I say, grasping you for just about the fifth time that morning. I love to feel the way your cock throbs beneath my hand, all because you love to be a little slut and do everything that I tell you too.

"This acceptable mistress?"

"You did fine, now come on, time to get dressed. "

You follow me into the bedroom and I have you sit down. Quickly you notice the leopard print thong laid on the bed over the khaki pants and blue button down shirt.

"I see you have noticed the outfit I picked out for you. It will be appropriate for where we are going. And the thong is just an added touch. I think it will look very nice on you. Try it on, I want to see how you will look in it. "

"Yes mistress. "

I state, taking your chin my hand. "Now put it on. "

Picking it up you slowly put each leg through, and pull it up. I watch as you try to arrange it so it will hold all of you. Though you try, it won't cover anymore then your balls and part of your cock. Most of this is because your hard on is still raging, and is poking out through the top.

"My, my, you look so sexy in it. " I walk over to you and cup your balls, "But you look more like a horny little slut. A horny little slut that has been a very bad girl. Isn't that right?"

"Yes mistress it is. I feel very slutty right now. "

"Well, I'll just have to give you your spankings later, but for now, dress me. I shall wear my white dress. And nothing else. "

"Yes mistress"

"No nothing else, now get it for me before I really do spank you!"

"I am sorry mistress. "

You hurriedly run to get the dress and unzip the back. I lift my arms and you lower the dress onto my shoulders. Making certain to straighten it out on me, you zip up the back. Then you retrieve the shoes I have picked and I lift each leg so you may put them on me. I walk a few steps, making certain I like the pairing, and being satisfied I turn to you.

"Alright my pet, you may put your clothes on now, but if you take more then 2 min, there shall be consequences. "

"Yes mistress"

I sit on my bed as I watch you dress yourself. It takes you barely 30 seconds to get dressed, but the signs of your erection are clearly evident. The tent your cock creates adds a little amusement.

"Alright pet, it's time to go out. I believe we will go to a quiet little restaurant and get a little bit to eat. Perhaps some ice cream. "

"Yes mistress"

I walk behind you and press myself against you, while my hands grab you hard member. You sigh in ecstasy, as I continue to rub your cock.

"I want you to stay this way for awhile, we'll see if you deserve to get off or not. " I whisper in your ear, enjoying feeling my breasts press up against you.

"Oh…yes mistress…thank you mistress…" You whisper breathily, your eyes closed.

I suddenly let you go and walk out of the room, making certain to flaunt my ass as much as possible. You follow behind me a few steps, knowing that you are not to walk beside me without permission.

Getting into my car I start the engine as you climb in. I smile mischievously at you, and unzip your pants. Then reach under the thong and take out your cock. By now it has gotten to be an angry red color at the tip, and precum is very evident on your pants. Satisfied with your cock I put the car in reverse and head out to get a little bite to eat. Though, I really have no intention of eating at all.

On the way to the restaurant I frequently reach over and begin to play with your cock. Occasionally stroking or rubbing your cock, you wiggle and blush in your seat, each time we pass a car or truck. Knowing full well that the other people can see what I am doing to you.

"Mistress??" You croak, looking at the people staring, while you turn an extreme color of crimson.

"Oh come now pet, this is so much more fun. A free show for everyone, besides I am enjoying this entirely too much. But zip up now because we're at the restaurant. "

Quickly you zip yourself up, trying to hide the fact that your erection is harder then ever and follow me inside.

We are seated and it is a nice little place. Plenty of windows, and tables with long table cloths over them. There is real plates and silverware for us to use. Our server takes our order, only a dish of chocolate ice cream and brownie, and leaves us alone.

Sliding further down in my seat I am able to rub my foot up against your leg while we talk. Conversation flows but every once in awhile when I rub farther up, your sentence falters. Always smiling I rub further and further up your leg, until I reach your still hard cock.

"Pet, be a dear and unzip your pants for me. And while your at it how bout taking out your little cock?"

"Won't other people will notice?"

"Oh pish posh, who cares. I want to play with your cock. So I suggest you unzip now. " I say casually as though everyone says that.

Slowly you unzip your pants. Looking over your shoulder every once in awhile and pull out your cock. Of course you pull closer to the table, tying to hide as much of your indecentsy as possible.

My feet continue going up and finally reach your exposed cock. And I begin to rub up and down with my feet, working the head of your cock between my big toes. Your eyes close with pleasure for a few seconds, and you moan. I keep rubbing your cock and harder and faster, feeling the precum drip from your erection, adding some lubrication.

Finally our dessert comes, but I never stop rubbing you. The server looks at you funny when you suddenly groan in pleasure when I push your balls with my toes. But with barely a glance back, the server disappears again. Picking up a spoon I take a little bite of the treat and then feed you some. All the while rubbing and caressing you, your cock seems to get bigger and bigger each minute.

"Mistress…"you whimper," Your going to make me cum…"

"No you won't, I haven't told you it's alright to cum yet. I want to feel your cock between my feet some more. Besides, the expressions you make when I rub you just right…yes like that one!…are absolutely precious. " I state, spooning some more ice cream and feeding it to you.

"Now pet, I'm going to go faster, and if you can hold on for 3 minutes you may cum. But if you cum before then, then I'll have to give you a spanking. Do you understand?"

"Yes mistress"

"Good boy, now here we go, starting now. "

I do begin rubbing you harder and faster then before. My feet work together to rub up and down your length. I can even feel you pulse through your cock and can only imagine how purple and red the tip of your cock is. Occasionally I will press against your balls, or jiggle them on my toes. You continue trying to suppress your sighs and groans of pleasure, but it is becoming harder and harder for you, and it has only been a minute.

Continuing to assault your cock, you grip the table trying to hold on to every reserve you have but it is of no use. After only a minute thirty seconds, my rubbing your cock and balls is too much and you explode under the table. Your cum covering my feet, and leaking onto the thong.

"My slut, I am very disappointed in you. I thought you would have been able to make me proud. But you didn't, and now I'm going to have to spank you. "

"I am very sorry mistress," You say, your head tipped in shame.

"I know you are, now stand up and come with me, you have to have your punishment now. "

"Mistress may I please zip up my pants now?"

"You most certainly may not, you have been a bad boy, and you have to be punished"

Standing up I pay the bill then I take your hand and lead you to the women's bathroom. In the time it takes to go there, several people look up and see your limp cock hanging out of your pants with cum covering it. You blush and try to hide your face as we enter the bathroom.

"Now get on your knees slut, you are going to clean my feet of your nasty cum. And I want you to do this with your tongue. Now hop to it"

"Yes mistress, thank you mistress. "

You kneel on the bathroom floor in front me, as I place one foot in your hands for you to clean. It takes you only a few minutes to clean them off, but excites me so much to feel your tongue cleaning and licking you cum off of me. The look on your face simply because you are licking my feet makes my pussy so wet again.

Finally I am satisfied with your work and sit on the toilet with the lid down. Then I slap my thighs and motion for you to pull your pants down and kneel over my legs. You hesitate a bit, but pull down your pants and lean against my thighs, your hands on the floor.

"Oh slut, if only you could see yourself. "

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