tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEarly Riser Ch. 01

Early Riser Ch. 01


Gina woke with a start at the sound of the alarm. Not the usual insistent beep of her alarm clock mind, rather the screaming wail of the fire alarm from the next building. Oh God, the third time this month! And at what, 5:30? No, as her bleary eyes adjusted to the display on the clock, 3:30 in the morning! That just took the biscuit. She'd had a long evening at work before, something she always tried to avoid, staying in the office late to finish a report to the senior operations manager which was due for Monday. At least this was Friday night, she thought, and she could sleep in late in the morning and enjoy her weekend. But no, no such luck. She wouldn't be able to settle as long as that bloody racket went on. Might as well get up and do something.

Pulling back the duvet and struggling out of bed, she instinctively ran her fingers through her long black hair. It wasn't actually that untidy, not that she really cared - or that anyone was there to see it, since she'd split from her boyfriend last year and there was no new man on the horizon as yet. She switched on her radio, playing something soothing on one of the classical stations, but didn't bother to turn on any lights. Even though it was November and there was a distinct chill in the air, Gina liked to leave a window ajar a little to let fresh air into the room, and so she also left the curtains undrawn - allowing the light of the full moon to guide her around her bed to the door. She was cold in only her white lace bra and panties, so she took her white cotton towel robe from the back of the door and put it on before going to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Presently she went back to the bedroom. The wretched alarm still hadn't been silenced, and the noise rather drowned out and spoilt the music on the radio. She switched it back off and looked out of the window across the city.

Gina's flat was on the sixth floor of an apartment block in a fairly well-to-do area. It was home to pretty everyday people rather than the stockbroker types, but it was no rundown council estate either. There were a few other tall apartment buildings out in the direction which her windows faced, before they gave way to the low-rise development of the sprawling suburbs. The older buildings just across the street from her, for example. She looked down to the street below, lit by the dim glow of many orange street lamps, and a few bright white security lights. The parade of shops which she often visited on her way to or from work, all shuttered up now in the darkness - the newsagents, the small local supermarket, the hairdressers - and above them, five further storeys of flats.

The windows of the flats opposite remained mostly darkened. Gina was surprised at this - she thought that more people would've been disturbed by the blaring fire alarm from across the road, but what few lights were on looked like they were glowing from behind the frosted glass of bathrooms, the kind of lights lots of people like to leave on in case they need to get up and go to the toilet during the night. Yes, they were probably all sleeping through it like babies, and she alone was left standing around in her flat at - what was it now? - 3:45 in the morning, ripped cruelly from the warm embrace of her bed. God, when was this wailing going to stop!

Gina was just contemplating whether she should phone the Police or the Samaritans about this torture when... blissful silence! Or, at least, nothing more than the low hum of the night-time traffic on the trunk roads, reclaiming its reassuring place in the background noise of the streets. Evidently whichever idiot was in charge of the malfunctioning security system down the street had finally worked out where the off button was. Now, maybe if she went back to bed she might just be able to get back off to sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning after all. Sighing with relief, Gina cast one more glance out across the city before beginning, just beginning, to turn towards the door, where she would hang up her robe before reclining back into her bed.

And that, just by chance, was when she saw it. The light coming on in one of the flats, on the other side of the street. One of the top-floor flats, on the same level as hers and just slightly off to the left.

She mightn't have paid it much attention, but... it seemed a little strange. The light coming on when the alarm had just been switched off. She was intrigued. It didn't seem that the alarm could've been responsible for disturbing whoever lived in that flat, if they'd only just woken up after it had stopped. But what else would they be doing at 3:45 on a Saturday morning? Could there be an intruder in there? Gina leant on the windowsill and looked across the gap, thirty-feet or so into the flat. Like hers, the curtains were open, and inside she caught her first glimpse of him.

He was in bed, on the side nearest the window. It was a double bed, but he was alone and it didn't look as if the other side had been slept in. He was propped up a little on his right elbow whilst he rubbed at his eyes with his left hand. Evidently the guy was the occupant of the flat rather than an intruder - no need to call the police out after all. Well, that was that sorted out. Fine. Can go back to bed now.

A few more moments passed, but she was still looking, somehow fascinated at the unusual opportunity to see into someone else's life that fate had tossed her way. And she realised that she was really, sort of, spying on this guy! What was she thinking? That's a weird, weird thing to do, looking at other people through their windows. The sort of thing that a dirty old man would do, certainly not a decent young woman in her twenties. And yet, something compelled her to keep looking at him. Part of her, the sensible part, wanted to move away from the window, to go back to bed, to fall into a peaceful sleep... but she knew that it'd gnaw away at her if she didn't find out. Now she'd seen this mysterious man, awake for some reason at this strange hour, she wanted to know more about him. She still didn't know why he, amongst all those people across the road, was the only one who appeared to have stirred.

And there was something else, something which made her feel even more confused. Although she couldn't make everything out from that distance, she liked what she saw of him! She couldn't really tell for sure whether or not he was good looking, but he appeared to be quite young, perhaps her age. His head was shaved, but as her eyes worked their way down his torso it was a different story. The sheets were pulled back almost to the waist, revealing what looked like quite a muscular build, with black hair spreading across his chest, along his forearms and down the centre of his stomach. Probably spent too much time down dodgy gyms, she thought, flexing in front of mirrors and injecting himself with God knows what. A bit of a gorilla, all in all, not her type at all.

And yet... she couldn't help but think about what it might be like to get a bit closer to a guy like that. She'd seen them enough times at the beach on holiday, and couldn't deny that there was an attraction for her in that kind of primal masculinity. The hunter-gatherer, caveman type. Rugby players...

Gina could feel herself growing warmer. She loosened her robe, and a gentle current of air brushed against her pale skin. Without fully realising what she was doing, one of her hands slipped down and began to gently, just gently, caress the front of her panties. She had not yet slipped her fingers inside them, but she could already feel the moisture of her slowly growing arousal seeping through the smooth white cloth. She had forgotten all about sleep now, no question of it. A more urgent imperative, a more primitive instinct had come to dominate her thoughts.

Just as she began to lapse into her own daydream, he yanked back the sheets, swung his legs around and rose to his feet, all in one go. Must've spent the last few minutes propped up in bed trying to summon up the energy to do that. Christ, he was naked! As he stood by the side of the bed stretching his arms above his head, she could see everything from the knees upwards. He was clearly well-muscled, judging particularly from the outlines of his thighs and arms. And it certainly looked like he was well-endowed also, his dick and balls hanging down prominently beneath a crown of dense pubic hair. She now had her face almost pressed against the window, eyes straining to get as good a view as possible of the expanse of bare masculine flesh.

He walked the few steps to the window, his cock swaying from side to side in time with his paces, opened one of the panes and leant out slightly. His hands rested against the ledge, supporting him. He was tall, and so she could still see nearly all of his torso as far down as the top of his pubes. As he looked out onto the street, she wondered what he thought he was doing, leaning out of the window stark naked? But, of course, even if they bothered to look up no-one would be able to see anything other than a distant view of a man's chest from way down on the pavement, nothing indecent about that. And surely it didn't even occur to him that there might be some dirty woman spying on him, getting all turned on and starting to masturbate at the sight of his hairy chest, his strong arms... his big dick!

What was she doing, standing at the window playing with herself and staring at this poor unsuspecting man? As he took a look down the street, first one way and then the other, he might easily catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of his eye, find her out? No, the lights were off in her room... but yes, she might be seen by the moonlight! What if she was caught, if he saw her, desporting herself in front of the window as she spied on him getting out of bed? He'd probably be horrified, call the police, have her dragged up before the courts for being a sex pervert! Quickly she backed away from the glass, into the shadows, almost tripping over the corner of her bed as she went. She felt safe there, sure he hadn't seen her. And she continued to watch.

The man went back in and closed the window, turning away and walking. For a couple of seconds she could see his strong shoulders and backside, and then... he was gone. Because of the angle, she could only see about as far as the end of the bed, and couldn't view him as he exited the room. She knew he had left because, a few moments later, his bathroom light came on. The window was only quite narrow and it must've been opaque, because presently she could just make out a fuzzy pink shape which she assumed was his head and shoulders. Perhaps he was having a shave, or taking a shower? God, what she would've given to see him close up, to see him actually in the shower! She fell back onto her bed and, abandoning herself to the desire that had been building within her, she slid down her panties and began to massage her most intimate area. Sliding her fingers up and down her well lubricated pussy lips, rubbing the clit with her thumb. Pretty soon she was working at it with both hands, writhing and moaning increasingly loudly, fingers slipping inside her pussy as she fantasised about having him in her bed, fucking her. And then... waves of intense pleasure spreading out through her body, an almost painful orgasm, a sensation of release.

Gina lay there, her sodden panties on the floor, her legs spread wide apart, exposing her pussy almost like some sort of wanton slut. Unable at first to move very much, she lay back and thought about what she had done. She had spied on a naked man, and got off on it. She no longer cared about 'little' things like how he'd feel about being treated as a sex object. "Well, men have been doing that to women since the dawn of time, so why not get even?", she would later say to herself in a desperate attempt at self-justification, at excusing her lewd behaviour.

But there was no getting away from it. She had discovered something new and dark inside her. She had become a voyeur. What she had done to that innocent man, whilst not amounting literally to a rape, was a serious form of abuse. She had invaded his privacy and used him sexually without his consent. Lots of men had been criminalized, shamed, even imprisoned for doing that to women. Dirty little men that you read about in the local rag, imagining a geeky, oily pervert in a flasher mac. Only one rung up the evolutionary ladder from a paedophile. Disgusting. But as much as she knew she should care, she didn't! She wanted to know more about him, and to see more of him, and she was determined to have her way.

After a few minutes, Gina did her robe back up and cautiously made her way back to the window. The lights were now off in his flat but, looking down at the street below, she saw a large, shaven headed man emerge from the alley at the side of the building and walk down the road. He had what looked like a black jacket and dark trousers on, but other than that she couldn't tell anything. That had to be him. But who was he? Where was he going? And might he show himself once again at his window tomorrow morning? Gina didn't know the answers to any of these questions - but she was going to find out.

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