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Early Training


It has been a long time since i've thought back to the beginnings of my training as a submissive. When i think about it, there were so many things and many that i'd forgotten! It was only an online relationship ... so all by my own hand... but was emotionally very attaching. i'm still amazed at how much so.

Very early on my first instruction was to completely shave my genital and anal area and keep it that way. i was amazed at how focused that action made me on my sex and how sensitized those areas became.

Then, on an ongoing basis for a few weeks, i was instructed that each time i sat down, i was to focus for 20 seconds on my cunt. From inside - feeling the swelling, throbbing, the internal motions of my arousal and from the outside - what my labia felt from my legs brushing against it - feeling them swell. This, naturally, increased my awareness, my focus and my arousal to areas of my body on a nearly constant basis - quite a switch from only feeling them and focusing on them during sex - and then never fully as with this. After a bit of time of that kind of focusing, i was then to add that i turned over complete and total control of my ass and cunt to Him.

i was to not 'cover my cunt' with panties, thong or pants, without permission first and my nipples were to be exposed to my clothing unless i had permission and if i chose to request to wear a bra that covered them, i was often instructed to tighten my bra more than usual and line the cups with low numbered fine grade sandpaper to irritate my nipples throughout the day. i was to wear either stockings/garter belt, thigh high stockings or crotchless pantyhose.

i kept Him informed of my schedule at all times and if i was not where i said i'd be at the time - i faced punishment. If things unexpectedly changed, i was to inform Him first or at least in transit. That did not guarantee i would not face a punishment... but it did help limit its severity.

To focus my thoughts on His ownership of my cunt, He'd often have me "wear" "Masterminders" - 2 golf balls inside a condom in my cunt with the end of the condom hanging out. He liked me to go to the store and buy multiple packages at a time of condoms - the brighter the packaging the better.

He began a regimen of anal training - i was to lube my ass each morning to keep it ready. i began wearing anal plugs - first small and for 1/2 hour, then adding 1/2 hour increments at a time until i could wear it all during my business day - then increasing in size to medium and then a medium-large jelly plug. The medium-large i could only accommodate for 4 hours at a time .. it was just too much for my muscle to take for longer.

Later, i got a "Rosebud" (a *lovely* item made by Julian Snelling .. gave me an addictive taste for the heat of stainless steel) - it is a stainless steel anal plug. The first one i got was a "L" one that is only 3" long and 1 1/4" around but is heavy - it has a red garnet like stone in the base that is visible from outside of me. The base of it is very smooth and so it is comfortable and i can wear it for hours on end - it is very cold when first inserted but quickly warms to my body temperature and when i remove it, it is quite warm to the touch.

i discovered that being "plugged" instantly catapults my submissiveness directly to the front of my brain, emotions and consciousness.

i have purchased an "XL" - it is 4" long 1.6" long ... so, smaller in size than my standard larger plugs.. but.... it is just under a pound in weight. i'm sure it will take time to adjust to that weight and train my muscle to accept and hold it.

i've yet to insert it ... but the thought of it is incredibly erotic & the emotions of submissiveness it draws up in me are staggering. ... however, only if instructed. As Scott used to tell me .... i can pull on my nipples until they bleed, but unless it is done at the word of the One .... it will be hollow.

In addition to my daily lubing of my ass, i was to use scrubbing loofah gloves in the shower to clean with .... they were to sensitize my body, paying special attention to my tits, nipples, clit, labia, pussy lips and ass ... and they did. Also, i was to apply clothespins to my nipples and leave them on as i did my hair and makeup each morning.

Whenever it would not put me in a damaging position, i was to sit with my legs spread widely open and have my bare ass on the seat beneath me.

Sometimes, while at the office, He'd email me to put small rubber bands on my nipples to keep them erect and make them "tent" my clothing. i'd take them off periodically to prevent damage, but then reapply them.

i was never allowed to orgasm without permission ... but i was to *please* my husband and give him sex whenever he wanted it. i was never allowed to refuse him. Sometimes, i would be given special instructions to carry out with him (without his knowledge of them being instructions of course) - like to get him to fuck my ass or my tits. i always had to give him explicit detailed reports of any sexual activity ... what happened, how it felt, the emotions, my thoughts.... everything. If he felt it had been too long, he would instruct me to initiate.

When i was home alone for any longer than 15 minutes... i was to be naked, but for heels. When we first began, i had trouble orgasming... so he set about to change that. i would be given a set number of times each day i was to orgasm and if i did not do so .. then i'd be forbidden from cumming for some variation of that number of days, but would be constantly stimulated during that time.

Over a period of time, i was made to bring myself off in each room of my house.... always a different way. In the kitchen by climbing up onto the counter and using the water faucet in the sink to get myself off with --- squatting over the sink, legs widely spread, humping it until i came.... but i had to do so for a period of not less than 3 minutes first .... then i had to lick it clean of my cunt juice. In the bathroom using the water from the tub faucet. The bedroom, humping the edge of the dresser .... etc.

The worst punishment i ever received from him was once, i came during oral sex with my husband. The next day, i reported it truthfully. Scott was very angry with me. So, he already knew that the next day my calendar had no meetings scheduled but office work (my office was in my house at the time) plus some errands. So, i was instructed that i wasn't allowed to wear a bra (which i hate because of my breast size.. i just feel awful), otherwise to dress normally. After my standard morning routine of lubing and clothespins. i was to coat my largest anal plug in Icy Hot, insert it and then get my kids off to school. i was to then go to Starbucks for coffee, then by the store condoms, golf balls & KY lube, then back home. When i got home, i was to strip in the garage so that i entered the house naked. i had been gone about an hour, so i then had to remove the plug, recoat it in the Icy Hot and reinsert ... then coat my clit in it and apply a clothespin to it and on my nipples. Then i had to crawl all through each room in my house like that... very slowly. Swinging ass and tits so the pins really tugged at my tender parts. Then i got to my computer and began working.... every 10 minutes i was to remove the pin on my clit for 10 minutes.. then put it back on; every 15 minutes take them off my nipples for 5, then turn them the other direction and reapply. Once every hour for 4 hours, i was to remove the anal plug and reapply the icy hot and reinsert it.

After the 4th hour, i was instructed to get my "punisher" dildo - it was 10" long and nearly 3" around. i was to place it on the floor, then kneel with my legs widely spread and lower my face to it - i was given 1 minute to use my mouth to get it as wet as i possibly could. Then, i had to spread my legs very wide... splits like, and lower myself on to it, impaling my cunt on it in one swoop ... no riding it, just down on it. Then i had to fuck it in that split position for 10 minutes without cumming.... with my clit & nipples pinned. The floor under me was a puddle and i was exhausted when he allowed me to stop. For the rest of the day, he allowed me to go down to my next size down anal plug, but i continued with the pins regimen & the icy hot until i left to pick up kids at school and the icy hot/plug until i went to bed.

As part of my anal training...he trained me to cum just from anal sex. He began that every time i was allowed to cum, i could only cum if i was fucking my ass at the same time. Then, i was to fuck my ass and rub my clit *only* enough to push me over the edge. Then... i was only allowed to cum if i came anally. i was made to keep myself sexually on edge my playing with my clit and fingering my cunt ... then allowed at set times during the day to cum only if i could cum within a set amount of time of fucking my ass. It took me several days... but when i came, it was explosive and since then, i can come JUST from anal stimulation and very quickly too.

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