tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEarth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 09

Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 09


Jimmy dug through his sock draw looking for the bag of Hashish that lay hidden there since Christmas. He held it up to the light. It held a goodly amount of the good stuff, the stuff that he had paid premium dollars to get, and the stuff that makes non-believers see God. He was saving it for a special day. He couldn't think of another day more special to use his secreted drug stash than Earth Day. Yeah, today was the day.

He quickly dressed, retrieved the bag of nuts from the panty shelf, and started chopping. Somehow he had to not only grind but also sneak his ground up Hashish in the mixture of brownie batter without his wife seeing and suspecting that it was there. The art of making and keeping drug laced brownies a secret was not only in the smoothing of the top surface but also in the grinding. The ground Hashish had to be so fine so as to be undetectable to the naked eye.

Luckily, his wife was busy entertaining her mother and sisters, who had just arrived for this Earth Day party and political meeting. His wife had said that the Local League of Women Voters wanted to make their contribution to help save the planet and to do their share for a greener environment.

"Hi, Sis, it's so nice of you to come to my little party," she said kissing her sister on the cheek. "Hi, Mom, you look nice. Only, they'll be no men here today," she said joking at the flirtatious nature of her mother who was always on the prowl for cock.

"Oh, I know that, Diane. I always want to look my best. You never know. On the way home, some handsome traffic cop might pull me over and allow me to get off with a warning instead of a ticket." She winked at her daughter. "I've done that before."

His sister-in-law Karen, younger than her sister, Diane, had the body that his wife had before giving birth to two children. Not that Diane had a bad body, but Karen had a great figure. Where Diane looked more like her Dad, Karen was a carbon copy, albeit a much younger version of her mother, Stella. Apparently, Karen had been taking lessons from her mother on how to be a cock teaser, because she certainly was one and had grew bolder in her sexy behavior once she received her breast implants on the insistence and with the payment of her mother.

Karen made him wild with lustful desire for her. More than once he controlled himself from grabbing her around the waist and sticking his wet tongue down her throat while he reached a hand up her skirt, in-between her legs, and down her panty to finger her pussy or sticking a hand down her blouse and bra to caress her tit and finger her nipple. When he was at her apartment last month to help her move furniture and after a few drinks, he persuaded her to show him her breasts. Actually, his powers of persuasion were more akin to pathetic begging. Finally, he wore down her resistance, after giving her a tension headache, and she relented by removing her blouse and bra. They were perfectly symmetrical C cup breasts with big suckable nipples, the kind that make a noise when popping out of your mouth.

She even allowed him to feel her tits on the pretense that Diane was thinking about getting breast implants. Diane was the opposite of her mother and sister and breast implants were the last thing on her wish list after a new minivan, a trip to Disney World with the kids, and paying down the charge cards. Other than a trip to Florida, there was nothing exciting sexual or otherwise about any of those choices.

His mother-in-law, Stella, a dyed blonde bombshell was married and divorced twice and looking for her third husband. She was a sexy bitch who continued wearing short skirts and low cut tops even though she was in her early fifties. Hard around the edges, she didn't look her age and anyone would think her ten years younger, especially by the way she dressed. He was always trying to steal a peak of his mother-in-law's goods and forever wearing short skirts and low cut tops, she was never shy about showing him what she had with copious amounts of upskirt and downblouse views.

Once, he got a good, long peek of her surgically enhanced C cup boobs, when she undid her bikini top, somewhat covered herself with her hands, and asked him to rub lotion on her back. He was very generous with the lotion and she did nothing to stop his roaming hands. More than once, he felt the sides of her tits and while rubbing lotion over the back of her thighs briefly touched her where he wanted to stick his tongue and cock. Matter of fact, she encouraged his touches when she continually cooed, "Oh, that feels so good." Only, he stopped himself from touching her in all the inappropriate places that he wanted to touch her for fear that she'd tattle to Diane that he was putting the moves on her poor, innocent mother.

She'd been hanging around the social clubs that dot Boston looking to hook up with someone who had money, power, and influence, but all she found were married men. Married men suited her for what she needed now, but their wives would kill her if they ever got their jealous hands around her pretty, little neck. She was attracted to mob men who were all married to little Sicilian wives that stayed home cooking, cleaning, and raising more little mob men and spoiled Sicilian Princesses and who'd kill anyone who came between them and their man. Stella was every man's mistress, but no man's wife. Yeah, definitely, there was some unfinished sexual business between him and his mother-in-law.

The door bell rang and he heard his wife, Diane, open the door and greet her cousins.

"Hi Audrey. Hi Brenda. It's so nice of you to come on such short notice."

He really liked Audrey and Brenda. Diane had invited them last minute when she heard they were home from the trip abroad. Even after having them over dozens of times, he still couldn't tell the twins apart. At twenty-six-years old, they still dressed alike, talked at the same time, and finished one another's thoughts. Their dressing alike was kind of kinky but endearing nonetheless. The talking at the same time and finishing one another's thoughts was fun and funny in the beginning, but became annoying after a while.

He remembered when they were in college a few years ago and attended a pool party that he and Diane hosted had in their backyard. Outrageous in their behavior once high on alcohol, they entertained his neighbors and friends by removing their bikini tops, flaunting their B cup breasts, and French kissing while standing on the diving board before diving in, just as Diane and the wives were making their way out back. No one else saw their erotic tease striptease and incestuous lesbian kiss but the men.

The doorbell heralded the arrival of the neighbors, Laura, Betty, Sue, and June. Diane escorted them in the living room and the room was filled with cigarette smoke and the ear shattering noise of nine women all talking and laughing at the same time.

A definite bedroom community, Laura was married to Bill and Betty to Bob, only Laura and Betty were having a lesbian affair that they thought no one suspected. Sue was married to Larry and June to Michael and they spent weekends away 'camping' where they swapped spouses. Michael spilled the beans to Jimmy after a few boilermakers worked its magic with his tongue.

The doorbell rang again. He peered around the corner, as his wife opened the front door inviting the tenth and final woman inside. A stately, well-built redhead of about 35-years-old entered his home pulling a large suitcase.

'Wow, who the Hell is this,' he wondered. She looked like she could be a hostess at one of those fancy eateries or a pharmaceutical salesperson or a high priced call girl. He enjoyed imaging her as a high priced call girl here to see him. Only, the noisy women in the living room ruined his all too brief fantasy.

He wondered why she'd brought a suitcase to the Local League of Women's Voters meeting. He wondered what was in the suitcase. He imagined her Pullman bag was filled with sexy lingerie and a couple of toys for when she was alone and lonely in her hotel room.

Maybe, she has a plane to catch right after the meeting. Yeah, that's probably it. They don't live very far from Logan Airport. He wondered where she was going. He imagined her lying topless on a white sandy beach and inviting him, as he walked by her, to rub lotion of her back, her thighs, and on her D cup breasts. She was certainly a good looking woman. He made a note to take more interest in politics.

Suddenly, this statuesque redhead consumed his thoughts. Yeah, sure, she was beautiful, but there was something else about her, something that he couldn't quite put a finger to as to why he was so very attracted to her. She just mesmerized him. 'I betcha she has blue eyes,' he said to himself. 'Yeah, I betcha she has the kind of blue eyes that hypnotizes you.'

His wife came in the kitchen as he continued chopping nuts at a feverish pace.

"That's good enough, Jimmy."

"Good enough? I'm not nearly done chopping nuts, Diane. You know how much I like extra nuts in my brownies."

"Sorry, Hon, but I don't have time to make brownies. The women are already here and I need to play hostess."

"Don't worry, Sweetie. You go and entertain your guests and I'll make the brownies," he said not believing his sudden lucky break. Now, he can take his time to properly drug the batter along with the guests.

"Thanks, Jimmy, you're a doll," she said kissing him on the cheek and squeezing his ass. "But as soon as they are in the oven and you've set the time, you can go. And please go out by the back door so that, uhm, you don't interrupt our meeting."

"Go? Go where?"

"I thought you were going out with the guys?"

"Nah, I decided to stay here and listen to the political discussion. I never knew you were interested in politics and were affiliated with the Local League of Women's Voters. This discussion about who to throw your support to in the upcoming presidential election will be much more interesting and insightful than having a few beers at the sports bar watching the Red Sox game. They're playing the Yankees. The Sox will win anyway."

"Yeah, well, it's not really the Local League of Women's Voters and we're really not having a political discussion?"

"It's not? You're not?" He peered in the living room as the tall, shapely redhead was setting up clothing racks.

"I'm having a lingerie party."

"No fucking way!"

"Shhh, everyone will here you."

"I thought this was an Earth Day party," he said in a hoarse whisper. "What does sexy lingerie have to do with Earth Day?"

"Well, the lingerie is from the Green Earth Clothing Company. The lingerie is organic, eco-friendly and/or made from hemp and other products and materials that is not only bio-degradable but is handmade by disenfranchised women in third world countries. A potion of the money goes to help women's micro business development."

She got his interest when she mentioned hemp.

"Wow, you know how much I'm interested in saving the planet and furthering women's causes. I'd love to see those products."

"Saving the planet my ass. The only thing you want to further in women is your cock. What a crock of shit, Jimmy. You just want to see lingerie fashioned on live models, especially my sister. You've always had the hots for her."

"Are you kidding me? They try stuff on in our living room?"

He ignored commenting on his obvious attraction to her sister. That was a no win argument. He wondered if she knew that he wanted to fuck her mother, too. What is it with her family? All of her relatives are babes.

Suddenly, he thought of Bostonfictionwriter's Earth Day Sioux Indian Style story and had an erection thinking about bending Karen over the kitchen sink while he fucked her doggie style and felt her abundant breasts. Then, he thought of Stella finding them in the kitchen and playing the indignant bitch mother-in-law when she was just jealous. He imagined her threatening to tell Diane that he was fucking her sister when he grabbed her by the hair, kissed her hard, pushed her down to her knees and fucked her face with his cock. He imagined cumming in her mouth while feeling her big breasts.

'God, I'm so freaking horny,' he thought. 'I really need to watch this lingerie party.'

"No, I have them go in our bedroom to try things on for size before they buy," said Diane.

"C'mon, Diane, let me stay. Please? You won't even know I'm here." His erection pulsated in his jeans thinking about playing host just so that he could steal some peeks of everyone in their lingerie.

"No, you can't stay, Jimmy," she said whispering. "Your presence would make the women uncomfortable for you to see them in their lingerie. You'd ruin the party. No one would buy anything." She shot him a sexy look. "And if you promise to disappear, I promise to buy something special for tonight." She gave him a wink. "I'll suck your cock and you can cum on my tits."

'Big freakin' deal. Gees, I'm tired of cumming on her tits. I want to cum in her mouth. I want to watch her swallow my load. I betcha her sister and mother both swallow.'

"Okay, okay, that's no problem. I'll stay upstairs."

"You will?" She looked at him. "You promise?"

"Yeah...I promise."

"You won't sneak down and try to peek?"

"Nah," he said as he continued chopping nuts. "Do I look juvenile or perverted to you?"

"Well, a few minutes ago you were up in your office naked and reading while jerking off to Bostonfictionwriter's stories on Literotica."

"Oh, that, yeah, well, I told you I was reading poetry and you know how iambic pentameter turns me on."

"Iambic pentameter? Yeah, especially if they rhyme with east and west incest is best, better than all the rest, especially when the sex is in your family nest."

"Oh, that, you read that poem that I started writing, huh?"

"It's kind of sick, Jimmy."

"Listen," he said quickly changing the subject, "you go and entertain your guests and I'll make the brownies. It's easy. I've been reading the instructions on the box."

"Oh, okay. Thanks Jimmy."

As soon as his wife left the room, Jimmy added the entire bag of his special ingredient to the brownies. Matter of fact, he had chopped so many nuts while fantasizing about the women parading around his living room in their naughty nighties and had more than enough Hashish to make two, big, potent pans of brownies. Fortunately, Diane had an extra box of brownie mix in the panty. He put the two pans of brownies in the oven and set the timer. Just in case, he made his special punch, too. He figured the punch would be ready before the brownies.

He had a small block of ice that he was saving for next weekend to chill his beer in the cooler when he was going fishing with his neighbor Michael. He had time to freeze another one. He was hoping to get Michael drunk again so that he could hear more about the sordid details about his adventures in wife swapping.

Jimmy had always fantasized about watching Diane do another Dude, but he never verbalized his fantasies to her about that for fear that she'd lambaste him and throw his computer out the window. He knew that Diane flirted with Michael and Larry. He knew that she was attracted to them. They were good looking men, after all. Only, he didn't know how she'd feel about them if she knew that they were living the swinging lifestyle right in their neighborhood.

Nonetheless, whenever he jerked off, he imagined sitting in a chair across from the bed while Diane, tied up and blindfolded, blew Michael and had Larry fuck her from behind. Then, he imagined them both switching places with her blowing Larry and Michael fucking her from behind. That, by far, was his favorite fantasy. His next favorite fantasy was having hot sex with her mother and sister together at the same time.

He put the ice in the middle of the punch bowl. Then, he cut up watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, and squished grapes, cherries, oranges and pineapple to the mixture. Now, he was ready to add the good stuff. He added full bottles of vodka, rum, gin, and champagne. The fruit made the hard stuff so sweet that you'd be hard pressed to taste any alcohol. Amazingly, it tasted like an alcohol free fruit punch. Between the brownies and the punch, he assured himself a good time.

The last time he made his special zombie punch her relatives who all drank nothing stronger than tea drank it all, sucked the juice out of the fruit, and had a grand old time. Her grandmother even did a striptease while standing on the coffee table. She stripped down to her bra and panty, but slipped from the table just as she was unhooking her bra. Everyone was wasted.

He roamed the living room playing the perfect host when instead he was there just to ogle the women getting down and dirty. Not shy about the disarray of their clothes, not one of them sat with their legs closed. A voyeur at heart, he couldn't count the number of times he saw his mother-in-law's, sisters-in-law's, and neighbor's panties and peered down their blouses while refilling their thirst for his special punch. It was a wonderful evening and everyone had a grand old time.

To be continued...

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