tagGroup SexEarth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 11

Earth Day, Sioux Indian Style Ch. 11


Suddenly, the women broke out in song. Just as amazing that there was an Earth Day song by none other than John Denver the clean cut guy of the music industry, now deceased in a freak plane crash, it was even more amazing that the women all knew the words to it.

"Celebrate morning—
The cry of a loon on a lake in the night,
The dreams that are born in the dawn's early light . . .
Celebrate morning.

Celebrate living—
The laughter that sings in the heart of a child,
The freedom that flies at the call of the wild . . .
Celebrate living.

Celebrate evening—
The stars that appear in the loss of the sun,
Whispering winds, 'We are one, we are one' . . .

Celebrate Earth Day, every day,
Celebrate Earth Day, every day . . .
Celebrate land and sea,
Celebrate you and me—
Celebrate Earth Day, every day . . ."

When Jimmy walked in the living room still wearing his elephant underwear, the women again stopped singing this stupid Earth Day song, Celebrate Earth Day Every Day to stare at his half erect cock hidden inside the grey satin elephant underwear.

If the song wasn't annoying to begin with, it was more annoying with a group of drunken and high women singing it. The fact that the women were drunk from the alcohol, high from the brownies, and horny from trying on sexy lingerie while Jimmy ogled their semi-naked and sometimes naked bodies, made him the star of the Earth Day lingerie party.

Thank God they stopped singing when he appeared in the room because he was getting a wicked headache, probably from the combination of having one too many glasses of punch and one too many brownies.

"Jimmy!" They all said as a delayed group out of unison. "Come join us."

Casually, as if totally dressed, the women all sat around in their bras and panties or nightgowns that they just purchases from the Green Earth Clothing Company. He was seeing their sexy lingerie before their husbands or boyfriends even got to see them.

The twins put some music on and started dancing. Then more women got up and started dancing. Never had he seen so many bouncing tits. With the women so scantily clad, he felt like he was Hugh Hefner at a Playboy pajama party.

They pulled him up off the couch and surrounded him while dancing provocatively, suggestively, and seductively. Oh, yeah, the hormones were flying, now. Maybe it was from watching Jimmy's cock sock keep rhythm with the music and maybe it was a combination of the alcohol and Hashish, but the women were depraved, horny, and loud.

As they danced they touched him everywhere. He had two and three women hanging off of him, at all times. Diane pretended to be asleep as she watched her husband being molested and as she watched him taking inappropriate liberties with all the women.

Suddenly, someone said, "Strip." It carried forward in a wave of drunkenness. "Strip! Strip! Strip!" Jimmy, of course, assumed that the ladies wanted to strip, but their intent was to see him naked. They wanted to see his cock.

Karen emerged from the bedroom finally and tossed Jimmy a towel. He hopped on the coffee table and started dancing erotically with the towel. He looked over at his wife and Diane was passed out pretending to be asleep in the arm chair. Before he realized what he was doing, he stripped off his elephant underwear and tossed it to the redhead. His erect cock was bobbing and swaying to the beat of the music as the women surrounded him with their hands and mouths.

Quickly, he wrapped the towel around him as the music blared and the women cheered. He approached Elaine and opened his towel. Immediately, she took the hint and took his cock in her hand before falling to her knees. She looked up at him with those big blue eyes before taking him in her mouth and sucking him while stroking him.

It was like that for the next hour with each woman taking turns mouthing Jimmy's cock, first Elaine, then Sue, then Betty, Laura, and June. He felt his neighbors' hands everywhere as he had the four women kissing him, touching him, and mouthing his cock. As an act of community service, Jimmy was doing all that he could to show his neighbors that he was not only a good host but also a good neighbor and willing to do whatever he can to improve his neighborly relations. None of the women were shy in taking his cock in their mouth.

Next, his mother-in-law took her turn. She allowed him to climb up on her lap and, with his knees on either side of her slim thighs, he wiggled his cock in front of her face. He held his erect penis between his thumb and index finger as he wiped his cock and pre-cum along the open lips of his mother-in-law. When she stuck out her tongue and swirled it around the tip of his cock, in a quick movement with a hump and a hand to the back of her neck, he inserted his cock deep in her mouth and she took him all in.

Everyone watched Stella twirl her tongue around her son-in-law's cock while blowing him. Certainly, as this wasn't the first cock in Stella's mouth, this wouldn't be the last either. She proved to be quite the mature cock sucker. Matter of fact, his mother-in-law was a real pro at sucking cock. He reached his hand down her nightgown and pulled out her tits, first one and then the other. She blew him while he fingered her erect nipples.

Next, it was Karen's turn finally. He had been waiting to have sex with Karen ever since he married in the family and ever since she blew his mind when French kissed him on his wedding day. She was such a cock teaser, but on this day, Earth Day, she blew him as if he was a rock star and she was his groupie.

With Jimmy as the lone star of this CFNM review, Karen sucked him with violent head movements and all those great cock sucking sounds that men love to hear to convince them that the woman who is blowing him is having the time of her life sucking his cock. Although he really wanted to shoot his load, somehow he held back from cumming in her mouth.

Finally, it was the twins turn, first Audrey and then Brenda. He approached one and then the other opening his towel as he seductively danced in front of them. Audrey had her lingerie clad body pressed tightly against his as she French kissed him. Her hand felt the full length of his cock before she fell to her knees and took him in her mouth. He wrapped the towel around her as she sucked his cock to perfection.

Next, Brenda followed the sexual actions of her twin sister by pressing her lingerie clad body tightly against his as she French kissed him, too. She reached her hand down and cupped his package before stroking him. Then, she, too, fell to her knees and took all of him in her mouth.

When Jimmy walked by Stella and Karen again, content just to sit down now that the music had stopped, they both attacked him taking turns blowing him. At one point his mother-in-law's and sister-in-law's mouths were so very close together, as they took turns sucking his cock, that they appeared as if they were kissing.

Diane who had been watching all the actions of the horny, drunk and high women with her husband through partially opened slits, suddenly popped open her eyes.

"Jimmy! Mother! Karen! What the fuck are you doing?" She looked at everyone. I can't believe you all have had my husband's cock in your mouths. What is wrong with you people? Here you are my invited guests in my home to my Green Earth lingerie Earth Day party and you are all disrespecting me by blowing my husband. Shame on all of you."

Perfectly time as if it had been planned, suddenly, Michael, Bob, Bill, and Larry entered the house without knocking. Apparently, they had heard the loud music from outside, figured the Earth Day lingerie party was still in progress and wanted to steal a peek of the scantily clad women.

None of them were disappointed. As soon as they entered the room and saw all the women lounging around in their sexy lingerie, their eye balls nearly popped out of their heads.

"Happy Earth Day," said Diane jumping up from her chair and ushering the men in the master bedroom. "What comes around goes around," said Diane as she gave a wave good-bye to the women. "What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Payback is a bitch." Fortunately, for everyone those were the only clichés she could think of at the time.

She ushered the four men ahead of her towards the bedroom and once inside she closed the door behind her. In an instant, ala Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate, she had her nightgown off and stood naked in front of the bedroom door before the four horny men.

"All of your whore wives had my husband's cock in their mouths," she said slurring her words while unsteady on her feet. "Now, it's my turn. Payback is a bitch," she said again repeating herself. "After you've all fucked me, I will blow you all," she said pointing to five men when there were only four. "And you can all cum in my mouth," she said opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue. "I want you to use me as your personal cum slut," she said grabbing her tits and raising them up towards the men. "I want you all to give me a cum bath."

The men stared at Karen's naked body before looking at one another."

"Karen," said Bob, "if fucking and sucking me will make amends for the despicable sexual behavior of my wife then, I will allow you to do with me as you will, so that we can maintain our good neighbor relationship."

"Okay, that's more like it," she said.

"Yeah," said Larry, "I don't want the bad behavior of my wife ruining this sacred Earth Day holiday. If the very least that I can do is to have you fuck me silly and blow me to make me cum in your mouth afterward, then that is a sacrifice that I must make in the spirit of being a good neighbor."

"You betcha. That's what I like to hear."

"On behalf of our community and in the spirit of Earth Day," said Bill, "it would be my honor and pleasure to lay naked with you and allow you to have your way with my body."

"Thank you, Bill. You are such a good neighbor."

"I'm first," said Michael grabbing Karen by the hand and pulling her on the bed. "The rest of you guys can have sloppy seconds, thirds, and fourths."

All the men stripped naked immediately and took their turn with Diane. True to her word, after every man fucked her with deep penetrating, pounding raucous sex, she sucked them all off and didn't stop blowing them until they came off in her mouth and finished by giving her a cum bath all over her face. Diane reappeared from the bedroom weak kneed and awash in her neighbors cum dripping from her hair, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. She was a mess, but a sexually sated mess.

"Happy Earth Day," said Karen before making love to each man.

"Happy Earth Day," they replied in turn.

"Happy Earth Day," she said before taking their cocks in her mouth and blowing them.

"Happy Earth Day," they screamed as they shot their load in her mouth and down her throat.

Hearing her screams of pleasure from the living room, Jimmy snuck over to the bedroom for a peek. He pushed open the door a crack and leer inside. He couldn't believe his wife was taking on four men. He didn't have to tie up and blindfold this bitch for her to pull a train and gangbang four men. He only wished he could sit in the room in watch. Nonetheless, this Earth Day celebration would give him years of pillow talk. He imagined their nightly conversations.

"And tell me again about when you blew Bob, Larry, Bill, and Michael."

Jimmy returned to the living room and scooped Karen off the couch. He pushed her down and fucked her there on the carpet in front of the bedroom. Then, while Karen lay there in sexual afterglow, he grabbed his mother-in-law off the sofa and pushed her down to her knees on the living room rug. While his neighbors, Laura, Betty, Sue, and June, his cousins, Audrey and Brenda, and the Green Earth Clothing Company representative watched, he stuck his cock deep in his mother-in-law's mouth. She was a hungry bitch for his cock, for any cock for that matter. This old broad was as horny as they come and she had an orgasm just by having Jimmy playing with her nipples as she sucked his cock.

Next, in respect of Earth Day and the employee of the Green Earth Clothing Company, he pushed Elaine back on the couch and had his way with her. Only, she turned the tables on him and rolled him over and climbed on top. She was a dominating bitch. Slapping his ass hard with her big hands, she pounded his cock deep in her pussy. It didn't take her long to cum.

Meanwhile, Sue, Betty, Laura, and June had their own orgy going. Sue was eating Betty's pussy while June was licking Laura. Then, they switch. Betty was making out with Laura while Sue was all over June.

When Jimmy finished with Elaine, he grabbed the twins and pulled them into the guest bedroom. He stripped off their nightgowns and had his way with them, first Brenda and then Audrey. He had always wanted to have two women at once and now was his chance. He pounded Audrey's pussy as he ate Brenda. Then, when Audrey had an orgasm, he switched places and pounded Brenda's pussy while eating Audrey.

Although a bit sore from all the sexual antics of the evening, he wasn't done, yet. He needed to cum. He went in the hall and took his sister-in-law Karen by the hand and sat her beside her mother who was still sitting on the floor reeling from the orgasm that Jimmy had given her. He stood over them and with a hand behind each head he directed their mouths to his cock.

He enjoyed the feeling of receiving a blowjob by two women, especially when one of those women was his mother-in-law and the other was his sister-in-law. He was determined to cum. He wanted to cum in their mouth and to give them both a cum bath. He had been saving up a bucket full of cum the whole evening and now was ready to unload.

Stella and Karen eagerly shared Jimmy's cock. They both wanted to taste his cum. Meanwhile, Diane was screaming her head off getting fucked by her neighbors while June, Laura, Betty, and Sue where in a coffee clutch of her own giving one another orgasm after orgams. Elaine was content to pack up her stuff and leave this whacky house and finally end this very weird Earth Day celebration.

Jimmy unloaded his cum in his first his mother-in-law's mouth saving some for his sister-in-law, then in his sister-in-law's mouth. Then, with his next spasm, he sprayed his ejection of cum across his sister-in-law's and mother-in-law's face.

To be continued…

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