tagHow ToEase Your Way Into the Sex

Ease Your Way Into the Sex



1. Intro

2. Basics and Easy-Starters

3. Listed Possibilities



Maybe this is just me, but I immediately stop reading a story if

A) People are having sex at the get-go

B) It says "We had been having sex for"...etc

So I am writing this guide on seduction and how to ease your story till the hot scenes.



This can be done with days of brushing and sexual tension, but you don’t want your readers to get bored

You can start off with one of your characters becoming incredibly horny, and that is a good method, other methods are accidental sexual tension, dreams, being seduced but not knowing and playing sexual games such as Truth or Dare and Strip Poker.

Truthfully, depending on the sexual intensity of your move, it just might get you some sex right away, but the story gets saucier if there’s more sexual tension and seductive moves involved.



Here is a list of seductive moves and situations that can take place

) Pretending to accidentally brush against women’s bodies

) Walking around with your body parts visible through wet clothes or other skin-showing clothes

) Bending over in front of the seduced

) Getting caught masturbating

) Getting caught spying

) Discovery of wetness on a woman

) Discovery of cum stains

) Swimming pools, changing rooms, etc.

Also think of your own unique sexual situations to make your story hot and original.



I hope this inspires some hit erotic literature from it's readers. I was mostly writing in my opinion of what a good story should include--some sexual movements, maneuvers, seduction/tension or some way to Ease Your Way Into the Sex.


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