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My wife and I have enjoyed anal sex many times over the years--in fact we started doing anal before we were married first to protect her virginity and later as a form of birth control. We read about it beforehand--and the need to go slow and use a lot of lube so her discomfort was not all that bad and she soon came to like my cock in her butt almost as much as in her pussy.

So while I had fingered her ass frequently when we were doing doggy, fucked it and even used a fat vibrator on it from time to time, we really didn't try analingus until we had been married for awhile. The first time (separate story) we were in a 69 position when I decided to lick her ass. I moved down and started licking and tongue fucking her anus. She shrieked and just about jumped out of her skin in pleasure. Soon she reciprocated and I got to enjoy the same sensations.

But we're now in our early 60's and our anal activities had tapered off. In fact, our whole sex life had become pretty routine and humdrum--once or twice a week we'd give each other oral sex and then screw. Both of us sensed the passion slipping from our marriage. And both of us played around with others a time or two. We knew we were heading for a divorce or a sterile marriage if we didn't take some action. So we decided to do something about it.

Reading some recommendations from marriage counselors, we realized we needed to "spice things up" to get our sex life back on track. One recommendation we tried was to read a sexy story to each other as a prelude to intercourse. I found a very sexy book and we started the program.

At least once a week we'd take a shower together in the afternoon and then get into bed naked. We'd take turns reading the story and often the listener would provide some oral sex to the reader as the story progressed. And then we'd do our best to act out the plot line of the story--this was very exciting and definitely helped get our sex life back on track as we both fantasized about fucking one of the characters from the story. Some afternoons we'd fuck two or three times before we were exhausted.

Now here I might have cheated a little--I pre-screened the book to find a chapter where the man gave his partner analingus. And I started reading that chapter the next week. As the story progressed I could see it was having the desired effect on my wife. She was very excited and sucking my cock hard as the story described the hero spreading his partner's ass cheeks with his hands and burying his face in her ass and pussy.

As soon as the story was over I had her kneel on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed with her face down on a pillow. My cock was a hard as blue steel as I knelt behind her and opened her butt cheeks and forced my face into her cleft, licking her from her pussy to her anus with long slow strokes of my tongue. As soon as my tongue hit her anus she yelled out "AUGH! No one has ever done that to me before!" as she pushed back with her ass to maximize the sensations. After licking her from stem to stern for quite awhile I started probing her anus with my tongue--trying to penetrate it deeper and deeper--this also she loved.

Finally, when she could stand it no more, she said "I have to have your cock in me and I mean in my ass". I grabbed our tube of lube and started preparing my cock while climbing up on the bed behind her. I pushed my erect cock slowly into her anus meeting only minor resistance. Soon I was in all the way to the hilt and began pumping my cock into her with long but slow strokes. While I love the wet and warm sensation of my wife's pussy on my cock, I also love the different and much tighter feeling I get when I penetrate her ass. She demanded "fuck me hard now " and I stepped up the pace in response, driving my cock all the way into her butt before pulling it almost all the way out. After a dozen full, hard strokes I erupted and emptied my semen into her ass.

Exhausted, I collapsed on top of her and couldn't move for at least five minutes. Then I slowly withdrew my penis from her ass and watched as my semen started leaking out from her slightly open anus. I thought "what the hell, in for a penny, in for a pound" and knelt down and licked the white ejaculate. Actually, it tasted pretty much the same as it does when I lick my or her lover's cum from her vagina.

We're definitely ass lovers to this day.

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