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Eating Mom


One afternoon I was sitting at my PC, looking at some porn. My mom came into the room and saw me looking at the porn. At the time, I was watching a younger guy eating an older woman's pussy out while the woman squirmed and moaned loudly.

"Hmm, interesting porn today, Joe. Do you like watching cunnilingus?" my mom, Amy, asked.

"I've been thinking about it for a few weeks now. It looks like fun" I said.

"Why do you like it so much? And why older women?" she asked inquisitively. On screen, the guy was really licking and lapping fast now. The woman was lifting her hips up to meet his face.

"Umm, because I like watching a woman being pleasured and moaning. Older women because they seem more sensual and it's more enjoyable pleasing an experienced woman more than a younger woman" I said.

I just noticed my mom's clothes. She had on tight shorts, no shoes or socks, and a tight fitting t-shirt. About my mom, she's 50, 5'6", 165 pounds, 36DD breasts, and a round tight ass. She's husky but not fat. She showed me she can still grind her hips well too, dancing to music one day.

I had some videos of us on my PC and I often looked at her walking around dressed like she was dressed now. I had one of her running on one of the minimized windows, which I had quickly changed when I heard mom coming in.

Truth is, I had gotten hard watching her on the video. She had been showing me that she could reach her toes without bending her knees. Every time she bent over, her ass was facing me and I could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips through her shorts. Then she faced me and her heavy breasts would fall forward and hit her in the chin. At one point, her braless breasts fell out and we laughed as she covered it back up.

She was showing me that she could move as well as when she was younger. Next, she asked if I had ever seen Jean Claude Van Dam do his famous leg split across two chairs. I said yes and she told me she'd do the leg split but on her back, not two chairs. That made me hard just thinking of it!

She got down on the floor and laid on her back. Then she lifted her legs up and started to spread them apart. But her shorts obstructed her spread to halfway. She said her shorts were in the way and she had to take them off. She asked if I would mind seeing her in her thong and I quickly said no, it was ok.

Mom wiggled out of her shorts and I had an unobstructed view of her ass. It was much more shapely than it looked with her pants on. She got down onto her back again, put her legs up, and slowly spread her legs. Further and further she went, pulling them apart, one in each hand. Finally, they were fully spread out flat like a T-shape. I could see her pussy lips with the thong pulled between them. She lifted her ass off the ground and I could see her tight pussy and ass and her long legs fully spread out. In the same position, she opened and closed her legs, like scissors, for about two minutes.

I had made a video clip of the two minutes of her getting down and repeatedly spreading her long legs. I now had it running in an endless loop under the porn screen. I didn't have time to close the program and couldn't do it now with mom sitting there. Luckily, I had the audio off on that window!

Back to the present. Mom said "I see. Good way of looking at it son." She continued, as she walked over to me, "I see it made you hard again. Want me to take your cock out and give it more room? It must hurt like that."

Without waiting for a reply, she reached over and lifted the pants up at the zipper, lifting my cock inside, and she grabbed the zipper in the other and slowly pulled the zipper down. She reached inside my pants (I don't wear shorts underneath) and grasped my cock with her soft, smooth hand. She lifted up a few times but my hard cock was caught down my pants leg.

"Wow, you really are hard, aren't you?" she asked and giggled. I just smiled back. She continued, "I think we'll need to back you away from the desk. That way I can get at it from the front with better access." She took my brakes off and backed my wheelchair up a few feet.

The porno was still going but we weren't paying attention to it, so my mom hit pause until I was ready.

Next, mom spread my legs a bit, got on her knees, and grasped my cock in one hand and pulled the pants down by the zipper. My cock was still stuck so she grabbed on pants leg and pulled my pants down two inches. Reaching back inside, with a few tugs, my cock popped out. As she grasped it, she said, "Next time Joe, let's do this while you're soft" and laughed.

She got a towel and shoved it under my balls so I wouldn't make a mess. It felt good with my cock propped up against the soft yet slightly rough towel. Back in front of the desk, she pushed me. She got a chair and pulled up beside me. She told me to just relax and she'd do all the work.

She used the mouse to unpause the video. "Five minutes left? Hmm, got more porn after this? Seems a waste to have done all this for just five minutes. Plus, you got me horny too, you bugger you!" I told her I had plenty and she was satisfied. She reached over and began jerking me off as the guys continued his relentless eating of the woman's pussy.

"Just cum into the towel son, when you're ready" she said and I agreed. Mom said, "Tell me how you want it as I stroke you dear." I replied, "Use both hands. Squeeze my balls with one and stroke my cock slowly. Oh and twist you hand around the tip when you hit it." "Ok dear, anything for you" and she followed my instructions perfectly.

One minute left of the porn and I still hadn't cum. The woman was rubbing her pussy furiously into his face and yelling that she's about to cum. Mom's hands felt like Heaven at the moment.

The video ended and she moved the mouse around asking me what I wanted to see next. We decided to watch two mature women eating each other's pussy.

Mom picked up the pace and stroked my hard cock in a frenzy. Both of our sets of eyes were glued to the two women on the screen. Mom was obviously hot too because her face was flush.

The video was thirty seconds from ending when I told mom that I was going to cum. "Good Joe. Just concentrate on the women and cum into the towel. Cum for me son." And immediately I came a ton into the towel, just as the two women also came. She kept jerking me off and cooing in my ear.

After two minutes of that, she finally let go. She said, "Well, you had a good cum but you're still hard like usual. Want another go at it and another porno?" "Yes, mom one more handjob please. You choose one this time."

Mom grabbed the mouse in her cum covered hand and moved the cursor. She slipped and clicked on the video clip of her doing the split. At that moment on the recording, her head couldn't be seen; not for another minute and a half when the loop restarts. I decided to just let her see.

"Oh, you must've had this one playing without sound. Hmm, like this video a lot Joe? You must, look at your cock twitch!" she laughed and looked up at the screen. "Oh, she looks like me, really!" and gave my cock an extra playful squeeze.

"Mom, yes it's great. I love her tight pussy. Go a little faster. Hmm, yes. Harder too. Perfect!" I exclaimed. Open and close, open and close her legs go on the video, my cock throbbing in time to her scissor-like movements. Her pussy lips opening and closing around the thong. Her ass clenching and unclenching. Her thigh muscles flexing repeatedly.

"Oh yea, Joe. Look at her pussy. Hmmm. Looks so tight. You feel ready to cum again. Let me make it feel better and jerk your cock faster" she said. She went faster. Oh, it felt great. I was about to cum and told her.

Ten seconds until the loop restarted and mom saw her face on the video. Faster and faster she went. Five seconds. Two seconds...

Then, with me about to cum and my mom turned on, the video restarted with a close-up shot of her head. Mom saw herself, her jaw dropped, and she squeezed my cock hard but continued jerking me off. The added pressure made me cum immediately. And I came more than the first time!

Mom kept rubbing my cum covered cock as we watched the video. She asked "So Joe, you like my pussy and ass a lot? Hmm?" I replied "Yes, I do. It looks so tight and tasty." She responded, "I see you had this video and the cunnilingus one playing at the same time. Were you thinking of eating my pussy? Aha! Your cock twitched when I said that! Got something to ask me son? First, close your eyes."

I closed my eyes. I felt her bend over my limp, cum-covered cock and take it into her mouth. She licked and sucked up all of my cum on my cock until it was clean.

After she finished, she looked up into my eyes. I asked "Mom, can I eat your pussy?"

"I thought you'd never ask, baby! I'm sooo horny now and you've such a cute mouth and tongue! I want your tongue in me now!" she said.

Mom stood up and pulled her t-shirt off, releasing her braless tits, and she wiggled out of her tight shorts. She grabbed my keyboard and cleared some space in front of me to sit.

We decided to do it with me sitting there and her sitting on my desk with her legs around my head. She put some orange tasting lube on her pussy first because I like orange flavor. The desk brings her pussy right up to my mouth so all I had to do was lick. She shaves too so that was good.

Mom sat down on my desk. Then, she lifted her right leg straight up and spun her ass so that her leg passed over my head. She put one leg on either side of my head and scooted her ass forward until her pussy was an inch from my mouth. I could smell her musky scent mixed with the orange. Her pussy was slightly slick with her juices.

"Ready Joe? Just do what they do in the videos. Lick, suck, surprise me. Hehe" she giggled. "Now eat my pussy good!"

She held her pussy lips open for me. I just did what the pornos showed. First, I teased her clit by licking and sucking on it. Then, I licked up and down her slit slowly. Up and down, I lapped my tongue across her slit and clit, like a paint brush. She was pinching her nipples, eyes closed, and moaning softly.

She told me to imagine her legs opening and closing. Think of her pussy lips. Think of her tight pussy.

After about five minutes, I shoved my tongue into her pussy and licked and sucked. She tastes awesome. "oh, that's perfect Joe! Hmmm. I feel sparks of pleasure throughout my whole body. Those pornos sure taught you well!" I shoved my tongue in as far as it would go and sucked her clit, rolling it around between my lips. I took turns licking, sucking, and nibbling her clit. She was in the throes of ecstasy, moaning and squirming her ass all around my desk. Her tits were bouncing everywhere. Oh, I was hard again.

Five more minutes and she yelled out "Oh Joe, I'm going to cum!! Faster!!" I licked, lapped, sucked, and nibbled her pussy, clit, and pussy lips. Then she got quiet, just soft whimpering. Her body tensed and she came. Her whole body shook and I swallowed the deluge of her juices. I just kept lapping at her like a dog drinking water. All she did was let out a long sigh.

"oh, Joe! That's was the best I've ever been eaten. Thanks. Now let's...." I cut her off and continued eating her out. She resigned herself to my tongue lashing.

I ate her pussy for about an hour and she came about three more times. It was great hearing her moan and shudder repeatedly with pleasure and utter contentment.

After that, she needed a rest. We just sat there with my head resting on her thigh. Ten minutes later, she recovered and said, "Oh we got to do this again! For now, it's my turn. I want to return the favor and suck your cock like Nancy taught me. She taught me to deepthroat a twelve inch dildo. You'll love this!"

Mom backed my chair up and got on her knees between my legs. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked and deepthroated me for an hour until I went soft. I came three times into her sweet, soft, sensual mouth.

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