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Eating Out


In was a warm late Friday afternoon, and she'd come home a bit early from work to tidy up the house before he was expected to pick her up for dinner at their favorite restaurant, and since she had a few extra minutes, she decided to have a quick shower, to freshen up.

She figured she didn't need much time, just wanted to wash her hair and shave herself smooth in all the right places, but as she stood with her back to the wall, enjoying the steam and letting the warm water flow over her body, she closed her eyes and slowly began to run her fingers across her chest and between her legs, thinking of him.

She'd noticed a certain something in his voice that afternoon when he called to confirm their dinner plans, and she was very much hoping things would play out like she expected: dinner, dessert, some wine and maybe a little snuggling? Maybe more?

Suddenly she heard her cellphone beep the distinctive tone that indicated a text message from him had arrived, and she quickly turned off the water, stepped out of the shower, grabbed the phone from her jeans on the floor, and flipped it open to read:

"Hey babe, just leaving the office, will be there shortly, I'm famished, looking forward to eating out!"

She felt a little shiver run up her spine, and smiled again, a bit dreamy-eyed, as she nodded her head, knowingly.

She'd known him for years, and even though she was more comfortable with him than she'd ever been with anyone else, to this day he had a way about him that made her feel a little shy sometimes, and left her with butterflies in her stomach, not that she was nervous, really, just that he could get to her in ways that other men hadn't and couldn't, in ways that often left her feeling more vulnerable than she liked to admit, and yet oh-so-very-safe, all the same.

She was still smiling as she toweled off her well-proportioned frame, slipped her silky-smooth brown legs into pink panties and a red thigh-length swishy skirt, buttoned up her favorite pink chiffon blouse, draped a chain with a single pearl around her graceful neck and fixed the clasp, dabbed a finger of her favorite perfume behind each ear, slipped into her best black pumps, and proceeded to brush her sleek dark hair as she waited for him to arrive, feeling a sense of giddy anticipation, hoping he'd like the way she looked, and hoping the evening would be as lovely as she thought it might it.

She felt her heart skip a beat as she heard his car pull into the driveway, heard the sound of his shoes on the sidewalk, heard the ring of the doorbell, and she tried to appear calm and collected as she opened the door slowly, but when their eyes met, she leaned in close for a kiss and a hug, losing any appearance of shyness.

He pulled her close with his right hand around her waist and returned her affections, but then gently pushed her away from him just a bit, and for a second she felt a chill run through her, wondering if she'd done something wrong, but her eyes went wide and she broke into a grin as he brought his left hand from behind his back to present her a bouquet of lovely summer flowers in an ornate glass vase.

"Aww, thank you, they're beautiful!" she exclaimed, as she took the vase and placed it on a little table by the door, then turned back to him, pushed up on her tiptoes, took his face in both her hands and kissed him full on the mouth, as she pulled him towards her into the living-room.

"I'll just get my purse and we can go," she said, and turned from him, but he reached out and pulled her back, as he pushed the door closed behind him and turned the lock.

"Gawd, you look gorgeous, I've been hungry for you all day," he growled, and he kissed her as if to devour her.

He reached around and placed his hands under her ass and lifted her up, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, and he stood there momentarily as they engaged the deepest of soul-kisses, utterly lost in the giddy moment, and with her legs still wrapped around him, he began to walk slowly to the dining room, stopping at the end of the solid spruce table and placing her carefully on her back, legs dangling at the knees over the edge of the table.

She protested with a laugh that maybe they should move to the bedroom, but as he gently nibbled her left earlobe and covered her neck with wet kisses, he whispered, "our reservations aren't for another hour, but I'm hungry for something to eat, here and now!"

She purred knowlingly, "mmmhm, that sounds utterly lovely!"

He placed his elbows on the table and kissed her on the mouth again, biting her lower lip oh-so-gently, stroking it with his tongue as he slowly unbuttoned her blouse, undid the buckle on the front of her bra, and ran the tips of his fingers over her breasts, and down her stomach.

He kissed her full on the mouth once again, and as she tilted her head back, he drew a line with his tongue down her chin and neck, all the way to her lovely tits, taking her now-hard nipples full in his mouth, circling his tongue round and round, left then right, by turns, all the while gently fingering her belly-button ring and running his hands up and down her smooth firm thighs.

She let out a soft moan as he dropped to his knees, slid the hem of her skirt up past her waist, and in one movement pulled her panties down and off her stunning legs, then moved his head between her knees.

As she locked her ankles behind his head, and knit her fingers into his hair, he slid his hands under her ass, and began to kiss the insides of her thighs, working his way up till she could feel his warm breath and his tongue caressing her pussy, sliding his tongue in and out of her like a soft, wet cock, drawing her wetness up to her clit, gliding up and down, round and round, slow-fast-slow-fast, as he french-kissed her there with increasingly wild and passionate abandon, ever faster and harder, building, building, building.

"Oh gawd, don't stop!" she cried, panting and trembling on the precipice as he continued to ravish her, probing her over and over, kissing and licking her pussy.

She didn't want to finish, but she reached the place where she had to let go, and with a muffled groan she began convulse and shake.

"I'm gonna cum! Goddamn! I love you so fucking much!" she gasped, as her back arched and her body pulsed with waves of electric pleasure coursing up her back and belly to her brain, and down again, over and over for what felt like forever, til he finally slowed down and eventually stopped, and she was still and breathing quietly again

He helped her sit up slowly, then rose to his feet to kiss her full on the mouth again, and with a twinkle in his eye he whispered "Gawd, I love you - you taste so amazing."

"Well, you taste pretty amazing yourself, mister," she said with a giggle.

He kissed her again, then proceeded to help her back on with her clothes, telling her with a smile and a wink that they had just enough time to make their reservation, "cause after all, you know how I love eating out!"

She grinned, winked back at him, and they drove off into the night.

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