tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEating the Ex-Wife

Eating the Ex-Wife


My ex showed up at my door, saying we needed to talk. I thought this odd since we almost never talked during our marriage, especially the bad years, so why now?

She looked good, I had to admit, lost a little weight and still had these drop-dead gorgeous legs. Annette's a six-foot Amazon, no two ways about it, redheaded and freckled with mile-long legs that, in her prime, were sexily muscled, thick, huge - and deadly. I spent many an hour in her legjail, just being held against my wishes and forced to do things, sexual things, as well as household chores. I didn't miss that at all, and neither did my head or neck.

But today, as she sauntered up the stairs to my apartment in short and tight black Spandex biking shorts, low gray socks and stylish black boots, I couldn't take my eyes off her calves, which had gotten really huge, and the hamstrings on the backs of her thighs, thick and hard as stone. She was still overweight, but the weight she lost came mostly from her humungous legs, leaving nicely etched muscle behind.

"Nice calves, huh?" she said without looking back.

"Uh, yeah, I guess," I said, nervously as we walked into my place. "What're you doing to them?"

She turned and smiled, which through me off, she never smiles.

"I'm dating a bodybuilder who says my legs have awesome potential," she said with a slight arrogance.

"Bodybuilder, huh?" I said, a little uncomfortable. "What, big steroid dude with a little shrunken pecker?"

I laughed at my own joke. Annette licked her lips.

"Uh-uh," she said slowly, sitting up on my kitchen counter and crossing her legs, her mammoth top calf creasing along the shin as it pressed against the bottom one, pushing her sock farther down. "In fact, he's got a huge cock, long, thick and meaty. We measured it this morning, in fact, the fucker is a foot long. Got you beat by half, shrimp dick, so don't even go there."

I was stunned and mortified.

"Yeah, he just gave me a good fucking, not 10 minutes ago," she hissed. "The only reason I'm here is because there is something I need from you, something you are very good at and he isn't. I want you to lick my pussy. Now."

I looked at her, stunned.

"You shitting me?" I growled. "You divorced me, we're through, finished. Fuck, you never even liked sex with me, you always avoided it, except for me eating your stinky cunt! Now you think I'm gonna do that for you, are you fucking nuts?"

Annette smiled and bounced her leg harder and higher - and right into my balls.

"No, but YOUR nuts will do!"

I doubled over in agony, making my neck easy prey for her voluminous calves. She snared me in them and the pain was instant and brought back memories. I hit the floor before her, her calves slicing into the sides of my neck, me looking up at her sneering, pretty face.

"You fucker, you WILL do what I want, do you understand me!" she spat. "Remember this! Remember my scissor holds? Remember these nasty calves? Remember me sending you to the hospital with my calves once??"

I did, it was a scissor lock so severe she fucked up my neck, badly, and I could barely walk as Annette, laughingly, brought me to the ER of the local hospital. The looks on the doctors and nurses faces were something else when she explained her husband's neck injuries were due to her scissor holds. The only thing that kept it from being an abuse charge was that I told them it wasn't abuse, just playful love wrestling - which Annette made me say. Still, she was a hit with a few of the nurses, and I could see her talking with them off to the side, regaling them with stories of the nights I'd spend in her scissors, and her legjail ways of making me do things.

"Now I'm gonna take off these shorts, peel off my dirty panties and make you smell, lick and devour my cummy cunt, and you WILL make me cum, do you read me?" she sneered down at me, teeth clenched, head cocked to one side, vibrating her big, freckled calves for emphasis. "Do my calves make that perfectly CLEAR!"

She squeezed harder, vibrating her calves more violently, snapping my head this way and that, my hands sliding off the sweaty bulk of them. I was out like a light. Just like the old days.

When I awoke, Annette was sitting on the couch, me on the floor, her legs spread and that ungodly hairy pussy in my face. She never shaved her beaver, nor trimmed it, and the thick bush exploded into view when she peeled off her panties. She smiled and spread her cunny lips, her big clit rising into view and her lips painted with sweat, pussy residue and what I assumed to be her bodybuilder boyfriend's cum from the morning's fucking.

"Dive in, short cock," she sighed, rubbing her clit with a finger, and closing her eyes.

I balked. The smell hit me from a foot away and lookingn to the side at her soiled panties I knew why. Annette was never that fond of good hygiene and her panty crotch was stained a variety of colors and streaks and there was no way I was going to lick that pussy again, no fucking way. But she read my mind and reeled me in with those giant, muscular legs, as always. She mashed my face to her clammy cunny and slowly rolled her big thighs in on my skull.

"Mmmm, that's nice, that's very nice," she hissed, eyes still closed and humping my face. "Now get in there and lick it."

I had to obey, so my tongue slithered out and did its best work on Annette's big clit. As always, it made her cum fairly quickly and as always, with a violent, shaking, quivering of her brutal thighs, the scissors nearly knocking me out. When she was done, I tried pulling my head out but I wasn't going anywhere.

"Uh-uh, you ain't done yet, tongue stud," she laughed, pushing my face further down, my nose lost in the hairy clamp of her gooey cunt lips. "Clean that pussy! Brad and I fucked four times this morning - he's 20, and you know how the young ones can fuck and fuck and fuck - and I gotta warn you, the kid's a HUGE cummer!"

I gagged and bucked and immediately felt Annette's wrathful, muscular thighs tighten on my skull, bending my jawbones, the cup of her ass halves gripping my chin with my mouth at her pussy.

"Eat cum, and eat it now," she barked down at me.

I shut my eyes and stuck out my tongue, lancing it deep into the hairy repository of spunk buried in and around her sloppy cunt hole. Gobs of the stuff, mostly his, partially hers, came out in clumps, hot and thick, the nasty chowdery brew slipping into my mouth where I hurridly sucked it down. Annette was in constant motion, snapping her thick hips, vibrating her muscular thighs, relocking her booted calves on my back, always moving and always cumming in my face, grinding out orgasm after orgasm on waves of cunny cream she was undulating down my throat. Fifteen minutes later, she had a giant orgasm and scissored me out cold. When I came to, she was on her knees, head over the back of the couch, spreading her big, fleshy asshalves in her hands, the hairy ring of her rectum winking at me.

"Rim me," she hissed, looking back over a brawny shoulder. "You always ate asshole good, too, so make me cum by sucking mine and I'm outta here."

I sighed and dove in, my tongue burrowing deeply into the open ring of her hairy shitchute. Annette was always very anal and did love anal sex, it was one area of sexuality she didn't shut down completely. And from the wide-open feeling of her butt hole now, the damn thing was so wide it almost swallowed my entire lower face, I was guessing her new boyfriend had plowed the back forty a bit.

"Yeah, it's loose and sloppy from big Brad's huge cock," she growled, gyrating her thick hips and screwing my face with her ass. "Oh, and he was just up there on our last fucking today! Eat me clean!!"

I gagged at the thought that I was sucking Brad's spew from Annette's gamey ass, but she shot back her long legs and wrapped me into a reverse facescissors, my face an absolute prisoner of her big ass. She growled and pulsated her assring, forcing waves of goop into my mouth. She was in constant motion again, vibrating her big butt, flexing her shithole muscles, quivering her long, muscular thighs, all designed to torture me as it pleased her. I was nearly out by the time she finally let me go and give her asshole and pussy a last-minute tongue bathing. I watched as she dressed, pulling on her panties and shorts, the Spandex legs very tight on her giant thighs. She laughed at me groveling on the floor.

"I think I could get used to this," she said as she left. "See you again, say, tomorrow!"

Sometimes wives can be worse after a marriage is over than during it.

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