tagNonHumanEducating the Concubine

Educating the Concubine


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Educating the Concubine

"It is time, my sweet child."

The dark-haired man scratched the stubble on his chin, looking down at his adult daughter with his fingers pressed together. Secluded away in the study of the mansion, which was expansive and luxurious to a fault, his kind eyes creased at the corners, laughter lines tracing routes across his pale face. His daughter knelt beside the soot blackened fireplace, flicking a scrap of string for the ginger family tomcat, who stalked it with as much eagerness as a kitten. But all was about to change for one not so little girl who had come of age.

He suppressed a smile, pressing his lips together, as his daughter shook her head and pushed herself to her bare feet. Her night shift fell to her knees, an old-fashioned style of nightwear that she had insisted on for her last birthday. It had been expensive but nothing had a price tag too great when it came to Julianne. The man's gaze slipped down her body, taking in her form speculatively.

Not with what the family had planned for her in their modern times.

"Child?" Julianne put her hands on her hips like the little girl she had once been, painted pink lips pursing in a pout. "I'm long past that! I'm a lady now!"

Her father laughed and shook his head, slouching in the armchair as his fat belly bulged. His navy dinner jacket was finely hemmed in gold thread and he fingered it lovingly as he gestured with his other hand, eyebrows pushing in to the centre of his face.

"Indeed you are, my sweet." He paused. "And that is why I must ask something great of you, as my only daughter."

Brushing her long brown hair back behind her shoulders, she stood up taller, setting her shoulders back. Her brown eyes - from her mother's side of the family- sparkled, misunderstanding the situation. Her father was so known to jest.

"What must you ask of me?"

He took a breath, straightening his back in the too comfortable chair.

"I must ask something of you, daughter, something that fathers of our family have no doubt asked for generations upon generations. It is a task that women of the family have taken on and a burden and joy that they alone have the honour to carry."

Julianne fiddled with a split end in her hair, hiding a flutter of nerves behind a steely stare that matched any male with a mind to take her on. Her father smiled. There was no doubting her spirit. She would do fine.

"What did you have in mind, father? This could not be anything to do with the alliance between our family and the Geecken's now, could it?"

Her father nodded gravely, blue eyes taking on a serious edge.

"You are sharp. It is indeed so. We must form our alliance and, if you agree, you will marry your choice of their sons, joining the harem or acting as the first concubine of one." He rolled his shoulders back, smile sheepish. "That matter depends on which son you choose, however, and I cannot tell how that side may progress from this stance."

"If I agree?"

She seemed surprised and her father frowned, leaning forward with his hands on the arms of the chair. Now, there would be none of that. They were not in the olden times any more, indeed they were not! Though that thought came with a hint of irony taking into account the notion of sending his daughter into another family's harem, all for the purpose of sealing the alliance between their noble houses. All for the greater good, of course.

"Of course. Julianne, I care for you too much to even consider the barbaric notion of forcing you into an unwanted marriage and family that may make you unhappy. I want you to be happy with this life." He tapped his fingers pointedly. "And that is why I have a surprise for you. Something to...help, you could say."

"A surprise?" That had her attention and Julianne's expression brightened, bouncing up on to the balls of her feet, toes curling. "What is it? What's the surprise?"

"It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you right now. Close your eyes."

Julianne obediently closed her eyes: she was used to doing as she was told. What reason had she to do otherwise? Her father had never led her astray. She had never wanted for anything in her life. Yet she was still due an awakening.

Through hazed eyelids, she fidgeted, shifting her weight as her father called to someone outside the room and several others traipsed in, their footsteps unusually heavy. Her forehead furrowed. How odd. Guests were usually so careful to tread lightly over the imported carpets, another symbol of their wealth. She almost broke form, opened her eyes and chastised them herself, only just holding herself in check. The bodies shuffled together as her father supposedly gathered them. She licked her lips, finding them suddenly dry. What was going on? Who was in the room? She bit the inside of her lip, forcing herself to stay in place. So many questions!

"Julianne?" Her father recalled her attention. "You can open your eyes now."

Too keenly, she opened her eyes and took a step back, dazzled by the strange and wonderful creatures that stood before her as if they belonged in the mahogany study. She looked between her father and them several times, jaw falling slack.

What she could only describe as dinosaurs stood before her, as plain as day. But they weren't dinosaurs like she had seen in her picture books as a younger girl. These dinosaurs were full of life and stood on two legs, eyeing her with great interest. First in line stood an Ankylosaurus with dark green plates covering its back and sides. Its head was smaller and blockier than expected and rimmed with white horns or tusks - Julianne could not place the correct term, so great was her shock. The young woman's gaze flicked to the next, a taller Dimetrodon clad in muddied green leathery skin and a fantastic crimson sail, complete with darker spines, right down its back from its shoulders to its gently undulating tail. A carnivore, it bared its teeth, though there was no malice in the golden eyes, only a welcome that Julianne could not understand.

A Mosasaur lay on the floor in front of their feet, glistening wetly as it raised her tail in welcome. In the place of legs was a tail with wickedly cut tail fins, giving the impression that it could power through the water with the laziest of motions. Although a Mosasaur would not have been comfortable on land all those years ago, it seemed to have no issue and wove a long snout, which glittered with fish-catching teeth, back and forth.

Tucked on the edge of the group, a small four-legged Ankylosaurus peered around the leg of its anthropomorphic counterpart, patterned in sleek, grey plates and blinking its blue eyes shyly. Although every dinosaur had their differences, Julianne gulped at the tucked up sheaths, barely a slit, nestled upon their crotches, demonstrating that they were not all that they seemed to be. Even more confusingly for her, their chests bulged in an imitation of breasts, moulding to their natural forms as perfectly as if they had always been there, only waiting to be revealed. Female? Male? What were they?

The Ankylosaurus standing on two feet crooned and shifted, cupping its breasts in both paws. Its - her? His? - eyes never left Julianne.

Julianne shivered. There was something unerringly human about them. They did not have the mindless eyes of animals or imagined images of dinosaurs. She half reached out to them and let her hand drop back to her side, hesitating in the moment. There was intelligence behind them. How could she simply touch them without permission? That wasn't something a person did to another...person?

"Oh, do enjoy them as you will," her father encouraged, heaving himself to his feet as if to better admire the group. "They are here for your pleasure. Every one of them."

Julianne shook her head.

"How...how is this even possible? What are they?"

"To the naked eye, they appear as dinosaurs on two legs, acting and behaving as humans do. That is, besides this little one." He scratched the four-legged Ankylosaurus on the head. "This may be rather a short explanation but they are...hm... They have been created through bio-engineering for human pleasure. Forgive my vagueness - I do not entirely understand the process myself, Julianne, I have others to take care of that. They are intelligent, do not misunderstand, but they are eager to please and, trust me, more than content with their lives. They are well practiced. And, of course, here so you may have your first sexual experience and all you desire from them, daughter."

He laughed and spread his hands apart, a noticeable bulge in his velvet trousers, too smart for any normal home.

"I would explain more but I'm sure you are keen to have fun with them. Their cocks are fully functional as hermaphrodites, I assure you."

She gulped, eyes wide, and reflexively covered herself, though she was still as clothed as ever in her little night shift. Sex was not a foreign concept to her - she knew what would happen if she joined the Geecken family and the harem. Only the opportunity to leave her virginity behind had never arisen as she'd never found anyone she liked enough to spend the night with, leaving boys and men with the company of their own hand date after date. She rarely even took care of herself with her fingers at night. Julianne curled her fingers around the opposite biceps, buying time, thoughts racing. And now she was to learn how to have sex with a group of dinosaurs?

She paused. Was that so bad? Strange, yes, but not bad.

"You want me to have...sex with them... What? In front of you?" Her hand trembled. "My first time should not be with my father watching. What if you tell me I'm doing it wrong?"

Her father laughed and spread his hands.

"If it makes you more comfortable, take them to your bedroom. It's more than large enough for every one of them and may be sweeter for your first time. But, if you are to help us form the alliance, you will have to learn, my darling, and learn swiftly too. I will join you later with your mother."

He did not give her any choice in the matter, regardless of the semblance of it, and strode to the door with a sharp, snappy step, belly swinging. He paused in the door frame, smoothing his hair down, fingers stroking over streaks of grey.

"Make me proud, Julianne."

Julianne did not know what to do, besides follow direction and wordlessly gesture to the crowd of dinosaurs to follow her, unknowingly treating them with as little mind as she gave the servants. The Ankylosaurus and Dimetrodon gathered the Mosasaur in their arms and carried hir giggling and clacking her jaws up the stairs to Julianne's bedroom, feet finding every step as if they had walked the path before. Julianne bit the inside of her cheek, stepping into her room to sit on the bed and survey them, feet bare and knees bent high enough to allow her feet to swing freely above the carpet.

The Ankylosaurus assisted in depositing the Mosasaur gently on the bed behind Julianne and rested a paw on Julianne's shoulder, making her jump. The woman swallowed. Hir touch was warm.

"Julianne, what a lovely name," the Anky purred. "It is our pleasure to serve you, my lady Julianne. Julianne."

"Do you have names?"

"None as yet. Would you like to name us? Or would you like to begin?" Shi chuckled, a throaty burble. "My shadow is keen to meet you, Julianne, your father's told us ever so much about you."

The feral Ankylosaurus peeked around the edge of the bed, lips tugged up in a smile that would not have been possible on one of hir natural kind. Shi rested hir chin on the bed spread and chuffed, a huff of breath washing over Julianne's thigh. Her nightdress had ridden up. The woman shivered but made no move to cover herself.

The Ankylosaurus pressed closer, sitting beside the woman and slinking an arm around her waist. Julianne relaxed the best she could into the herm's touch, head on hir collarbone so that she looked down at the alluring swell of hir breasts.

"Are you scared?" The Ankylosaurus asked.

"No... Well... Maybe a bit," Julianne admitted. "I only don't know what I should do. I have to learn but I don't know what I should be doing yet."

"You should focus on what feels good to you," shi stated. "Come - we know why we are here. We know what we are to do. And we have been waiting! So long! Waiting to meet you, Julianne. All so we can show you the joys of your body."

The Anky grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her back on the bed, bringing a thick leg around to straddle Julianne's waist. Though she squeaked, the sound was from surprise rather than protest and devolved into a murmur as the Ankylosaurus pushed her night shift up past her hips to reveal a milky white stomach. Julianne blushed and arched, rocking her body without thinking into the kind 'saur's touch, enjoying the lick of cool air on her skin.

"You're bold..."

"We're designed to be bold," the Ankylosaurus laughed as the Mosasaur dropped her head to Julianne's thigh, tail slapping the bed. "That's who we are. You should get used to that."

Shi dipped her muzzle to Julianne's breasts, breath tickling her skin and making her nipples rise into tiny, hard peaks. Too small for the Ankylosaurus' muzzle, they merely brushed hir lips, and the dinosaur nuzzled between the fleshy mounds, caught beneath a thin layer of fabric. The Ankylosaurus frowned. It was in hir way. How annoying.

Julianne gasped as her new friend drew her clothing up and over her shoulders, arms slipping from the long sleeves to leave her nude on the bed bar her cotton underwear on her lower half only. She hadn't thought to wear a bra that evening, skin fresh from the shower. Her heart pounded yet there was no time for fear - everything moved quickly, too quickly! The Mosasaur squirmed closer, expertly rocking hir lithe, powerful body with a flick of hir tail, a protrusion already showing at the point where hir torso became hir lower half - hir tail. Hir cock bulged, pink and tapered to a point, as it nuzzled up to hir belly. Julianne moaned, the Mosasaur's snout pushing between her thighs, and shi rubbed over the woman's underwear-clad pussy as the patch of moisture there grew and grew. She wouldn't be needed for much longer: the young woman was almost ready to be bred for the first time, one at a time.

Rocking, Julianne whimpered and clung to the Ankylosaurus, fingers coming up short against hir plates. The Ankylosaurus petted Julianne's hair and knelt above her head, shaft easing ever so slowly from hir slit that one could have thought shi was reluctant to have it on show. As the Dimetrodon joined them on the bed, waiting hir turn patiently, the Ankylosaurus presented hir swelling, fat length, shaped like an uncut human member, to Julianne's lips as if in offering.

Julianne grasped at the dinosaur's hips, back over her head, and lunged for the length, clumsy in her haste. She could but try!

"Easy now..."

Julianne paid hir no mind as she lapped experimentally over the offered cock, tasting salt and sweetness in a single lap of her tongue. She could not explain the taste and had no need to as she let her head fall back on the bed and the herm pushed the very tip of hir cock between Julianne's lips, sliding into her mouth as she would soon do her virgin cunt. Her eyes watered and she scrabbled for purchase, pushing her hips up from the bed as her mouth was filled, a too large cock nudging insistently at the back of her throat. Her eyes bulged and Julianne hacked a cough around the 'saur's cock, lips strained in a tight 'O', even as the heat in her body rose and rose.

The Ankylosaurus swallowed her need, pushing further and murring at the bulge showing through Julianne's throat. As a concubine, she would have to be an excellent cock-sucker. Shi twisted hir fingers into Julianne's hair and groaned as shi thrust, using her mouth and throat like a cock-sleeve, head tilted far enough back for hir to thrust as shi pleased with no restrictions. Julianne gagged and brought her hands up to the Ankylosaurus' thighs, eyes wide, but that wasn't going to stop the 'saur - oh no. Blowing Julianne a kiss - she'd have to learn - shi rammed in brutally hard and fucked her face until orgasm exploded with the force of a tidal wave. Not that shi'd ever seen a tidal wave but shi was sure that was what climaxing felt like: the most delicious of elixirs.

Shi ejaculated with a growl and snap of hir blunt, herbivorous teeth, though the need to cum did not desert hir. Hir genetics bid hir to fuck and fuck until the lady was trained, until shi was satisfied. That was why they had been created - for Julianne and Julianne alone. But hir sisters needed to take their turn with pleasuring the lady too. Reluctantly, shi withdrew from Julianne's lips with a slurp of cum, fluid dribbling down the woman's pale cheek.

Julianne rolled her head and rubbed her throat, breathing more easily for the first time since the Ankylosaurus had claimed her mouth. There was no time to rest as the Mosasaur eagerly took the Ankylosaurus' place, this time squeezing between her thighs and letting her bare the weight of hir slightly slick and damp marine body. Her pussy was still dripping from the Mosasaur's earlier attentions and it only took a deft flick of the Mosasaur's body to squirm hir tapered, pink length, protruding from a belly slit, around the barrier of Julianne's soaked underwear.

Shi drove in with a sharp whine and Julianne bucked beneath hir. Groaning deep in her throat as she was opened up for the very first time, she clung to the dinosaur as if to an anchor in a storm. Her first penetration was rushed yet radiated inherent skill as the Mosasaur thrust to the hilt, the tip of hir cock tickling Julianne's cervix. Shi was not large enough to hurt - truth be told, Julianne felt like she was wet enough to take something even bigger - and did no more than tap her inner barrier as shi thrust like a wild thing. Using hir tail to power into hir thrusts, the Mosasaur snapped hir beak above Julianne's head, lost in the pure, animalistic pleasure of fucking.

"So tight, little one..." Shi murmured. "You'll soon stretch to accept any cock."

Julianne had nothing to say to that as the thicker base of the Mosasaur's cock stretched her more than her fingers ever had before. Her pussy lips strained to contain the bulge of the base and she cried out, cradled between the 'saur's flippers as she was rocked and fucked to an explosive orgasm. It swept her away before she even knew what was happening, the effect stronger than that of any time she had gotten herself off with her fingers. She twisted, the fucking relentless, and let her head roll back on to the bed, hips jerking up to meet the dinosaur intent on spilling hir seed. Julianne licked her lips, stars dancing before her eyes as the pleasure rolled on through orgasm. She moaned loudly. It was never ending! And she had two more dinosaurs, as yet untouched, waiting patiently for their turn with her, eyes watchful and lustful.

The Mosasaur thrust as if it was the last time shi would ever get to fuck again, hammering into Julianne's cunt, which was rapidly becoming sore. It wasn't enough to override ecstasy, however, and she could not say it wasn't worth a little soreness to be treated like a sex princess. Clinging to the 'saur, Julianne cried out encouragement, words blending into one another, and squealed as the Mosasaur drove in with particular force, shooting a load of cum deep into her pussy. Squirming, the Mosasaur's beak parted, showing hir line of sharp teeth, and shi clacked hir beak rapidly, head bobbing as hir cock all too quickly retreated to hir belly slit. It left a thick load of seed in Julianne's stretched passage, knowing its job was done.

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